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The Dark Underbelly of Israeli Business November 23, 2013

Tel Aviv office towers house literally hundreds of shady businesses that prey on people around the world.


effect, we were catering to people with addictions mostly to painkillers such as Tramadol."

by Saul (

Most immigrants to Israel quickly realize, if they did not beforehand, that it's extremely difficult to make a living in this country. The average salary in Israel is 7,500 shekels per month before tax (about $2,150 a month gross), yet the cost of living is not much different than in the United States, Canada or Britain. Real estate is extremely expensive, especially in and around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Automobiles, gasoline -- extremely expensive. At some point one could argue that at least food was more affordable in Israel, but that is no longer true.

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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The net effect of this dilemma for new immigrants is how can they make ends meet. Unbeknownst to many outside of the country, Israel hides a dark underbelly of corrupt and illegal organizations that exist solely on the basis of defrauding North Americans, Western Europeans, and just about anyone else on the planet. Their primary markets remain, however, the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

I'm ashamed to admit that I have worked for not one, but three of such companies. In my defense, I will say that I did not ever plan to do this kind of work when I made aliyah five years ago. I came to the country with honest intentions. However, ( after a brutal divorce, I had little choice. Surviving on a "legitimate" salary was out of the question, not with four children and a child support payment in excess of my salary. In effect, the country forced me to find more lucrative work.

Generally speaking, the "corrupt" industries in Israel are focused on the following products or "services":

On-line pharmaceuticals

On-line gaming (casinos)

On-line Forex trading (currency exchange)

On-line binary options trading

There are literally hundreds of these companies operating in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and where they are not 24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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outright illegal, they are most certainly unethical. Yet, they pay good money -- much more than "legitimate" companies can afford, with some exceptions in the hi-tech and defense sectors mostly. ONLINE PHARMACEUTICAL I first worked for an on-line pharmaceutical company that I discovered through my then wife's friends.

Well, let us say the company was extremely shady and I am quite sure illegal in America. Our offices were supposedly located in Phoenix, Arizona and Salt Lake City, Utah. Farcical. We were located in downtown Tel Aviv in a landmark building. We were told the reason we keep our true location secret is because people are so prejudiced against Israel. What a laugh that was! If people knew the types of businesses that are flourishing in Israel they would be a lot more prejudice against the "Jewish" state. A total catch 22.

Buying drugs on-line in America and Canada is borderline legal. It depends on the doctor's prescription and the company's verification of that prescription. (For more information. ( ) In our case, the customers filled out a form on-line in which they assured us they had a prescription, and in addition, this form was sent to our "doctors" who would allegedly check the symptoms and verify the prescription was legitimate.

It was a total scam. We had no doctors. The only thing we would check was for "abuse," which meant a customer trying to purchase much more of the drug than could possibly be used. We were supposed to deter customers from becoming distributors themselves.

In our case, the "customer support" center was in Tel Aviv, the shipping center was in Jerusalem. We also had a home office in the Philippines, from which

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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calls, chats and emails were supervised. There was always the threat that we would be shut down, and so the basic rule was never sell to anyone in Israel. We specialized only in customers in the US and Canada.

I recall one instance where I was doing my due diligence with a customer and I discovered he was ordering the same prescription repeatedly on multiple sites, and indeed on multiple platforms. For me, this was the "fun stuff." However, I had gotten too good at it and it was costing our company some of our bigger customers.

A new rule was issued in the office -- we were not allowed to look at the different platforms. We were, in effect, to perform minimal due diligence, because the fact of the matter was, as always in this country, profit before ethics. The customer was indeed allowed to make multiple purchases, and we simply looked the other way.

The company allowed people to buy 10 x a normal order WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION from ten "different" pharmacies we contracted with. We were told to look the other way. Most were painkillers, Tramadol. Also a lot of Viagra and Cialis orders. Some customers would set up illegal shops buying huge stockpiles of medication.

INTERNET-BASED All of these companies acquire customers on the internet. The pharmaceutical company ran dozens of web-sites, all funneling into the one office. The casino companies, the same thing. Each web-site looks like a unique and independent company, but they are all connected and run from one office. There are hundreds of these hubs in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and one can only imagine how many of the web-sites are actually connected to Israeli firms.

The drugs themselves were procured mostly from pharmacies in Canada. We provided the customers address and the product was shipped from the pharmacy via Fed Ex. In effect, we were catering to people with addictions mostly to painkillers such as Tramadol. And of course, we also catered to niche markets such as Viagra or Cialis --

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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drugs some people are ashamed of going to their doctor for prescriptions. to Americans and Canadians.

A huge volume of such drugs were sold

I began work for the company in customer service (taking orders, processing credit card information, telling the customers why their orders were not yet shipped, late, or incomplete. I was promoted to Auto-reorder clerk, which was more insidious and more profitable for the company (calling customers to see if they'd like the orders to automatically refill with the card charged automatically.) Like in any business that sells drugs, you don't want to cure disease, you want to temporarily cure symptoms. In our case, we didn't care if there even were symptoms, we just wanted to peddle the drugs.

