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April 15, 2018 | Author: Zoe Oliver | Category: Eating, Dieting, Aerobic Exercise, Physical Exercise, Carbohydrates
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LDN Muscle Guide Bikini Plan: Macros and Food: Calories 1723 Fat 49g Protein 122g Carbs 201g Fibre 32g (recommended) On rest, or cardio only days we suggest reducing your total carbohydrate macros by 10%.

Foods to eat: • • • •

• • •

Wholegrain foods Fruit and vegatables- make into a shake if you dont like !ultivitamins like "itamin #, $ron Foods that will make u your macros are whey protein oats !or carbs and almonds !or !at" #weet potateo $shca%es &hey protein sha%e 'ero noodles (low calorie !rom mscle !oods)

Supplements to look at: • • • • • •

&uest 'ars Whey (rotein #reatine )e*trose $nstant oats- high carb low fat +ook at musclefoods, genetic or myrotien websites

Notes: • • •

• •

• •

Workout between - times a week (erform at least  weight based workouts a week these are marked with a / #hoose additional weight workouts each week based on the body art you want to develo most. #hoose the cardio that suits you best (erform abata or iit training on days you are rushed for time or cant get to the gym. 2ive yourself O34 F5++ 647 )89 a week. ry to increase the weight you use for each e*ercise by .:-:kg each training cycle otherwise your body will get used to it. 9ou should be doing about -; cardio sessions a week however dance classes can be counted or other forms of cardio e*ercise, however you need to make sure you do one true iit session a week 9ou should aim to increase the length of your $$ sessions by 1 interval and +$77 sessions by - minutes every ;- weeks. !ake sure your form of lifting weights is rioritised over the amount you are lifting, kee ushing yourself to failure to see rogress

• • •

• •

• •

8dd sauces like ketchu or mayonnaise into your macros )o not ski the taer week $f you have to sto mid week in the training session reeat back from the beginning the ne*t week coming. $f you are ill or have to miss a week, start back with a taer week then c intake and certain mi*ers used alongside sirits. hat being said, getting lastered twice a week will de>nitely negatively imact uon your training, recovery and imair your otential to burn body fat and build new muscle. !oderation is imortant? 'uild >@@y drinks in your macros and try to limit to one a day ake (rogress sel>es every  weeks and take note of your weight ever 1- weeks in the morning, naked. wo tyes of eating

Flexible Eating- incororating naughty snacks into your macros. 8 diet that you dont entting your cardio at a suitable time between meals. 8im to eat a full meal within an hour of comleting your cardio.

alculating $our meal macros !eal macros are given in ercentages. o calculate what this ercentage eEuates to in grams, simlyH )aily macro total AgB, divide by 100, times by the ercentage I meal macro AgB J 8im to eat around every ;.:-.: hours J 4at your re-workout meal K0-10 minutes before lifting J 4at your ost-workout meal ;0-0 minutes after lifting

'( $ou miss a meal or it)s dela$ed* 7imly eat at the ne*t available oortunity, or if you end u missing a meal, slit the meals macros evenly between your remaining meals. '( $ou don)t !a#e time to make a proper meal* We advise making a meal relacement shake from whey rotein, instant oats and nut butters eEuivalent to your macros, if you cannot eat a Croer meal for whatever reason.

'( ')m !ungr$+ can ' snack bet&een meals* We refer to stick with : sEuare meals a dayL thirst can often be erceived as hunger, so have a tall glass of cold water, wait 10 minutes and see if it subsides. $f there is still no change and you need to snack, we tend to stick with high volume, low calorie food Asuch as ocorn, vegetables or artleys ce form for seed? 8lternatively increase the amount of re erformed.

/"0'N'NG PL0N: 7522474) WO6O5 4"469)89- week a,b,c or d : WO6O57 8 W44-  days with added cardio Aone should be a weekendB #86)$O  $!47 8 W44- that being, hiit, liss or tabata 647 )89 ($348((+4 )89- included as 1 cardio

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