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1. Statement no. 1: The creditor may be compelled to accept payment in checks as long as the check is negotiable. Statement no. 2: An obligation payable “should the client die of diabetes” is an obligation subject to a period. a. Statement o. 1 is false !hile statement o.2 is true. b. Statement o. 1 is true !hile statement o. 2 is true. c. "oth Statement are false d. "oth Statement are true 2. The buyer has the right to the fruit of the thing from: a. The time the thing is deli#ered b. The time the contract is perfected c. The time the obligation to deli#er the thing arises d. The time the fruits are deli#ered $. Statement no. 1: %ust before the obligation became due and demandabl demandable& e& the debtor debtor proposed proposed to the creditor that he !ould gi#e him a speci'c car instead of paying paying 1()&) 1()&))) )).) .))& )& and !hich !hich propo proposal sal !as acce accept pted ed by the the cre credito ditorr. *ere *ere&& ther there e is e+tinguishment of an obligation by !ay of dacion en pago. Statement Statement no. 2: After After substituti substitution on in facultati facultati#e #e obligations& the loss of the principal through the fault or negligence of the debtor shall render him liable for damages in fa#or of the creditor. a. "oth are true b. "oth are false c. o. 1 is true& o. 2 is false d. o. 1 is false& o. 2 is true ,. -eeting in one person of the characterist characteristics ics of  both the debtor and creditor in one and the same obligation e+tinguishers the obligation by !ay of: a. o#ation b. ompensation or set/o0  c. ondonation or remission d. -erger or confusion (. onsignation alone& as a special form of payment& may e+tingu e+tinguish ish an obliga obligatio tion n under under any of the follo!ing instances. hich is the e+ception e+ception a. hen the creditor is absent& or is unkno!n or does not appear in the place of payment. b. he hen n the cr credi editor tor is cap capaci acitat tated ed to re rece cei#e i#e payment c. hen the creditor refuses to issue receipts d. hen there are t!o or more persons claiming title to one and the same obligation e. hen title to the same obligation has been lost

3. Statement no. 1: in alternati#e obligations& it is the notice of !hich prestation to perform made by the debtor shall con#ert the alternati#e obligation into a pure or simple one. Statement no. 2: 4n the case of a joint obligation& the co/debtors may be held liable for the share of an insol#ent co/debtor. a. "oth Statement are true b. "oth statement are false c. Statement no. 1 is true !hile statement no. 2 is false d. Statement no. 1 is false !hile statement no. 2 is true 5. An obligation based on positi#e la! and gi#e right to enforce its performance. performance. a. i#il 6bligation b. -oral 6bligation c. 7egal 6bligation d. atural 6bligation 8. An obligation !herein #arious things are due& but the payment of one of them is su9cient to e+tinguish the obligation is called: a. Simple obligation b. onjoint obligation c. Alternati#e 6bligation d. acultati#e 6bligation ;. An obligation !herein #arious things are due but the complete performance of all of them is necessary to e+tinguish the obligation a. acultati#e obligation b. onjoint obligation c. Alternati#e obligation d. o. 2 is false d. o. 1 is false> o. 2 is true 22.4n an “in#itation to bud”& " proposes the follo!ing: “4 !ill buy the property for
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