I left the company after a few months due to the abusiveness of management. The place was run like a sweatshop with a Russian immigrant mid-level manager who can be best described as an uptight, irrational bitch. All of the companies I worked for in Israel seem to be run by mean-spirited task masters. Be mean. Say no to any special request. Short-change the employees in terms of overtime and complain they were on break too long even when they were not. ---Related - Israeli Business - Dishonesty is Expected ( Next - Online Gambling


24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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You can find this article permanently at (

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]?subject=Email from

[+] Show Comments for "The Dark Underbelly of Israeli Business" Dan said (November 24, 2013): Hasn't every man that's taken corporate work found himself confronted with this choice? A couple of generations ago we still complained about: "it's the rat race", "it's a dog eat dog world". "It's the law of the jungle". Who gave us those defeatist slogans? Those slogans make it sound like natural law. "ah, well, such is life. what can ya do". *sigh* I was in Saul's place too, and eventually decided to become a tradesman for less money and status because they said "you lack the killer instinct" the way you'd say "you don't have any fingers". I asked successful co-workers "how do you do it? what's the trick?" One fellow said "Do you like to hunt? It's just like bagging a deer". Or, "It's easy. I want their money". It doesn't matter if you're Jewish or not. It's way too late to play the game of "who started it?" "It's the white man." "It's Capitalism." "It's Marx." "It's the rich". "It's the Talmud." You can chase your tail thinking like that. I've come to the conclusion that it's a cycle that's been repeating since 'Civilization' began. Today 'civil' means "of the city". The original meaning of the word in the 1700's is enlightening: "The act of rendering a criminal process civil." When ethics are gone, and morals gone, all that's left are laws. Stuart said (November 23, 2013): I just wanted to respond to the article by Saul on Israeli business. I have had DIRECT experience (I believe) with this Israeli pharmacy company(s) online. Years ago, I had become addicted to Tramadol due to chronic leg pain, and went online to buy some. I only ordered Tramadol online once, and after I received the product, I kept receiving phone calls from this pharmacy every single day. I told them I was no longer interested, but they kept calling and calling. I went online to try to find out where they were located, and all I could get was Salt Lake City, Utah. Finally, after a year or so, they quit calling. Praise the Lord, I am no longer on pain pills, and my leg pain is much more tolerable these days, but I bet you that my experience was with this Israeli company....... no doubt about it. It sickens me that business managers care only about the almighty dollar. The love of money is the root of all evil, and the Zionist Jews sure do love their money. Thanks for all the good work, Mr Makow!

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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Rothschild Ties to JFK Assassination November 22, 2013

Clay Shaw was the only man prosecuted for the assassination of JFK. His associate on the Board of MOSSAD front "Permindex" was Louis Bloomfield, a longtime Rothschild errand boy.

The government's handling of the investigation of John Kennedy's murder was a fraud. It was the greatest fraud in the history of our country. It probably was the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of humankind. That doesn't mean that we have to accept the continued existence of the kind of government which allows this to happen. We can do something about it. We're forced either to leave this country or to accept the authoritarianism that has developed - the authoritarianism which tells us that in the year 2029 we can see the evidence about what happened to John Kennedy. - Jim Garrison (Closing speech ( at trial of Clay Shaw Feb 28, 1969)

By Michael Collins Piper

(Author of "Final Judgment" ( source=web&cd=4&cad=rja&ved=0CEgQFjAD& 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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F0Za_g5JtCMARJBNw&sig2=SwD6P0S--VwAD5YNjIE-Cg&bvm=bv.56988011,d.aWM) ) American Free Press ( (Edited and abridged by

Dozens of new books and reports from diverse sources purporting to bring out "the truth at last" about the John F. Kennedy assassination on its 50th anniversary are suspiciously ignoring the very real Rothschild connection to the JFK conspiracy. Right now the big push is to pin the blame on former Vice President Lyndon Johnson. The "LBJ Killed JFK" theme is rampant, even in the self-styled "alternative" media. However, AMERICAN FREE PRESS is pleased to be the first publication ever to report on the findings of Maurice Phillipps--an otherwise unheralded researcher --who uncovered the Rothschild banking dynasty connection to a key player linked to the JFK conspiracy. Here's the story, one which should force JFK researchers--at least the honest ones--to take a whole new look at the death of the president. (left, Jim Garrison) Today, although the JFK assassination is the focus of a media frenzy, many writers avoid delving into (or even mentioning) New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's unsuccessful 1969 prosecution of trade executive Clay Shaw for involvement in the JFK conspiracy, knowing Garrison had turned up leads pointing in some uncomfortable and controversial directions. In fact, when Garrison launched his investigation of Shaw he had unwittingly unearthed the "Rothschild connection" to the JFK conspiracy, although Garrison himself apparently didn't realize it at first. This explains why there was such a concerted effort--coming from the highest levels--to derail and destroy the hard-driving prosecutor. While many first heard of Garrison's prosecution of Shaw through Oliver Stone's film

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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"JFK"--which presented the JFK conspiracy as the work of LBJ and the military brass, aided by rogue Central Intelligence Agency operatives--there was much more that Stone left out. Below, AFP provides an annotated overview of the astounding revelations by Canadian writer Phillipps whose work has heretofore been suppressed. Although Phillipps's book, De Dallas a Montreal, is available only in French, Phillipps has written in English of his research on his well-documented website. Once you learn of what Phillipps has uncovered, you'll understand why so many truth seekers are so determined to suppress his findings. Rothschild-Israeli Ties to JFK • Researcher has found the mother of all connections between Israel and the JFK assassination Oliver Stone's 1991 drama "JFK" focused on New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's 1969 prosecution of trade executive (and longtime CIA asset) Clay Shaw for involvement in the JFK assassination conspiracy. But Stone diverted attention away from Shaw's link to a key figure in the global operations of the Rothschild banking dynasty. While Stone referenced--in passing--Shaw's membership on the board of a Rome-based corporate shell known as Permindex, subsidiary of another entity, the Centro Mondiale Commerciale, which Stone portrayed as a CIA front, he provided only a sliver of the much bigger picture. Documents unearthed by Canadian author Maurice Phillipps demonstrate beyond question that Shaw's associate on the board of Permindex (its chief executive officer and primary shareholder), Louis Bloomfield of Montreal, was a longtime attorney for the Rothschild dynasty, particularly for Baron Edmund de Rothschild of London, going back as far as World War II. (left, Bloomfield - Rothschild errand boy) Having studied Bloomfield's private files, which Bloomfield

