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July 28, 2017 | Author: Djuro Karnizs | Category: Mind, Thought, Consciousness, Water, Perception
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0:01 Mind is a master power that molds and makes. 0:06 And man is mind. 0:07 And evermore he takes the tool of 0:10 thought 0:11 and shaping what he wills, 0:14 brings forth a thousand joys or a thousand ills. 0:18 We think in secret and it comes to pass. 0:21 Our environment 0:22 is but are looking glass. 0:25 You know James Allen wrote those words 0:28 little over a hundred years ago. 0:31 I began to study them close to fifty years ago. 0:36 Every year they mean a little more to me. 0:39 I want to talk to you here about the law 0:44 of thinking. Thinking is a powerful force. 0:47 It's been said that is the most powerful force we are capable of. 0:51 You know, Archibald macleish, a pulitzer prize winning play writer, had a character 0:56 stand up in a play one-time called The Secret of freedom. 0:59 And the character says: 1:00 The only thing about a man that is a man is his mind. 1:04 Everything else you'll find in a horse. 1:07 You know it sounds like a funny line,but it's true. 1:11 Everything else you will find in a horse. 1:15 You see the mind 1:18 is most powerful force in the world. 1:21 And thinking is 1:23 very, very powerful form of energy. 1:26 Tought waves or cosmic waves penetrate all time and space. 1:32 As we go into the law of thinking i want to refer to 1:35 a few points from Raymond Holliwell. 1:38 He said: To the average person, life is an enigma,

1:41 a deep mystery complex and incomprehensible problem, 1:46 or appear so. 1:49 But it's very simple 1:50 if one holds the key. 1:52 You see, mystery 1:54 is just another name for ignorance. 1:57 All things are mysterious when they're not understood. 2:01 But when we understand life 2:03 it no longer appears 2:06 mysterious. 2:07 You know, until i was twenty six, life was a real mystery to me. 2:12 It was an incomprehensible problem. 2:15 And of course, 2:16 i had many problems. 2:18 Then i began to study and i began to study this information. 2:23 And you know, it took me a while. 2:25 But as i started to adopt the concepts and adapt my mind to them 2:30 my life start to change 2:32 my problems started to 2:34 charter disappeared, 2:36 I started urn more and more money, 2:38 i was living in a healthy body 2:40 very rarely ever being ill. 2:43 I notice so that i started to attract 2:46 different people and my life 2:47 more interesting people. 2:49 You see, the truth was that i was just becoming a more interesting person. 2:55 The persons interesting because their intrested. 2:59 And you see 3:00 as we start thinking powerful thoughts 3:04 everything starts to happen. 3:06 Let me share something that 3:08 Raymond Holiwell said. He said: 3:10

We are progressive being, you and I. 3:13 A creature of constant growth, before whom lies 3:17 an inlimitable ocean of progress 3:19 to be navigated and conquered only by development 3:24 and culture 3:25 of our inherent powers. 3:28 The progress of the individual is a largely determined by, 3:35 what? 3:37 Let me show you again. 3:40 The progress of the individual is largely determined by 3:46 3:48 his ruling mental state 3:52 Because the mind is the basic factor and governing power 3:56 in the entire life. 3:58 My life, and yours. 4:02 Attention should be given to the predominant mental state 4:05 for it will regulate the action and direction of all ones forces, 4:10 faculties and powers. 4:12 that sum total of which 4:13 will inevitably determine many 4:17 particular experiences 4:18 and personal faith. 4:21 You see,the rulling state 4:23 is like the CPU. You're familiar with your computer. Well that's 4:26 What the rulling state of the computer is. 4:31 Rulling state of mind is made up of various mental attitudes 4:35 which the individual adopts towards things, events and life in general. 4:40 If the attitudes brought in mind are optimistic and tone, 4:44 and true of life, 4:46 his predominant mental state will be correspond 4:50 and exhibit a highly constructive and progressive tendency. 4:54 It s almost all the forces of the personality function 4:57 through the conscious mind in one way or another 5:01 and as the dayly mental and physical acts are largely controlled

5:05 by the conscious mind, 5:08 it's obvious that the leading mental state 5:11 must determine the direction which 5:15 the powers of the individual must proceed. 5:20 You see, 5:21 the ruling mental state is everything. 5:25 I know that 5:27 you and i have been trained to believe that 5:31 we've got change what's going on out there. 5:33 You know we've got it 5:35 fix this and fix that. 5:38 And literally we have been programmed to live through our senses, 5:41 to go by what we hear, see, smell, taste or catch. 5:46 But, you know, 5:47 there's been a little thought given to our inner faculties: perception, 5:51 will, intuition, memory, reason, 5:56 imagination. 5:57 You see, they're all our inner faculties and that is where it really happens. 6:01 This is where it all begins, inside! 6:04 You don't have to worry about changing what's going on out there. 6:07 I don't care put your bank account of the health of your body 6:10 your going to find the x-rays 6:12 will shorten different u 6:14 the bank account was show different balance 6:18 and everything in life will begin to change 6:21 if you take over the power of thought 6:25 that is a very very powerful force 6:28 share something that reagan holy war says on foc 6:31 he says fog is a sample 6:34 bob dole isn't visible to the physical site 6:38 it isn't actual force of substance as realism electricity delight 6:44 water or even stone 6:47 we are surrounded by a badge ocean of thought 6:50

true which are thought to pass like currents of electricity 6:55 or tiny streaks of light or musical waves 6:58 you can flash or thoughts from pole to pole 7:03 completely around the world many times 7:05 yet in less than a single second i think that what he's saying 7:09 milken flash your thoughts 7:11 right around the globe several times in less than a single second 7:17 scientists tell us that thought is compared with the speed of light 7:22 they tell us our thoughts travel 7:25 at the rate of a hundred and evi six thousand miles per second 7:33 with the art and comprehending that 7:35 he goes on to point out that our thought travels 7:38 nine hundred and thirty thousand times 7:41 faster than the sound of our voice 7:43 no one other far surpass or in the universe yet known 7:47 isas 7:48 or as quick 7:50 it is a proven fact scientifically 7:53 but the blind is a battery force 7:56 the greatest opinion on element 7:59 you see 8:00 the thinker is like a computer processor 8:05 finely tuned community work 8:12 in what you think ultimately produces a result in your life 8:17 siebert laws to flop 8:20 and to tell you something that i have learned beyond a shadow dot 8:23 the thoughts that you think 8:25 and turnover terrible shoreline 8:28 instantly by a lock control the by the current rate of your book 8:32 your body 8:34 sup 8:35 magnetic energy 8:36 it truly is 8:38 you know if you put your body infront bread infrared television camera

8:42 completely dark room 8:43 you just see it is a good sting radiating gleaned form 8:46 as a matter of fact 8:48 yet you could hear it it would be like a scene concert p 8:53 on melancholy i it just looks like 8:58 it's not 9:01 body itself is one of the most magnificent instrument 9:06 invented one 9:08 it's how you think 9:09 there is going to get paid what this blog is going to do 9:13 we know there are actions producer results 9:19 if we want to change your result we've got to change our actions however 9:24 you don't go over the thought the actions that have all the actions may 9:28 change temporarily 9:30 but believe me 9:32 thoughts that you think 9:34 repeatedly 9:36 become fixed in your subconscious mind 9:39 and though stocks are going to determine 9:42 what happens 9:43 in your life 9:45 make no mistake about it 9:49 play with this for a moment 9:52 we hear a lot about positive and negative attitudes are positive and 9:55 negative thinking 9:57 well some think that we deal with two forces 10:01 that is we 10:03 attracted go ahead 10:04 and 10:05 we must do away with the bat 10:09 you've heard that meant that we practice good 10:12 we must do away with the bad what that is not true 10:15 for example 10:17

if we are cold we do not work with cold and he don't like 10:21 in order to get warm 10:23 this is very sample processing that we're going through here 10:27 mental processing 10:28 we build a fire ed we gather around the fire and we enjoy the heat 10:33 that is extended product 10:35 and we become war 10:38 as we build one 10:40 the cold disappears 10:42 for the call this the absence of the 10:45 just like darkest absence of the lake 10:48 that day 10:50 to be warm we get our hall thought to those things which tend to create more 10:56 whitmore the cold and thinking of heat and bring forth me 11:01 prosperity in poverty are not two things 11:04 there nearly two sides of one thing the same thing 11:09 there is but one power 11:12 rightly or wrongly used 11:14 we cannot think aplenty 11:16 and then worry about the unfavorable conditions 11:19 that makes him 11:23 if you want to change the result in your life and i'm just working on the premise 11:27 that you do 11:28 or you want me to be watching this film right now 11:32 it with here 11:35 give serious thought to this 11:37 series 11:39 overviews that i'm doing 11:40 on the laws your stuff 11:44 you see 11:47 huxley was right 11:49 he said people on the corner of the universe 11:52 that we could be certain to prevent 11:55 tones

11:59 you know all those things won't change that's right 12:02 reflection of what's going on in town 12:04 or that may be a big idea for you right now but 12:08 as you started this 12:14 and then come back and hear me say that 12:17 them sound like a proud 12:24 and your thoughts create or what 12:27 you truly do become which you think 12:30 there is 12:31 along thinking 12:33 make no mistake


0:02 how would your like change if you woke up this morning and find that someone a 0:07 deposited bank million dollars in your bank account 0:11 that affect you 0:14 how would your mind 0:15 ship 0:16 if next week just like that 0:19 you attracted at the house in new clients and your business pals 0:25 what you're like be a lot yet 0:28 bang just like that 0:29 you realized with the energy of a twenty year old 0:34 how would your mind ship 0:36 if vince 0:38 recognised you as the smartest person on the plan 0:43 the good questions i think 0:46 let me tell you something 0:49 there's a lot more than nine million just waiting dared to come into your 0:54 life 0:55 they resent infinite supply 0:58 and the thousand clients 1:01 tens of thousands of people out there 1:03 just waiting for someone to come 1:05 and serve them 1:08 the twenty-year-old energy 1:10 you know all the energy the river was a river will be as a hundred percent 1:13 evenly present in all places at the same time 1:16 no one gets energy 1:18 everyone 1:19 releases energy 1:20 and desire is the triggering mechanism 1:22 that releases energy 1:24 and as far as being the smartest 1:27

the smartest somewhere times 1:28 are not the most effective 1:31 being smart is in the answer being affected their stance 1:35 juneau that all the knowledge there ever was a river will be 1:38 is off twenty percent evenly present in all places at the same time 1:43 unbowed procter and i want to talk to you about the law suppliers were going 1:47 through and giving you an overview in this video series 1:51 of the laws those eleven loss laws 1:54 supply is one of them 1:57 general holly well said that man's never satisfied never satisfied 2:01 that's battista port by many 2:04 but god did not intend meant to be 2:07 for every satisfied 2:08 you see dissatisfaction is actually a creative state 2:13 that's right 2:14 there's a lot of people it mix-up satisfaction 2:17 and happiness 2:19 you can be very happy and very dissatisfied i'm never satisfied with 2:23 the results that we get in our company 2:26 any of the companies that we 2:30 unhappy with 2:30 like never satisfied 2:32 c dissatisfaction is a creative state 2:36 there was dissatisfaction that led to the 2:39 the incandescent light 2:41 edison just got sick and tired of dealing with the wax campbell kerosene 2:45 lamp 2:46 yeah was dissatisfaction a lead the wright brothers to introduce us to a 2:50 brand new kingdom 2:52 yes dissatisfaction attempting to be hillary right at the top of the world 2:59 dissatisfaction 3:01 because john kennedy 3:03 god make a statement that we would be on the other 3:08 in this topic

