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KAIST COLLEGE OF BUSINESS An International Location

KAIST College of Business is located on a forested slope in the northeastern area of Seoul, about 100 miles from the main campus of KAIST. The KAIST College of Business campus is at the heart of a major academic area that hosts four universities and five research institutes. The modern facilities, attractive campus and dynamic urban location make for a unique, high-quality learning environment. Seoul reflects the economic dynamism of Northeast Asia and allows students and faculty to maintain both a global perspective and a Korea base. In addition, our location in the heart of Korea’s business and political capital fosters close relationships with a large number of companies and governmental organizations. KAIST College of Business students have numerous opportunities to meet and interact with prominent business leaders.

KAIST College of Business Seoul campus

Vision & Mission

KAIST Daejeon campus South Korea

Enhancing Global Awareness

MBA Program

85, Hoegiro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 130-722, Korea http://www.business.kaist.ac.kr/eng

Applications and Trademarks

1st AACSB Accreditation in Korea

Founder of AAPBS

IS(Info System) ranked 13th

UN Global Compact Member

Korea’s Representative

GMAC Member


To become a world-class technology-based management school. Specifically we describe our vision as follows: ■ To attain the world’s top 10 level in academic excellence ■ To foster highly qualified and creative individuals with dedication to the nation and leadership ■ To spearhead scientific and technological innovation for greater competitiveness



KAIST Information & Media MBA Program ranked 1st in Korea in the Eduniversal’s Best Masters Ranking in 2012. Only Korean school to rank in the Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey Pinstripe Ranking for the Sustainable MBA .

South Korea is a dynamic country with much to offer in learning and travel. Combining beautiful mountain ranges, traditional culture, and a fast paced life, South Korea has something for everyone. Business students are able to study and learn in an Asian Tiger Economy, which has played a key role in creating the Asian Economic Miracle.

Ranked 1st in Korea (152nd in the world) in the Spain CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies) rankings, 2011.

The Republic of Korea is a small country on the far eastern edge of Asia. Although it ranks 109th in the world in terms of land area, the country is a center of economic activity, culture, and arts.

KAIST Executive Education Program ranked in the Financial Times Top 65 Executive Education Programs (1st in Asia, 28th in the world in 2012).

Today, Korea is an industrial nation standing tall on the world stage. Its semiconductor, automobile, shipbuilding, steel making, and IT industries area on the leading edge in global markets. It hosted the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 2002 Korea-Japan FIFA World Cup. More recently, Korean dramas, movies, and music are attracting a large following in Asian countries and beyond, creating what is being called the “Korean Wave.” Korea’s new standing in the international community was highlighted in 2010 with the nation becoming the first Asian country to chair the G20 and host the G20 Seoul Summit.

The first Korean school ranked in the Financial Times Top 100 Global MBA Programs.

Korea’s swift transformation into one of the world’s leading economies has made it an interesting case study for people from around the world. The development of the Korean heavy industry helped the growth of industrial tourism, and today, Korea dominates the steel and ship building industries worldwide.

SOUTH KOREA Where the past meets the future


To develop global business leaders in management theory and practice with profound knowledge of both management and technology, as well as leaders capable of applying such knowledge to innovation and real-world problem solving. Therefore, our mission focuses on: ■ Commitment to Excellence in Education and Research ■ Integration of Management and Technology Education ■ Dedication to Initiative Benefiting Society

Accredited by EQUIS

PROGRAMS KAIST College of Business is a highly respected graduate school with a stellar reputation in Korea and throughout the world for research and teaching in science and technology. KAIST College of Business cooperates in working towards the common goal of developing a world renowned technology-based management school.

Techno-MBA IMBA Finance MBA Master of Financial Engineering Information & Media MBA Social Entrepreneurship MBA Master of Science in Info. MGT. Executive MBA Professional MBA

Techno-MBA Initiated in March 1995, the two year full-time Techno-MBA was the first MBA program in Korea. The school has the longest MBA history and the largest MBA alumni network in Korea, and boasts of a world class team of professors with a stellar reputation for academic excellence, supported by student achievements and staff accountability. The program offers rigorous academic and applied courses along with extensive international exposure and a number of specialized concentration areas. Upon graduation, an MBA degree is offered with up to two certificates of concentration.

Programs for International Students Techno-MBA

Finance MBA

Info & Media MBA

# of Students

Approx. 70

Approx. 60 ~ 100

Approx. 40

Years of Study

2 years (full-time)

2 years (full-time)

1 year (full-time)

Required Credits

54 credits

54 credits

48 credits

International Field Trip (2 weeks) - Lectures at a top MBA school (Spain*, US) - Visits to local and multinational companies - Dynamic cultural immersion activities

IMBA “I” for IMBA represents “Innovation”, “Ingenuity”, “Inspiration”, “Integrity”, and “Internationalization”. This intensive 1 year full time general MBA program trains students to think outside the box to infuse them with an entrepreneurial and innovative mind-set. With integrated practice oriented teaching methods, IMBA aims to cultivate future CEOs and company executives in various sectors of industry.

Int’l Study

Finance MBA KAIST College of Business offers a two-year Finance MBA Program that is designed to help students prepare for their future careers in the global investment banking and asset management industries. KAIST started to offer this unique Finance MBA Program in 2006, and over 700 graduates are currently working in major Korea and global financial institutions. For those who are interested in pursuing careers in the emerging Green/ Carbon Finance area, the program also offers a track in this area. To enhance global competitiveness, students are required to undertake one semester of overseas study.