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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donated to the Canada National Archives, Phillipps found what he describes as "many documents" revealing the Rothschild connection. The Israeli connection is no surprise. The Rothschilds have been Israel's foremost patrons. In addition, Bloomfield and Montreal liquor baron Sam Bronfman--the head of the World Jewish Congress, another Bloomfield associate--were among a clique of money kings who, in the 1950s, bankrolled Israel's secret nuclear arms program. While Phillipps has never suggested Bloomfield was involved in any way in the JFK assassination, he has pointed out that Bloomfield's Rothschild connection has been otherwise ignored. Phillipps's findings on the Rothschild-Bloomfield link also put to rest the rumor that Permindex was proof of "Nazi" involvement ( in the JFK conspiracy, a patently ridiculous theme propounded by one Mae Brussell whose father, Rabbi Edgar Magnin, was spiritual leader of the Jewish movie moguls in Hollywood. PERMINDEX How and why Clay Shaw of New Orleans ended up in the Permindex operation is no longer a mystery. Shaw's closest friends, who provided the funds for his defense against Garrison--the powerful Stern family, leaders of the New Orleans Jewish community--were primary shareholders in the Apollo, Pennsylvania-based NUMEC nuclear facility from which American nuclear materiel was illicitly channeled to Israel with the collaboration of CIA chief of counterintelligence, James Angleton, a devoted ally of Israel as head of the CIA's Mossad desk. Though avoiding the Mossad connection, many researchers now say Angleton was the key CIA figure in the JFK

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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conspiracy. The Sterns also owned WDSU radio and television, which hyped Lee Harvey Oswald as a "pro- Castro agitator" at precisely the time Shaw was acting as a handler for Oswald in the summer of 1963 while Oswald was in New Orleans being set up as the "patsy" in the JFK conspiracy. (Clay Shaw, left) So Shaw's Rothschild--and Mossad--connection via Permindex was solidified by the Stern link to Israel's nuclear weapons program we now know JFK was so determined to stop, another point ignored by most JFK writers. MOSSAD FRONT All told, a variety of evidence indicates Permindex fronted for a Mossad operation funding Israel's drive to assemble the atomic bomb. A primary Permindex shareholder and the chief depository for its funds--the Banque De Credit Internationale [BCI] of Geneva--was the fiefdom of Tibor Rosenbaum, a Mossad arms procurement official referred to as one of Israel's "founding fathers." BCI was also chief money launderer for the crime syndicate of Israeli loyalist Meyer Lansky, business partner of the aforementioned Sam Bronfman, associate of Louis Bloomfield and the Rothschilds. In fact, Lansky's Israeli biographers note that "after Israel became a state, almost 90% of its purchases of arms abroad was channeled through Rosenbaum's bank. The financing of many of Israel's most daring secret operations was carried out through the funds in [BCI]." ISRAELI AGENT MADE "JFK" We now understand why Oliver Stone chose not to pursue these avenues when he made "JFK."

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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(Milchan, center) The man who bankrolled Stone's film, Israeli arms dealer Arnon Milchan

( --listed as "executive producer"--was a

primary player in Israel's nuclear program. Head of a global empire in weapons, chemicals, electronics, aerospace and plastics--operating in the Rothschild sphere--Milchan (now perhaps the biggest mover in Hollywood) has been described as "Mr. Israel," as "secretive yet famous, but only among famous people," and is a close friend and business partner of Rothschild-sponsored media baron Rupert Murdoch. Although Milchan--partnered with the interconnecting Rothschild-controlled media conglomerates Havas and StudioCanal in financing Stone's extravaganza--paid author Jim Marrs a reported $200K for rights to his book Crossfire (a partial foundation for Stone's film), Jim Garrison's family had to go to court to claim promised proceeds from "JFK" after Milchan claimed the blockbuster turned a loss. On a procedural technicality, a federal court ruled for Milchan against the Garrisons. (Oliver Stone, Director of "JFK" steers attention away from Mossad)


Well-known JFK writer, A.J. Weberman--a U.S.-Israeli dual citizen--says Garrison once showed him an unpublished novel which Weberman says was "a fictional work that placed the blame for John Kennedy's death on the Mossad." Although Garrison did publish a JFK novel, The Star-Spangled Contract, it did not allude to Mossad involvement. But if Weberman is to be believed, Garrison had ultimately figured out the Rothschild-Israeli connection to the JFK conspiracy. And that says much about what many of today's JFK researchers are choosing to

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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Thanks to Victoria for the Tip! Related- Must read! The Illuminati Jewish Royalists in Clay Shaw's Address Book ( /Home/people-clay-shaws-address-book/) & Background on Permindex and - The CIA-Permindex Connection ( and "JFK Murder Solved" ( - Piper - Mossad Role in JFK Assassination