3:09 he said that we backed the sixties 3:12 i hope you are dissatisfied and if you're not 3:16 alayna sick wiper free 3:18 satan re believe therefore that it is right and good for people to seek to 3:23 gratify altered desires and ambitions 3:27 now i know there's a lot of people who don't agree with that but they don't 3:29 agree with a lot of times 3:31 which are going to find out the small select group of people 3:34 that really understand these laws understand their gives an infinite 3:38 source of supply everything comes from one infinite source 3:43 everything's made from the same 3:46 the difficulty with son 3:48 is that they can more easily look to the creature 3:51 as the source of their subs and sent to the creator 3:56 just being on the average person scratch 3:59 we don't really believe that god has the support source of our substance 4:03 now twenty start to believe it disbursed happen 4:06 he sure something with that i read long time ago doctor werner von braun was 4:10 whether the greatest scientists have ever lived is considered by many is the 4:13 father of the space program 4:15 like about this for a month 4:18 he said after studying this spectacular before i mention it 4:22 let me also mention that for a long time science and religion were intended to 4:26 mystic they just could not come together 4:28 but they sent have come together help on ron said that after years of studying 4:33 the spectacular mysteries of the cosmos 4:35 he was leading to a firm belief in the existence of god 4:40 amp i'm not trying to turn this into a religious dissertation 4:43 i am just mentioning 4:45 my own personal believed after studying these laws work 4:49 very close to fifty years 4:52 i see the law as the uniform and orderly method of the omnipotent god 4:57 ally is something that happens everytime 5:00

let every person everywhere 5:02 ed everyone there is accomplished anything will be quick to tell you this 5:09 if we look back 5:12 everybody looks a bit g s they really good 5:16 but you know 5:17 all of these 5:18 great geniuses from history that we look at 5:21 you consider geniuses when there are a lot the wright brothers were consider 5:25 report really work 5:27 to the people it made it happen 5:29 there were other the box they were ordinary thinkers they understood that 5:33 there was this government process called the law 5:42 before were able to believe in abundance of good 5:45 we've got a density and enjoy that everything comes from one infinite 5:51 source of supply 5:53 that what we really understand that everything is going to change direction 5:58 for us 5:59 nothing can be made from something more than something can be made from nothing 6:03 but where does water 6:05 let's give it some thought 6:07 if we want to side on a nice clear day and stood there with the cot split there 6:12 edward patient 6:14 we stayed here long enough 6:16 you know that that cup would fill with water 6:19 you would see known 6:21 saying 6:22 no thank you 6:24 you would see a cloud formation 6:26 of the club will become very heavy and very dark 6:29 before long water would follow the government's state there with that cop 6:33 where with the water go to 6:35 it all right back to work in prague 6:37 she has about so below as below syllable 6:41 which is the product

6:43 nothing is created or destroyed 6:46 everything to the consummate pollution change we literally live in a notion of 6:49 motion 6:49 you when i images in a moment 6:54 and this week with the images in our mind we controlled the vibration that 6:58 were in event hydration set up an attractive force 7:04 in the seminars that i conduct i hold up a little equal and sometimes 7:09 that comes from a giant oakley 7:12 but the little a corn is nothing but unmasked other energy in a high-speed 7:16 about rations us a little physical not 7:18 now if i kept at a cord in my pocket that a cord would disintegrate 7:23 because it's covered by a berries very basic block creator disintegrate 7:26 and it's not in an environment that's conducive to a ton pokemon 7:30 let's close a cake and i thought that a corn reports 7:33 do you know that there's particles of burgers 7:36 that are in harmonious vibration with that little massive energy that we call 7:39 an acorn 7:41 so if you look at the econ trauma critical pits that's all it is just a 7:44 little massive energy that's been sick 7:47 effect less per month let's suppose i took two drops of water 7:51 glass top table that push them together totally touched 7:54 and that one drop in the head of a bigger drop 7:56 but to put up another drop of a push the other 8:00 what do you think the odds are of me separate net one little 8:04 dropped one 8:05 little public as i could say back into the same three little massa molecules of 8:10 century dot 8:11 you know it's not going to happen 8:13 know what god has joined together is that new meaning does it 8:17 well you say 8:19 there's particles of energy there's jammed right up against the acorn in 8:22 europe the don't vibrate in harmony with the acorn 8:25 but there's particles of energy 8:27

the dubai grading hermes acorn andy acorns like a magnetic force if you 8:31 could see it with the naked eye you would see little particles of energy 8:35 marching just like obedience soldiers right towards the acorn and as they 8:38 touch the equal like that like the two drops of water they become one with the 8:42 acorn in this process is continuous it's continuous and you're only particles of 8:48 energy that candy corn can attract of the particles that migrate in harmony 8:51 with the koran frequency 8:53 at the equine keeps attracting and keeps expanding and the shoot one of the 8:57 bottom breaks through the written tracks from the apt rituals from the earth 9:01 and before along you'll see jungle kary 9:04 all by attraction 9:06 dot energy move 9:08 there's one source of supply 9:09 just one 9:11 well you know that you are attracting to your right now from an infinite source 9:15 now if you're holding thoughts author 9:18 lacking a limitation that rich are going to attract 9:21 big universe by a locket only give you 9:25 what you put in new york for 9:28 what did you put in the order for 9:31 began a previous 9:33 go about thinking there's a lot of thank you 9:36 well as you think you attract 9:40 to think about 9:42 what have you put it weren't for what are your tracking 9:45 and with incomes one infinite stars 9:46 you might say oh i don't really understand that 9:49 than just take my word for it because i grew up here 9:52 and if you study at for awhile you're going to start to understand 9:57 like solomon said and all you're getting good understanding 9:59 let's understand work everything does come 10:02 there's no one 10:03 there's no limitation as long as you live through your century factors and 10:06 just go by what you see

10:08 then they will be like a limitation because you're dealing with a very 10:11 limited view 10:14 but when you start your contact you 10:16 you see things from a much higher level 10:19 there's no lack of the limitation 10:21 and understand this what you think to attract 10:24 angela track from one input 10:26 sources so far 10:28 study that's lost supply 10:30 it's often nominal off 10:32 and works for repurchasing 10:34 Everytime


:01 hello there welcome i'm bob proctor and i am attracting glued great and 0:05 wonderful things into my life 0:08 money comes to me and increasing quantities through multiple sources 0:12 on a continuous basis 0:14 through the law of attraction 0:16 that's what i want to talk to you 0:18 the law of attraction 0:20 see the underlying blog that 0:22 regulates supply in the world of the facts 0:25 as two important faces one is desire 0:28 at the other 0:29 is expectation 0:30 i want to do a magid 0:33 that you're officially 0:35 he may have never gotten you've certainly seen people that have gone 0:38 fishing 0:39 educate kenyan hit the line all fixed whom 0:42 you cast about in suits that plug hits the water bank 0:47 official rights 0:48 you've got to fetch on the on the line 0:50 jordan never going to have that fit 0:53 if you don't really have 0:55 witness statement we desire something we are instantly connect it 1:00 wet the invisible side of whatever good we desire 1:04 it's expectation that reels any 1:07 now most people don't understand this and they attract what they don't on 1:11 rather than what they do want 1:14 i remembered years and years ago i get a bumper sticker 1:17 sticker that said expect a miracle 1:20 and i kept looking at that barbour secretary looking at it looking at it 1:24 and i've got to the point where

1:26 i was expecting something so could it happen my like that i wouldn't be able 1:30 to explain 1:31 to see if i come to realize that a miracle 1:34 as a word voltaire said it's a word that we invented to express that all the 1:38 facts of unknown causes 1:40 that's something that's so colette that happened to us 1:43 that we're at a loss to explain how would happen 1:46 i want to explain 1:48 how high attracted something into my life that literally changed my life 1:52 changed my business 1:53 but change the lives of 1:55 two or three hundred million people as well 1:59 i got a phone call 2:01 on my cell phone 2:03 and it was a very garbled message 2:05 i had difficulty understanding it 2:07 and i couldn't believe it 2:09 but i just kept hitting the pounder the hashim leaving it there in the fall 2:15 had one day 2:16 my phone was full 2:18 so i that match in m 2:20 i got in an airport at the time so i sat down and i 2:23 took all the messages off one of the time in wrote mall of men deleted 2:29 and i found really hate group work with me for the past quarter century and i 2:32 said jane 2:35 think this woman's name is glenda 2:37 and i think this is the file never it sounds like an australian phone number 2:41 with few phone other something about a film 2:45 would you find 2:48 the numbers even the right number 2:51 allied headed on my phone for good ma 2:54 and so many right 2:55 couple of days later maybe later that the effort right now 2:59

had i'm talking to jane and she said well that was the right message her name 3:03 was blinded 3:05 and then 3:06 yet right on that very and there's a film crew in from a stray leah 3:11 admission in this bill mandating really wanted to win 3:15 but they have been able to reach you 3:17 and 3:18 they're shooting in aspen all weekend and they're going back to australia 3:22 first for the wait 3:24 anjana citizen that strange 3:26 after exam this week 3:29 now i have been 3:30 aspirin for a couple of years 3:32 and i check in about hotel i'd just went next door 3:36 where they were shooting 3:38 the film of course 3:40 where's the sea 3:42 and you know all of a sudden all over the world now 3:46 people know about proctor 3:48 and they know about the work that i did 3:50 that i loved it 3:51 i believe 3:53 that i attracted 3:54 rydberg 3:56 into my life 3:57 but i also believe rhonda byrne attracted me into her life 4:01 if you see the secret 4:04 attractive 4:06 unexpected 4:07 something egtab 4:09 and i'm going to tell you something 4:10 expect something even bigger 4:14 now the law of attraction 4:16 is sin

4:17 it's a lot but 4:19 many people now are very familiar with 4:22 and of course i 4:23 thing i think that the that secret 4:26 has probably communicated outlawed better than anything that 4:30 that i have come across and all the years i've been in this business 4:34 they deserve the people to put that all together 4:38 burglar credibly a lot of people think i may have had 4:42 artists out there for a couple of hours 4:44 sharing what i mean 4:47 and uh... 4:48 lot of things have happened 4:50 the law of attraction is not a primary law 4:53 the law by gration as the primary law significant universe right which we 4:57 literally live in an ocean of motion 4:59 what you look at the walls which ram 5:01 if it goes walls are solid they're not stop 5:04 nothing 5:05 his rest 5:07 everything is moving a barbie and a confidence moving you might think that 5:11 sniffles have the dot i'm really not 5:13 if you go into rat into if you're a haldeman pickup to remains a look at it 5:17 drove my car scope you will see particles of energy dancing right before 5:20 your eyes now if it wasn't moving out of every change the dots 5:25 what do you see u_n_ tiny have a brain 5:29 and our brian is electronic switching station 5:32 and our thoughts activate brain cells and control the vibration or and at the 5:37 vibration were in control of what we attract into our life 5:42 but there's a lot of attraction has a plan 5:44 nominal alive 5:45 and and i think the lava traction as is brought out in this series 5:49 listening it's very well done and i would encourage you to study into it in 5:53 some depth 5:54

because everything that comes into your life you attracted your life 6:00 now you may be saved is that mean that 6:02 i have a call that i shall and so i'm going to get a call now doesn't mean 6:06 that at all 6:07 but you did attract the call 6:09 this week i don't think you use it think i'm going to attract the called i think 6:13 you put yourself in a very confused by break should 6:16 there's a lot of gender decrees that all seeds of a justice claim incubation 6:20 period 6:20 after about thirty forty five days of going through that indecision that 6:24 computer state 6:26 you because that's what call this is tuesday expressed blow the confusion 6:32 we do a tractor pertinent were like map 6:35 for many many years hai yahan i had a terrible time with money as most people 6:40 do 6:41 then i was forever letting my outside world controlled by thinking 6:45 so michael type world was dictating what i was going to attract now i didn't have 6:50 any money i had that 6:51 and i'm thinking that i a track that if your goal is to get over that 6:55 you missed and that forever 6:57 because whatever you think of you attract hillside i wasn't going to get 7:01 uncorrected are targeting 7:03 you've got to start seeing what you want 7:06 the previous question reply to that 7:09 that ted 7:10 if you don't work on cold if you're cold 7:13 you work on 7:16 she call this the absence of heat 7:18 so you work at creating heat will if you want living your life quit trying to 7:23 change the time 7:24 quit trying to get rid of the back 7:26 lat it go 7:28 let dead bury the dead let it be part of the past start to see the good the 7:34 desire visualizer tcpip is present in your mind

