Just Vocabulary - Intermediate

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An English course designed to expand the learner's vocubulary at intermediate level....


Track I

TFack 7

JANE: Come on, Polly, there's someone I'd like you

Have you ever seenthe original film of Psycho? MAN 2: Yes. MAN ],: \Vhat did you think of it? MAN 2: It was absolutely terrifying. M A N 3 : (Do) you really think so? MAN 2: \fhy? Didn't you? MAN 3: No, not really. It's not my kind of film. I thought it was rather boring.


to meet. Oh, all right. Andg this is Polly. She'sin advertising too. Oh, hi. Nice to meet you. Yeah,nice to meet you too. \fhat do you do in advertising? Not much really. Sorry? Oh, I mean I only startedlast week. It's my first job. \7hat about you? Me? Oh well, I'm working on a TV commercial for an Internet bank at the

moment. POLLY: That sounds interesting. ANDY: Yes, yes it is.

TFack E all, arm, door,seem,smell,stare,ought,walk, work, store, out, saw

TFack 3 The three-syllablewords are:Assertiue,confident, decisiue, designer, fir efigh ter, fo otb aller, imp atient, i ournalist, or chestral conductor, organised, p ersonal assistant, primary, collector, r omantic, salary,sensitiue The four-syllable words are: conscientious,considerate, emotional, h ospitable, intelligent, inter esting, occupation, sympathetic

MAN 1:

Track I I like playing gamesin my head. Absolutely fascinating. The film was amazing. It was rather boring when I saw it, I remember. I went to all his films when I was at school. What happenedat the end of the film? I completely agree. It makes me very angry. Call me when you've seenthe film. Have you seenany films recently? I haven't read that book. Track I absolutely, amazing, angry, b ad, f airIy, fanta stic, fascinating,hilarious, rather, really

Track ltr

TFack 4, 'c' is pronounced in two ways: as /k/ in confident, conscientious, considerate, doctor, enthwsiastic, o ccupation, or chestral, conductor, collector, r omantic, sympathetic; and as /s/ in decisiueand sincere

a b c d e f g

Track 5

TFack Itr

a b c d e f g

\fhat do you think of Lisa? \fhat do you do in advertising? Have you two met before? How long have you known Ruth? Can I ask you a question? Do you enjoy studyingzoology? \fhat time is your taxi coming?

Track E REPoRTER: Sfhat did you think of that rollercoaster ride? YOUNGLAD: It was pretty frightening. REPoRTER: What about you sir? MAN: It was absolutely terrifying. REPoRTER: Did you enjoy it? SCHooLGinr:Yeah.It was quite good. GRANNy: Oh, come now, dear.It wasn't just .quite good', it was absolutelyfantastic!

He's rather interesting. I was pretty-scared. It was absolutely amazing. It was absolutelyhilarious. Shewas rather angry. They're really good. Your room's absolutely filthy.

a I've still got some last-minute shopping to do before the party tomorrow. b I don't really need to buy anything. I'm just windowshopping to seewhat the new fashions are like. c I prefer to do all my shopping at a shopping centre becauseeverything you need is there, and there,s usually somewhereto have a coffeewhen you've finished. d How do you fancy a rcally good shopping expedition? \7e could stay in town for the whole d^y. e I don't agreewith Sunday shopping. \fe should have one day when everyonecan relax. f Excuseme sir, where did you get this shopping trolley?


Track l?

Track tZ

Can I helP You? ASSISTANT: cuSToMER:No thanks. I'm just looking around. OK. Let me know if I can help you with ASSISTANT: anYthing. ThANKS. CUSTOMER: No problem. ASSISTANT:


cusTol\{ER:Excuseme. Yes.How can I helP You? ASSISTANT: cusToMER:I'm looking for Takez jeans. I'm aftaid we don't sell Takez. ASSISTANT: cusTo\,IER: Oh, that's a pity. Do you know where I could find some? 'Well, you could try the shop on the corner. ASSISTANT: They might be able to help. ThANKS. CUSTON{E,R: ASSISTANT:You'rewelcome. CUSTolv{ER:Excuse me. Do you have any belts? ASSISTANT: Yes we do. They're over there by those shirts. cusToMER: Oh yes, so they are. Thanks.

Track 13 The words with the same sounds are: o lel in anything, belt, dress, euery,help, ma'ny,seueral, sweater,welcome c lnl in cap, hat . li'^lin fleece, ieans, please . lvl in gloues,much, sorne o ls'^l in shirt, skirt, T-shirt Tfack 14 cap hat belt sweater Sunday fleece minute shirt shopping mall

hat sandals sweater centre gloves jeans list skirt socks shorts

TFack 15 shirt, shorts, T-shirt

Track lE a There's a nice stall in the market. There're nice stalls in the market. b Very few people eat meat. Very few people eat meat. c I'11do the late-night shopping on Friday. I do the late-night shopping on Friday. d It makes me feel angry. It makes me feel hungry. e Can I help you? Can I help you? f I'm looking for a fleece. I'm looking for the police.

Yes, can I helP You? \fe'd like to book a holidaY. Yes, can you recommend anything? Well, what kind of holiday do you want? Oh you knoq sun, sea, sand, the usual. DUNCAN: TRAVELAGENT: OK, what about somewhere in Spain, say Sitges near Barcelona? 'Well, we've been to Spain once already. BEN: 'Well then, how about Sorrento in Italy? TRAVELAGENT:

DUNCAN: l'T';i::llY.", *31'JH:::fi:ffi:l;: exotlc. AGENT:All right then, can I suggestRio de Janeiro? I don't think we could afford that. BEN: TRAVEI. AGENT:Actuallg it's probably not as expensive as you think. Yes, but is it worth it? DUNCAN: 'Well, it's definitely worth considering. TRAVEL AGENT: Can I have a look at the brochure? BEN: TRAVEL AGENT: Sure.Take your time. Thanks. BEN:


Tiack lB a That soundsfantastic.

b That sounds like a great idea. c That's exactly what I want. d That's just right. e That's incredible. f That's a great suggestion.