Piper You Tube Speech ( Hunt's Deathbed Confession reveals JFK's Killers (

First Comment from M: In a book I read by Dr. John Coleman entitled "The Committee of 300" (which I recommend to all interested in these kinds of topics) Dr. John Coleman states that basically since 1913 and the creation of the Federal Reserve Board every President of the U.S. has had a handler that has been knowingly or unknowingly controlling him for the "Committee of 300". Supposedly JFK's handler was Kissinger and when JFK found out about it shortly after the Bay of Pigs Incident he threw him out of the White House. At that point the Rochschilds, Rockefellers, and the Committee of 300 which controls the CIA, MI6, Mossad and front groups like PERMINDEX realized they had a loose cannon as President and the plans to dethrone him were started. Coleman writes thoroughly about PERMINDEX and how they had offices in Toronto, Rome and South Africa from which the details of the plot to kill JFK were hatched! 24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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Another interesting tidbit that Cole states was that supposedly PERMINDEX also tried on several occasions to kill French General and future French President Charles de Gaulle but the SDECE (French Intelligence) caught on and stopped them from succeeding.


You can find this article permanently at ( /2013/11/rothschild-ties-to-jfk-assassination.html)

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]?subject=Email from

[+] Show Comments for "Rothschild Ties to JFK Assassination" Joyce said (November 23, 2013): Shaw, Bloomfield, Garrison, Phillipps, Stone, Bronfman. Brussell, Stern, Angleton, Permindex, WJC, Mossad, Baron Rothschild, got it!!!!!!!!!! This is the most convoluted piece of journalism I have ever read! Someone is desperate to make Israel and their nuclear program the big man on campus who assassinated JFK. That can only mean thing; Israel is on the way out. It is the Rockefeller empire that has been charged with the corruption and destruction of America. The Rockefeller dynasty is in charge of the United States. They are hardly in need of outside help. It is the Rockefellers who belong to the secret societies that JFK exposed in his speech when he said "We are opposed by a monolithic and ruthless Conspiracy." JFK well understood how to break them and their CIA into bits; by printing Treasury Notes. As soon as we come to grips with this, we too will know how to break them into bits.

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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Stephen Coleman said (November 23, 2013): I believe Michael Collins Piper is correct about Bloomfield's involvement, but to place the blame on the Mossad is like blaming an officer for the general's actions. I believe the City of London and perhaps even the Queen herself ordered the assassination and likely carried out through the Canadian Military with perhaps assistance from US sources. A friend of mine, I will call him Bob, an investigative reporter was searching through the archives of a major university in California. He came upon a document written by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover Dated Nov. 25, 1963, a telegram instructing all FBI offices to destroy a certain mentioned document. Curious, Bob kept searching on, wondering what this document could be. Hours later he found it. It was a telegram that was not destroyed from Lee Harvey Oswald to every major FBI office in the USA warning J. Edgar Hoover of a live assassination cell in the Dallas/Fort Worth area intent on killing JFK. Bob published his findings through the LaRouche organization and no newspaper or investigative governmental institution would give him the time of day. LaRouche has a rather unsavory reputation and most people associated with him get the same rubber stamp. It appears that Oswald was involved in intelligence gathering and had penetrated the ring of conspirators, was discovered and set up to the the patsy and that J. Edgar Hoover was a major player in the cover-up. Jack Ruby and David Fairy (sp.?) a flaming homosexual, were probably involved and Jack Ruby was sent to sacrifice himself to shut Oswald up. Cheers, Stephen Coleman ( Dan said (November 23, 2013): After 50 years I'm still not sure 'who dunnit' - but it burns me up that they've made Johnson the final patsy. Obviously Johnson was in on it, but he wasn't big enough to order a Presidential hit by himself, much less to keep it covered up for decades after his own death in 1973. In point of fact, so long as the official verdict remains the Warren Commission report, Stone's movie does have the scene where Jim Garrison meets with his informant, 'Mr. X'. While Mr. X explains the principle of 'Cui bono?' (who benefits?) to Garrison on a park bench, the Washington Monument obelisk looms menacingly in the background. That's the national symbol of Freemasonry. That's the point of Stone's film. Keep your eyes glued to the first seven seconds of the scene's clip. The scene also ends with the Masonic obelisk dominating the scene as Mr. X walks away. But I can't find that part on Youtube. ( Gordon said (November 22, 2013): your top item today, reminded me that of the mention of Pierre Ellott Trudeau's connection to Permindex ... I think Trudeau the Elder was something like a board member. Of course, it would've been impossible for him to get where he did, without support from the Bronfmans

