Jyotish Astrology and Timing of Marriage

July 14, 2017 | Author: Marina Belogubets | Category: Planets In Astrology, Shiva, Marriage, Horoscope, Hindu Astrology
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work on marriage astrology...


Astrology and Timing of Marriage (a Scientific Approach)

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a group research based on over 200 charts with navamsha, two dashas and transit of planets by research students ofJanuary 2008 batch. English Section

Hindi Section

Alok Verma Ashwini Baqaya B.Shobha Harsh Kumar Meenakshi Priyadarshini Rajesh Raj Sheila Seth

Anuj Gupa G.K. Joshi Kalpana Sablok Sunita Sharma Scrteyandra Bisht Rama Gupta Rishi Kapoor


Shri K.N. Rao JTT1f ~

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Vani Publications, Delhi

Acknowledgements At the outset we thank our Guru Shri KN Rao. He has been the prime guiding force to all of us. He has not only guided us for this work but has encouraged and supported us all through. It is entirely because of his grace that we have been able to contribute to objectively applying a number of well defined parameters to a large number of charts and drawing out statistical inferences on timing of marriage. Our classes 'Research Jr.' started in Jan 2008. Shri Rao could not take the classes for the first few weeks as he was not keeping good health. However, In the very first class he took he told us to do a research on 'timing of marriage' and present the same in the next astrology seminar. We were a bit taken aback but with his encouragement and support we started the work. Three charts each were distributed to all the students- and later they added two/three charts from their own data. We all were quite happy with the initial results. These were consolidated, compiled and were presented in the seminar held in Chinmaya Mission Auditorium in Delhi on 30-03-2008. It was very well received by the delegates. We thank all the faculty members of Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan and the fellow students -seniors, juniors and colleagues. This encouraged us a lot and we will always remain very thankful to them. In the very next class Sri KN Rao suggested that we should formalize our efforts in the shape of a book duly documenting all efforts, data and findings. I am sure Shane Warne must have learnt from Shri Rao that a new fresh ball can be given to a rank newcomer and on encouragement he would perform as seen in Rajasthan Royal Team, IPL TZO, 2008. We were both surprised and Guide Shri K.N. Rao •!• ~

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