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Introduction Hello and thank you for buying this system. Congratulation for the wise decision you made on choosing this system, as Laying Impact is a revolutionary laying system that helps you maximize your profits while keeping the risks minimal. This is definitely not just “another” guide, but one which would transform your betting and leverage it to a whole new level, once and for all. All the information in this guide is clearly laid out and elaborated straight to the point without any detours, so that you won’t waste your precious time guessing on the terminologies. But if you have any enquiries, feel free to email me at [email protected] Just spend some time to get used to the system and bring it up to work, and profits from Betfair are yours to lose.

Kind Regards Thomas Adams

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Table of Contents Table of Contents.................................................................. 4 The Betting Exchanges and Betfair....................................... 5 Starting up with Betfair .......................................................... 7 Learning The Prices (Odds) .................................................. 8 The Betfair market................................................................. 9 Laying Impact: The System................................................. 11 Laying Impact: System In Actions ....................................... 14 Laying Impact: Staking plans .............................................. 17 Laying Impact: In A Nutshell ............................................... 18

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The Betting Exchanges and Betfair The betting industry has been changed dramatically since the revolutionary advent of the betting exchanges. Nowadays punters are no longer limited their options to fixed-price odds by traditional bookmakers, instead they can freely join in an online virtual market called the betting exchanges, where punters can bet against one another in almost every thing: basketball, football, tennis, greyhounds, horse racing and even election results. A betting exchange differs from a traditional bookmaker in the way punters can place their bets. Apart from the conventional back bets for a selection to win, punters are now allowed lay betting, which puts them in the place of a bookmaker. Lay betting basically means to bet on a selection to NOT win (to lose). As you are betting against other punters, you can get better prices as well as a whole lot more flexibility. In addition, “inplay” bets are also available with betting exchanges. Bets can be placed as long as the betted event hasn’t been finished, and thus the odds will change accordingly to the real-life event. As opposed to traditional bookmakers, betting exchanges won’t lose any of their own money, instead they’ll charge a certain percentage on any bet won as a commission. This figure is usually 5% as in the case of Betfair, the top betting exchange available. No commission is charged for losing bets, though. You can find in the next page some of the most popular betting exchanges available in the internet. In the cope of

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this guide, we will however discuss in depth only the Betfair due to its status as the top exchange. Nevertheless, you will still find the information also apply to a certain extent to other exchanges thanks to their similarities to one another. Some of the most popular betting exchanges:

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Starting up with Betfair Register now and earn a FREE £20 bet Simply click on to go to the betfair homepage. You should see a page similar to that below.

Click the “Open an Account” link on the top left hand corner to open account and fill in your particulars. At the end of the form, you will see this:

Click yes, and fill in the code 3JRYKKETE , complete the form to create your account.

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Bet at least £20 in one bet, or in a series of bets and you will receive a FREE £20 credited to your account within 48 hours, regardless of if your bets win or lose! After having your account created, just spend some time to play around and get used to the general layouts.

Learning The Prices (Odds) The first thing you need to know when placing a bet on Betfair is the betting price, which indicates the profit you would earn – as in back betting – or the liability you would have to pay – in case of lay betting. Odds are usually displayed in two conventions, decimal odds (European way) or fractional odds (British way). Decimal Odds (European way) Decimal odds, which are displayed in decimal format, are used in most betting exchanges. If you are not used to odds such as 1.42, 2.40, 3.60, now is the good time to start learning. Betting exchanges allow prices as least as 1.01 to as great as 1000. The less an odds is, the higher the probability the event is going to occur, and thus the less profit you would earn from betting. Following is the formula to calculate the profit (or liability) from winning a backing bet (or losing a laying bet). Profit (liability) = (odds – 1) x staking money Example 1: You place a £100 back bet on a horse to win at a price of 2.20. If the horse wins, you would earn a profit of: (2.20 -1) x £100 = £120.

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Example 2: You bet £100 on a horse to lose at odds of 3.35 (a lay bet). If the horse wins (to not lose), you would lose an amount of: (3.35 – 1) x £100 = £235 Fractional Odds (British way) Traditional bookmakers usually display their odds in fractions in the forms of 4/1, 6/4, 9/2, etc…The way to change the odds from a fraction to a decimal is layed out in the example below: 9/2 = 9 divided by 2 = 4.5 + 1 = 5.5 It is not very important to look at those odds as we are mainly working with Betfair and the decimal odds system.

The Betfair market This section will guide you through every concept of the betfair betting exchange that you need to know. Going to, you would see the list of every available market on your left hand side. Click on the horse racing market and navigate to one of the race, the one similar to the following page would be displayed:

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- 10 -

The first column lists all the participating horses. The next six columns are divided into backing odds and laying odds with all the according unmatched money at each price (will be discussed in full details later). As you can see, although the odds for backing and laying are shown in purple and red color respectively, you can still back or lay bets at the odds of your choice, as long as there are other punters willingly “match” your money, which means to accept your bet at that particular price. Note that the odds on the market tend to fluctuate constantly as a result of money coming in and out both in laying and backing side. Odds can drop from 4.3 to 3.96 and move back to 4.1 just in a few second. This fluctuation is the effect of the market liquidity, and would be taken into consideration when we are picking out the selections. Copyright © All Rights Reserved