Tfack 19 camping,campsite,gallery,track,package backpacking, Track ?O camping,fantastict package,uacation,backpacking, uacation is the odd one out.

clubbing, cruise,public, sunbathe,frn - cruise is the odd one out. backpacking, boating, excursion, holiday, waterski boating is the odd one out. camping, cwhure,hotel, ftiuseLtftt,sunbathernuseurnis the odd one out. gallery, nightlife, sunbathe,resort, suimming - resort is the odd one out. 6 holiday, gallery, excursion, sightseeing,Iuxury excursion is the odd one out. Tiack ?l a That ship is really big. b Phew! It's very hot in here. c I don't like the noise that sheepmake. d This is a nice place. e It's a really good club. f After two weeks on holiday I feel fat. g The weather'sbetter this week, isn't it? 'What's the plan for tomorrow? h i I always chooseholidays in the sun. j Excuseme, that's my seat.


Track 22 WoMAN: Matt! Kate! How nice to see you. MATT: Yes. It's great to be here. MAN: Can I take your coats? KATE: Thank you.

Track 23 Can I get you something to drink? Can I take your coat? Did you have any trouble finding us? Do you need to freshenup? Do you want to wash your hands? Go on into the sitting room. How nice to seeyou. Thanks for coming. Tfack 24 Yesplease.I'd like an orangejuice. No. It was quite straightforward, actually. Thank you. Thank you. Is it through here? Yes, 'Well,that would be nice. Where's the bathroom? thanks for inviting us. Yes. It's great to be here. Track 25 bungalow,cold, cope, go, homeless,mobile home, studio Tfack 2E homecoming, home-made,homesick, homework, houseboat

Track E7 block, cramped, ground, spacious

Track ?8 a b c d e f g

It's great to seeyou. Oh, this is great! Can I take your coat? It's a bit cramped in here. I've just won a pize. Can I get you somethingto drink? Thanks for inviting us.


" That's a rcally nice jacket. Oh, thanks. Where did you ger it? From that shop oppositethe bank. 'Well, Oh yes. I know the one. it really suits you. Thanks.

I like your shirt. Do you? Yes. It was a present from my girlfriend. 'Well, it looks good on you. XThat'sit made of? I don't know. Cotton. I think.


Those are reallynice earrings. I'm glad you like them. Where did you get them? I was given them by -y aunt. They're from Japan,I think. S7ell, I think they're great.

Track 3O woMAN: I've just passed my drivingtest. MAN: sToMAN: MAN: VoMAN: MAN: IwoMAN: MAN: 'woMAN: MAN: woMAN: MAN:

That's fantastic. I earn my living as a wrlter. How interesting! I study chemistry. That is interesting. I love dancemusic. Oh, really? I'm thinking of getting married. You're thinking of getting married? I live in Birmingham. You live in Birmingham?

Track 3l In mosr of the words the first syllableis stressed: capture, conquer,corduroy, cotton, denim, educate, execute,guihy, leather, mnrry, nylon, pirate, plastic, poison, prison, sentence,soldier In thesewords the secondsyllableis stressed:aca,tse, defeat, disguise, diuorced, elect, escApe,imprison, inherit In this word the third syllable is stressed:polyester

Track 32 The words with the sound /u,/ arc: worn, born, corduroy, diuorced The words with the sound /o/ are:soTtg:conquer,cotton, nylon, polyester The words with the sound lctl are: cordwroy,poison The words with the sound /e/ arc: photograph, cotton, imprison, poison, prison The words with the sound leul are: oh, soldier The words with the sound lutl are:pool, shoot 'Wool doesn't fit any of the boxes. Tfack 33 7 vICAR: Repeatafter me. I, Mary Ann Calhoun ... MARY: I, Mary Ann Calhoun ... vICAR: ... take thee,Robin JamesArchibald ... MARy: ... take thee,Robin JamesArchibald ... vICAR: ... to be my lawful weddedhusband... MARy: ... to be my lawful wedded husband ... vICAR: ... to have and to hold from this day forth ... MARy: ... to have and to hold from this day forth ... VICAR: ... for betteror worse ... MARY: ... for betteror worse ... vICAR: ... for richer or poorer ... MARY: ... for richer or poorer ... VICAR: ... forsaking all otherstill death us do parr ... MARy: ... forsaking all others till death us do part ... vICAR: ... and hereroI plight thee my troth. MARv: ... and heretoI plight thee my trorh.




Do you want to marry her? !7hy yes, I surely do. \7hat about you? Oh, yeah. Me too. OK. That's it. How about a kiss?

a J



Do you, Kazuo Otami, agreeto marry this woman? Yes,I do. Do you, Muriel Spallsworthg agreeto marry this man? Yes,I do. Surething. Then by the power investedin me by the state of Queensland,I declarethat you are legally married. You may kiss the bride. You bet!




I understand that you have both written your own wedding contracts.Is that correct? Yes.I, Ben Finkelburn, promiseto love you forever.I agreeto do the washing and almost all the ironing. I promise to do half the cooking and I'11do the gardening at leastthree times a year.And I give you my word that I won't wear my yellow suit agarnor play my saxophonemore than twice a week. And now you, Mariah. Yes.Right.'Well, I promiseto love you forever,I guess.And I promise to cook half the time, and I agreeto let you drive my car on Sundays.And I give you my word that you can watch sport on TV from eight to nine most nights. I promise to pretend that it's interesting.

FACILITAToR: Right. Is that all? MARIAH: YCS. Yes. BEN: FACILTTAToR:OK then. I guess this means you're married. .WOw! ONLOOKER:

Tfack 34 I will do it tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow. I will have that coffee now, please. I'll have that coffeenow, please. I will answer the telephone. I'11answerthe telephone. I will talk to you later. I'11talk to you later. I will be home at nrne. I'll be home at nlne. I will never forget this. I'll never forget this.

Track 35 The words that sound hke day, are break, away, make, take. The words that sound llke cow, are out, down, rownd, abowt. The word that soundslike so, is go. Track 35 promiseI'11be at your houseby four a b promise I'll be at your houseby four c promiseI'11be at your houseby four d promise I'11be at your houseby four e promise I'll be at your houseby four

o'clock. o'clock. o'clock. o'clock. o'clock.

Track 37 a b c d e f g h i j

advertisement, advertisement brochure, brochure cinema, cinema controversy, controversy entertainer, entertainer interesting, interesting lieutenant, lieutenant officer, officer opinion, opinion simultaneous, simultaneous

Track 38 a Can I sit here,please? Yes, certainly. b Can I usemy camerain here? No, sir. I'm afraid taking photographs is strictly forbidden. c Are dogs allowed in here? 'no dogs' policy. No, sorry. \7e operate a d Is it OK i{ I usemy mobile phone in here? I'd rather you didn't. e Is it all right if I take one of these? Sure.Help yourself. if I bring my sister to the party? f Do you mind 'We'd love to meet her. Not at all.

