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July 10, 2017 | Author: Geoffrey Miles | Category: Literacy, Applied Psychology, Teachers, Education Theory, Pedagogy
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Name of Master Teacher/School Principal: Mr. Geoffrey T. Unida School: Maratudo Elementary School 1. BASA Literacy LAC Session Objective General Objective 1: Help teachers on how to use sentence frames more interesting a. Enumerate possible reasons of inauthentic writing b. Identify better ways of using sentence frames c. Give some lessons learned in using sentence frames General Objective 2: Develop teachers' awareness on the importance of invented spelling a. Explain what invented spelling is b. Discuss the benefits of allowing pupils to use invented spelling c. Give one's insights/learnings on invented spelling General Objective 3: Understand the learning needs of pupils particularly on their writing activ a. Discuss some of the writing activities that can be utilized in the classroom b. Suggest ways on helping pupils who are struggling with reading and writing in experiencing writing c. Give one's insights regarding the topic

2. Process in Generating Topics/Focus for the BASA Literacy LAC Sessions The process is through an indepth study and research on the different topics/focus

3. Process in Assigning LAC Facilitator and Documentor The LAC Facilitator will be the School Head while the Documentor will be one of the teachers concerne can also be done by taking turns to give others opportunity to develop their skills

4. What would be the documentation format? The documentation will be in the form of writing key points, highlights and agreements. It can also be form of narrating the facts.

5. What Monitoring and Assessment Tool will be used after the LAC Session to fu what are the parameters to be assessed? The LAC Documentation Form will be used after the LAC Session to further impr



r writing activities

experiencing authentic

hers concerned and it

It can also be in the

6. Who will participate in the BASA Literacy LAC Session? How will this differ fro based LAC covering the other grade level teachers? The Grades 1-3 teachers will participate in the said session. This is only intende and independent readers under the K-12 Curriculum.

7. What would be the schedule for the BASA Literacy LAC Session in my school? be--- is this a permanent venue? It will be scheduled on a Friday afternoon at 2:00 PM but it will depend on weath of School/District/Division /Regional affairs and activities. It will be done at the a will not be considered a permanent venue. It will also depend upon the suggest concerned.


C Session to further improve the practice;

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Name of Master Teacher/School Principal: Mr. Geo School: Maratudo Elementary School

Schedule/Proposed Topics/Focu this differ from/or complement the school-

s only intended for the welfare of struggling

Schedule/ Time 11/28/2014

in my school? And where would the venue

pend on weather conditions and the conduct done at the administration building but this n the suggested places by the teachers

12/12/2014 1/30/2015

Proposed Topics/Focus

Using Sentence Frames Invented Spelling Teacher Interview


pal: Mr. Geoffrey T. Unida

opics/Focus of BASA Literacy LAC Session LAC Facilitator



Geoffrey T. Unida Geoffrey T. Unida Geoffrey T. Unida

Teresita A. Utrera Evelyn A. Tabuloc Teresita A. Utrera

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