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April 19, 2018 | Author: Ivy Binatero Cubar | Category: Patrol, Police, Traffic, Detective, Crime & Justice
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3 Police Patrol Reviewer 1842 - the London Metropolitan Police established the frst detective branch.

Bobbies - British police.

Boston Police - frst public police orce established in 1!31.

Bow "treet Patrols - a s#all bod$ o police in London who had been or%ani&ed or%ani&ed in the #id-18th centur$ b$ the novelist and #a%istrate 'enr$ (ieldin% and his hal brother) "ir *ohn (ieldin%.

+o#pur%ation - also called ,a%er  Law) in earl$ n%lish law) #ethod o settlin% issues o act b$ appeal to a t$pe o character witness.

%$pt - the frst policin% or%ani&ation was created created in about 3/// B+.

#peror 0u%ustus - or%ani&ed one o the earliest or# o or%ani&ed policin% in Ro#e in  B+. 'e divided the cit$ o Ro#e into 14 re%iones wards) each consistin% o vici precincts overseen b$ vico#a%istri) who were responsible or fre protection and other ad#inistrative and reli%ious duties.

ew "cotland 5ard - the head6uarters o the London Metropolitan Police.

ew 5or7 Police - he frst police depart#ent in the 9nited "tates) it was established in 1844 and it was o:ciall$ or%ani&ed in 184;.

Patrol - 7eep watch over an area b$ re%ularl$ wal7in% or travellin% around it.

Patrol (unctions +ate%ories 1. +ri#e prevention - pro-active deterrence 2. Law norce#ent - reactive deterrence 3. rder Maintenance - securit$ 4. "ocial "ervices - co##unit$ welare

Patrol 0s 0 (unction 1. +onstant Move#ent 2. Prevent ,anted "uspects 3. =ata > ?nor#ation +ollection 4. Report ,ritin% > =ocu#entation ;. Public 0ssistance !. Peace @eepin% and rder Maintenance . +onAict Resolution 8. ra:c +ontrol and norce#ent . Par7in% norce#ent

1/.Law norce#ent Reduce +iti&ensC (ear o +ri#e 11.=etect and norce +ode and "aet$ Diolations 12.Rapid Responses to #er%encies 13.Public Relations 14.Police Disibilit$ 1;.Propert$ Protection

Patrol Method 1. (oot Patrol 2. Motorc$cle Patrol 3. Motori&ed Patrol 4. Bi7e Patrol ;. 'orse Patrol !. 0ircrat Patrol . ,atercrat Patrol

Patrol :cer - is the bac7bone o the police depart#ent.

Patrol "upervision 1. 'ands on - supervisor involved in da$ to da$ activities.

2. +o##and - supervisor shows up at incident sites and %ives  


3. +ounsel - supervisor available and when re6uested shows up at incident sites.

Patrol echni6ues 1. Routine Patrol 2. =irected Patrol 3. =-Runs 4. "aturation Patrol ;. "plit (orce !. "uspect-riented Patrol

Police ra:c norce#ent 0ctivities 1. ?ssue ra:c +itations 2. ?ssue Par7in% +itations 3. ?nvesti%ate ra:c 0ccidents 4. 0rrest =run7 =rivers ;. norce "eat belt Laws

!. =irect ra:c

Police ra:c norce#ent Purposes 1. ?nsure "aet$ o Public 2. Reduce 0ccidents and ?nEuries 3. +ollect ?nor#ation 4. Ma7e +ri#inal 0rrests ;. norce Laws !. (acilitate ra:c (low

PeelFs  ine Principle Principle 1. he basic #ission or which the police eGist is to prevent cri#e and disorder. Principle 2 - he abilit$ o the police to peror# their duties is dependent upon public approval o police actions. Principle 3 - Police #ust secure the willin% cooperation o  the public in voluntar$ observance o the law to be able to secure and #aintain the respect o the public.

Principle 4 - he de%ree o co-operation o the public that can be secured di#inishes proportionatel$ to the necessit$ o the use o ph$sical orce. Principle ; - Police see7 and preserve public avour not b$ caterin% to the public opinion but b$ constantl$ de#onstratin% absolute i#partial service to the law. Principle ! - Police use ph$sical orce to the eGtent necessar$ to secure observance o the law or to restore order onl$ when the eGercise o persuasion) advice and warnin% is ound to be  


Principle  - Police) at all ti#es) should #aintain a relationship with the public that %ives realit$ to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the policeH the

police bein% onl$ #e#bers o the public who are paid to %ive ull-ti#e attention to duties which are incu#bent on ever$ citi&en in the interests o co##unit$ welare and eGistence.I Principle 8 - Police should alwa$s direct their action strictl$ towards their unctions and never appear to usurp the powers o  the Eudiciar$. Principle  - he test o police e:cienc$ is the absence o  cri#e and disorder) not the visible evidence o police action in dealin% with it.

Peeler - a police o:cer) especiall$ in the 9nited @in%do# and 0ustralia. =erived ro# the na#e o "ir Robert Peel who developed the Metropolitan Police 0ct in 128 which proved to be the oundation or the #odern police orce in Britain.

Police (unctional 9nits 1. Bureau - the lar%est or%anic unctional unit within a lar%e depart#ent. ?t co#prises o nu#bers o divisions. 2. =ivision - a pri#ar$ subdivision o a bureau. 3. "ection -unctional unit within a division that is necessar$ or speciali&ation. 4. 9nit -unctional %roup within a sectionH or the s#allest unctional %roup within an or%ani&ation.

Police perations 1. Patrol - ;/ J  (orce - 8/ J  Bud%et 2. +ri#inal ?nvesti%ation =etectives - "olve 2/ J  +ases "olved ?n =epth case screenin% 3. ra:c 4. "upport actics 2. Dice > =ru%s 3. @- 4. r%ani&ed +ri#e ;. +o##unit$ "ervices !. +ri#e anal$sis . =o#estic Diolence 8. "eG +ri#es . ?nternal 0airs 1/.+ri#e Prevention 11.*uvenile > "chool "ervice 12.?ntelli%ence

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