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Kulam—Philippine - Anthony Vivero...


Kulam Philippine Kulam Philippine sorcery Monday, 25 February 2013 00:00 Published in Life Style The Philippine culture is rich in mythology and folklore from where our supersti tions today originate. Our belief in luck and misfortune seems boundless. We hav e even adopted the Chinese tradition of feng shui, which can hardly have an effe ct on pure Pinoys. The reason is that Chinese belief is attached to and blended with their own culture, traditions and religion. Their God is called differently from ours in the Catholic religion. The practice of their religion is different from ours. For example, feng shui is attached to the God of Buddishism where on e must perform rituals for Buddhist gods and deity. The power within the practic e is awkward for pure Christian Filipinos for their prayers and rituals are vast ly different from ours. It is not a question of who has a better God, but of the differences in the inherent beliefs, traditions and practice. Kulam is similar to that of voodoo of Central America and other countries in Eur ope, which is characterized by the use of dolls and other materials as symbols o f their victims. They also formulate potions to cast magic spells and the antido te to this potion. Remember these two things about kulam: the mangkukulam or the witch has the exclusive antidote for the potion or a very powerful mananambal o r healer that also knows the practice can reverse the spell. Medical doctors wil l aggravate the situation of a victim. A pretend healer for a kulam has no effec t at all. Only the perpetuator can reverse the situation or a healer who is als o a member of or adopted by the clan. The power of the mangkukulam is transferred through the bloodline. The sons and daughters all have the capability if they choose to and may not use at all the p ower for the rest of their life. But some are forced to use it when somebody wro nged them through the course of their daily normal life. Once used, the power an d knowledge must be used from time to time for the rest of their life even beyon d his desires. The knowledge is transferred to those who are pure in heart and soul. They need to study and pass the required trial to learn it. This can be done by entering i nto a ritual exclusive for the practitioner alone. Many healers try to learn and pass the trials, but seldom succeed. Only the pure in heart and intention make it. The reason is the pure one will be the one who can defeat them at all times during an encounter. Only a pure hearted healer aside from the mangkukulam can r everse a kulam. Is a healer priest pure enough to heal a victim of a kulam? My answer is no. Fir st, they do not have the knowledge of the real and exact antidote and catalyst f or a reversal of a specific spell and its nature. Second, they may be religious, but not that pure. For one to be pure, he is ready to give his own life for eve ry single patient he encounters. We have seen many priest healers that are so af raid of contagious diseases unlike Jesus who embraced even patients with leprosy . Kulam is supposed to inflict pain and suffering through an incurable ailment to a chosen victim, who has wronged someone in certain way. The person who was viol ated goes to a mangkukulam and asks for his or her services for a fee. The only thing a mangkukulam needs is any DNA-producing item from the victim like hair, s aliva, perspiration, urine or pubic hair. In some cases, just recent pictures of the victim will do, which abounds nowadays in the Internet social networking sy stem. But always remember that a kulam will only be effective if one has wronged anyon e. A worst-case scenario is if the wronged one is a son or daughter of a mangkuk ulam or the mangkukulam himself. Actually, if that is the case, then death is ce rtain for the other party sooner than expected. Only total forgiveness can rever se a situation. A mangkukulam is given a warning about the consequences of the practice most esp ecially if done because of money. They have full accountability for their action

s. The act itself may be considered a crime against man, but it can be so hard t o prove in court for evidence is supernatural in nature. But practitioners know there will be no escape from the universal justice of God. Does serving God or being a God-fearing person free one from this power? The ans wer is no. If one has wronged somebody, he or she must pay the full extent of hi s wrong deeds. Karma is not repaid by money for money, but the event that transp ired after losing such money will be due for such debt. Getting something from a poor person means bigger karma than from those who have more. No prayer can save a victim of kulam. He must pay the debt for what he committed . God reminds everyone to love one another. But man does otherwise for his persona l reasons and not by God's wisdom. Man makes his own fate to be under the influenc e of mundane power and weakness. Signs of a kulam attack 1. An ailment that has never been diagnosed and seen in the medical world. 2. The fear of a certain person whom you may have denied that you have wronged i s felt from time to time, consciously and subconsciously. 3. Freak accidents. 4. Misfortunes of loved ones that affects one emotionally and financially. 5. Loss of appetite. 6. Lack of sleep. 7. Loss of mental focus. These are signs that may lead to a full blown kulam attack. Find those whom you think you have wronged and ask for their forgiveness while one has time. Look fo r professional help from a good healer who knows true witchcraft. I believe there are no strong mangkukulams for a man who is righteous and there is no weak mangkukulam for one who is wicked. Be kind always to everybody. Respe ct the differences of everyone. Comments or suggestions can be forwarded to [email protected]

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