Exchange Programs - Partnered with over 50 universities in the U.S., Europe and Asia - Participation recommended in the 3rd semester Dual Degree Programs - Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (MS in Accountancy) - Northwestern Univ. School of Law (LLM-Master Law) - Univ. of Southern California (Master of MGT Studies, MS in Business Administration) - IE Business School in Spain (MBA/Master in MGT, Finance, Laws, Int’l Relations, etc) -Univ. of Arizona (MS in MGT Information System) * subject to change

The program is a 1 year full-time MBA aimed to provide management education specialized in the IT/Broadcasting/Telecom/Media/Content convergence industry. Therefore, the curriculum is focused not only on general management training, but also on courses related to the recent trends, industry and technology of IT media. In particular, the program consists of courses in management & marketing strategy related to the changes of platforms & networks, the appearance of smart devices, vitalization of social media, and changes in the smart business environment under the circumstance of the rapidly changing trends of entertainment and media contents.

The Executive MBA Program was created to satisfy the needs of Korean companies to develop their managers into capable CEOs of the future. KAIST Executive MBA Program employs various methods to prepare its students for current global business challenges.

Social Entrepreneurship MBA The SE MBA Program is a premier MBA program to foster innovative social entrepreneurs and social value creation. The SE MBA Program begins in 2013 Spring Semester. Topics include Social Enterprises and Management, Social Venture Creation, Internships & Field Study, and traditional MBA subjects.

Master of Science in Information Management The MS in Information Management Program aims to foster professionals with knowledge of IT technology and with insight into the IT industry by providing education for those who desire self-improvement but have difficulties enrolling in a full-time degree program. KAIST MS in Information Management is a two-year part-time master program to help students become IT management professionals. This program requires 39 credits in four semesters.

Dual Degree Programs - University of Rochester - Michigan State University - City University of London (CASS)

Work Experience

2 years of work experience preferred

2 years of work experience preferred

IT or Media industry work experience preferred


Sunny Lee ([email protected])

Jaime Kim ([email protected])

Eunjin Yu ([email protected])

Application Periods


Fall Semester 2013: April, 2013

Fill out the application form online Application Fee : 80,000 KRW or 80USD ■ ‌For detailed information on admission requirements and application deadlines please visit website (http://www.business.kaist.edu/admission). ■

On-line Application http://apply.kaist.ac.kr

KAIST Master of Financial Engineering Program has a specialized curriculum for global finance specialist training. KAIST College of Business is well known for Korea’s largest in-school finance training facility and financial information database.

Executive MBA

Spring Semester 2014: September, 2013


Professional MBA The 3-year evening Professional MBA (part-time) is designed for students who wish to improve their professional careers while working and studying at the same time. With the same faculty and curriculum of full time MBA course, this program provides not only general academics but also concentration paths such as strategy, finance & marketing.

Dual Degree Programs - ‌Univ. of Southern California (MS in Business Management) - ‌IE Business School in Spain (Master in MGT) - ‌Univ. of Arizona (MS in MGT Information System)

Admission Timeline for Fall Semester 2013 & Spring Semester 2014

Master of Financial Engineering

Information & Media MBA

International Field Trip (2weeks) - ‌Lectures at Univ. of Southern California (L.A.) - ‌Customized education on entertainment & media - ‌Visits to IT/Media companies - ‌Cultural visits, City tour in L.A.

Global Study Program One semester in overseas partnership schools. - UC Irvine - Ohio State University - Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - University of Rochester - University of British Columbia - City University of London (CASS)

Czech Republic Czech Technical University ■ Denmark Copenhagen Business School ■ Finland Helsinki University of Technology-Aalto Univ. ■ France ESCP Europe INSEAD University SKEMA Telecom Ecole de Management Troyes University of Technology-UTT ■ Germany European Business School Stutigart Institute of MGT and Technology University of Cologne University of Mannheim ■ Italy Bocconi University ■ Netherlands Delft University of Technology University of Groningen Erasmus Univ. – Rotterdam School of MGT ■ Norway Norwegian School of Management ■ Poland Warsaw School of Economics ■ Portugal University of Porto ■ Spain Instituto de Empresa in Madrid ■

AMERICA Sweden Stockholm University ■ Switzerland University of Lausanne University of Saint Gallen ■ UK Warwick Business School City University of London University of Essex ■

ASIA & OCEANIA Australia Melbourne Business School Monash University ■ Brunei Darussalam University of Brunei Darussalam ■ China Peking University Fudan University Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) Nanjing University Sun Yat-sen University Tsinghua University ■

India Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta Indian School of Business ■ Indonesia Prasetiya Mulya Business School (PMBS) ■ Japan Keio University Kyoto University Osaka City University ■ New Zealand University of Otago ■ Philippines Asian Institute of Management ■ Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore Management University ■ Taiwan National Central University National Chengchi University National Chiao Tung Univeristy National Sun Yat-sen University National Taiwan University ■ Thailand Asian Institute of Technology Sasin (Chulalongkorn University) ■ Turkey KOC University ■

U.S.A Arizona State University – W.P. Carey Georgia Institute of Technology Northwestern University School of Law Pepperdine University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Seattle University - ECIS Temple University-of the commonwealth system of higher education Thunderbird School of Global Management University of California, Irvine University of California, Santa Barbara University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign University of Maryland University of Rochester University of San Francisco University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business University of Washington Xavier University-Williams College of Business ■ Canada HEC Montreal University of British Columbia University of Toronto, Rotman Management ■ Mexico EGADE ■

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