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Division of City Schools Graciano Lopez Elementary School Manila Learning Action Cell (LAC) Session Feedback Report SY 2013-2014 Master Teacher: Subject: Date:

Mrs.Antonette C.Bulaun English - Grade I-VI February 4,2014

No. of Participants: Duration of Session:

6 10:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M

1. Topics Discussed 1. Evaluation of the different reading assessment reports:PHILIRRI, Reading Month, Reading Assessment, LAC Session 2. PHILIRRI Post-test 3. Summer Reading Camp 4. NAT Mock Test preparation and intensifying review for the NAT


Problems/issues/concerns surfaced during the session ( by KRA: Curriculum, staff development, pupils development and research). a. What reading materials be suited for Grade I-PHILIRRI Post test,since the materials last year are not suited yet for K12 pupils, and no reading materials from other grade levels, too. b. Will the Science and Math teachers be included in the summer reading camp? c. What materials be needed for the summer reading camp and the schedule for the program and who are the clientele? d. Will teachers be given the training for the summer reading camp within the school f. When will the Mock test be given and what schemes are being done to intensify the review for NAT


Recommendations provided by the group a. Grade I teachers will provide the PHILIRRI materials for the Post test to suit pupils'abilities b. Wait for the meeting from the supervisors' office for futher clarification on the program. c. Sample matrix was given to teachers'concerned in the Summer reading camp and parts were discussed and clarified. List names of pupils to be included in the program. d.One Saturday training day before the summer reading camp will be done for teachers included in the preparation for the program. e. Intensify the NAT review through the schemes and schedules of review before and after class hours.

4. Point ofof Agreement Reached Point Agreement Reached a. Submission of reports for PHILIRRI would be on the 21st of February. b. Prepare the list of names and numbers of pupils in the Summer reading camp c. Prepare the activities for the program and the matrix and diseminate the information during the distribution of cards to parents concerned. d.Provide more teacher-made review materials for the NAT 5

Commitment Be of service to the needs and accomplishments of pupils'progress and development through the efforts and dedications of teachers concerned and the growth of pupils who needs improvement, care and love. Prepared by: Antonette C.Bulaun Master Teacher I

( Note: This report should be submitted every last Friday of the month.)

Noted by: ADELAIDA M.REYES Concurrent Pricipal

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