7:37 this second but the idea here by divided the blacks whites 7:40 the second to internalize it you've got it almost like 7:43 ed that it's only a period of time 7:45 until you attracted 7:47 physically 7:49 attractions a very powerful process 7:52 we are called baghdad creatures 7:55 we're all going 7:57 massive energy 7:58 everything in the end this universe 8:00 works on the law of attraction 8:02 you go into uh... some restaurants their always busy 8:06 the energy is good in those restaurants 8:09 you're going to others 8:10 is hurting anybody there 8:13 strange 8:14 you're going to a close store 8:16 you may be the only person there outside of the person who's running 8:20 you're going to others there's people coming and they're going all the time 8:24 it has to do with the energy all of the place of business 8:27 at the place of business is nothing but an expression of of the consciousness of 8:32 person that's running the business 8:34 when we start to understand that's what we start to understand 8:38 that wheat literally attract everything into our white 8:41 and that's our thoughts that are controlling what we attract 8:45 our whole world is going to change 8:47 you see nature's beds not theirs 8:50 deprive off 8:50 of any good or desired thing 8:53 a holy war point two sub so well 8:56 yet does provide us with the mental equipment at the in their power to 9:01 acquire ended july eighth 9:03 yes saint joe goode 9:04

to insure a happy and a worthwhile existence 9:09 it all happens in a very simple method 9:13 it's so complicated because nobody studies 9:17 the i'd always feel if we can teach a little child 9:21 that maybe it's just learning to walk 9:23 how'd 9:24 we can teach them language 9:26 we can keep stumble language a bit proposal in brisbane finished if we can 9:30 keep stick out 9:32 language 9:33 surely we can teach them something soap face because these laws 9:39 whitehead 9:40 is hurting anybody xd 9:42 the parents are connected to something 9:44 to the child that they don't even know 9:47 the parents are we going to get the job what they've got 9:50 you see which you don't 9:52 your kids are going 9:55 the ship with a big 9:56 sign 9:58 refrigerator attraction 10:01 premiers at your bank account 10:04 manure 10:06 mirror we've put your makeup shape mark 10:10 toward attraction everywhere 10:13 start to realize what everyone 10:15 you begin to attract 10:18 that isn't absolute law 10:20 this is just fine 10:23 is denied for below 10:27 however recommend you fall in love with it 10:30 study these laws pre-date 10:32 now keep in mind this video series is just an overview of these laws hit into 10:36 it and death

10:38 hit the script studied the script 10:42 you'd be still going to do


0:00 for many years now 0:02 in seminars that i've been conducting or conferences where i'm speaking 0:07 i've mentioned to the odd skate personal growth program might be 0:11 if it does not have a spiritual foundation 0:15 in my opinion it's incomplete 0:18 this program definitely harris 0:22 a spiritual foundation 0:24 i'm bob proctor 0:25 and i want to talk to you on the law of receiving 0:30 there's a line from that 0:32 huge seeks a greater life with 0:35 getting 0:36 has his objective 0:38 does not see life 0:40 increments of spirit 0:43 in other words 0:44 their problem 0:45 ed definitely going to have a problem 0:48 avidly read another highlight from this program events exactly what this video 0:53 series is 0:55 it's it's a series out highlights that i a growing from this 0:59 over many years of study 1:02 yet we stayed up limited understanding we reason that we must get before we can 1:08 get 1:09 said that we turned and walked in the same mental rat as before 1:14 by reasoning that we must give before we can get 1:19 but in our lack of understanding we continue to 1:22 to leave the getting idea 1:24 for most in our thoughts 1:26 every shot out the spirit of giving 1:29

that giving which is the first fundamental law of life 1:34 is the first lol lol creation 1:37 the added to that giving 1:39 he has the love life in eight hundred spent state kinda repeat that 1:45 the attitude obviously 1:47 yes the law flight innate congested state or 1:51 are repressed action 1:53 as long as they having dominates our mind 1:56 dot mind is innate paralyzed condition 2:01 being limited in its action in accordance with dot fundamental off 2:06 creation 2:08 many years ago i had a young a wonderful man 2:12 he's gone now and i i really miss it 2:15 leland valve and the world he was a big man 2:18 instructor but him understanding 2:21 nikon is something very valuable derek early in my career in this business 2:26 he said but you must willingly get 2:29 ed graciously 2:30 receipt 2:32 he said you want to understand that this entire universe 2:35 is based on a lost circulation 2:38 you've got to keep the energy circulate 2:40 you're in the early terminal 2:42 to which it flows 2:44 t_c_i_ 2:45 and since come to the understanding that you and i are here to do god's work 2:49 out dot being the creator 2:51 workers 2:52 creation 2:53 artwork is christian and show you and i are getting creative faculties 2:57 and for the proper use of these creative faculties 3:00 everything starts to happen in a very good way for cs 3:04 we have to understand the law where we have to understand that receiving is a 3:08 lot

3:10 before you can reset you have to created 3:13 space for it 3:14 in the last chapter in the born rich book with a program that i did number of 3:19 years ago 3:20 i talked about the back of our prosperity you must create the space for 3:25 the good that you desire 3:27 dot create a space for the good that you deserved let's get something 3:31 you have to let go of something if we could we say something 3:34 as you activate ideas in your mind in send out the charge of energy 3:38 your brain will take on a negro modelo 3:40 energy awfully nature 3:41 if you stand up and they get a thought your brain is going to take on an equal 3:45 amount of negative energy however you have to send out a positive energy 3:50 your brain is going to take on an equal amount 3:52 of positive entry 3:54 this is what they see candidates so misunderstood it 4:02 we've got to be relaxed if we're going to have this happen 4:05 you you've gotta put yourself in a totally relax take 4:09 and and you have to operate with understanding 4:12 now i'm not suggesting just going to happen just because you're watching this 4:15 video 4:16 but it will happen if you continue to watch over and over and over again 4:20 something's gonna click and slap 4:22 i have found through repetition 4:25 our perception of life changes in changes dramatically perception is 4:29 whatever intellectual factors 4:31 it enables us 4:32 to see light 4:33 in many different ways 4:35 as we increase our awareness our perception of life changes 4:38 what we've got to realize that everything we're seeking is seeking us 4:43 we've got to be open to the good 4:45 that we're looking for inline 4:47

we've got a understand that only way to recieve good is to give good we've got a 4:52 part of it and we taken on 4:54 it might cause some when i come in contact with 4:57 to feel good about themselves 4:58 i'm going to feel good because i'd put that good screw me 5:02 to get to them 5:04 so you see i'd received simultaneous with giving 5:08 they're all talk together you can separate them it's the flip side of the 5:12 coin 5:13 but before we can we see 5:14 we've got to give 5:16 you know it's like we said 5:18 how can i get that i haven't got it 5:20 that you have dropped 5:22 you have got 5:23 you give 5:24 what can we help dot 5:25 to see i'd make if you get your time your energy your loyal to your knowledge 5:29 of money 5:30 keep giving at and you're going to keep getting more 5:34 when we all put our self-taught 5:36 touristy 5:37 we're gonna find that we are in a relaxing 5:40 let me just something that 5:41 holly well pointed out 5:44 when we relax from strain 5:47 the law has a chance to reply 5:50 to our designers 5:52 things began to change practice 5:55 had it not seeing this worked in trivial things such as books or clothing or 6:00 invitations 6:01 or adversaries sister friend 6:04 possibly at some time you spent a lot of thought workers sire 6:08 and then regatta but

6:09 just totally forgot about 6:11 the next thing you do 6:13 you had the book presented to you 6:14 you re ceived an invitation 6:16 you're walking down the street and bump into the friend user me 6:20 well 6:22 producing if we're focused on it and wish training and where we need to know 6:25 crane 6:26 everything we've got 6:28 we'll party 6:29 it doesn't happen 6:32 my wife and business partner jerry robert nine 6:35 we're sitting at a restaurant the other night 6:37 and 6:38 was rather interested we had just sat down 6:41 and this woman come over 6:43 and she was bubbling over she said i can't believe that you are just happily 6:47 i could just add to my car to see who just walked in here 6:50 at and she said i'd just can't wait to chat 6:53 that you put the secret of her purse 6:56 you've been in a very extended fashion she waived her partner to come up 7:00 he was the chairman and c_e_o_ of a company she was the president's and 7:04 chief operating officer of the company 7:06 the companies 7:07 world moon resorts 7:10 their brand 7:12 like that that were bram 7:14 everybody on earth can look up and see their brand of matter where they are 7:19 she started tells the story 7:21 how they were working on this project began working on it for about ten years 7:26 that they've been working on this project and it's been millions of 7:29 dollars in all of their time and there are almost ready to give up 7:33 i guess from there almost ready to give up the disorder relaxed 7:37

and someone gave industry 7:39 and the secret i heard them up again 7:42 now we were listening to them we were quite sure what they were talking about 7:45 moon resorts 7:47 they were going to build this place in that 7:50 over in 7:51 uranium and uh... 7:53 was completely urges 7:56 the largest 7:57 project in the world 7:59 sixty thousand condos we're looking at them and listening i think this is 8:04 really doing pretty interesting that they gave me 8:08 their to business cards 8:10 they said here's your ticket to the moon 8:14 he went out to the car comeback in gave 8:18 a dvd 8:20 i get home and i want to be the will mostly 8:24 it was absolutely incredible 8:25 i want to go to their website take a look at says w w w dot 8:29 world balloon resorts 8:31 world resorts dot com 8:33 inferno 8:35 it you know 8:36 these two people were so excited 8:39 or what they greasy 8:41 but the 8:42 added immediately putting out 8:44 for years 8:45 something like that handed 8:49 that 8:51 excited 8:52 over the secret 8:54 and unacceptable 8:56 so when i got home i yeah

9:00 sent them 9:01 besides getting rich 9:03 that box 9:05 briefcase 9:07 and uh... they got the next day 9:11 jerry 9:12 business partner my wife 9:15 andy 9:16 business partner my wouldn't have dinner with them 9:18 religion for everybody mark 9:21 they're fascinating people for operating with the huge idea 9:25 these people really into understanding 9:28 and they're putting in the recent 9:30 but you've got to understand it's the thought that you get the with that makes 9:34 the difference 9:36 do you know there's an interesting story 9:38 billy graham tells 9:40 about one-time this is when they were struggling this when billy graham was 9:44 really just starting out and a hundred dollars 9:48 probably with a run for the real nice place for a month 9:52 and bought the food that you need 9:54 remaining rate 9:56 collection plate come on 9:58 and he put a hundred-dollar bill 10:00 and later on he says to his wife 10:02 my goodness akattak twenty dollars 10:05 foothold 10:07 she looked and she said is not too bad 10:10 your uh... 10:12 play on 10:14 what a great story 10:16 and that's exactly the way it is 10:18 history but he did not have a good 10:21

that part of the game 10:22 he was getting twenty 10:25 it's thinking that controls everything 10:28 it's the thought we did it with in the science of getting rich we talk about 10:32 leaving everyone with the impression of increased 10:35 why 10:36 because by giving hope good 10:38 we're going to reach the 10:40 c beginning in the receiving or all tied together 10:44 they're not separate 10:46 you've got to be open too risky 10:48 but you'll be open to recieve when you really understand the concept of hit me 10:54 this piece an order of the universe 10:56 and energy expert ever moving 10:58 do you have to understand that your life is full right now 11:01 that may not be full of what you want 11:03 but more like this folder calendar is full all of your time has spoken for 11:09 was it was really my daughter wasted time 11:12 until you're using at that 11:13 we must replace the waste 11:16 productivity 11:18 leptin for everything in your life you don't want 11:21 it's part of what your wasteful 11:23 what you've got in your light is a reflection of what you've been giving 11:27 and if you want greater good you've gotta give greater good 11:30 remarkably porter more we're going to take on we don't have to worry about 11:34 what we're going to restate 11:36 let's understand the recently covered by the law 11:40 at the basic lobby hard hit isn't giving 11:43 and as you get your receipt 11:46 you see 11:48 if you're sitting in a chair right now yukon 11:50 you couldn't put anything with a periods 11:53 until you get rid of the trip

