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the payment of at least 30 days wage in lieu of the notice period. 8. If the employee employee violates violates one of the provisions provisions of Article Article 120 of the the Law, the employer employer may terminate terminate the employee employee’s ’s contract without notice. 9. The employee employee may terminate terminate the employment employment contract contract without notice notice if the circumstances circumstances listed listed in Article Article 121 of the Law are applicable (see p. 25 below). 10. The employee will be entitled to compensation if the termination of the contract was for an unjustified cause. cause. The court may award the employee damages against the employer, provided that the damages awarded do not exceed three month’s wages, as calculated on the basis of the last wage paid to the employee. 11. Compensation for damages, if any, awarded to the employee for unreasonable dismissal are without prejudice to the employee’s entitlement to end of service gratuity and payments in lieu of notice, if notice had not been properly given.

What information should be stated in an employment contract? The only information required by law to be specified in an employment contract is the following: 1.

Wages/remuneration pa payable.


Date of the employment contract.


Date Da te of co comm mmeenc ncem emen entt of of the the em empl ploy oyme ment nt co cont ntra ract ct..


Natu Na ture re of th thee co cont ntra ract ct (l (lim imit ited ed or un unli limi mite ted) d)..


Nature of the work.


Dura Du rati tion on of th thee con contr trac actt (fo (forr fix fixed ed te term rm co cont ntra ract cts) s)..


The location of employment.

The labour office at the Ministry maintains standard employment contracts in Arabic and English, where the employer and the employee need only fill in the blanks. It is however not compulsory for the parties to use or file these contracts at the Ministry and may instead draft and lodge their own employment contracts at the Ministry providing they do not contain provisions which are contrary to the Law and are in the Arabic language.

5. PROBATION PERIODS What are the rules regarding employment for a probationary period? It is common practice in the UAE to employ persons on an initial probationary period. During the probation period, both the employer and the employee may terminate the employment contract with immediate effect without providing a valid reason or notice. In such cases, the employer will not be liable to pay end of service benefits or compensation to the employee. According to Article 37 of the Law, the probation period can be for a maximum period of six months.


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