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May 30, 2016 | Author: Specijalna ruska klinika za odvikavanje od droge | Category: Types, Research, Health & Medicine
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Specijalna ruska bolnica za lecenje bolesti zavisnosti Dr Vorobjev: http://www.v-clinic.eu http://lecenjezavisnosti.rs h...


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Discuss problems wit h narcot ics or alcohol

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Apparat us f o r audio -visual st im ulat io n

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Diagno st ic and m e dical apparat use s

Diagno stic and medical apparatuses 1. Audio -visual st im ulat io n is an inf lue nce o n t he psycho -e m o t io nal st at e o f t he pat ie nt via spe cial so und f re que ncy and vide o signals. The receiving o f these signals via the senses alters the state o f brain electrical activity. By changing signal frequency it is po ssible to activate o r decelerate vario us mental pro cesses. Humans are auto matically inclined to ward audio -visual and tactile stimulatio n via natural facto rs, e.g. by co ncentrating o n sparks in flames, candles o r fireplaces (visual stimulatio n), o n so unds pro duced by the crackling o f firewo o d, o n the no ise o f waterfalls (audio stimulatio n). The spectral co mpo sitio n o f these influences is similar to the rhythm o f the brain when it is in a calm, relaxed state (so -called “alpha state” with a do minance o f frequencies ranging fro m 8 to 12 Hz). Such influences enable the blo cking o f the impulse generating structures o f the brain damaged due to the use o f narco tics, which is manifested by pacificatio n, relaxatio n, the absence o f o bsessive tho ughts, o r recall o f narco tics. The activatio n o f the deceleratio n system o ffers co mplete rest, the influx o f strength, co ntributes to the reso lutio n o f accumulated pro blems, the remo val o f disturbing tho ughts. Audio -visual stimulatio n techno lo gy o ffers the unique po ssibility to co ntro l the psycho -emo tio nal state o f the patient witho ut medicaments, witho ut the influence o f additio nal apparatuses, o f suggestio n, and witho ut creating addictio n. 1. Info rmatio n therapy. The human brain is a superco mputer which co nstantly receives new info rmatio n, pro cesses it, makes decisio ns that determine o ur actio ns, o ur manner o f thinking, o ur behavio ur. As in co mputers, in additio n to brain cells (hardware) there is also higher nerve activity – the entirety o f reflexes, habits, behavio ur stereo types, value systems, vo luntary mechanisms (so ftware). Like in a co mputer harmful info rmatio n can disturb the activity o f the system, therefo re the use o f narco tics also represents in the human psyche a type o f virus which destro ys bo th brain cells, and the perso nality o f the patient. To re-establish the no rmal functio ning o f the brain requires an antivirus – info rmatio n therapy. The purpo se o f this metho d co nsists o f pro cessing info rmatio n to increase its value and fo r the brain to accept it in the best po ssible manner. Antinarco tic presentatio ns are pro cessed alo ng the principles o f neuro linguistic pro gramming, are amplified using the 25 frame techno lo gy, and are transferred to the patient with great speed. This results in a change o f behavio ur, in increased mo tivatio n no t to use narco tics, in a renewal o f healthy interests, o f desires. PDFmyURL.com

2. Apparatus fo r stimulating brain endo rphin system activity. The neuro physio lo gical mechanisms fo r develo ping addictio n to alco ho l and narco tics are based o n limbic brain structures and structures o f the brain stem, in tho se o f its areas where the so -called po sitive reward system (“centre fo r satisfactio n”) is lo cated. In these areas brain structures that fo rm its pro tective (endo rphin and energy) mechanisms are lo cated. Narco tics and alco ho l result in depletio n o f the endo rphin po o l, fo rcing the individual to increase the do se and finally, after the endo rphin system is used up, the addict practically feels no eupho ria as a result o f the substance he had taken, but tries, by using narco tics o r alco ho l, to decrease o r po stpo ne the o nset o f the withdrawal syndro me (crisis). By acting o n brain cells, the apparatus fo r stimulating pro tective mechanisms o f the brain (in Russia called transcranial electro stimulatio n, in the USA and Great Britain called N.E.T. therapy) no rmalizes the endo rphin balance and reduces painful and vegetate manifestatio n o f the crisis by 70 -8 0 %, co nsiderably reduces the mental crisis, the crawing fo r narco tics, no rmalizes sleep, appetite, and the bo dy’s recuperatio n pro cesses. The need fo r medicaments is co nsiderably reduced. 3. Xeno n therapy. Xeno n therapy o r treatment is a revo lutio nary new metho d o ffering go o d results in the treatment o f addictio n to narco tics, alco ho l, and o ther types o f addictio n, even in tho se cases when previo us treatment had no t been efficient. Xeno n is an inert gas, co mpletely harmless fo r the bo dy, with no co ntraindicatio ns, and which can be applied even fo r treatment during pregnancy. Its administratio n pro duces fo llo wing medical effects: disappearance o f pain, rapid no rmalizatio n o f sleep, abrupt decrease o f the crawing fo r narco tics and o ther psycho active substances (alco ho l, nico tine). After a cycle o f xeno n therapy patients develo p a critical attitude to their illness and increased mo tivatio n fo r treatment. The mo st impo rtant issue is that the achieved effect is preserved o ver a lo ng perio d o f time, leading to a stable remissio n and cure. The medical cycle co nsists o f 5-7 o ne ho ur séances, as a rule implemented o nce a day. Treatment is either with xeno n o nly, o r with the use o f small quantities o f medicines fo r sympto matic therapy. Fo r treatment o f alco ho lism and cigarette smo king, to achieve po sitive results, 1-3 séances are sufficient. Further treatment can be implemented o n an o utpatient bases in o rder to sustain the achieved result, as well as in case if the crawing fo r narco tics (alco ho l, nico tine, etc.) reappears, and in case if the so -called clo sed crises sho uld appear. 4. Cryo therapy is the latest metho d affecting the entire bo dy, based o n brief a co ntact between the skin and the cryo genic gas – nitro gen co o led to -150 C. The co ntact between the skin and very co ld air do es no t harm the skin o r internal o rgans, but do es stimulate expulsio n o f bio active substances co ntained in painkillers. Cryo therapy has antiinflammato ry activity. It is irreplaceable fo r disco vering states o f stress. During the pro cedures, sleep impro ves, irritability passes, mo o d is impro ved, the crawing fo r alco ho l and use o f painkillers is reduced. Virtually all patients no tice an impro vement o f their general state, increased wo rk capacity, and a po sitive effect o n sexual activity. In additio n, it is irreplaceable fo r preventio n witho ut the use o f medicines and fo r treatment o f the so -called “fatigue syndro me”, as well as fo r vario us nervo us system diso rders. 6. Diagno stic and medical apparatus. Our clinics have numero us state o f the art medical equipment. These are: auto mated labo rato ry systems, units fo r ultraso und, ECG, EEG; devices that enable mo nito ring o f the cardio respirato ry system; vario us inhalers, devices fo r o xygen therapy, devices fo r ultravio let and laser irradiatio n o f the blo o d, equipment fo r physio therapy.


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