11:55 is one of the vacuum our prosperity such a beautiful cards 11:59 make your truly horseback 12:03 and give in abundance 12:05 pressed down and reading over 12:07 i guarantee 12:08 you'll never have to worry about what your greasy 12:12 like my own mentors that 12:15 we've got a willingly yet 12:17 and graciously mistake 12:19 industry willingly giving 12:23 that's the expression of a lot of okay 12:26 but it isn't buying 12:27 it's faith based on understanding of these laws 12:30 so if you didn't do this log receiving 12:34 stripper thing gifted what you can view where you can 12:38 and then give everywhere you go 12:40 did that uh... read that you've got 12:42 you know something 12:43 you'll receive the very best 12:45 universit it's they're waiting for 12:49 is about


0:00 my bob proctor and i want to talk to you about the law of increase 0:04 you see and bad that you would like 0:08 everything in your life increase 0:09 i bet you want more love 0:12 by that you want better health more energy more money more business 0:18 that's right actually who should want 0:21 but you've got to understand 0:22 you can template 0:24 hence the beautiful truth their isn't internet sources supply i love the way 0:29 thomas forward put it when you're dealing with and thank you can never 0:32 take more than your share 0:36 if we had a party 0:39 and we'd cut high maybe in six pieces 0:43 we can all relate back to this were kids 0:45 if you wanted a bigger piece of pie 0:48 someone had to get a smaller piece of pipe but we're not dealing with a pot 0:52 we're dealing with creation 0:54 and we can make a bigger pie and then everyone can have a bigger piece 1:00 increase enlightened is based upon lots 1:04 you know there's a 1:05 a marvelous series of programs 1:10 you probably haven't you probably go up the scientific reg 1:14 it was assigned to getting rich 1:16 that the secret was based on 1:19 was assigned to getting rates that rhonda byrne read her daughter 1:22 datadirect 1:23 and everything started to happen in her head 1:25 well quite content gave me the time to get a rich in nineteen sixty eight 1:29 it wasn't long after that 1:32 and i've come across raman hollow work 1:34

on the wall 1:36 i was looking 1:37 for a book 1:39 or aid program 1:40 that explained a lot and practical everyday eat persons thinking way of 1:46 life 1:48 at times having difficulty finding and i had box on the lava 1:52 most of them were so happy the average person with a 1:55 died trying to understand that 1:57 ed i get picked up at o'hare airport in chicago monday by a lady that was taken 2:02 to the hotel to do with some of that 2:05 it jetta bench seat in the front of her car 2:08 and decide her 2:11 wise a big brown papers shopping day 2:14 and when i get it because you want look in that they have found a new book store 2:18 and i but my hand and i pulled at this green book 2:22 working with the law 2:23 by raymond hall 2:25 and i looked at her and i think you've got one last fall 2:29 find the sport with me 2:31 i have attracted this book 2:32 i have been looking for this book for a long time 2:35 now in that block 2:37 holly wilcox about all this information we're sorry 2:41 mary morris and i have uh... study the signature of a long time 2:45 and we've created this program 2:47 that you are involved in right now 2:50 it just see the series of videotapes is really just and overview of these lies 2:55 at the lobby increase is one that you really want to understand 2:59 if you are going to increased anything in your wife 3:06 right 3:07 now let me say one how do you do that 3:11 in the senate to getting rich the seventh chapters on gratitude 3:15 and the more grateful you are

3:17 the more you're going to restate 3:19 but you've really got to be grateful 3:21 now praising ingratitude or very much want same like 3:24 we want to for a spur sources hoopla 3:27 run appraised spirit we want to praised abundant and it's going to come into our 3:32 life 3:32 now share something read-out of the book 3:35 listen very carefully to this 3:38 that whoever had someone come dam or criticize your efforts when new word 3:44 given that best in fact they hadn't really tried to please 3:48 andrea on tree 3:52 you feel like holding up with jess quit 3:59 perhaps even feel like quitting the job and letting someone else worry about 4:05 based of all such an experience suppressed 4:07 your interest 4:11 if you did not desire to do better mohali was mentioning this 4:15 that's how one reacts when the laws rivers 4:19 whereas when someone praises you for effort you feel like expanding doing 4:24 better 4:26 trying harder to be more perfect 4:29 nor interest becomes greater because all of that pleasure 4:33 everything happiness 4:34 you bring happiness into your work 4:37 and all around you 4:39 it is a well known fact 4:41 that every plant is responsive to praise 4:45 for i've even seen flowers 4:47 raised to longer life 4:49 and beauty 4:52 we see a person that praises the plants 4:55 as agreed well 4:57 essay that person just as a green thumb the cartridge beautiful gardens they 5:01 love their guns 5:02

they love them 5:04 they said nothing but loving energy to the plans 5:08 well when you sit and loving energy 5:10 to your source of supply 5:12 you're going to find that 5:14 increased is just automatically going to happen 5:16 you're just going to get moment 5:19 do you know i have read time and time again an experience this myself so i 5:22 know to be true 5:24 the people that are very successful in something had a very difficult time 5:29 differentiating between work 5:31 and pleasure 5:32 and that is because they love what they're doing therefore everything for 5:35 everybody thought further being able to do what they're doing 5:38 they do praise it 5:40 and the more you praise what we're doing 5:44 or the people that working with you the more you are going to win accepted 5:48 prevent that they went downstairs can't be praised into sex acts 5:53 supposed lost friends 5:55 have returned their affections when the log place which is 6:00 think about this 6:04 wing you put good into anything goods going to come back 6:08 we started this whole series down 6:12 with banking 6:13 we pointed out that every great leader that has ever lived 6:16 has been incomplete unanimous agreement that we become we think about 6:20 without if you think 6:22 bad thoughts and if you're looking at things we're looking at the downside 6:25 here 6:26 condemning and criticizing everyone whatever vibration u_n_ 6:31 but if you're looking at what they do good you're looking for the good nobody 6:34 knew praising them 6:35 what happens 6:36 do you know that a child that israelis with criticism grows up very insecure

6:40 human being 6:41 estrella 6:42 this is a known fact 6:44 that trial of the trays with praise grows up very competent 6:49 the child death rates of criticism user struggles throughout their life that 6:53 trial let's raise with praise goes on to become a great leader and very confident 6:59 this itself campus 7:01 it's true in plant light 7:03 hips true with money gets through with your friends 7:06 frazier friend phrase what they're doing 7:09 i guarantee you 7:12 they're going to better thoughts of you 7:14 they're gonna be looking for what they can do for you 7:20 going to be a rocket scientist to figure this out 7:23 praised 7:24 changes our pub servation 7:26 are horrible walk of life 7:28 in the past renee habits chicken 7:32 are weaknesses and failings 7:35 as well as the shortcomings of others 7:37 but now we see differently 7:40 praise changes your perception 7:43 affect of the from other if you're going to praise people for what they're doing 7:46 your first going to have to look for something they are doing good 7:50 if you're looking for something to keep your they're doing good what you're 7:53 doing is using one of your higher faculties one of your creative faculties 7:56 called perception you're looking for your seemed a good then when you see it 8:01 you want to make them aware that you see it 8:06 this doesn't just work with people 8:08 this worked with clients 8:09 it works with animals it works with all of worry 8:14 because we've got to realize that intelligence is on the prize 8:18 intelligence there's intelligence in the garden dot there's just no conscious 8:21

awareness of the intelligence 8:23 sony intelligence is omnipresent we're talking about a power 8:25 that's a hundred percent namely president all places at the same time 8:29 yeah this power operates in a very exact way it's bylaw so it only makes sense 8:35 their planes works with people 8:38 networks with plans 8:40 works with animals 8:42 it works with all of light 8:45 and or going to praise anything 8:47 we're going to have to see the good and 8:49 we want to look for the good and then we want to present 8:52 now follow come for the bad incorporated add 8:57 you're gonna criticize it 8:58 even condemn 8:59 you're gonna feel bad you're gonna feel sorry for yourself 9:02 but if you're using your perception to find a good 9:07 then it's going to become easy propriety 9:09 grateful for 9:11 sleep raises a 9:12 it's a great concept 9:14 if you want to something it is that they seek foundation governing the law called 9:19 increase 9:21 yet who want to increase anything in your life 9:25 began to grate 9:27 be grateful for whatever you've got 9:29 and see greater good company 9:32 i remember 9:33 we talked about receiving you gotta be open for 9:36 relaxed 9:38 if you want to receive increase 9:41 hilton younger lives you richard 9:45 you know that you're enjoying the search i'd know you are because declined to it 9:50 i'm enjoying sharing this 9:52 out the five enjoyed sharing this with your know that you're enjoying lucy

9:56 what i want to suggest use you do when i'm doomed works 10:00 it's helping ones 10:02 it's helped me build doremus abundance of friends all over the world 10:06 it's helping build a business right around the world 10:09 so i wanted to do with endured 10:10 on job sharing that 10:13 uh... yahoo 10:15 for using it 10:16 you annexed and 10:17 with willing 10:20 creamy 10:21 through many to move through you 10:23 who you can get 10:25 no orders 10:27 uart increased 10:29 privilege of god 10:31 willingly give it 10:32 and graciously receive it 10:35 love and grace is based on fundamental principle


0:00 you know it's written in the good book that whatsoever a man so back chile also 0:04 worry 0:06 well you know emerson said that was a lot of laws in the senate that a lot 0:10 didn't exist we should invent it 0:13 about procter and i want to talk to you about the lot compensation 0:17 our first learned a lot of compensation from earl nightingale 0:21 or like gil explained it probably better than anywhere i've ever read now i've 0:25 read ever since i say on compensation 0:28 ed we of course have the lot compensation here in this working with 0:32 the law series 0:33 but a lot of compensation is a lot of we must understand 0:36 and we must understand that if we're going to apply 0:39 and when we do apply at we're going to find 0:42 at the university is very friendly towards us 0:45 a lot of compensation is based on three steps 0:50 the amount of money or could you restate is going to be a direct ratio to the 0:54 need for what you did 0:56 your ability to do it 0:58 at the difficulty the reason replacing 1:00 i wanted to think about that for a month 1:03 the amount of money or the good you receive unlike 1:06 is going to be based on just three points 1:09 that need for what you do 1:12 your ability to do it 1:14 at the difficulty there will be an replacing 1:18 you say 1:20 i quickly learned that there is a fun down on me 1:23 for what 1:24 we do in our business 1:27 people are confused people do not understand the lost 1:31 people are are wanting to what's going on in the world work dealing in a very

