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December 9, 2017 | Author: Nabil Roufail | Category: Pre Islamic North Africa, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Ancient Africa, African Civilizations
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Titles: God’s Wife of Amun, Lady of the Two Lands, Adoratrice of Amenemope (an ityphallic form of Amun associated with L...


Karomama (God's Wife) Karomama Meryetmut prenomen: Sitamen Mutemhat Titles: God’s Wife of Amun, Lady of the Two Lands, Adoratrice of Amenemope (an ityphallic form of Amun associated with Luxor). She styled herself as Daughter of Re and Mistress of Diadems. The latter two are female versions of the pharaonic titles Son of Re and Lord of Diadems. (Ayad) Karomama served as God’s Wife of Amun under Osorkon II and his successors. [Dodson-Hilton pg 217, 219-20] The approximate dates for her tenure as God's Wife are ca 870 - 840 B.C. Karomama was possibly a daughter of Osorkon II. It is also possible she is the daughter of Harsiese. (Kitchen) Bronze statue of Karomama now in the Louvre (N500) The statue depicts Karomama with a short Nubian style wig. A uraeus must have decorated the front of the wig, but was broken off. Her hands are held out in front of her and it looks as though they would have grasped something. She wears an elaborate dress which is made to resemble wings encircling her body. This statue was dedicated by her treasurer Ahentefnakht. [Dodson-Hilton, pg 220]

The God's Wife Karomama (Jon Bodsworth) Luxor Statue - usurped from the 18th dynasty.

Line drawing from Dodson and Hilton. Egyptian Museum Berlin 2278 See Lepsius' Denkmahler, Band III, Page 256 The statue depicts a (now headless) priest holding a Naos. The statue was discovered by Petrie and Quibell during excavations of the Ramesseum. (Griffith Institute) This statue was usurped by a 22nd dynasty priest and the scene was changed to depict Karomama Meryetmut. Karomama shakes two sistra before a seated statue of Amen-Re who is depicted with a Ram’s head and two double plumes. Karomama wears a long pleated dress. She wears a short Nubian style wig with a uraeus on her brow. Her modius is by a fairly large vulture whose outstretched wings seem to protect a crowned cobra. [Dodson-Hilton, pg 219] The inscription mentions that Karomama is the daughter of a King's Wife. Her mother is named as Nebettawy Henuttawy. It is not clear if this is just giving the mother's titles - Lady of the Two Lands and Mistress of the Two Lands - or if this could be her name. If the latetr is true, her mother would be a Lady of the Two lands named Henuttawy. A green glazed shabti is in the collection of the British Museum (EA74324) The inscription reads The Osiris, divine votaress of Amun, Karomama, MerytMut. References  Mariam Ayad, God's Wife, God's Servant: The God's Wife of Amun (ca.740–525 BC), Routledge, Jun 2, 2009  Dodson and Hilton: The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt, London 2004  Griffith Institute, Collection of the Berlin Museum www.griffith.ox.ac.uk/gri/3berlin.pdf (retrieved June 7, 2014) 

Kitchen, Kenneth A. The Third Intermediate Period in Egypt, 1100-650 B.C. (Book & Supplement) Aris & Phillips. 1986 ISBN 978-0856682988

Karomama (God's Wife)

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