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Latin terms for cpa review -business law; from crc ace...


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ab initio accion pauliana accion subrogatoria agente del credere alter ego bona fide caso fortuito caveat emptor caveat venditor cestui que trust compensatio morae constitutum possessorium cuentas en participacion culpa culpa aquiliana culpa criminal culpa contractual dacion en pago de facto de jure delectus personam/ personarum delegacion Dolo dolo causante dolo incidente du ut des du ut facias emptio rei sperati/speratae emptio spei expromission facio ut des facio ut facias fraud in factum/esse

From the very beginning right to rescind contracts entered into to defraud the creditor the right of the creditor to exercise all the rights of his debtor to satisfy his claim, except rights which are inherent and personal on the part of the debtor. guaranty commission agent Another “I” In good faith fortuitous event buyer beware vendor is liable for hidden defects beneficiary of a trust agreement delay on the part of both parties the seller will continue in possession even after the sale joint account negligence tort or quasi-delict, which is the wrong committed against a person independent of contract and without criminal intent. It is the negligence as a source of an obligation criminal negligence the negligence in the performance of an obligation arising from a contract property is alienated to the creditor in satisfaction of a debt in money. in fact in law based on mutual trust and confidence when the creditor accepts a third person to take the place of the debtor with the consent of the debtor, the creditor and the third person. fraud causal fraud, fraud employed was the reason why the deceived party entered into the contract. Committed before or at the time of perfection of the contract. incidental fraud, committed in the performance of the obligation I give that you may give – BARTER I give that you may do sale of future things sale of hope or expectancy when a third person without the knowledge or against the will of the original debtor assumes the obligation with the consent of the creditor I do that you may give I do that you may do exists in cases where a person, without negligence, has signed a


contractus genus nunquam peruit in pari delicto in transitu in solidum Intra vires mancomunada; mancomunadamente Mora mora accipiendi mora solvendi mutuum negotiorum gestio emo dat qui non habet pacto de retro sale pactum commissorium pactum reservati dominii per diem Per se Pro rata Pro tanto quasi quantum meruit quantum valebant Quorum res perit domino respondeat superior sans recourse solutio indebiti stipulation pour autrui traditio brevi manu traditio longa manu traditio simbolica Ultra vires vinculum juris waiver conciente waiver intencionada


negotiable instrument, but was deceived as to the character of the instrument and without knowledge of it. generic thing never perishes both parties are in bad faith in transit solidarily liable within the powers joint obligation delay delay on the part of the creditor delay on the part of the debtor simple loan of money or consumable goods voluntary management if the property or affairs of another without knowledge or consent of the latter you cannot give what you do not have contract of sale whereby the right of the seller to repurchase the thing sold is reserved stipulation in a contract of pledge or mortgage whereby the thing pledged or mortgaged shall become the property of the creditor in the event that the debt is not paid on maturity reservation of ownership by the seller conditioned upon the payment of the buyer of the purchase price per day by itself for the rate /proportionately for so much as if as much as he deserves as mush as what is reasonably worth of whom the thing perishes with its owner / the owner bears the risk of loss negligence of the servant is the negligence of the master without recourse juridical relation which is created when something is received when there is no right to demand it and it was unduly delivered through mistake. stipulation in favor of a third person buyer is already in possession prior to the sale delivery of things by mere pointing at the object delivery through the use of token or symbol to represent the thing delivered beyond powers juridical tie waiver without assumption of the risk of eviction waiver with knowledge of the risks of eviction coupled with an assumption of its consequences



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