1:35 fast changing world 1:37 we're not dealing the world's not getting bigger the world's getting 1:40 smaller 1:41 work we're dealing in a world market today you're only just 1:45 touch of a button away from anywhere in the world 1:47 we can look and watch what's going on on the upside to world on the television 1:51 set that strap to our risk 1:53 the size of a while should 1:56 data button today and we send the message twelve million people all all 1:59 once and they got it worked ever they are 2:01 with the e-mail 2:02 think of how the world has changed 2:04 exchanging so dramatic 2:07 and you know what is looking for 2:08 it's looking for a active people 2:12 it regarding 2:13 wants someone to serve 2:17 history what you do 2:19 i would suggest there probably is 2:21 there's probably a great need for what you do 2:25 if you didn't have to do anything 2:27 to create that need it's there 2:29 the second step that your ability to feel that me 2:32 how good are you at doing what you do 2:36 that's so important to understand that 2:40 most people 2:41 just to adopt get bar 2:43 if it often said that most people 2:47 diligently and so they don't get fired ad the company pays them just enough so 2:51 they won't quit 2:55 it does work it's a violation of law compensation 2:58 the second step or ability to do it 3:01 is going to take care of the third step if you do the second step right the 3:05

difficulty the risen replacing its when you become so out 3:10 effect of that what to do 3:11 north very difficult to replace 3:15 that's when your stock was up 3:17 you'll find it 3:19 there'll be people awaken in the wings 3:22 placard 3:23 depicted 3:24 to go and work for them 3:27 when you perform your attached to the very best of your ability 3:31 for what you know our through your work and you do it well 3:35 you in gallipoli bring out the best their using 3:39 and you say 3:41 i learned a long time ago 3:43 that on one handling or them like went 3:50 them by in com is going to keep going up 3:54 my customers we're going to keep coming 3:57 now we have people come to us from all over the world that is not an accident 4:01 dot is by design 4:04 edits by alone 4:05 that you might ask where you live 4:09 highland 4:10 in toronto in canada 4:12 now my office is in phoenix but i have other options around the world 4:16 and i work with people all over the world 4:19 that how did you when i come together 4:21 i'm going to suggest that you when i came together because i'd made the 4:24 decision many years ago 4:26 that i was never going to stop attempting to improve the service i 4:30 render 4:31 and hopefully 4:32 i would attract 4:33 people like you into my life because i was giving the very best i've got and 4:39 always tried to do it better c everyday

4:42 i study i study everyday 4:44 now i've been doing this since nineteen sixty one prior to nineteen sixty one 4:48 i've never said 4:49 never did anything i just tried to get bar 4:52 course i didn't do very well 4:54 i was earning just a little bit of money and i was a bit over my head 4:58 and a m i had a difficult time finding work 5:02 today i don't have a difficult time finding work cooked i_d_ product from 5:06 periodically 5:07 we work or 5:10 three steps love compensation 5:12 the need for what you do 5:13 your ability to do it and the difficulty of the region replacing it 5:16 now if you pick up your mind 5:18 that hannah and understand that you had intimate potential no one knows what 5:23 you're capable of doing 5:24 the most excised allied will not even guess of what you're capable of doing 5:30 for senators concern we started this many ways you've got about eleven 5:33 million kilowatt hours per pound potential energy 5:36 walked up to the electrons in the adams everybody 5:39 your brain is electronica switching station that boggles the mind of the 5:43 wisest north central nervous system is the most nominal electrical system in 5:47 the entire universe 5:49 it would make a stripper computer looked like a plan 5:52 do know that the blood circulates through hundreds of miles a passageway 5:55 every thirty three seconds just like that it carries all the food aid on the 5:59 garbage out and one sweeping change eppudu ever stopped phot about the power 6:03 that you represent 6:06 you've got all these mental faculties you can tap into what internet sources 6:10 supply 6:11 when we talk about u 6:13 we're talking about something that is possible 6:16 highest for of creation on the planet that's what you and i are 6:21

are reusing 6:23 well for many years i didn't 6:25 my whole idea was just get black but then i start to study this material and 6:29 it's time to make sense 6:31 i'm going to change i'm gonna change how i'm living 6:36 and i get into world might deals material 6:38 i get an appointment first then entered earl nightingale they began to study 6:43 and again and that there's a lot compensation 6:45 than ever and ever since i say on compensation 6:47 then they get into web raven holy wells 6:50 material in compensation 6:52 it's all telling us the same thing 6:55 expedient 6:58 its appeal there's universal to deal with the u_s_ for 7:02 japan's in the form of providing service 7:05 you see you get back exactly what you put a you put a lot of to get a lot that 7:09 we raised with the misconception that you go to work turned me pumper worker 7:13 money workings of the worst waiter and matt 7:17 we have a company called 7:18 the chairman's club 7:20 and the chairman's club is designed for one thing to show people how to print 7:23 money 7:24 you just go to 7:26 life success or l ask chairman's club dot com life success chairman's club dot 7:31 com look at 7:32 that that's the sole purpose of it 7:34 ed in that clip we showed people how to earn money how to set up multiple 7:38 sources of income 7:39 but the whole thing is based on providing certain she does provide 7:42 service 7:44 the concept behind the clubs that you can read so much money when you're 7:47 sleeping you can do whatever you want your away 7:50 let's house bazaar most people but most people don't understand a lot of 7:54 compensation

7:54 were raised with the idea you go to work to earn money you could have worked her 7:58 money 7:58 you go to work to gain satisfaction you should spend your days during which we 8:02 absolutely love to do 8:05 but compensation 8:07 think about it 8:08 our compensation comes to us by law 8:12 it's based on three factors 8:13 the need for what you do 8:14 your ability to do it and the difficulty that could be in replacing though you 8:18 may have got you may think well if i do more i'm not necessarily going to get or 8:23 well you may not get it from where you working 8:25 there may not come from their it may come from somewhere else 8:30 the company makes up their mind how much i've got her and then down 8:33 you don't get your pay from the company to get your pay through the company your 8:37 pay comes from an infant source of supply 8:40 you see we've got a lot of these ideas run 8:43 if you become bigger then your present position by law you must move ahead that 8:48 is an absolute le 8:50 that's dead 8:51 that's the basic law of the universe 8:54 when something becomes bigger than the position that it's in 8:57 it moves on to the next phase 8:59 and if your company is not going to give him more there's going to be a dozen 9:02 companies weakening the wings 9:04 for you to come on in hell 9:06 the what compensation is probably one of the most important wallace 9:10 i would suggest that as you 9:13 kindness set off 9:16 and you stop watching this particular video 9:19 ask yourself 9:20 how good my what i'm doing 9:23 cricket bat 9:26

could i get a lot better at 9:29 how can i get better 9:31 understand this 9:32 you've got the potential you've got more power than you did you ever hope to 9:36 utilize 9:37 are you apply 9:42 who does a better job what you do the new 9:45 are you studying those people 9:48 studied airlines 9:49 find out what they do do what they do read the books theory 9:53 aboard who started this material 9:55 the better you're going to get what you do 9:58 but always remember 9:59 the lot compensation is based on three points 10:03 the need for what you do 10:04 your ability to do it 10:05 and the difficulty there is replacing 10:08 and as you go through 10:09 all the material 10:11 in these laws 10:12 and use that 10:14 along compensation 10:16 hit the material 10:17 at the physical material and study of it's all there 10:23 you're gonna find 10:25 that all the way through all's material 10:27 leslie three steps 10:28 it coming 10:30 a lot of compensation 10:31 system 10:33 put the ownership put the effort 10:36 their tree 10:38 c going to get better everyday one 10:43 people

10:45 this pop rock

LAW OF NON RESISTANCE 0:02 the logged on resistance 0:04 is a lot that 0:06 denying that it can people violate 0:09 and because they do they cause of salt a lot of problems 0:12 it's a pretty well balanced individual that understands 0:16 how to live 0:17 in harmony 0:18 and not let those dip 0:20 the logged on resistance 0:23 they did this for mom 0:25 web you couldn't do anything that's out of the box we're really going where you 0:29 have never been before 0:31 you're gonna make was resistance 0:33 as a matter of fact 0:34 if you don't meet with resistance 0:36 you're probably going in the wrong direction you're not going ahead got him 0:40 on sideways or backwards 0:42 resistance 0:44 is a signal 0:45 that you're moving into a new area 0:48 however 0:49 whatever you resist 0:51 persists 0:53 and what we're suggesting here 0:55 is that you do not resist 0:58 the resistance 0:59 and it sounds like a bit of a mouthful but i understand this you and i are 1:03 programmed to resist resistance 1:07 and part of our animalistic nature 1:09 fighter flight 1:11 what we want to do is master this and state of fighter flight or react let's 1:17 respond 1:19

do you know there's a a beautiful concept is a lot of psychological 1:22 russell process read that 1:24 rests on this law 1:26 that law states 1:28 whenever you put good out 1:30 you'll get good back 1:32 very rarely right away 1:34 when you put that at the end you get right back 1:39 let's think about that for a moment we'll use the martial arts 1:42 as a metaphor here 1:43 karate is a very hard form of martial arts 1:46 you let me by black kid 1:49 you get me like it to you 1:51 and we that daylights out of the job 1:54 that resisting 1:55 resistance 1:58 karate 1:59 is not the way we want to approach this when somebody also that's 2:03 let them yeah 2:04 let the band all the negativity but not 2:09 then you take judo 2:11 judo is where you take the strengths 2:14 i'll get a person shot and put them down 2:18 you know went much doing that it you know it's reported that 2:22 and sir winston churchill was a master at psychological judo 2:27 crunch time 2:28 passing braddock would being a member of parliament her liverpool l 2:31 sector when standard drunken distressed 2:34 he said yes madam i a m 2:36 using your read print 2:38 you're ugly 2:39 but he said tomorrow morning 2:42 i'm going to be sober 2:45 but he did win the battle lose the war

2:47 latest our online chat rooms or winston 2:50 if i was your wife i'd put our stake in your coffee 2:53 he said madame 2:54 if i was your husband 2:55 i would think 2:57 resisted 2:58 he loses 3:00 george bernard shaw paraguay had sent 3:03 sir winston and 3:04 invitation to 3:05 uh... pygmalion when it come out in london 3:08 that we probably know better is my fair lady today 3:12 and on the invitation for written note 3:14 bring a friend if you have one 3:18 so when since animal note back and saying that he was sorry he was 3:21 tied up opening night but he said at the place still running the second i'd i'd 3:25 be glad to come see it 3:28 by just eight psychological judo your put the person down 3:32 with the strength of their shots 3:34 you win the battle 3:36 but to lose the war 3:38 that there's another way to do it 3:40 than on resistant way it's called the kiddo 3:43 that's where you take a shot in the eye doctor blake keep on going i take it you 3:47 know and and i dot do you kick idoc and keep on 3:51 led to keep on going 3:52 i do not let u 3:54 which made 3:56 they don't fight back 3:58 i stay fresh and when you invented all your negative energy on his treasures of 4:02 daisy mae could lead you to where you want to go 4:05 non resistance 4:07 see there's a lot done resistance whatever you resist 4:10

process 4:12 so the next time you meet with resistance rather than fight packed just 4:17 let it go 4:18 it's not that important 4:20 and if you can get this law down pat 4:23 i guarantee you you're going to have a good trip all the way to the top 4:27 because you see dept whatever we got out of the box former moving yet i'm working 4:32 on a new project in fact i've been working on it for a year 4:36 i have met with the enormous amount of resistance 4:41 i'd just like to know 4:42 by just let it go 4:44 and i don't know 4:46 when there's a lot of resistance on a program that i'm involved in 4:50 and on the right track 4:52 q_c_ if you just coincide with the reasoning to resist into doing something 4:55 about ready now 4:57 the london resistance 5:00 of these all of a lot 5:02 this is one of the most important 5:05 permanent you're mine 5:06 and remember 5:08 don't react 5:09 respond 5:10 i remembered close off with those during the seminar with a 5:13 budget teenagers 5:15 in hawaii one time 5:17 and asked the kids aged what's the difference between reacting 5:21 and responding 5:24 is funneled fifteen-year-old girl looked up into space 5:27 order handa 5:30 and she says reacting is ahead 5:33 to respond to have to think 5:36 it's best that you're never got 5:38 fifteen years old

5:39 to react 5:42 to respond have to think 5:45 think of this 5:46 when you react 5:49 whatever it is 5:50 that's causing you to react wins 5:52 you lose when you respond 5:56 the log non resistance to take whitlock to understand 6:03 bob proctor thing


