JSA #28 - Vibration Monitor

November 13, 2017 | Author: arunvrajan2008 | Category: Personal Protective Equipment, Safety, Energy And Resource, Nature
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Short Description

Job safety Analysys28...


Job Safety Analysis Sheet JOB DESCRIPTION: Functional testing of Vibration Monitor on a Rotating Equipment

JSA Ref. No. JSA / KOC / 28


Permit No. Date:

Work Area / Equipment:

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT & TOOLS: Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Hand Gloves, Coverall, Portable Radio SEQUENCE OF BASIC JOB STEPS


Yes / No


Refer HSEMS Procedure - Doc. No. SA.KOC.004 “Permit to Work”.

Take a Cold Work Permit from Asset Owner.

Ensure the availability of spare probe, transmitter, switch & other hardware for replacement of defective items.

Refer manufacturer instruction for replacement of probe, transmitter or other items.

Evaluate the risk & override the tripping action for high high or low low alarm.

Record the override in the “Override Register”.

Take the unit out of service In case the job can not be done on line.

Ensure the identity of Vibration Monitor through Tag No.

Maintain a radio communication between worker at vibration monitor location in the field and the person stationed at Control Room.

Damage to Vibration Probe / Monitor

Tap the vibration probe gently while functional testing.

Fault / Actual Alarm

Confirm the alarm through radio communication; whenever the transmitter is isolated, calibrated, lined up etc.

Take precautions while opening junction box or cable terminal.

Use rubber insulated gloves if required.

Refer manufacturer instruction for opening, servicing & closing of junction box.

In case the junction box for “Transmitter” is opened for servicing or maintenance; ensure the closure of cable terminals as well as junction box conforms to respective hazardous area classification

Confirm the transmitter line up after functional testing & calibration.

Ensure proper wind up & housekeeping at worksite.

Evaluate the risk & remove the override after resetting the alarm.

Non – compliance of HSE MS Procedures

Non – availability of Spares Planning

Unintended Tripping / Shutdown of the unit

Wrong Identity of Vibration Monitor or Switch

Lack of Communication

Functional Testing Electric Shock

Spark Potential

Loss of signal to DCS

Windup & Housekeeping

Scattered Material

Additional Hazards (Other than indicated above)

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Designation: Company: Contract No.(If Applicable): Date:

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