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February 12, 2019 | Author: Hannid Janyces Bautista Montes | Category: Erosion, Landslide, Physical Geography, Earth & Life Sciences, Earth Sciences
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key notes about the landslides...


201519628 Hannid Janyce’s Bautista Montes

 Landscapes ♦ Landslides are mass movements of soil or rocs do!n a slo"e suddenly or slo!ly# t$is is  "roduced !$en t$e %round &ecomes unsta&le' ♦ (n avera%e t$e landslides ill more t$an 8'000 "eo"le every year around t$e !orld' )auses* + ,$e ,$e ty"e of rocs rocs and soils + ,$e intensity of t$e rains + ,$e orientation of fractures or cracs in t$e eart$ + -eismic activity + Human activity + .rosion &y $uman and natural activity/*  atural erosion  ater erosion  ind erosion  3nt$ro"ic erosion / ,$e erosion is t$e de%radation and trans"ort of soil or roc !$ic$ "roduce different  "rocesses on t$e surface of t$e .art$' More frequent landslides ○ 4o!nfall

 -li""a%e -li""a%e

 ♦ 7otational sli""a%e

♦ ,ranslational ,ranslational sli""a%e  lo!s lo!s

 ♦ .art$flo!s

♦ Mudflo!s  3valanc$e  )ree"in% What to do before landslides?

1 4o not &uy or rent &atc$es or &uildin%s in landslide "rone areas'

2 4o not trust in false "romises and as for secure and le%al $ousin% to t$e a""ro"riate entities : (r%ani;e "reventive actions in case of landslide in t$e "lace !$ere you live'  3void 3void &urnin%# lo%%in% and over%ra;in% 8 -o! "lants to stren%t$en land 9 4o not accumulate %ar&a%e &ecause it can clo% drains 10 Have al!ays an evacuation "lan !it$ an effective alarm system for your family and your nei%$&or$ood 11 Have a meetin% "oint 12 Have a it !it$ all t$e t$in% necessary and some !$istles and flas$li%$ts cannot lac What to do during landslides?

1 Levera%e t$e fe! seconds you $ave to alert ot$er "eo"le' 2 3void 3void t$e "anic# it is your !orst enemy' : .vacuate as =uicly as "ossi&le' .


+ at ational onal Geo% Geo%rra"$i a"$ic# c# atu aturral 4is 4isast aster' er' Land Landsslide lidess 101' 101' 7eco 7ecove verred $tt"*EEvideo'national%eo%ra"$ic'comEvideoE101videosElandslidesO%cRU2video U2environmentU2naturaldisaster 


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