- 11 -

Laying Impact: The System I guess up to this point, you should have obtained all the knowledge necessary to start making money from Betfair. So… let’s fasten the seatbelts as we are taking off… to the dreamland of Profits. Via this guide, you will pick up a well-researched and market-proven laying system that helps to maximize your profits while keeping the risks minimal. We have also backtested the system for the whole years of 2006 and achieved an astonishing striking rate as well as profits. The core of the Laying Impact System lies in the following four rules. Read on, learn them, memorize them, put them into use, and start making fresh money from Betfair. 1st Rule: Race Selection In order to qualify for the selection, the race MUST have 9 or more runners. The more runners, the better it is. If you see a race with less than 9 horses running, forget about it. Note that the number of runners taken into consideration must be the real number of runners that you see on Betfair market, not the ones on papers or the racing post website, as there would be sometimes a few non-runners, which would disqualify a race for candidacy. Be very careful about that and make sure the race really has 9 or more runners before proceeding to other rules Some of you may be wondering why 9 and more runners. Here is the reason, the more runners, the more chances surprises are going to happen and the more likely that Copyright © All Rights Reserved

- 12 -

favourites will lose, which is perfect for our system as we would bet on those most-likely-to-lose favourites (which will be discussed in details in a short while). 2nd Rule: Selection Time The Laying Impact selection process should take place 5 minutes before the off. Why 5 minutes? Around 30 minutes before the off is when the market starts moving as more and more punters are jumping in, and it will become more or less settled at around 5 minutes before the off. Therefore at this point we would have a much better and clearer of how the odds are doing, thus, being able to pick the right selections for the system. On the other hand, you shouldn’t wait until too close to the off as when the traffics get thicker, there may sometimes be unforeseen problems that would prevent us from placing our bets. So, what I usually do is to scan through the races in the morning from the racing post, and note down some potential candidates. 5 minutes before a certain candidate race starts, I log in to Betfair and start making the selections and bets. 3rd Rule: The Four-and-Nine Rule The race has to have at least 4 or more horses which have Betfair lay odds not greater than 9. In other words, the 4th smallest lay odds must not exceed 9.00, strictly, no compromising or exception. The reason for this

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- 13 -

requirement will be elaborated in the 4th and last rule as follows. 4th Rule: The Selections After picking out 4 horses that have the smallest odds from the 3rd rule, we are going to place our lay bets on both of the horses that have 3rd and 4th smallest Betfair laying odds, which are not greater than 9. ***Notice: If there are 2 or more horses having the same Betfair laying odds, the ranks will be decided by normal bookmakers’ odds, which can be obtained through other bookmakers or on the Racing Post

I’m sure you are now wondering why, why and why we are betting on 2 different horses from the same race. Firstly, in placing 2 horses from the same race, we are having our back covered, because in any circumstances, there would be at least one of our selections losing, which means we would win at least one out of our 2 bets. In that way, we can afford to lay on horse with odds as high as 9.00 (which also means it has less chance to win a race), as practically the maximum odds at which we might lose is 8.00 as we have the other back-up bet. On the other hand, if both of our selections lose, which happens most of the cases with Laying Impact System, our profits would be doubled. This is the real beauty of Laying Impact System, where you can double your profits while keeping the risk minimal. We have been testing the system since May 2007, as well as back-testing throughout the years of 2005 and 2006, Copyright © All Rights Reserved

- 14 -

and achieve great results of averagely 1.83 winning points per day.

Laying Impact: System in Actions Now I’m going to show you exactly how the system works in real-life actions:

The race I’m showing you here is at Curragh 15:40, the above screenshot was taken 5 minutes before the off. As you can see, I have highlighted the points where you should pay attention to. On the top left corner, you can see the number of selections as 9, thus, the race satisfied our condition of racers number. On the right hand side, at the lay column, you would see the 4 favourites whose odds are encircle by the red squares. Copyright © All Rights Reserved

- 15 -

Those are Jumbajukiba (4.1), Decado (5.8), Thoughtless Moment (6.2) and Lord Admiral (8.6), among which, Thoughtless Moment and Lord Admiral would be our selections (specified by the gold square). Around 15-20 minutes later, the result came out:

As you can see, our selections finished 3rd and 4th respectively, which means we have pocketed 2 winning bets, so easily, no stress, no hassle. And here is another example from Stratford 15:55. Our two selections, as shown in the below picture were Orion Express and Colourful Life.

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- 16 -

Our two selections have finished 4th and 5th, which means, another 2 winning bets for Laying Impact System.

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- 17 -

Laying Impact: Staking plans With a proven winning rate of averagely 1.83 points per day, a level staking plan would bring out the best from this system. I would recommend you start with a stake of 1/50 your bank size, which means, if your bank is £500, you start with a £10 stake. Every time the bank is doubled, you can increase your stake accordingly.

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- 18 -

Laying Impact: In A Nutshell You can print this page out and read it anywhere, anytime

The Laying Impact System Four Golden Rules 1. Only races with 9 or more runners (Kinds of race, class, and country don’t matter here). 2. Place your bets 5 minutes before the start 3. The race must have at least 4 horses with odds not greater than 9.00. In other words, the 4th favorite horse must have odds smaller than 9.00 4. Lay the 3rd and 4th favorite horses from the same race. I’m sure that if you follow the system, profits from Betfair would be yours to lose. So simple, no stress, no hassle, and you can do it every time of the day with any kind of races from any country, just as you want it, because the Betfair markets are live 24/7. Kind Regards Thomas Adams

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