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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at this URL, is a copy of a 1979 article by - of all people! - Lyndon Larouche, calling Permindex "the assassination arm of the Rothschild's" (

if that's what was going on = back then = what hope is for us ... the Great Unwashed ... now?! But it does not matter : "man proposes , God disposes" JG said (November 22, 2013): Thanks to all the research of Mr. Piper the Mossad connection to the JFK assassination has been brought forward. However, there were also willingly complicit agencies within the US government that helped make it all happen. The CIA did hold JFK responsible for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion which JFK also claimed responsibility for. LBJ who felt he was put on the ticket to be used for the southern vote was not in John's inner circle of advisors. LBJ's Israeli and American Oil bosses were effectively neutralized under this administration. He knew this assassination was coming and was complicit in accepting his new role as President. John Kennedy also printed 3 billion dollars worth of "debt free" currency in 1963 and that more than likely signed his death warrant via House of Rothchild. The NWO will not tolerate any country left out there that does not have a Rothschild Controlled Bank. This is why the War if 1812 was fought by England against America. The Kennedy Era was America's last taste of sovereignty and legitimate nationalism. And, worst of all, America has sunk to becoming the sledge hammer for this "New World Order Beast" that terrorizes any people or nation demanding it's sovereignty. Victoria said (November 22, 2013): Like myself, you were 13 when Kennedy was killed and no doubt remember just how devastating that event was to those of us alive then. I heard the news at 3 p.m. after writing a Grade 7, Science exam. I've never stopped hoping that this murder case would eventually be solved because it is only then that we will have some chance of recovering what was lost with JFK's death. I've listened to some of his speeches recently and the poignancy of what we lost with his murder was brought home to me once more. I've tried to talk to my children about this but their attitude is just, "Get over it. It happened 50 years ago. Who cares?" On the contrary, I believe that this is the linchpin of everything that happened in the 20th century, right up to the present day and that we will never have a decent world until this evil is dealt with; which is, as you know, an impossibility until cognitive dissonance in the majority of the populace is laid to rest. And, perhaps, in the end, this will be John Kennedy's greatest legacy to us.

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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Few people feel threatened by the resolution of a murder case that happened so long ago and the rest, up to the present day, is just connecting the dots.

Water-Powered Cars & Inventors Killed November 21, 2013 (Left, Genepax, a Japanese car that can drive at 50km/h for an hour on a liter of water.)

Humanity is being held hostage by the Illuminati bankers who control the oil cartel.


number one thing that will diffuse the [Illuminati agenda] is to bring in an alternate energy source."

by David Richards (

Water-powered cars have existed for years. Oil, with its attendant evils - pollution, oil wars, oil spills - are unnecessary. Water-powered cars have been given scant media coverage. In some cases, the inventors were intimidated into 24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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ceasing their work or assassinated. The Illuminati quash free energy technology because it would transform society and breakdown the economic order. If you control the energy, you control the people. Stanley Meyer, who invented a water fuel device, encapsulated the agenda ( /watch?v=a74uarqap2E) : 'The internationalists want zero industrial growth, zero population growth... There is a move to force countries to sign over their natural resource rights, and if you sign over your natural resource rights, they have taken over the countries without even firing a shot. The number one thing that will diffuse the entire episode is to bring in an alternate energy source.' Most of the cars use water as a source of hydrogen, which is a very efficient fuel. Here is a list of men and companies who have invented water powered cars. Herman Anderson ( /herman.html) (1918-2004) - Herman had an illustrious career as a scientist at NASA testing hydrogen powered rockets. He used this knowledge to create a water-powered vehicle which he believed would transform the world. Herman created a water powered Chevy Cavalier (left). See Video ( He was allowed to drive it, but was banned from selling or manufacturing the vehicle in his home State of Tennessee. The official reason was that the car gave off too much radiation. However, hybrid cars (that use both electricity and oil) produce a similar level of radiation and are legal. Go figure.

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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In 2008, a Japanese company called Genepax unveiled a water-powered car. ( /watch?v=LzsTij4N4uw) They received a patent for the vehicle in Japan and demonstrated it to the press. The car is extremely efficient, able to drive at 50km/h for an hour on a litre of water. It runs on virtually any form of water too, even tea and soda. A year after the launch Genepax stopped selling the cars due to lack of funds. They currently have a website ( that explains how to convert your car to run on water. Stanley Meyer (1940-1998) - The most famous water car inventor. The American created the 'water fuel cell', claiming that any car fitted with it could run purely on water. A local television station filmed him driving a dune buggy powered by the device. The British Advanced Energy Institute reported, 'We recently sent a delegation to witness Stan's work, to really evaluate it, and came back saying "this is one of the most important inventions of the century."' In 1998, Stanley was murdered ( . He and his brother Stephen met two Belgian men at a restaurant who claimed to be potential investors. After drinking a sip of cranberry juice, Stanley grabbed his neck and ran outside, where he was violently sick. Stephen recalls, "I ran outside and asked him, 'What's wrong?'. He said, 'They poisoned me.' That was his dying declaration." The following day Stephen tracked down the Belgian men. "I told them that Stan had died and they never said a word, absolutely nothing, no condolences, no questions." A week after his death, the Feds came to Stan's home and confiscated his car and research equipment. Steve Ryan's water powered motorcycle - In 2005, "60 Minutes" featured the inventor Steve Ryan demonstrating ( his

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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water-powered motorbike. The footage shows Ryan fueling the bike with just water and then driving it 50mph along a highway. Ryan's firm, BiosFuel were planning to sell motorbikes with the conversions in them. However, the company went quiet before announcing ( /waterfueltech.htm) , 'Due to political and economical reasons, we are unable to sell the motorcycles.' The Joe Cell - An Australian man, only identified by the name of Joe "X", has designed an Energy Cell that utilizes water for a fuel. Unlike the other devices that use water as a source of hydrogen, The Joe Cell uses electrically-charged water as the "gate" or medium through which to draw a special kind of energy from the atmosphere. The existence of this free energy (termed the 'ether') is denied by orthodox science but adhered to by alternative scientists like Nikola Tesla. Ken Adachi explains ( in detail how The Joe Cell works. Joe's experiments with various prototypes of his Energy Cell were recorded on amateur videos recorded in Australia from 1993-1997. Joe X was the victim of threats and harassment that succeeded in stopping him talking. However other researchers have taken his videos and manuals and tried to build the device. A man called Bill Williams ( studied the tutorials and claimed that he was able to power his truck using the fuel cell. He shared his findings with a group of fellow enthusiasts online. He explained in detail how he was intimidated into stopping his research: In 2006, Bill posted this on the group: "I was standing in front of my truck, and this late model 2005 or 2006 Ford Explorer pulled up and parked diagonally in front of my truck. "The driver got out of the rig and approached me. At about the same time, the passenger opened his door. The driver stated that they wanted me to stop working on all forms of alternative energy. He also stated that we know everything about me, my family, and all my projects past and present.