0:02 this is one law that i have really learned a lot 0:06 now i made a big price before i learned it 0:09 but when i did learn and 0:12 my whole world changed 0:14 and you know it wasn't until i had studied this material for some time that 0:18 this log made sense 0:21 let me read you something here that 0:24 scientists 0:25 have given to us 0:27 these are very bright people 0:29 must understand that ninety percent of all the scientists whatever are alive 0:33 today 0:35 scientists accept the truth of the body of a human is moved by the mind 0:41 that politics continues govern 0:44 by a ruling fox 0:47 whether that vodka is subject of or object 0:51 whether it's conscious or unconscious 0:54 those who study the mental processes find that all the conditions of the body 0:59 are created and caused by the mine 1:03 it is known 1:04 that creation in and 1:07 every for me is governed by and subject to a lot 1:12 ends when one 1:13 misuses invert ord violates the law 1:17 this mistake is called 1:19 a scene 1:21 this investment 1:23 ascending is a mistake 1:25 of misunderstanding and i misjudged 1:28 a mistake is falling short our board disobeying of the law 1:34

whether that lobby mechanical or spiritual 1:38 correction is the only method of adjustment 1:42 or of appeasing the law 1:45 that's repentance 1:47 and forgiveness i_d_ only means available to alter 1:52 headquartered 1:53 that mr 1:56 i'm bob proctor and i want to talk to you about the law forgiveness 2:01 now for a long time i never understood this 2:05 sent is truly transgression of the law 2:09 now when i was a little boy i was sent to sunday school like a lot a little 2:13 boys that 2:14 grew up in the part of the world where i grew up 2:17 and down 2:18 here but i didn't go like alderson spur with tel 2:23 and so i was punished when i didn't go 2:25 nap also learn 2:28 if i sent this word or that word it was the sand 2:32 and i was taught that the prices stand was 2:35 now thought that was rather severe 2:38 that's what i grew up without was the idea 2:40 that this little boy learned that a very early age 2:45 now 2:46 i was a curious here 2:49 and i was told if i said this or if i did that it was a c_n_n_ again the 2:54 prices said was that 2:56 mike dot and they're going to take a bite out of this apple 2:59 that i said that 3:01 and i didn't i 3:05 biting cold trying this 3:07 and i'd get it 3:08 and i didn't die in fact it was 3:13 statement 3:14 that must be true

3:16 but you know later on in life as i started to learn the truth 3:21 how the universe operates the largest 3:23 upon that was true 3:25 it was my understanding or perception of what these people were telling me 3:30 ad that was 3:32 probably the problem 3:33 and it probably was even further than that it's because of their intention of 3:38 what they were saying 3:40 i think i was getting one they were saying to me 3:44 when you see there's a very basic wildlife net losses create or 3:48 disintegrate 3:49 we're going to head to work on back 3:51 now disintegrate doesn't mean that you described 3:54 disappeared 3:56 while we talk about liver doctor that doesn't mean that our hearts gonna stop 4:00 in the blood spots flowing in 4:02 where either your own incinerator 4:04 placed on the ground and that's not what that means 4:07 it means that were either going ahead 4:10 or we're going backwards 4:12 that means things are getting better or they're getting worse 4:15 yet we buy only the law prices and is that 4:19 means things are going backwards 4:21 things are not going to be is good as we want them to be 4:25 if we live in harmony with the law we're going to go ahead 4:28 shared history sameness transgression of the law 4:32 prices said is you're going to go backwards 4:34 live in harmony with the low you're going to go ahead 4:38 forgiveness is a phenomenal concept 4:41 i never used 4:42 think job i thought forget you know it's at me 4:45 it means let go of completely 4:48 obtained 4:50

forgive yourself 4:51 you can't change what you did do you know there's many people wander around 4:56 with 4:56 great feelings of guilt guilt is a very very guilt resentment or two of the most 5:01 destructive emotions 5:02 the talk about with i was raised with me up 5:06 i've been telling people for years 5:08 if he gets to a point where you can handle a problem that you've got you 5:11 should go to a professional 5:15 so i think i said i like if you have to leave his own cooking 5:18 i was raised with guilt and so i spirituality open i was having 5:22 difficulty getting rid of it and any little thing i did that 5:27 that i just didn't think was right and his a great job 5:31 so i went to a psychiatrist 5:33 in southern california in century city 5:36 really wanted that psychiatrist her four five times i guess and i was on the way 5:40 down the last time that i went 5:42 and i realize that we have to go on him off 5:45 and um... i found them and i said there was damage will come undone anyway 5:48 because i like what you're doing a lot of fun don't work what what you're not 5:51 and he had 5:53 he was able to help me get rid of the guilt 5:56 zone simple concept of forgiveness forgive means colette gopal completely 6:02 lafayette gokhale 6:04 forgiving is in there in the arctic concept 6:09 we've got a word to forgive ourselves we've got a forgive others 6:12 we have to realize 6:14 that what we did 6:16 yesterday we cannot change 6:19 that did something deliberately wrong let it go forgive yourself 6:24 that candidate getting better liberty forgive anyway 6:27 let it go here someone else's done something to you 6:30 don't hold any resentment let it go now that doesn't mean that you want to go 6:34 and give an opportunity to it all over again

6:36 in a move away from that 6:38 but can can on hold that thought in your mind 6:41 and move in a good direction 6:43 for something else that holly well brought it out 6:46 he said had noted physician 6:49 talking before a group of other medical people 6:51 on this very subject off 6:54 being the source obviously he's 6:57 was recorded as having said finishing concluding remarks 7:03 abnormal tumors and cancers are due to a long period 7:08 of surprise green and anxiety 7:11 another way of saying that such diseases are due to a lot of simple thoughts 7:16 getting bottled up had suppressed within our minds 7:21 yet this spring restore destroyed 7:23 that might be wise 7:26 for us to a probe into our own selves 7:29 and not the fact are all motions 7:31 have upon duck this ical organism 7:35 then let us see 7:36 bite remains at our command 7:38 to overcome an abandoned ed forsake every emotional todd that has 7:45 a debilitating 7:46 and disturbing effect 7:48 to note that such excellent advice 7:52 he got to go way back from the richest have slowed ridiculous 7:56 lot of bad luck comes from wrong thinking 8:01 trying to understand this everything works from a higher to lower potential 8:06 when you're dealing with electricity 8:08 you must work from a higher to lower potential we don't even know what 8:11 electricity as but we do know the laws by which it operates 8:15 if you want a greater flow of electricity put in a bigger bob get a 8:18 bigger transformer the only limit placed on electricity is a limit that's placed 8:22 on the form which is falling what exactly the same with us 8:26

we work for the higher toward more potential 8:29 we go from the thought to the throne 8:31 spirit always manifest through explore opposite 8:34 you go from then on thursday couple that physical 8:36 you what i have the ability to tap into a non physical world 8:40 a world of thought and we can choose our thoughts we can choose any pets we want 8:45 general victor from poets of uni psychiatrist 8:48 spent the war years 8:49 in a young concentration camp 8:51 when he said it was when i was in the camp in real life 8:54 that regardless of the physical or intellectuals abuse that he was 8:58 subjected to no one could cause him to think something he didn't one thing 9:03 to know that for attitude begins 9:06 attitude is the composite of our thoughts 9:08 which caused her feelings 9:10 which express and actions 9:11 she or thoughts feelings and actions 9:13 when their own seat that's an attitude 9:15 but we want to have the proper attitude more than live in health care plan 9:19 we'll have the proper attitude we're going to enjoy the wells that we look 9:22 for 9:23 we want to drive the proper etiquette we're going to have the funds we want 9:28 one 9:30 basic concept 9:31 easy him forgive 9:35 and you have to forget about 9:38 you see guilt and resentment are with the question to leave the most 9:41 destructive emotions that anybody can expiry 9:45 of all the lines 9:47 that you're going to study 9:49 this could be one of the most liberating a ball 9:53 forgiveness 9:55 whom i can go up 9:57 abed

9:58 just lep 9:59 go dead when it comes back in your mind let it go again 10:04 form the habit 10:05 of not holding onto anything 10:08 that's causing you to feel that 10:12 start to love yourself 10:14 start to respect yourself 10:15 had to healthy respect for what you're capable of doing 10:18 and understand that 10:20 carrying bad thoughts about anyone or anything 10:22 is not doing anyone any good 10:24 it's below 10:25 it's destructive in the price of sin his death 10:29 that doesn't mean that very 10:31 but it may be buried here company 10:33 it may be very rincon it may be buried in your friends 10:38 personal honesty 10:40 forgiveness cars everything to grow 10:43 cause you to be held 10:45 composure income to grow your friends to grow your business to grow 10:49 forgive 10:50 it's a beautiful la 10:52 forgive me collect gopal completely addendum 10:56 replayed what 10:57 the beauty 10:59 with one of the country 11:00 with one of abundance 11:02 we'd like to do 11:03 how did it 11:05 on the happy healthy wealthy died 11:07 and you know something 11:08 lots of energy 11:09 it just flows freely to instrument 11:12

i forgave me 11:14 and everyone else 11:18 that occupy the best place in my mind 11:21 you do the same 11:22 hello forgiveness could be one of the greatest logistic 11:25 is about proctor


0:11 the way i was raised i would imagine probably the way you were raised 0:15 we were raised with the idea that sacrifice was letting go of something 0:20 that we really valued and it was 0:23 was sort of losing 0:25 losing something that we 0:29 you know there was some people that made great sacrifices 0:32 and they were considered very special 0:35 but the average person just 0:37 never made those great stacker s 0:42 sacrificed is 0:44 it's a lot of that will bring mapping but pretend your life 0:48 yep we understand we've got to understand and most people don't 0:52 understand 0:53 sacrifice is giving up something are below ran a trip to recieve something of 0:59 a hundred nature 1:01 by talk 1:02 one of the other laws about 1:04 the last chapter in the born rich 1:06 series 1:07 but it was on the back room log back your ma prosperity 1:11 well sacrifice has to do with the back of my prosperity 1:14 will 1:14 something out to make room for the good that you desire sacrifices giving up 1:19 something of a lower nature tourists is something 1:22 uh... are hired nature 1:24 exact i think about that but or nature 1:27 before you can restate that they have a higher nature 1:29 tracy sacrifices based on a very good understanding of paper as well 1:34 faith-based organization 1:36 that's just tricky this is something that's just going to happen like that 1:41 now i want to think of this for a moment

1:43 i want you to a magic that you've gone to a great concert 1:47 and more marveled at the performance of justly or go to a great stage play did 1:53 you see acting that is in pakka bhool 1:56 or what she had 1:57 uh... agree award-winning movie 2:00 and you'll see acting thing 2:03 weren't art 2:05 something like tiger woods 2:07 watch that great athletes 2:09 some great soccer player great golfer a great ball player 2:13 watch the olympic singles swimmers ur 2:18 you think black 2:20 happen 2:22 doesn't just 2:24 as as dot there's a grand a day 2:27 may be exceptionally gifted 2:30 but those spying on the magical results 2:33 come not by cancer action 2:35 but they come from discipline 2:38 discipline that is consciously chosen 2:42 ardently did 2:43 fired 2:45 patiently 2:46 persisted 2:48 repeat that 2:51 discipline that is consciously chosen 2:55 ardently desired 2:59 patiently 3:00 persisted 3:02 i've often said that 3:04 discipline is the ability to get myself a command 3:08 what what type will that's great that's 3:13 i remember one time reading an article in an air american airlines magazine 3:18

and uh... 3:19 walter cronkite 3:21 was being interviewed 3:23 and dad 3:24 he was asked in the magazine in the interview 3:27 and 3:28 how it these astronauts develop that courage take that into those space 3:33 capsules 3:35 he said 3:36 didn't take any courage for them to get into the space capsule 3:40 misery that i thought it easy for him to say sit behind a microphone announcing 3:44 on 3:44 you can get it 3:47 as they kept reading i realized he was right 3:49 he said 3:51 what took their courage 3:54 wasn't sacrifices they remain 3:57 scrappy 3:58 the hundreds of hours of study 4:01 then repetition in the simulators 4:05 that's what took the current for prepare them to get in the capsule 4:11 took place 4:13 dist 4:15 unholy welcome 4:17 he said that's the plan that carter strict rules 4:20 ardently decider 4:24 patiently 4:25 persisted 4:27 no one every becomes graded anything 4:32 we talk about people getting something for nothing something 4:37 that's absurd 4:40 when we're talking about the lost sacrifice 4:43 worked hard 4:44 about letting go of something of the lord nature