Track 3I| The word with the sound hke fine is library. The word with the sound llke liar rs bonfire. The word with the sound Iike fear is here. Track 4B amazing,certainly, exactly, forbidden, graffiti, occasion, opinion, permission,sensitive,slgnature Track 4l different, interest, usually, consciously,general,intimac5 subconsciously,relaxation Tfack 4? a How do I play this scene? ACToR: It's difficult to say.I think you're probably DTRECToR: quite angry in this bit. ACToR: OK, so what do you recommend? DIRECToR:I think you can come in and shakeyour fist at Casparas you start talking. Anything else? ACToR:


DIRECToR:\7ell, you could fold your arms then so that you go on looking angry. ACToR: Is this what you had in mind? DIRECToR:Yes,that's the type of thing.

b How do you want me to do this scene? That's not easyto say.My impression is that you're probably a bit bored in this scene. ACTOR: OK. So what do I do? 'Well, DIRECTOR: I think you can show boredom by folding your arms, or crossingyour legs when you sit down. ACTOR: Is that all? DIRECToR:\7ell, you could shrug your shoulderswhen she talks to you. ACToR: Like this? DiRECToR:Yes,that's the kind of thing. ACTOR:


OK ... oh, yes.Thanks. That's great! JIM: RACHEL:You're welcome. c MIKE: Hi, Computer Helpline. My name'sMike. How may I help you? is driving me crazy! JANE: This thing'$fhat's MIKE: Hold on! the problem? 'Well, my computer seemsto have crashed. JANE: MIKE: How exactly? 'Well, I can't move anything. Even the cursor just JANE: sticks in the sameplace. MIKE: OK, well the best thing to do is to switch off and start again. JANE: Really? MIKE: Yes, really. That's what I would do. JANE: OK. I'll give it a try. Thanks. MIKE: No problem.

Track 43

Track 47

cross, finger, indifference, puzzled,strangers,truth

(x Can you 'Sfhat help me? 2) seemsto be the problem? (x 2) Have you checkedthe batteries?(x 2) Do you know how to usethis answerphone?(x 2) What is problem? (x 2) 'Vfhat the do I do now? (x 2)

ff6gk 44 intimacy, relaxation, subconsciously

Track 45 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Stop biting your nails! I'm pleasedto seeyou. Don't shake your fist at me! I am telling the truth. lt's so nice to seeyou. Are you waving at me? Don't raise your eyebrows at me! I quite agreewith you. I can't be absolutelysure.


Track 46 a RoN: Computer Helpline, Ron speaking. KARL: Oh, hello. Can you help me? RoN: Sfhat's the problem? 'Well, KARL: I can't get my personal organiser to work with my computer. RoN: OK. Have you checkedthe batteriesin your organiser? KARL:Yes,of course. RoN: Have you checkedthe connectionat the back of your computer? KARI,:No. Do you think that will help? RoN: Do I think it will help? Well, why don,t you try and see?

Track 48 The words for column L The words for column 2 monitor, stereo. The words for column 3 The words for column 4

arezelectric, computer, arc: personal, microwat)e, are: teleuision,electronic. arci organiser,calculator.

Track 49 The words for column 1 arc: credit, microwAue,crashed. The words for column 2 arezdisk, scanner. The words for column 3 arezelectric. electronic. Tfack 5O a Thank you. b Thank you. c Thanks a lot. d Thank you very much. e Thank you very much for your h€lp. f No problem. g Don't mention it. h Glad I could hclB.

Track 5l NANCY: JIM:

b RACHEL:Hello. Computer Helpline. Rachelspeaking. Vhat seemsto be the problem? Umm, well I know this is sill5 but do you JIM: know how to connect up to the Internet? RACHEL:\fhat sysiem are you using? It's an Apple Mac. JIM: RACHEL:OK. Do you have an Internet icon on your screen?Like a globe? Yes.Yes,I do. JIM: RACHEL:\fell then, just click on the icon and you're away.




How was the film? It was a disaster.Halfway through they stoppedit and told us we had to leave. You must have been really fed up. 'Well, yes. \7e all had ro go out into the street, eventhough it was raining. That can't have beenmuch fun. No, it certainly wasn't. I got soaked.But then, when we were allowed back, they started the film again and offered all of us free tickets to any film for the next monrh. You must have beenpleased. 'Would I certainlywas. you like to come to the next film with me?



Track 5? a MAN: WOMAN: fuIAN: \{/OMAN:

How was the film? Fantastic. Fantastic? Fantastic!

b woMAN: How long do you think the film was? An hour and a half? MAN: ViOIvIAN: Ha! MAN: Two hours? \ilOMAN: Ha! Two and ahalf hours? tutAN: !7olv1tAr\: Keep going. Three hours?? MAN: woir,lAN: Three and a half hours. Three and a half hours??! MAN: WOMAN: Yes. No!! MAN: woMAN: Yes. Three and ahalf hours. Three and a half hours!! MAN:

Track 53 The letter 'g' can be pronounced lgl: autobiograpby, biography. The letter 'g' can also be pronounced ld3lz logical, tragedy. Track 54 Autobiography has six syllables. Animated and biograPhy have four syllables. Track 55 a You might have hurt yourself. b You can't have been very pleased. c That must have been terrifying. d You could have been in real danger. e That couldn't have been plcasant. Track 5E Here are today's football scores: Everton 0, Sunderland... Aston YilIa 2, SheffieldUnited ... Liverpool L, Burnley ... NewcastleUnited 2, ManchesterUnited ... Blackburn Rovers 0, SheffieldWednesduy... Arsenal2, ManchesterCity ... TottenhamHotspur 3, LeedsUnited ... Track 57 Here arc today's football scores: Everton 0, Sunderland1. Aston Yilla 2, SheffieldUnited 2. Liverpool L, Burnley 3. NewcastleUnited 2, ManchesterUnited 3. Blackburn Rovers 0, SheffieldWednesday0. Arsenal2, ManchesterCity L. Tottenham Hotspur 3, LeedsUnited 2. Tfack 58 VICKY:Hi Jane,how are you? JANE: I'm fine. How about you? vICKY: Oh, fine, I suppose.You're looking well, by the way.