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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"At about that time the passenger reached and held up a file that was about 2 or so inches thick. He opened it up and showed me telephone transcripts, emails, messages from the groups that I had belonged to. They knew where my kids worked, the times they are at work; also my wife's working hours, my grandkids' school, etc. They knew everything. "The driver said that if I did not stop working on this (he then opened up the left side of his jacket and showed his weapon that was holstered) that there would be other consequences. He also stated that he wanted me to post that I was no longer working in this field and to destroy all my work, i.e. cells, drawings, lab journals, everything!" After a few days of contemplation, Bill decided to abide by the demands: "I thought I was strong but when illness to the family comes into play, I have failed. I am truly sorry. I will not be working in any form of alternative energy field anymore. I destroyed my device tonight along with my written data and lab notes." CONCLUSION We are complicit in the suppression of free energy technologies. The truth is right in front of our faces: a quick YouTube search pulls up MANY videos of water powered cars. If we want free energy we need to stand behind the inventors. As Stanley Meyer once told an audience, 'If me and you could come together in accord, no political institution in the word, no multinationalist groups could defeat us.' -----------

RelatedIn 1917, John Andrew demonstrated this to the United States Department of the Navy. Accused of being a fraud by the investigating commission, he put a few drops of a crystal-clear concentrate into ten litres of both freshwater and sea water and challenged the investigators to test the mixture in an internal combustion engine. Boiling with indignation, he then left the test laboratory. When the test motor started, the significance of this ideal source of power became quite apparent. A subsequent search for the inventor found him murdered in his living room. from

Inventors of Water-Powered Cars (


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( Car Got 100 miles per gal ( - Inventor


Additional Information from Dan: "The Water Engine" is a radio drama by David Mamet, later made into a film. Written in 1976, Mamet set the story at the time of the 1933 Chicago's World's Fair.[1] Based on the composite of stories of independent inventors, Mamet shows the standard procedures used to suppress inventions that threaten the monopolies of power. Synopsis - a lowly machinist working in an factory makes a working prototype of a water power engine in his spare time. He merely wants to sell it to the corporation so he can retire. What hasn't occurred to him is that the corps don't want a free-fuel engine. Worse, they can't let the world find out that it's even possible. [1] Mamet chose the 1933 Chicago's World's Fair as the background meme for the play because is is famous for it's 'World of the Future' promises of solving all problems through technology - in the future! Sponsored by the big monopolies of the time of course: General Motors, General Electric, IBM, AT&T, DuPont and Dow Chemical, etc. We're aware that public will never know that a free-fuel engine had already been invented, the world would never hear of the ill-fated inventor or his invention. One must wonder why the TV movie version was broadcast on Illuminatus Ted Turner's network. the method' to discourage people from 'getting any ideas'?

Is it 'revelation of

The Water Engine (1992 TV movie) Left, 1921 Johnson rotary steam turbine automobile engine.

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First Comment by David K: If Stan Meyer had not been so greedy and tried to get patents for his invention he could still be alive and the world could be a different place. Imagine instead he put detailed and precise plans out on the internet so anyone could build the device? Hundreds of companies could have started manufacturing it and individuals could have built it themselves and not even told the authorities they had one. If the plans spread on the net fast enough the Illuminati would have been powerless to stop it. And think about it, if he put the plans out there and simply stated "anyone who uses these plans to make money please send 10% of net profit to me", he would have still become filthy rich. Maybe in his day this would have still been dangerous as everyone would know who he is but now with bitcoins someone could do this and remain completely anonymous, get their money, save the world and live happily ever after. Hopefully we will see something like this happen one day. People making these kinds of inventions need to try to remain anonymous... Do not go on television showing off your invention, put it out on the net with detailed plans and stay anonymous. Now talking about bitcoins and other crypto coins for that matter, this could seriously be our hope of getting away from Illuminati control. If we all start using bitcoins we can trade without tax and with complete anonymity across the planet. And if you look at the fact that there is a limited number of bitcoins and all cryptos to be found and the world economy is growing and more people are finding out about bitcoins its not hard to see that the value can and will continue to grow for a very long time. In January this year bitcoins sold for $13 and today they sell for around $700 and it is sure that they will continue to rise. Anyone who wants freedom from the Illuminati needs to get on the Bitcoins and Litecoins and Feather coins etc. It is the way of the future. It may not be an ideal solution but there is currently nothing else even close to crypto currencies in potential for freeing up the economy to move away from Illuminati control. Jim Perloff: This article is spot-on. Many American conservatives continue to live under the illusion that their country is a land of

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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unbridled free enterprise, where "any boy can get to be President" and any idea, if ingenious and pursued with hard work, will succeed. This is not the case. Few people or ideas will rise to the top without Illuminati approval. I learned this the hard way a few years ago when I--believing in the "land of free enterprise" myself-- invested in a small company that had developed a genuinely revolutionary product, only to see it killed when no capital would support it. There are many parallels to this article--in medicine, for example, where developers of cancer cures have been suppressed and/or assassinated. Free enterprise is allowed to thrive only in certain approved areas--such as software technology, because the Illuminati want us to move into a surveillance age where are all money and information will become digital.


