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Kia Soul Brochure...


The KIA Soul Project Geneva 2008

Three image - changing Soul concepts from KIA With its new Soul concept cars, KIA bares three exciting new facets of the brand’s very own Soul: Bold, beautiful, and even a bit provocative in their design, the three vehicles are poised to defy conventions and reach out to new drivers. The Soul Burner, the Soul Diva and the Soul Searcher each are unique in their individual style, but they are all inspired by the same core conviction: Individualism, creativity and flexibility are the driving forces behind today’s urban hipsters – and the KIA Soul concept cars live up to just that. With their built-in confidence and their potential for almost limitless customizing, the KIA Soul concept cars easily adapt to all

challenges of the urban jungle and their driver’s changing needs. Think of the Soul concept car as a technically advanced and stylish interface between the young-at-heart who love an active lifestyle and their natural habitat. Designed to make a powerful first impression, each KIA Soul concept car gives its driver the chance to make a statement by just pressing the start button and hitting the road. This mix of casual boldness and relaxed confidence lets drivers of the Soul concept car bond emotionally with the KIA brand instantly – after all: baring your Soul on the public streets requires some serious attitude.

KIA Soul Burner

The KIA Soul Burner is the bad boy of the three concept car stars, commanding instant respect wherever he shows up. Every detail of his muscular appearance signals: Don’t mess with me! Twin vertical exhausts, fat 245/40 R19 tyres and aggressively shaped LED driving lamps give the KIA Soul Burner an extra edge in the urban jungle. Asymmetric number-plates and handle defy the norms of conventional design. Flashes of scarlet sparkle around the air intake, wheel rims and mirrors accentuate the black-on-black paint of the body, adding a bold touch. If one dares to take an even closer look, black dragons will mysteriously materialize from the matte dark of the all black body. They seem to hold a protective grip on the car, also penetrating the cabin and lurking around the rich black and red leather interior. Four individual seats, a thick steering wheel and the black chrome finish scream of virile agility, making the KIA Soul Burner poised to prevail over any opponent within the city limits and beyond.

KIA Soul Diva

Like a true super model, the KIA Soul Diva turns heads wherever she appears. With her sparkling metallic white paint and the contrasting bright gold roof rails, she radiates an aura of glamour and elegance at first sight. Not shy of her self at all, the Diva comes across playful and even a bit flashy. Her overlapping circle design motif echoes dernier cri hand-bags, subtly appealing to styleconscious young-at-heart women. Tightly wrapped into 225/45 tyres, the 19-inch gold-finished alloy wheels are sure to leave a lasting impression on boulevards and avenues. The Soul Diva is also truly beautiful on the inside: Her twospoke steering wheel is a fashion accessory of its own, just like the whole car. The gold-trimmed centre stack and air vents sit enthroned above the dashboard, basking in the soft natural light that shines through the tinted panoramic roof. The seats are covered in quilted black imitation leather and emerge from a black long-pile Pony hide carpet, turning the cabin into a stylish lounge. Being well aware of her delicate features, the KIA Soul Diva relishes the envious looks she provokes.

KIA Soul Searcher The KIA Soul Searcher is a little more introverted than his two KIA concept car Soul mates, but just as sure of him self. Indulging in his muted colours and soft textures, he exudes a feeling of zen-like aloofness and casual confidence. This is being artistically reflected by the KIA Soul Searcher’s unique design motif: An abstracted street map on the pale green-grey and lighter cream body paint. On his cream alloy wheels that are ringed with 205/60 tyres the KIA Soul Searcher navigates through the urban thicket with sophisticated ease, shielding passengers from all outside pandemonium. His interior is a calming cocoon, a cabin to evoke inner peace. The old, lived-in leather-effect finish over the dashboard, door panels and steering wheel rim let passengers feel at home instantly and make the car an intimate comfort zone on wheels. The seams between all felt panels are raised to stimulate the haptic experience and create an organic feel. But for all his intimacy the KIA Soul Searcher is far from shutting himself off from the outside world: His concertina-style, full-length roof powers back within seconds to let in an inspirational breeze and natural light.

The Interior

The Searcher

The Diva

The Burner

The Burner

The Searcher

The Diva

Create your own KIA from a „world of possibilities“ Sharing a common steel bodyshell structure the three KIA Soul concept cars sport the athletic frame of a true performer: With 4105 mm overall length, 1785 mm overall width, 1610 mm height (excluding roof rails) and a 2550 mm wheelbase the KIA Soul Burner, Soul Diva and Soul Searcher will let the drivers explore even the narrowest trails of the urban jungle while giving them maximum freedom of expression on the inside. The KIA Soul Projects are closely related to the new KIA production car, which will celebrate its World Premiere at the Paris Car Show in September 2008. The KIA production car defies any categorisation and creates a unique platform for ultimate personal expression. Individualism, flexibility and customization are what the new KIA production car will be all about. Reflecting upon this concept, the new KIA Soul website presents a ‘world of possibilities’ and allows each user to discover his own Soul in many refreshing and surprising ways. An on-screen mixing system lets each user dream up a KIA production car that truly represents his own concept of style and character. This virtual creative playground offers a Soul-load of inspiration from the KIA Design Team and includes many options to experiment with your Soul. This is true freedom of expression!

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