Thanks. I had an infection. I was off work, but I'm better now. VICKY: Good. J A N E : But what about you? You look terrible. VICKY: Thanks! J A N E : No sorry, I mean ... VICKY: It's all right. It's truel I have been a bit under the weather,recently ... work, that kind of thing. J A N E : Oh, poor you. Listen, why not come round after the practiceand I'll try and cheeryou up. V I C K Y : Oh, I don't really think I'm up to it. Do you mind? JANE: No, not at all. Get well soon.


Track 59 a flw, rule, toe, tooth, two - toe is the odd one out. b broken, cold, swollen, throat, tooth - tooth is the odd one out. Track 6O a Ow! My shoulderhurts. b Look at his toes! They're broken. c If I was you, I'd give it to him. d If you rang home noq it would be all right. e If you do this work for me, I'11give you three tickets. Tfack 6l a mathematician b photographer c pianist d saxophonist e biologist f therapist g trombonist h violinist i receptionist I journalist Track 6? 1: sTUDENT 2: sTUDENT SruDENrL: 2: STUDENT

How was the exam? It was terrible. \fhy?'Sfhat haPPened? I couldn't answerone of the questions.I made a rcal messof it. sruDENTL: Oh come on! I'm sure it wasn't that bad. 2: You didn't have to do it! STUDENT Track 53 a audition, badminton, exum, guitar, trwmpet, and uiolin have the sound hl like the word sir. b athlete, keyboard and piani.sfhave the sound iil like the word see. c might, right, trial, uiolin and writer have the sound latl llke ligbt. Track E4 a receptionist b percussion c saxophone d violin Track E5 audience,conductor, engineer,interview, manageq. photographer,remember,songwriter, therapist

ANIsI|I|ER KEY UNIT I A 1 a b c d e f g h i I

footballer nurse designer primary teacher orchestral conductor soldier personal assistant refuse collector journalist firefighter

A4 Example answers a A footballer should be assertive, confident and decisive. b A nurse should be friendlv. kind and sympathetic. c A designer should be confident, intelligent and sincere. d A primary teacher should be considerate, enthusiastic and interesting. e An orchestral conductor should be assertive, confident and enthusiastic. f A soldier should be assertive. decisiveand loyal. g A personal assistantshould be decisive,honest and loyal. h A refuse collector should be considerate, happy and patient. i A journalist should be considerate intelligent and interesting. j A firefighter should be confident, considerate and decisive. A 5 a assertive: behaving in a confident way in which you are quick to express your opinions and feelings sensitive: showing that you care about someone or something and do not want to cause offence b assertive: You need to be more assertive to succeed in business. sensitive: This is a difficult case which needs sensitive and skilful handling. A 6 un-: unassertive, unconfident, unemotional, unenthusiastic, unfriendlS unhappy, unintelligent, uninteresting, unkind, unpleasant, unromantic, unsympathetic in-: inconsiderate,indecisive, inhospitable, insensitive, insincere im-: impatient dis-: dishonest, disloyal

A a b c d e f g h i i k

7 indecisive honest inhospitable dishonest Sympathetic impatient unkind unromantic enthusiastic sensitive loyal

B ^ b c d

1 Oh, all right. Yeah, nice to meet you too. Not much really. Oh, I mean I only started last week. It's my first job. What about you? e That sounds interestrng. B 2 a There's someone I'd like you to meet. b Andg this is Polly. c I'd like you to meet Andy. d Polly's in advertising. e Nice to meet you. f Are you a friend of Polly's? g Do you like what you do? h How do you know our host? i What are you working on at the moment? j What do you do? k Oh really? I That sounds interestmg. m \fhat a coincidence! I'm an actor too.

B3 a There's someone I'd like you to meet. b I think you'll like him. c Yeah, nice to meet you too. d Do you enjoy studying zoology? e I'm a teacher. f That's a coincidence. g Can I ask you a question? h Aren't you a bit young to be a teacher?

B4 The words all share the sound lctlllke call.

B 5 all, door, ought, walk, store, saw

c2 a designer, doctor, firefighter, footballer, journalist, nurse, orchestral conductor personal assistant (PA), primary teacher, refuse collector, soldier b assertive, confident, conscientious, considerate,decisive,emotional, enthusiastic, friendly huppy,

honest, hospitable, impatient, intelligent, interesting, kind, loyal, organised, patient, pleasant, romantic, sensitive, sincere, sympathetic

c3 a three-syllable words: assertive, confident, decisive, deglgner, firefighter, footballer, imp4tient, j aurnalist, orchcstral con4fuEtor, organised, pctsonal asglgtant, pqmarg colleEtor, romantic, salary, sensltrve four-syllable words: conscientious, consid erate) emotional, hoEpitable, intelligent, interesting, occupation, sympathetic 'c'is pronounced b in two ways: as lkl in confident, conscientious, considerate, do ctor, entbusiastic, o ccupation, orch estral, condwctor, collector, romantic, symp ath etic; and as lsl in decisiue and sincere.

c4 a, down b u p c u p d down e u p f r'tp g u p


angry - furious, bad - terrible, big enormous, cold - f.reezing,dirty filthy, frightening - terrifying, funny hilarious, good - fantastic, hot boiling, interesting - fascinating, surprrsrng - amazrng

A2 a b c d

frightening terrifying good fantastic

A3 The four combinations that are not possible are: b, f, h, i

A4 ^ Absolute is an adjecrive.Absolutely is an adverb. b Absolute is followed by a noun. Absolutely is followed by (1) an adjective, (2) a verb llke hate. 'We c use absolutely not in speech.

A 5 a absolutely enormous! b absolutely/really furious! c absolut elyheallyl completely terrible! d absolutely heallyI completely fantastic!



e absolutelyheally filthy! f absolutelyheally boiling! g absolutely heallyI completely terrifying! h absolutely/r eally freezingt (Note: we tend to use completely only when we are talking about things and not about people.)

B 1 The missing lines are: 'Sfhat did you think of it? \Jfhy? Didn't you?

B 2 a Hav ey ou e v e r....? b What did you think of it? c I t w a s. . . . . .