You can find this article permanently at (

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]?subject=Email from

[+] Show Comments for " Water-Powered Cars & Inventors Killed " Joyce said (November 22, 2013): It is true that oil is one of the cartels enriching the "elite" , who I prefer to call the Parasites. But there are other cartels, such as the medical-pharmaceutical cartel, the big agriculture cartel, etc.

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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All of these cartels are but symptoms of the true disease, which is the paper fiat money cartel. All we have to do to take away the power of the parasites is to declare all their money and credit worthless. After all, it has no more value than their first product; snake oil. Doug P said (November 22, 2013): I'm skeptical about this article. The one guy who said a member of the illuminati drove up and merely threatened him to stop working on his projects ? What would stop them from burning his house down with his family in it, his notes, his workshop, all his science buddies homes and their familiesand in it to destroy all traces - if what the alternative science folks are saying is true, certainly they are a big enough threat to justify that. They have done far worse for far less. But, most importantly, the by-products of a typical fuel burning reaction are CO2, water, some carbon monoxide which is hot and light and goes straight up, bonds with ozone and comes back down as beautiful CO2. Fuel is cheap, they just tax and regulate the hell out of it. There is no end to the supply of oil. Tax the additives out of fuel and you have a clean beautiful cheap and virtually unlimited source of power. People that make rockets don't even fool around with that stuff - too unstable. I hope ordinary people don't get ideas of fooling around with stuff most science people would be afraid of. World war two piston planes had a War Emergency Power feature that had water going into the engine. I bet there are lots of people around that laugh at all this the way I laugh at some audio technologies. I always vote that we should stay firmly grounded in reality and on undisputable well known proof and avoid all forms of speculation. We can still win in the court of public opinion, maybe one day we can have a population that understands what the law is. If we had that we would real courts of law and win tomorrow. We have enough evidence to bring down the illuminati without risking the use of reputation destroying untested speculation. Lets get out of the faith arena - it doesn't belong in science, most of what people know about science is really faith. Funny how they replace real faith with science too - get us thinking we are monkeys which isn't scientific at all. There are a million ways to bend reason. You can bet they are using every single one of them. James T-1 said (November 22, 2013): I appreciate that many folks are saying exactly what should be done, that the plans etc. shouldn't be shared with anyone except the general public, and widely so, but there are a couple of problems I would like to call attention to: 1. Even if detailed plans were released to the public, unless it can be easily made from material available at wal-mart with minimum effort, it likely won't be built except by a minority of motor heads,eccentrics, and survivalists, because the bulk of people have been trained to be slothful and rely on nanny government for everything. Radioshack and other stores have been neutered over the past couple of decades to the point where actual invention from the materials available are slim to none, if it takes any degree of trouble or special ordering of parts, the general public likely won't want to build it, and won't want to understand building it. This isn't to discourage anyone from doing so, on the contrary, I'd like to see a water enegine etc. spread uncontrolled, but this is to call attention to the reality that the general public has been made functionally mentally disabled.

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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James T -2 said (November 22, 2013): 2. Bitcoins et al are *not* so decentralized as people think, and are already controlled currency... how? Because bitcoins are simply magnetic data, they can and will vanish in crashes or power outages, and thus be irretrievable (I had a friend who lost three bitcoins due to such a technical issue), thus those who control the Electricity will control bitcoins. I personally think the bitcoins will be utilized as a weapon, both to steal from those that invest in them and leave them with little or nothing (since the coins have no presence in the real world, nor any real value in the same) as well as a larger means of economic control, possibly utilized in a final stage crash to bring down the present economic model (and any vestige of good that was part of it) or to make crashes at will. People would do better to invest in Books on how to do/make/repair items/things and gain skills (such as making clean potable water), as well as practical value resources (think beeswax etc.) rather than worthless rocks or yellow metal, which are worth far more than any wad of ugly yellow metal or ephemeral mirage of magnetic data that can be there one moment and gone the next. That said, it would be nice if inventors would keep vaulted copies of their research and documentation, not in a hard drive, nor a metal safe, but in someplace only they know where to look. If good men cease doing good because they are bullied, then how can we expect to have any good come about? Art Granda said (November 22, 2013): JG says below, "The Petro Dollar is the World Currency of today, and will continue to be, as long as the House of Rothchild deems it necessary for fiscal control of the world. The only way oil will be replaced as the world's primary energy source is if this new source of energy is monopolized and under their control. And don't look for this to happen anytime in the near future." 100% agree. As it turns out, we do indeed live in a Matrix not too unlike the movie. From the science of the 80's and 90's we weren't expected to be driving around burning gasoline in the 2000's. We still do, the same way we did in the 50s … by a relatively inefficient internal combustion engine. How many of us sit at ridiculous traffic signals with not a single vehicle crossing the green light side of the intersection? It's maddening in 2013 with tech permeating every crevice of society to be forced into ZERO miles per gallon sitting at useless lights. Who benefits from all this? (big oil) These days .. 28 mpg on the highway is considered good for a full size pickup truck (for instance). Believe it or not, that same truck was getting 36 mpg on the highway in the 80's with a normally aspirated engine (carburetor). My late 70's air cooled VW super beetle easily managed 45+ mpg on the highway, lets see VW match that today. In 50 years we'll be "jacked in" to our cars via implantable microchips, the Goog will be driving us everywhere … and below it all will be an internal combustion engine chugging gas at the rate of a whopping 7 mpg!!!

