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k_p_system : Message: For utmost accuracy !

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Dear Members, During earlier days of KSK's research he used to ask a KP number between 1 & 108 and with this also he used to get correct predictions. But then he decided to go for more accuracy by increasing the number of options from 108 to 249.

Sun Jun 7, 2009 3:05 am Show Message Info

"vishram_deshpande" vishram_desh... Offline Send Email

Sometimes we find that the prediction of some happening goes wrong even though everything is done as per KP rules & there seems to be no strong reason for going wrong ! For utmost accuracy, can we again widen the number of options ? (as KSK too did once) If yes, how much ? Is it practicable to tell someone to select a number between 1 & 100000 or similar ?

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In one of the popular KP books by Mr Suresh Shahasane, he has discussed this topic. Main points are : 1) When we tell someone to select a number between 1 & 249 we assume that ALL OTHER POINTS IN THE CIRCLE OF 12 RASHIS ARE OF NO USE ! How can it be possible ? There are 1296000 points (1 second each)in the circle. If we consider only 249 points as useful, percentage of non useful points is more than 99 %

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2) Every KP number has some fixed range within which it spreads, like KP No. 2 has 0-46'-40" If some one selects KP No 2 we (according to KP

25/06/2012 6:05 PM

k_p_system : Message: For utmost accuracy !

rules) take starting point of this range as the Lagna Bhavarambha for that particular kundali & neglect all other points in the same range of KP No. 2. 3) Sub lord of main house for a particular question is the most important planet in KP System, as it is sub lord of seventh house for question about marriage. If we neglect more than 99 % of the points, is it not like neglecting the most important planet in the case ? Is it not possible that the sub lord (and the prediction as well !) could have been different if we had considered ALL 1296000 points ? 4) Now one can say that it is foolish to ask a person (who is already in some problem) to select a number between 1 & 1296000. For this also there is a solution. Instead of asking a number we can ask to take out 1 token from each of four bags. One bag will have 0 to 11 tokens (Rashi), second bag will have 0 to 29 tokens (degrees), third bag will have 0 to 59 tokens (minutes) & fourth bag will have 0 to 59 tokens (seconds). With the four selected tokens we can get one small point out of 1296000 points & that will be the most accurate lagna Bhavarambha for the particular kundali. For my own I have made a computer program which shows 4 windows & 2 switches (start /stop) When one clicks on "start" all four windows start running in big speed within the range of rashi / degree / minute / second as mentioned above. When clicked on "stop" it gives 1 point out of 1296000 & earlier nearest KP number. 5) Many times persons are bifocal minded & cant select a number & even if they do, they are confused & doubtful about their own selection ! In such cases what mentioned in 4 above is useful. Dear members, though I am not a professional astrologer I do like astrology & I try to collect as much as possible knowledge about KP System. Have any one of you tried such things ? If yes, what are your experiences ? I have tried & found giving correct predictions but as I said I am not a professional astrologer & there is a limit to my experiments. My limit us up to solving a Prashna Kundali by using standard rules of KP. In short, as we see a heavy duty weighing balance in a grocer's shop & a very light duty in goldsmith shop, we must both ways according to

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25/06/2012 6:05 PM

k_p_system : Message: For utmost accuracy !

our need. I request all the members to contribute their experiences & views so that we can take KP system slightly forward. I must clear that idea of doing such a thing is not mine but it is taken from a book by Mr Suresh Shahasane. If after some discussions we come to something better, a big part of credit will go to him. Thanks & regards. Vishram Deaspande


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vishram_deshpande vishram_desh...

Jun 7, 2009 2:54 pm

Re: For utmost accuracy ! Dear Mr.Vishram ji, Â Your theoritical idea for enlargement of Horary number range is nice and good. No science is static. To improve the success rate in...

K. P. Naidu konathalan

Jun 7, 2009 4:16 pm

Re: For utmost accuracy ! Dear Vishram ji, Your email seems written with the assumption that finer division will bring more accuracy which seems an incorrect assumption to me. You...

Punit Pandey pandeypunit

Jun 7, 2009 4:18 pm

Bhaskar bhaskar_jyotish

Jun 7, 2009 6:01 pm

Re: For utmost accuracy ! Dear Mr.Deshpande,                                Pl. study the method given by the late Dr. covers every...

Yogesh Lajmi yogeshlajmi

Jun 7, 2009 5:49 pm

Re: For utmost accuracy ! Dear Vishram Deaspande, Â In my openion we should not go too much deep for accuracy. Â 1. We are not sure how much is accuracy in planet position is not...

Senthil athi_ram

Jun 8, 2009 8:09 am

adith kasinath.g.k gkadithkasinath

Jun 8, 2009 2:12 pm

vgr pavan vgr_pavan1

Jun 8, 2009 2:13 pm

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For utmost accuracy ! Dear Members, During earlier days of KSK's research he used to ask a KP number between 1 & 108 and with this also he used to get correct predictions. But then...

Re: For utmost accuracy ! Dear Shri Punit Pandeyji and the other Learned Members, I seldom read the mails on this Group these days, and neither write, due to the basic reason that most...

Re: For utmost accuracy ! Dear Senthil, I fully agree with your following statement! Regards Adith *//5. One must do error analysis by changing the cusp degree etc to find how much it... Re: For utmost accuracy ! Senthilji pranam, good explanation from you, but i had a

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25/06/2012 6:05 PM

k_p_system : Message: For utmost accuracy !

doubt "if the client given a number more that 249 still you can find the actual horary number by... Re: For utmost accuracy ! Dear Adithji KP is a science. It is not a divine science. KP is not expecting any divine support. KP is not beleiving parihara. KP is not religionistic. There... Re: For utmost accuracy ! Dear sir, In born or acquired , the talent of the Astrologer will be reflected in his chart! Otherwise , every one will become KSK. Any professionals can learn... Re: For utmost accuracy ! Dear VGR,  This was tried/tested at mumbai by one of our KP astrologer i don't remember his name (may be Joshi) who came to chennai KP astrologer conference...

Dhanabalan R r.dhanabalan

Jun 8, 2009 4:41 pm

adith kasinath.g.k gkadithkasinath

Jun 9, 2009 6:03 am

Senthil athi_ram

Jun 9, 2009 6:11 am

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25/06/2012 6:05 PM

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