4:47 to receive something of a heritage 4:49 another words is certain to give up your screen call now 4:52 to get the bicycle little late 4:57 this is being spun 5:00 and it's not blind faith it's faith based on understanding 5:03 next understanding that we have this infinite potential we got phenomenal 5:08 potential we can do better i talk about it in the law compensation 5:12 edward going to get better but only kept we'd yet but something that's valuable 5:17 to us 5:19 recent something that you can 5:24 ticket this study 5:26 the practice 5:27 you know i liked watching two movies 5:29 lawrence of arabia 5:31 and pat 5:33 general pat breed mary jen world war two 5:38 also but general 5:40 or 5:42 like very much reincarnation 5:45 and anymore to burry 5:47 orchard peter o'toole who literally mentally became watched marcia re 5:53 if these actors 5:56 efficient 5:58 toward 6:00 looking space duplex x 6:03 uh... lifting the part 6:07 what 6:08 what's the great speech right the first for the movie 6:12 that those two groups by watched from over 6:14 you want to see people it made sacrifice 6:18 understood that wall 6:20 and lived in harmony with a lot to develop the greatness of the always 6:23 happen 6:25

you'll see it those movies 6:33 luxury 6:41 the interest of the club's equipments it something of a low-rent nature to recent 6:46 something about nature they have to understand this 6:51 concept at this one 6:54 c holly once said something always has to be sacrificed for something else 7:00 well 7:01 compensation coming in here 7:04 you've got your vacuum of prosperity coming in here you go to create a space 7:07 for the good user 7:10 and personally says here 7:12 people everywhere are awakening to the necessity up disciplining their thoughts 7:18 and acts 7:19 weekly that nasty and here 7:22 we harness the forces of nature of the surplus regularly and what 7:27 and yet when it comes to herself the most valuable all we'll let our thoughts 7:32 rotten while 7:34 no one can and in their ambitions 7:37 until data warranted test of planned their mental force other able to control 7:42 their thinking cheap that's what this whole series is about 7:47 that's what all these laws are over 7:50 working with the law 7:52 the book bringing them and in harmony with the law 7:56 it's won't let him go applicable or nature so we can receive things about 7:59 her this doesn't happen by accident witnessed marketers in the world 8:05 fish years yesterday 8:08 that greatest athletes these you're affected exp 8:14 free 8:16 greeted 8:18 permits etc 8:21 you're gonna have to give up something of a lower nature 8:24 three seem something of a herd this whole universe operates by law 8:28 the law is something that happens everytime 8:30 for every person everywhere

8:32 that we've got to understand the sacrifices alone 8:38 him 8:39 understand 8:41 it show price list 8:44 some of its 8:45 only well said you can not enjoyed the satisfactions and pleasure 8:50 or become friendship 8:52 and indulge in a bad temper 8:56 if you will not sacrifice short temper for friendships 9:00 you're gonna sacrifice your friendship for a bad temper 9:04 is that good 9:06 one cannot have a sterling character 9:09 that friends well respected trust 9:12 then restart the crooked practices 9:15 that he will not give up his crooked waste of trustworthiness 9:19 he will have to sacrifice his trustworthiness 9:22 for look at 9:28 you don't even have to think people in this to realize it's true 9:32 but i'll tell you something you will have to do 9:35 we'll have to work at it everyday to make it a habitual part 9:39 of your 9:41 to make your part of your parent 9:44 you see most of the things we do 9:48 are controlled by parent 9:49 habits 9:50 paradigm nothing but a multitude of happens 9:54 and if we're going to change a life of mickey kantor paradigm 9:57 we're going to secretaries habit 10:00 coordinator for one of our heritage 10:03 so you see as you study into this 10:06 your realize 10:08 strong work 10:10 disciplines 10:12

and i want to leave you with 10:15 just absolutely beautiful comes 10:18 you've got it 10:19 custom 10:20 gets disciplined that is consciously chosen you've got it chose 10:25 someone else can 10:26 this is not permitted 10:28 it's discipline that's consciously chosen ardently desired tiptoed really 10:33 want 10:35 made so want to be 10:36 one 10:40 and patiently purchased 10:48 seems like an oxymoron 10:51 persist 10:53 sting focused 10:56 you've got it 10:57 you've got all the pale did you've got to be answered 11:01 but if you're not prepared to sacrifice 11:03 what you've got 11:05 inadvertently get it back 11:07 and understand this 11:08 its creator disintegrate 11:10 doesn't get better it's going to get worse 11:13 you've got a discipline shall 11:15 you've gotta live in harmony fitzwater 11:18 it was so good 11:20 working hard to do with the lines 11:23 it's such a winning concept 11:26 approved of my life my friends all have in their life that's why they're my 11:29 friends 11:31 reworking hamlet hello we're not perfect 11:33 or work in that 11:37 i wanted work 11:38 this is bob proctor thank


0:01 there's a marvelous poem 0:03 in this program working with the law by him 0:07 it's one have love for years 0:09 in victims 0:11 listened carefully 0:13 then redid over listen to it over and over 0:17 out of the 0:18 naked covers me black as a pit from pole to pole 0:22 i think whatever the gods might be for my on comparable shal 0:28 in the felt clutch of circumstance hai 0:31 had not wins nor right a lot 0:34 under the bloodstains out chance 0:37 my head is bloody 0:38 fun 0:40 beyond this place of wrath and tears looms but the horror of the charade 0:46 and yet this menace of the years finds me and shall find me 0:50 unafraid 0:52 it matters not house break the date 0:55 houck charged with punishment the scroll 0:58 hi down the master of my faith 1:02 and captain 1:04 of myself 1:06 that you know you can't say that exactly the way and the road 1:12 by working in harmony with these laws 1:15 that especially the log obedience 1:19 a lot of people grow up in maine don't want to be obedient in 1:24 injured when the find some of the greatest leaders in the past 1:28 if you started your wives according to society they were definitely not very 1:34 abhi 1:35 many of them spent time in jail

1:40 they didn't follow the rules of the land outlets 1:43 but you know they winter 1:45 or being into the lives of nature 1:48 what they would have never accomplish what they do it 1:53 all of all said that you should be a builder 1:57 fed to him is given all the materials out of which to construct the kind of 2:02 like you desire to live 2:05 you build and wisdom arguments 2:09 according to 2:11 your opinions 2:12 according to 2:13 your understanding 2:15 all baidoa by any law 2:16 that the use of that 2:18 in your daily life 2:25 the obedient is not always in easy thing to do 2:29 but always reward 2:32 i'm not talking to vote you being subservient to some personal really 2:36 doesn't understand 2:37 what's going on in this universe 2:40 go back and share with you again what i just read 2:44 he said here that you should be a builder 2:47 had you been given all the materials out of which to construct the kind of like 2:52 that you desire to live 2:55 now you're going to use these tools you're gonna build in wisdom branded sp 3:00 according to 3:01 your obedience to according to your understanding 3:05 of divine love 3:07 that the use of it in your daily life 3:10 if they don't understand a lot of some you're never going to be obedient to 3:14 that you're going to buy a white matt every turned around light because we 3:18 have been program 3:21 we've been programmed to be good logo gutters note the losses given your 3:25

reshape 3:28 within program 3:29 not to live in harmony with a lot sacrificed on and on the call 3:34 people to go out and get more 3:36 that violates the law 3:39 this was something else that he wrote 3:41 the word albany 3:44 being spruced up that to rule 3:47 or to complied with orders or instructions 3:51 or p_d_ and sam is that governor all movement 3:55 whether it be mechanical 3:58 literal or spiritual 4:01 giant machine without its governor 4:03 what tear itself apart 4:06 well the utterly destroyed because it failed to obey its on the laws of 4:10 momentum and gravity 4:13 and intellectual giant who fails to comply with the laws of warning 4:18 will become isn't idiot 4:21 a student failing to comply 4:24 with or 4:26 to obey the instructions of spirit the law of god 4:30 well read first but good 4:32 and create evil 4:35 we are dependent entirely on obedience for our success 4:40 or failure in this life 4:44 businesses founded on obedience anysuch member obeys the laws of commerce 4:49 they're going to succeed 4:51 to say 4:53 as we started these laws we have to understand that we've got to become will 4:57 be 5:00 that number two 5:03 you know years and i think i've mentioned in the series in the navy 5:06 i wasn't particularly fond of the room being will be here to the orders that 5:10 they destroy it

5:11 first of all some of the things that we're talking and we had to be really 5:14 did make a lot of sense 5:16 investment in person 5:18 and i really didn't 5:19 appreciate 5:20 but they were they can you do it 5:22 when i was nobody and i was published i paid fines and nine 5:25 a lot of punishment prayed square 5:28 because i wasn't a big 5:30 i am not a big into a lot of the things that uh... society dictates 5:35 because i think a lot of people move in and around rection 5:38 but as you start to study the law 5:40 you've gotta bring discipline as we just sit in the last listening to your life 5:45 consciously chosen 5:47 is the ardently desired 5:49 event patiently persisted in such a beautiful weight described 5:53 well they've gotta bring discipline in our life 5:55 we've got to become a big into these laws 5:57 that if we got the committee colossal we're gonna lose 6:01 expressed that simple 6:04 is concerned about a machine that is in a bid to long 6:07 momentum gravity it's her fault part 6:14 as they could becoming apparent 6:16 is repeated that's 6:19 that this is not something for lake 6:22 this isn't something for just anybody doe st 6:25 although it will work for everyone 6:28 that everyone's going to do 6:30 everyone has brought discipline into this 6:33 not everyone follows all these answers 6:36 let's do this for a month 6:38 we see in nature of the answer 6:40 she has no problems she cannot overcome 6:43

she has no problems she cannot solve 6:46 she has no burden she cannot bear no cash cannot perform we're talking about 6:52 nature 6:54 all our operations are governed by 6:57 w_ alton harmony and order 7:00 which constantly removes every discord which heels all diseases which right 7:07 everyone wrong 7:08 which supplies every meat 7:12 nothing 7:12 he went on to say 7:14 if in the winter i don't sprout 7:17 attempts to break through the soil before season 7:20 mother nature destroys that spread 7:24 roles that are poor freezes that out 7:27 yet at the same time 7:29 the various not have i_d_'s 7:32 freeze a little unruly sprout 7:34 serves as a blanket of war and protection took all other seedlings 7:40 complying with her well 7:43 when man wishes to use military in his work 7:46 such as farming or gardening 7:48 you must know how to comply with nature's laws 7:52 intern 7:53 as the old days her laws 7:56 he drives the best results 7:58 that in the end 7:59 will enjoy the greatest hearts 8:02 and you only have to play with this for a little and you're going to realize 8:04 just how accurate this as 8:06 he will be is the laws of nature 8:09 and acts as or obedient sir 8:13 later becomes a master 8:15 and weeps a footprint 8:19 unknown in my life