B D b A A d D e D f A o A b a

B4 a


b saw c

d e

t o b

h i


k I m n o p q r s t u v w x

v z

ago before think Do agree thought Really knew ln didn't thought too two film last going Probably film fantastic aSree immediately rs will absolutely/quite

B5 a

b c d e

absolutely, f4scinating, happened, angrY. at s4w, all, call amazrngr w4s, agree any, rcad playing, games, fascinating, amazing, m4kes

c2 c absolutely, amazing, angry, bad, faiily, fantastic, fascinating, hilarious, rather, really

C3 a He'[email protected]@teresting. b I [email protected]&&d.

c It was ffisolutely ar{@ing. d It [email protected]?ious. e Shewasflther dheril

f They're d"tty tr"B' g Yo.trroJm's'[email protected] UNIT 3 A 1 a uncountable b becauseit says [U] c American English

A 2 ^ shopping trolleg shopping centre, shopping complex, shopping expedition, shopping bag, shopping list, shopping malls b do the shopping, go shopping, Internet shopping, last-minute shopping, late-night shopping, serious shopping, Sunday shopping, window-shopping

A3 a b c d e f

last-minute shopping window-shopping shopping centre shopping expedition Sunday shopping shopping trolley

A4 a b c d e f g h

shopping expedition last-minute shopping late-night shopping window-shopping shopping shopping trolley do the shopping Internet shopping

B ^ b c d

1 4 L 2 3

B 3 The words with the same sounds are: lel in anything, belt, dress, euery, help, many) seueral, swe*ter, welcome; lnl in cap, bat; li'^lin fleece, ieans, please; lN in gloues, much, some; ls'^l in shirt, skirt, T-shirt.

B4 a Barbara: a dress, a sweater, boots and a hat b Charlene: sandals, shorts, a Tl-shirt, a belt and a cap c Donald: trousers, a shirt, a sweater and a hat d Phoebe:a skirt, a Tlshirt, a belt and socks e Margaret: a dress, some tights, a hat and gloves f Ashley: jeans, a shirt, a fleece and a cap

B 5 a 2 b s c


d e f g h

3 4 7 6 8

C i There are two meaning groups. Clothes: belt, cap, fleece,gloves, hat, jeans, sandals,shirt, shorts, skirt, socks, sweater, tights, trousers, T-shirt Shopping vocabulary: last-minute shopping, late-night shopping, serious shopping, shopping bag, shopping centre, shopping complex, shopping list, shopping mall, shopping spree, shopping trolleg Sunday shopping, to do the shopping, to go shopping, window-shopping


a cap - hat, hat - sandals, belt sweater, sweater - centre, Sunday gloves, fleece - jeans, minute - list, shirt - skirt, shopping - socks, mall - shorts b shorts, shirt, T:-shirt

C3 a b c d e f


UNIT 4 A 1 a b c d e f

5 3 1 6 2 4

A2 a backpacking, boating, campsite, pony-trekking, surfing, waterski, swlmmrng b boating, campsite, excellent facilities, swimming pool, swlmmmg c culture, excellent facilities, excursion, luxurS vacation d hotel, nightlife, sunbathing, swimming pool, resort, clubbing, surfing, tourist, waterski e museums, galleries,culture, excursion, hotel, vacation

A3 a uacation (American English), holiday (British English) - we know becausethey both have entries that say'n' (= noun) and'v' (=verb). b uacation - that's what it says in the definition. c British English speakers use the word holidaymaker. Lmerican English speakers use the word uacattoner.




a b c d e f g

a b c d e f

crulse interesting museum sunbathing tourists air-conditioned package holiday

A 5 The word is campsite.

A 6 a b c d e f g h

abroad backpacking excurslon gallery holidaymaker resort sightseeing vacation

B 1 a 'Well, Yes,'.canI help you? b what kind of holiday do you want? c OK, what about somewhere in Spain, say Sitgesnear Barcelona? 'Well d then, how about Sorrento in Italy? e All right then, can I suggest Rio de Janeiro f Actually, it's probably not as expensive as you think. g \7e11,it's definitely worth considering. h Sure. Take your time.

B 3 a b c d e f

enthusiastic enthusiastic unenthusiastic enthusiastic unenthusiastic unenthusiastic

c2 a backpacking, camping, campsite, gallery, track, package b L uacation is the odd one out. 2 crwise is the odd one out. 3 boating is the odd one out. 4 musewm is the odd one out. 5 resort is the odd one out. 6 excwrsion is the odd one out.

C a b c d e f g h i j

3 big hot sheep nice good fat better plan choose seat

UNIT 5 A 1

bare- cluttered,cold - warm, cramped- spacious,light - dark, untidv - tidv

Home-grown Homeless Home-made Homesick Homework Homecoming

A 4 1 block of flats 2 ground floor 3 first floor 4 flat 5 studio flat 6 bungalow 7 garden 8 semi-detached house 9 garage l0terraced house 11 basement t2 cottage 13 fence 14 gate

A5 a b c d

It's a noun. (It says'n'.) lgodnl yard four

B 1 A: Matt! Kate! How niceto seeyou. B: Yes.It's greatto be here. C: Can I take your coats? D: Thank you. B ^ b c d e f g

2 Can I get you somethingto drink? Can I take your coat? Did you have any trouble finding u s? Do you want/needto wash your up? hands/freshen Go on into the sitting room. How nice to seeyou! Thanks for coming.

B 3 a Can I get you somethingto drink? b Did you have any trouble finding us? c Can I take your coat? d Go on into the sitting room. e Do you needto freshenup? f Thanks for coming. g How niceto seeyou! B 4 a Yesplease.I'd like an orangejuice. b No. It was quite straightfarward, actually. c Thank you. d Thank you. Is it through here? e Yes,that would be nice.'Where's the bathroom? 'Well, f thanks for invfing us. s Yes.It's sreat to be here. B a b c

6 Thanksfor coming. Can I get you somethingto drink? Did you have any trouble finding vour wav here? d ban I t"i.. yo,r. coat?


e Do you need to freshen up? How nice to see you. f 'We g got a bit lost, but it wasn't too bad. h Yes please. Have you got an orange juice? i Can you tell me where the bathroom is? i It's great to see you. k No, I think I'll keep it on if that's all right.

