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February 17, 2019 | Author: Revrev Sumagaysay | Category: Initiative, Precedent, Constitutional Amendment, Commission On Elections (Philippines), Constitution
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Lambino v COMELEC (Rev’s digest – to fix) Facts: 1. Sigaw ng Bayan, Bayan , in coodination !it" #nion of Loca$ %&t"oities of t"e '"i$iines(ULAP) '"i$iines(ULAP),, embaed on a nation!ide dive to gat"e signat&es to s&ot t"e move to adot t"e a$iamenta* fom of govenment in t"e co&nt* t"o&g" c"ate c"ange +. "e Lambino Lambino -o&, -o&, !it" ot"e go&s, go&s, commenced commenced gat"eing gat"eing signat&es signat&es fo an initiative initiative etition to c"ange t"e 1/0 Constit&tion and fi$ed a etition !it" t"e COMELEC to "o$d a $ebiscite t"at !i$$ atif* t"ei initiative etition &nde R% 023 (4nitiative and Refeend&m  %ct). 2. "e Lambino Lambino -o& a$$eged t"at t"at t"ei etition "ad "ad t"e s&ot s&ot of ,2+0,3+ ,2+0,3+ individ&a$s individ&a$s constit&ting at $east 1+5 of a$$ egisteed votes, !it" eac" $egis$ative distict eesented b* at $east 25 of its egisteed votes. "e* c$aimed t"at COMELEC e$ection egistas "ad veified t"e signat&es of t"e .2 mi$$ion individ&a$s. 6. "e oosed oosed c"anges c"anges !i$$ s"ift t"e esent esent 7icamea$8'es 7icamea$8'esidentia$ identia$ s*stem s*stem to a #nicamea$8'a$iamenta* fom of govenment. a. em em $imits $imits on membes membes of t"e t"e $egis$at& $egis$at&e e !i$$ be $ifted $ifted b. Membes of of t"e inteim 'a$iament 'a$iament !i$$ !i$$ detemine t"e exiation exiation of t"ei o!n tem of office c. "e inteim inteim 'a$iam 'a$iament ent s"a$$ s"a$$ convene convene to oos oose e f&t"e f&t"e amendme amendments nts o evisions to t"e Constit&tion 3. COMELEC – no enab$ing enab$ing $a! as as 9antiago v COMELEC dec$aed R% 023 inade&ate inade&ate to im$ement initiative c$a&se &nde Consti. ;e$d: 1. The Initiative Petition Does Not Comply with Section 2, Article XVII of the Constitution on Direct Proposal y the People a.
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