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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Adrian said (November 22, 2013): The Japanese web site is selling kits and books. There is not a single reference from satisfied customers. Not one of these "inventors", when faced with “persecution”, published their “secret sauce”, condemning humanity to a world minus “free energy”!!! This means they were either all scams or all fueled by terrible greed placed before the suffering of billions due to energy poverty. In either case, best to be avoided. Paul said (November 22, 2013): Like most people in urban areas, I keep seeing more and more electric cars on the road, and I really have the question the wisdom of moving from petroleum to electricity for automobiles. The electric grid is already overtaxed as it is, is prone to failure during storm or earthquake (vide the Midwest this week) and is powered largely either by coal or nuclear energy, both of which are highly "un-renewable". I know you have readers who will take issue with this, but there's convincing evidence (if you dig for it) that the oil cartels have known for a long time that petroleum reserves are in fact renewable. An analogy I hear used frequently is that true origin of petroleum is rather like honey from a hive of honeybees: if you take it, the bees will produce more to replenish what was taken. Petroleum is obviously not the best source of energy, it's dirty and (to use a metaphor) if "God" put it down there in the earth, it's probably there for a good reason. By pumping so much of it up to the surface, we're probably doing damage to Earth's ecosystem in ways we don't even begin to appreciate. But renewable or not, there is still plenty of petroleum to go around, and moving to something that's genuinely scarce, like coal or uranium, doesn't seem like a step in the right direction. ZZ said (November 21, 2013): As always indomitable. You got it right. The water electrolyse [water fuel cells] works! You can check it yourself, mounting a simple device in your car [diesel or gas], adding electrolysed water to the fuel [before the injection pump] and thus reduce the fuel consumption by 20%. The rig is approved and many trucks, public transport and even police cars run on it in usa. But to the topic. There are a multitude of disinfo agents and crooks out there. There are a variety of patents granted for a multitude of unconventional power generators, I checked it personally. It is all correct. BUT: if you want to do anything in the field yourself, you will meet first disinfo, than crooks and then secret service on your path. We have here a very bright guy, machinery engineer, he built a revolutionary car safety bumper, with energy retrieval. Wanted to patent it. Denied. All his work confiscated and he lost a couple of years for legal battles. Finally sold his patent abroad. If you really want to make a difference, announce on your site FREE UNIVERSAL PUBLICATION, TRAINING AND SUPPORT FOR ALL FREE ENERGY DISCOVERIES AND APPLIANCES under only one condition: the author supplies complete technical documentation plus working proof of concept that it works plus the licence for distribution [anonymous preferably].

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It won't work otherwise. It should be in public domain, free. All freelancers will be crushed or killed and you have no time to spare for crooks. If there is a legitimate free energy inventor out there - please speak up. Give your invention for free, otherwise it will come to nought. For crooks and businessmen I do not have time presently. Businessmen they drink my wine, come and dig my earth. There must be some kind of a way out of here.. ( November 16, 2013

November 11, 2013

Brazil city with Marxist Mayor teaches 10-year-olds to masturbate each other etc.

"Nice things to do together: To date by phone masturbation Take a shower together watch erotic videos massage erotic fantasies say dirty words" Thanks Marcos! November 5, 2013

Asbestos is an Ongoing Threat Hello- my name is Cameron Von St. James and I would like to share the story of

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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my wife with you. Her name Heather and she is a mesothelioma (


of nearly 8 years. She was diagnosed with this awful disease just three and a half months after the birth of our only child Lily. Heather was fortunate enough to receive treatment and a surgery called Extrapleural Pneumonectomy (xtrapleural%20PneumonectEomy) (which called for the removal of her entire left lung), which helped to save her life. But just like many other rare diseases, there is still no cure. The reason we are trying to raise awareness is because this is a cancer that is 100% preventable. It is caused by exposure to asbestos, which was still used in many applications even after they discovered the deadly affects. Many American workers, across a variety of industries, were exposed to asbestos on the job. As a result, they are now at risk to develop mesothelioma. Asbestos has been banned in over 60 countries around the world, but still not in the U.S. We have worked with the help of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance ( to try and shed some light on this issue but many people still don't know what mesothelioma is or if they are at risk. There was a bill to ban asbestos that was passed by the Senate back in 2007, which still had yet to pass the House of Representatives. Maybe if more people were aware this would be a more urgent issue. Every year around 3000 people are diagnosed with this disease and on average they are only given a prognosis of 24/11/2013 12:27 a.m. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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10 months to live. Asbestos exposure is the number one cause of occupational cancer in the U.S. Asbestos can still be found in homes, office buildings, and even schools. No amount of exposure is safe. People should be aware of the dangers of asbestos and mesothelioma and Heather and I, with the help of others, want to use our story as a vehicle for awareness. Please check out the video and visit Heater's website here to learn more! Click here ( ( Henry Makow © 2013

24/11/2013 12:27 a.m.

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