B 7 a Can I get you something to drink? b Can I take your coat? c Did you have any trouble finding your way here? d Do you need to freshen up? e How nice tci see you. f It's great to see you. g No, I think I'll keep it on if that's all right. 'We got a bit lost, but it wasn't too h bad. i Yes please. Have you got an orange juice? j Can you tell me where the bathroorm is?

c2 'Words

with a positive feeling: homecoming, home-made, light, spacious,tidg warm. 'Words with a negative feeling: 'accident, bare, cluttered, cold, cramped, dark, homeless, homesick, untidy

c3 a The sound is /eu/ like so. b homecoming,home-made, homesick,homework,houseboat, studio c block,cramped,ground,spacious C 4

UNIT E A 1 a b c d e f g h i i k I m n o p

accuse guilty sentence... prlson pirate... captured ... soldiers escaped... disguised conquered ... crowned defeated elected died ... poison stabbed executed shot born ... brought up educated inherited married ... divorced



A2 b Verb(pastparticiple) accused conquered crowned defeated died disguised divorced educated elected escaped executed imprisoned inherited married poisoned sentenced shot stabbed c Noun accusatron conquest crown defeat death disguise divorce education election escape executl0n lmprlsonment inheritance marrlage polson sentence shooting stabbing

A3 a Eight b It means that crown is one of the 3000 most common words in written English. c [C] means that the noun is countable (we can say one crown, two crowns, three crowns etc.). It is not the same as 'usually singular'.

B 1 a From that shop opposite the bank. b It was a present from my girlfriend. c I was given them by -y aunt.

B 2 Saying you like something: That's a really nice jacket. I like your shirt. Those are really nice earrings. I think they're great. Saying something is good for the person who is wearing it: \ffell, it really suits you. It looks good on you. Being pleased that someone compliments you: Oh, thanks. Thanks. I'm glad you like them.

B 3 a b c d

plastic leather silk wool


e corduroy f denim

B 4'1,


a make a go of b take up

Oh thanks.

2 It was a present from my husband.

b 1 lt was given to me by *y aunt. 2 Sfell,'S7hat's it looks good with that suit.

it made of?

c l Where did you get it? 2 Oh yes. So it's a Swiss watch then? No I don't think so. It's from Korea.

B 5 a b c d e f

That's fantastic How interesting! That is interesting. Oh, really? You're thinking of getting married? You live in Birmingham?

c1 a conquer, elect, escape,inherit, marry b accuse, defeat, die, divorced, execute,guiltg imprison, pirate, poison, prison, sentence,shoot, stab c hll the others)

c2 a Stresson the first syllable: capture, conquer, corduroy, cotton, denim, educate, execute, gwiby, Ieather, marry, nylon, pirate, plastic, poison, prison, sentence,soldier Stresson the second syllable: Accuse, defeat, disguise, diuorced, elect, escape,imprison, inherit Stresson the third syllable: polyester b /cl/: worn, born, corduroy, divorced /o/: song, conquer, cotton, nylon, polyester /cll: corduroy, poison /e/: photograph, cotton, imprison, polson, prlson leul: oh, soldier pool, shoot /ur/: 'Wool doesn't fit in any of the boxes.

c3 a capture, crown, defeat, disguise, escape,plrate, polson, sentence b corduroy, cotton, denim, leather, nylon, plastic, polyester,silk, wool (These are aIl words that describe materials.)

UNIT 7 A 2 a give away, give back, give out b give in to, give off

A3 a Some dictionaries give eight, others glve nme. b cut out, cut up

c d e

f o b

h i A

go on working out set up get round to break up with see about cut down on put ln

5 Type 1: work out b Type 2: take up, set up, put in c Type 3: go on, see about d Type 4: break up with, make a go of, get round to, cut down on a

A6 a b c d e f g h i

broke up with goon make a go of set up put ln get round to took up cut down on Give up

B 2 a b c d

4 1 . 2 3

B 3 Ben a ... love you forever. ... do half the cooking. b ... do the washing and almost all the ironing. c ...do the gardening at least three tlmes a yeaf. d ... I won't wear my yellow suit agarn. ... I won't play my saxophone more than twice a week. Mariah a ... love you forever. ... cook half the time. b ... pretend that it's interesting. ... let you drive my car on Sundays. d ...you can watch sport on TV from 8to9.

B4 a rude to all my friends when I invite them round to our flat? b promise not to play such loud music in the evenings. c get to class late again. Honestly. d be there on time - for once! e and obev vou forever. f but you'have to organise the drinks. g if you'll do all the cooking. h but I don't promise to make a particularly good job of it. i the bathroom tidv. at least? j you'll never misbehavein class again?


B 5 The sound changes ftom latl to ls'',/ becausethe pronunciation of tuill lwil changes to lU.

c2 a dag break) away, make, take b cowl down, round, out, about c so, go

c3 a I pramrseI'll be at your houseby four o'clock. b I promiseI'll be at your houseby four o'clock. c I promiseI'll be at your houseby four o'clock. d I promiseI'll be at your houseby four o'clock. e I promiseI'll be at your houseby four o'clock. d a e b c

UNff A a b c d e f g h i I k I

f A: Can I take one of these programmes? B: Sure.Help yourself.

A 5 a D b D

Example answers You dropped litter on the rcmenr. You spray-painted the wa[s. You pul up pesters everywhere. You let your dog foul the footpath. You made a lot of noise at night. You rode your b:icycle on the pvement. You have an over-sensitive car alarm. You lit a smoky bonfire. You drove too fast in a built-up area. You used your mobile phqlg on the trarn. You smoked in a public place.

c d e f g h i


i D A6 a Different syllablesare stressed. b Different syllablesare stressed.

c4 1 2 3 4 5

Don't drive too fast. Don't put up posters. Don't light bonfires. Don't ride bicycles on the pavement. g Don't use a mobile phone. h Don't spray-paint the walls.

c d e f



d e f g A

1 drop paint put up let make listento ride have light drive use smoke

A 2 Light sometimestakesan object- see meaning1. S7eknow this becauseit says[T] (T = transitive).Sometimesit doesn'ttake an object- seemeaning2. 'We know this becauseit says[I] (I = intransitive). Paint sometimestake an object and 'We sometimesdoesn't. know this becauseit says[I] (= intransitiue- i.e. doesn'ttake an object)and [T] (= trans'itiue- i.e. takesan object). Shout sometimestakesan object and sometimesdoesn't[VT]. A3 bring [A] come [S] colour [S] drive [S] drop [S] enjoy [A] (exceptin a specialinformal spokenuse) fall [N] open [S] A4 a Don't bring food into the library. b Don't drop litter.

Different svllablesare stressed. Different syllablesare stressed; differentsouridsare used. h i i Different soundsare usedfor the first syllable. B 1 a Yes,certainly. b No sir. I'm afraid taking photographsis strictly forbidden. c No, sorry.'Weoperatea'no dogs' policy. d I'd rather you didn't. e Sure.Help 'We'd yourself f Not at all. love to meet her. B 2 Asking for permission:Can I sit here please/use my camerain here?Are dogs allowed?Is it OIVall right if I use my mobile phone in here?Do you mind if I bring my sisterto the party? Sayingyes:Sure.Yes,certainly.Not at all. Sayingno: I'd rather you didn't. No, sorry. No sir.