8:21 i don't 8:22 bike and his trip to the imagination 8:24 but i'm getting pretty good 8:27 and i'm a lot better at it than i used to be 8:31 and to see where it really starts it starts with understanding loans 8:36 but the more you listen to these videos and keep in mind videos are just really 8:40 and overview it's just a really 8:43 did get a picture of where your goal is 8:45 but dig into this in some dept 8:49 yes as you get into this when as you get into the other besides getting richer is 8:53 that we have 8:54 and i'm sure that 8:56 you're aware of that 8:57 if you came to the laws that we're getting into buoyed basic laws that 9:00 govern how everything happen 9:03 i gotta go back in court runner vaughn road 9:08 rocket scientist 9:09 he said that these laws are so precepts 9:13 there we don't have any difficulty building spaceships and people of the 9:17 month 9:17 and we can actually kind of landing with the precision of a fraction of a second 9:21 i think it from 9:23 like to think of your help 9:26 if your health crispin health of your book 9:29 now don't you think if your finances 9:32 demanding money you earn 9:35 don't you think if your friend 9:38 your social 9:40 the room now 9:45 ently aspect of your life and understand this 9:48 every aspect of it compete that 9:52 yet with in harmony with the lot 9:56 and you know by doing this 9:58

you could be accused of being selfish probably after welcome he said 10:02 celebrations not is not living as one wishes to live 10:06 selfishness is asking others 10:08 as one which destroyed 10:11 unselfish parents 10:14 what's your people 10:16 they want people who lived with him 10:20 you've got to be true to yourself 10:22 if i want to be free 10:24 i've got to be me 10:26 i've got to be a big if these laws at the more on t_v_ and i pick up 10:32 the more i'm going to win 10:34 but it's based on the understanding and understanding only comes one way 10:39 if there's another way that you know of let me know because i've been looking 10:41 for a long time 10:43 you must understand these laws to live in harmony with 10:49 understanding only comes through stuck 10:55 study these wild 10:57 dig into this program 10:59 i guarantee you will be so 11:01 happened indian share it with those many people as possible 11:06 you're not alone 11:09 lost success 11:11 as a part


0:01 i sincerely hope 0:03 that you'll get as much out of this law of success is i've got out of the over 0:07 the years 0:08 when i came across this are absolutely what 0:12 i have probably read this first page 0:14 at police dot thousand times i've shared it with hundreds of thousands of people 0:19 all around the world 0:22 now i want to share you from how i see 0:26 about procter and i want to talk to you about a lot of successive raymond heller 0:30 well 0:30 shared it with me 0:32 you said god intended every individual to succeed 0:36 makes idea 0:37 every individual that included me 0:40 that includes you 0:42 that's god's purpose that you should become great 0:46 geno i remember reading a book 0:48 a number of years ago by robert russell 0:52 and he said there's no secret to becoming great 0:55 he said you become great by doing little things in a great way everyday that good 1:01 la jolla while saying it's god's purpose 1:04 that men should become great 1:07 yet brought will that and should not only you 1:10 but enjoy 1:11 definitely good uh... in the universe 1:13 the law of god 1:14 denies that 1:16 she says man is born to be rich 1:19 well you know i created a program a few years back 1:23 uh... based on everything i had learned up to that time and i was called were 1:27 born rich

1:29 gets 1:30 it's been considered 1:31 one of the most complete programs and personal growth you're gonna find if you 1:35 go to bob proctor dot com 1:37 and take a look there 1:39 the born rich warning system because you were born rich 1:43 you had reserve or september the building within you 1:46 you're probably just a little short of money 1:48 this program we'll show you how to do it 1:51 here's a copy in australia new ways and debt 1:54 every one of their leaders 1:56 give credit to the board which program 1:58 for taking them right at the top of the company 2:00 most of my porch that over and over and over again 2:04 well-managed or to be rich 2:06 so that the powers inheriting new are in exhaust the ball 2:11 i think of that 2:12 that powers inherited nice are in exhaust the ball 2:17 that's is a lot he said each normal person isn't dowd with a complete set up 2:22 at cody's which if properly developed and scientifically applied 2:27 will insure success 2:29 ever growing success 2:31 jynona pulling in hell lot said that in the educated person is not necessarily a 2:36 person with an abundance of general or specialized knowledge 2:39 he said an educated person as a personal assault develop the faculties up their 2:43 mind 2:44 that they can acquire anything they want 2:47 sports equipment 2:48 without violating the rights of others 2:51 you know what the packers are your mind off 2:55 if you don't onto pretty good you're not going to development 2:58 where born 2:59 and raised with 3:01

century factors 3:03 we go about what we hear c smell pasted touch 3:06 that you know what that does 3:08 that programs asta live from the outside yet 3:11 that programs are split from the bottom up 3:14 you're letting the physical control a higher 3:17 i've worked that way 3:19 god works for the higher to the low 3:21 spirit always manifest to explore opposite than on physical manifest 3:25 through that 3:25 the physical 3:26 yet be required to do it in harmony with the law that's where you're going to 3:30 have to work 3:30 turn out to work from the flock to the thing and not from the thing for the 3:33 plot 3:34 you may be saved what do you mean we don't let the bank account 3:37 dictate 3:38 your financial status 3:43 one of the things act asked people when they first come to work with me 3:47 is with the most the government here 3:50 either business partner jerry robert who runs the uh... life success publishing 3:54 teaches people to write books 3:56 you've got a book you want to get in touch with what success publishing on 3:58 the site 4:01 he showed republics will change your life 4:04 everybody's got a book and 4:05 well you'd written a book and i asked him when i first met him sparked a 4:08 handsome introduced me to have 4:10 and ed 4:11 assets which dogranews at a hundred thousand dollars 4:14 three product but it was pretty good money twenty yours bill that's when i 4:18 asked him 4:19 and i said if you'll 4:21 do exactly what i told are three hundred change that

4:24 into a monthly income 4:26 you know within months concerning every month 4:30 the chairman's club that we have 4:32 and he just got about talked about coming to see the chairman's club 4:35 advertised 4:35 we teach people to turn their annual income per monthly income by setting up 4:38 multiple sources of income 4:40 bases here its normal person's endowed with complete set of faculties 4:44 which it properly developed and scientifically applied 4:47 will insure success ever growing success 4:50 i can tell you what they are 4:51 uh... montag grinned when into great depth of how to develop them we do that 4:55 another time 4:56 your perception 4:58 you get your way you look at my character will back to jeanne 5:00 concentrate 5:01 give your memory there's no such thing as bad memory of a perfectly 5:05 and you have uh... 5:09 patrick 5:09 imagination 5:11 user call from them and approvals if you can use them 5:15 to develop greater and greater success if you're going to have to use them if 5:18 you don't live from the inside out ever growing success 5:22 were made for progress every person contains within themself 5:26 that capacity for endless developed 5:30 you know that excites me i don't know 5:32 but i've been working on this now for forty eight years 5:35 forty yours spent and i know 5:38 i'm sorry for the next forty eight years i'd just wanna keep getting better 5:42 in the stability advancement all things is the laws great purpose 5:47 that's a phenomenal idea advancement can all things is the laws repurposed by 5:52 learning to work with the lock in promoting that aid 5:55 but the doctor stopping like greater and greater success 5:58

so you wonder what what is the wind in me 6:02 for really studying these lines that's it 6:05 you're gonna build yourself into a greater and greater success 6:08 your her mormon 6:10 you just keep pretty woman 6:12 i went through four thousand dollars you know and themselves 6:15 and it's easier i don't work as hard 6:18 deployed most so that you know 6:19 it takes more more more energy to work in the big idea doesn't the small unless 6:23 we're saying here 6:24 you're gonna have more friends better friend your belittling both your body 6:27 you're going to enjoy your work before you go to work over the world you're 6:30 going to do what you want to do with the way you want to let 6:34 but learning to work with the law promoting their name 6:36 you're gonna build yourself into a greater greater success with it 6:40 he said halt other processes of nature are successful 6:44 nature 6:45 though failures 6:48 that's huge she never plans 6:50 everything but success she aims at results can dept reform in manner to 6:55 succeed in the best 6:57 bowl a sense of the term we must you and i'm not wet nature s our motto copy her 7:03 methods your principles on laws 7:06 we're going to discover pile the secret of success 7:10 how u 7:12 that sort of excites me 7:14 i know one thing 7:16 the title which was a i'd always comes at the nato we suppose that way 7:21 wonderful 7:23 this is the long work 7:26 in all of nature 7:28 and we can do the same thing 7:31 in her principles lines were discovered all 7:33 the secrets of success

7:35 now he says internet resources are at our disposal infinite there's no into it 7:40 infinite there's no limit or possibility weaken focus an individualized the 7:45 elements the forces 7:46 and the principles of the whole we're 7:53 the structure 7:55 juneau if it means universe 7:57 will rush your it 7:59 when you're working hard with the law 8:01 this isn't 8:02 some decision though some emotional or capricious god cloud 8:09 is the absolute wild universe 8:11 block is uniform in early method of the underpinning got it's the way carpeting 8:15 worked everything works perfect 8:17 yet resources there's no and precautionary 8:20 we can focus in individualize the elements forty the principles 8:25 of the whole world 8:26 we can develop a wonderful intelligence bus all of life's questions to be 8:30 answered 8:32 all of nature's secret discovered 8:34 ed all human problems so nothing is impossible 8:38 thank you may be thank you all the world is in dire need of this or yourself 8:42 right 8:44 absolutely 8:46 but you know 8:47 it's because 8:48 we're living in harmony with the law that we can live the way we do 8:54 there's some people that have never seen 8:57 point 8:59 judith there's some people that have been ever seen 9:01 an electric stove 9:04 or walk 9:06 do you know that the whole world look like that not long ago 9:11 do you know that the electric light his brand new idea route to most the 9:15

population of the world 9:17 you know that these things everything we got that we take for granted 9:22 they're relatively new 9:24 it's all happen 9:26 too small and send troops 9:34 justice happen because we start to understand the law 9:36 think of what you can do 9:38 higher faculties remarkable talent superior in sight greater power of 9:42 government at all 9:44 psychological methods 9:46 these exceptional elements can be developed 9:48 to an extraordinary degree per actual and practical use that spike heels and 9:53 make-up i have been working at this for a long time 9:56 i know this to be true 9:58 every mind can develop brightness eric no exceptions 10:03 simply a matter of knowing how 10:04 true self help self-discovery self-knowledge and proper instructions 10:08 of applying once principles 10:10 ed using once faculties using one's forces 10:13 edward that's any person 10:16 see the mind is perfect 10:18 it's perfect 10:20 him and he's not 10:23 and we can think 10:24 thoughts turn into things 10:26 practice will ensure efficient c 10:28 uses gonna bring forth results success therefore 10:31 is within the reach of every spare in person 10:34 he asked a question 10:35 he said do you wish to sixty 10:38 i remember reading as 10:41 first time in a minute 10:43 well he said you can't 10:44 you possess all of the essentials within yourself

10:48 all you need used to be the right understanding 10:51 all the principles and the laws upon which success is based 10:55 and then applied to write methods of operating these causes 10:59 until success 11:02 earn 11:03 must 11:05 their is no free lunch 11:08 now i have just helps but the first page of the law success 11:12 him 11:14 you're going to realize 11:17 there's great help everywhere around 11:21 we can have everything went well 11:23 we can enjoy all the good we want to go 11:26 when only if we work harmony with the law 11:30 and art working in harmony with them priestly we don't understand 11:35 we've got stuck 11:37 now what i've done here in this series is give you an overview 11:41 i hope i have inspired unit one learn more 11:45 that was really 11:46 my purpose in doing that 11:50 i was asked by the people who are promoting the series 11:53 with us 11:54 if i would give you brief overview on film and that's what i've done 12:00 and hopefully this will do 12:02 what day hoped it would do make you want to study in this in greater depth 12:06 it share it with other people 12:08 you see locked up in this program 12:10 is a system new yorker all kinds of money 12:14 have all kinds of pune 12:16 and enjoy greater good in your life 12:20 that's what i've been enjoying that's the purpose of my life help people like 12:23 yourself 12:24 just that 12:25

i would suggest you go through the same thing 12:28 this pop rock

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