B3 a b c d

Do vou ... vou didn't Is it-all ... forbidden Can ... Help you mind ... at all

B 4 a A: Are children allowed in here? B: Sure,of course. b A: Is it OK if I take a photograph here?B: I'd rather you didn't. c A: Is it all right if I bring my dog in here?B: Yesit's okay, but keep it quiet. d A: Do you mind if I take some photographs?B: I'm afraid that's not possible. e A: Can I bring my friend to the party?B: Sure.She'swelcometo


fine - library, liar - bonfire, fear - here


c4 List L: amazing, exactly, forbidden, graffiti, occasion, opinion, permission List 2t certainly, sensitive, signature

UNIT g| A 1 a Yes.'We know becausethe verb is transitive [T]. b fists, teeth and iaw

A2 a b c d e f g h i i k

clench (fist, teeth) cross (arms, fingers, legs) fold (arms) nod (head) point (finger) raise (eyebrows,hand) scratch (ear, head) shake (arm, finger, fist, hands) shrug (shoulders) *"9 (finger) wave (arms, hand)

A a b c d e f g h i I A a b c d e f g h i i A a b c

3 John Pete The dog Simon Sarah Sasha Mel Terry Carl Maisie 4 shakinghis fist nodding her head pointing his finger shruggingher shoulders crossinghis legs waving his hand shakingher finger scratchinghis/herhead raisingher eyebrows folding her arms 5 different (two syllables) interest(two syllables) usually (threesyllables)


d e f g h


consciously (three syllables) general (two syllables) intimacy (four syllables) subconsciously(four syllables) relaxation (four syllables)

A 6 Example answers a determined, dictionary, comfortable b collocation, disagreement, indifference

B 1 a 1 It's difficult to sav 2 shake vour fist 3 Anything else 4 fold your arms b 1 do this scene 2 easvto sav 3 what do I do 4 folding yon. a.-i 5 shrug your shoulders

B 2 Asking for advice: How do you want me to do this scene?\Vhat do I do? \fhat do you recommend? Anything else? Expressing doubt: It's difficult to say. That's not easy to say. Giving advice: I think you can come in and ... I think you can show boredom by ... \Wellyou could fold your arms \fell you could shrug your shoulders... Checking you have understood correctly: Is this what you had in mind? Like this? Agreeing with an action: Yes, that's the kind/type of thing.

B 3 a b c d e f g h i

want think mind think Anything easy type/kind could could

B 4 a b c d e f g h

else? to say. me to play this scene? scratch your ear or something. this? and cross your legs. the kind of thing. would show you are relaxed.

B 5 Actor: How do you want me to play this scene? Director: It's difficult to say. I reckon you could scratch your ear or something. Actor: Like this? Director: Yes, that's the kind of thing. Actor: Anything else? Director:\fell yes. You could sit down and cross your legs. That would show you are relaxed.

c1 Possibleanswers arm, cross,finger,fold, head,nod, raise,scratch,shake,wag, wave

C2 a l 4 s o u n d s :l k - r - D - s / 2 5 s o u n d s l:f - t - r J - g - e l 3 9 s o u n d sh: - n - d - r - f - r - e -

d Saveyour work on to the hard disk. e Print your work. f Close the application. g Switch off the computer, the monitor and the printer.

B 1

do you know how to connect up to n-s/ the Internet? b1 4 5 s o u n d s l: p - t t - z - I - d / Have you checked the connection a2 5 8 s o u n d s /: s - t - r - e I - n - d 3 - e How may I help you? c1 -zl No. Do you think that will help? a3 64sounds:/t-r-ur-0/ OK. I'll give it a try. c3 b intimacg relaS4tion,subconsciously Really? c2 Thanks. That's great! b2 C3 'Well, I can't get my personal organiser a 6 to work with my computer. a1

b c d e f g

7 3 4 9 8 2

h s i


UNIT ItI A 1 calculator c computer n o contact lenses b credit card d hearing aid J q electric guitar electric toothbrush a eiectionic p.iro""i organiser e keyboard o mrcrowave oven h mobile phone I monrtor k mouse p personal stereo b pnnter f scanner m television I

A2 ^ b c d e f

go online emails website crashes computer vlruses bug

A3 a Five b Sometimesit is countable (it savs ICl in the dictionary) and sometlmesrt ls uncountable (it savs [U] in the dictionary). c for, to do d Meaning 3 is used when talking about computers (the dictionary says computing). Meaning 4 is a rather formal word (it savs 'formal' in the dictionarv). A 4 a Switch on the computer, the monitor and the prlnter. b 'Work. Open the applicatron you want. c

6 t a Can you help me? Do you know how to connect up to the Internet? This thing is driving me qazy. b Have you checked the batteries? Just click on the icon. That's what I would do. The best thing to do is to switch off and start 'I$(/hat again. Why don't you trv and see? seems to be ihe problem? c Do you think that will help? OK. I'll give rt a try. Really? Thanks. That's great.

B 3 The woman speaks more fluently.

B 4 a b c d

Can you help me? .What seemsta be the problem? Have you checked the batteries? you know how to use this Do t'---1-,-I \ answerDnonet

. Wb!l; theproblem? 't07hat


do I do now?

8 6 a Sure.Just press the red button and record your message. 'Well, b that's what I would do. c The best thing would be to call the garage. d Is it plugged in? e You're welcome. f Why? \fhat seemsto be the problem?

B 7 a b c d e f g

Can problem sure know click happens a t get It I crazy j Have k what I don't m thing n staft o switched p been

'q.ruS$B,#.*:r$d +di,::Y


( 4 4 L I


connected with computers: computer, computer bug, computer virus, crash (of a computer), disk, emails, go online, hard disk, keyboard, modem, monitor, printer, scanner,the computer's crashed, website

a The American pronunciation includes a ftnal lrl. b o f c It is uncountable.

C 2 a column 1: electric, computer column 2: personal, microwave, monltot stereo column 3: television, electronic column 4: organiser,calculator b column 1: credit. microwave. crashed column 2: disk. scanner column 3 : electric, electronic

b \fhat are the best bits in the f i l m ?

c3 a b c d e

Thank you. Thank you. Thanks a lot. Thank you veq/ much. Thank you very much for your

help. f No problem. g Don't mention it. h Glad I could help.

fr"JhJgT $g A 1

a b c d

4 3 2 1

A2 a b c d e

a sculpture based on a setm about the story

A3 a 5

b 2 c

d e f g A a b c d e f g h i j k I m n o


7 1 , 3,6 The questions 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 could be used for books too. 4 comrc ... comedy romance ... romantic comedies tragedy musical opera detective thrillers science westerns war horror action autobio graphy ... biography historical animated


What's your favourite Bond

f ' l


ril/ho's in it? 'V7hat part does Halle Berrv pl avi n the film? e What kind of film is it? f Who are the main charactersin the film? '$fhat's g the story of the film?

It was the intonation the speakers used. a lgl: autobiographS biography ld3l: logical, tragedy b 1 autobiography 2 animated, biography



8 a b c

1 You must have been reallv fed up. That can't have been much fun. You must have been pleased.

B 2 a b c d e

wonderful exhausted been easy hurt yourself much fun

B 3 Example answers a That must have been fantastic! b That can't have been pleasant. c You must have been tired. d That can't have been easy. e That must have been frightening! f You must have been excited! g You must have been delighted! h That can't have been very nice.

B4 6 2 1, 5 9 t 4 g 10 h 8 i Ja i 7 a b c d e

B5 a A: B: A: B: A:

How was the film? Fantastic. Fantastic? Fantastic! How long do you think the film was? B: An hour and ahalf? A: Ha! B: Two hours? A: Ha! B: Two and a half hours? A: Keep going. B: Three hours? A: Three and a half hours. B: Three and a half hours?! A: Yes. B: No! A: Yes. Three and a half hours. B: Three and a half hours!

a b c d e

You might have hurt yourself. You can't have been very pleased. That must have been ferri$-rng. You could have been in real danger. That couldn't have been pleasani.

Eirui$g$ffi & 3 a b c d e f

head: ea\ eyet,nose, tooth neck: throat shoulder: collar bone arm: elbow, wrist torso: stomach, waist hand: index finger, little finger, thumb g leg: ankle, knee, thigh h foot: heel, toes, big toe i He's'hurt his ankle/foot.

A 2 a

adjective (adj in the dictionary)

b a rtvef or stream c They think they are cleverer,better etc. than they really are.

A3 a. headache,earache,toothache. stomach ache b 1 broken nose/tooth/collarbon.-' arrrilw ristlfinger/th u m b/an k Ic .. footltoe 2 fractured collar bone/u'rist fingerlleglankle/roe 3 sprained r.r'rist/finger/ank l. 4 swollen head/earlnoseiilrnt elbow/rvrist/finger/rhu rnl.rIr i ank le/knee/foorTh eell ro c 5 sore headlearleve/throarr shoi:..1.: armlelbow/wrist/finger/thu nr1.,l.:u, ankle/kn eelfoot/hee[roe 6 a parn in the neck F, ti a She'sgot a stomach ache. b He's got a swollen finger. c She'sgot a broken leg. d He's got a sprained ankle. e She'sgot (a) toothache. f He's got a broken nose. g She'sgot a sore throat. h He's got a swollen knee. i She's got a headache. j He's got a pain in his neck. k She'sgot a broken finger. l], ,:,: (Look at the audioscript for Track 57, on pageBB.) ffif

a 2 b 6 c 1


B -Ho* 2 are you? You're looking well' I Y"" foot ierrible. How about You? +4,t2 b FinL.I'm fine. I had an infection"' I'm better now. I've beena bit ""a.t the weather.+ t, 3, 5, 6,7 ' 819

c Good.PoorYou.+ 2,10r11.1'3 B3

a a bad back, flu, a migraine, a stomach ache, food Poisonlng' a cold b iti, ii.t , terrible, not very well, offcolour

B4 a b c d e f g h i I k

B 3 aBN bGN c B N dBN e B N f B N gGN hGN i B N


d 3 e 4 f s

how great wasn't problem/matter bed sorry broken playing about well let's


i-rot is the odd one out' -The others "titt"u. the sound lw'l tooJh' b- iioti is the odd one out' The.oth.tt all havethe sound leul broken.

c3 ExamPle answers a uncle b some c gain/Paid d land/sand e rose/note f missed/kissed g more

composer manager singer cellist footballer chess plaYer photograPher teacher recePtionist

a b c d e f g h i

B a b c d e t g h

A4 a mathematics b Bhstograph c d e f g h i i

pi4no g4xophone biologY therapY trombone violin reEqPtion journal


a ltlltke sitb ll:.;lhkesee c latl like light


a mathematicianD b photograPherD c gianist D d saxophonistD e biologist S f therapistS g tromLonist S L violinist S i reecBtionistS i j-aunalist S A 6 a athlete b pianist c actor d footballer e drummer f saxoPhonist g cellist h scientist i recePtionist i comPoser k guitarist



B 1

c4 a b c d e

shoulder toes I'd give it to him If you rang home three tickets

UNIT 13 A a b c d e f g h 1

1 6 11, 4 8 9 7 5 2 J

i t

k 1 0

B a b c d e i q fl i

4 6 4 8 2 5 7 I 3

2 It was great' It wenireallY well' I think it went OK' It wasn't too bad' It could have beenworse' i-.""tan't think what to say/write' Horrible. I made a realmessof it' AbsolutelYterrible'

a b c d

receptionist percuqsion s4xopnone violin

c 'a


audience, interview, man,ager) songwriter, theraPist b conductor' remember' englneer c d photograPher

lary Vocabu skills is designed for individual JustVocabulary as partof eithera classroom-based development programme. Theapproach courseor a self-study is learner-centred, andeachunit hasclearaims, practice activities. motivating topicsandinteresting

learners isfor adultintermediate JustVocabulary preparation material andcanbeusedasgeneral for exams at thislevel. lary features: JustVocabu o a clearlexical syllabus o an integrated pronunciation syllabus o systematic work dictionary o aspects of the lexicalapproach 0therbooksin thisseries J u s tR e a d i nagn dW r i t i n g JustGrsmrnar J u s tL i s t e n i nagn dS p e a k i n g

Aboutthe Author Harmer isan internationally-recognized authority Jer:emy and on ELT, anda best-selling authorof methodology course books, whicharewidelyusedin over40 countries.

r s B N0 - 4 6 2 - 0 0 7 1 2 - X

8 9.??

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