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Construction Procedure for Bullet Erection on mound...






FOA No. Work Order No. EIL Job No. Fabtech Project No. Document No.:

10/J22/884/FOA-330E/AJ/13E 18.07.2013 4504246017 dtd. 18.07.2013 A255 FPRO-0274 FPRO-0274/A255/ME/31


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Procedure for Bullet Erection on the Mound “Mounded LPG and Propylene Storage System for Integrated Refinery Expansion Project (IREP) of M/s. BPCL – Kochi Refinery”



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INTRODUCTION Fabtech Projects & Engineers Ltd. has been awarded the job of executing the Mounded Bullet Project at Kochi Refinery on LSTK basis. The Mounded Bullet construction consists of Civil and Mechanical works. The construction of the mound shall be as per OISD-150 standard. The stages of civil work execution consists of ground improvement, RCC retaining wall, sand filling stage-1, stage-2 and after erection and hydro-testing of the bullets, stage-3 sand filling and allied works shall be completed for closing the mound. All the civil work shall be carried out at the site only. Fabrication of the bullets can be carried out, normally, either at site adjacent to the mound or any other place outside the refinery and the sections brought to the mound. Since, the mounded bullets are to be erected in the refinery premises, in view of the safety constraints, the sections are to be fabricated outside the refinery as per the tender requirement. The work flow diagram for the mound is attached herewith. For the purpose of fabrication of the bullet sections, Fabtech has taken a land on lease, where the sections shall be fabricated. M/s BPCL is providing land for fabrication of sections and the shell rolling has to be done elsewhere. In view of the stringent schedule, Fabtech will be carrying out fabrication of sections both at Fabtech’s yard and BPCL yard. Due to the topography, nature and level at the proposed place for the Mounded Bullet and surroundings this erection procedure is made after taking into consideration various aspects like weight of the bullet sections, length of the bullet sections, space available for movement of 250 MT crane, approach to the mound by trailers, entrance of the bullet sections to mound, alignment, field welding and other sequential activities till completion of hydro-testing. The bullet sections shall be fabricated at Fabtech’s yard and BPCL yard and shifted to the mound area thru hydraulic trailers. The approach to the mound area requires crossing the above ground pipeline coming out from the Horton spheres. BPCL/EIL will make alterations in the road level for movement of the sections under the pipeline.


The approach to the mound is thru the existing roads of the refinery and is shown in the attached drawing. 

PROCEDURE FOR BULLETS ERECTION 1) The BQ plates received from manufacturer shall be duly identified by M/s. CEIL (TPIA) at Fabtech’s Chakan Pune works. 2) The plates will be rolled at Fabtech’s Pune works. For each shell course three plates considered. 3) Similarly, the plates for dish-ends shall also be received at Fabtech’s Pune works, inspected by CEIL. The design of dish-end is hemispherical with crown & petals. 4) The crown & petals pressing for dish-end shall be carried out at Fabtech Pune works. Mark-up and match marking for dish-end shall be carried at Fabtech Pune works. 5) Stiffener rings and flange shall be fabricated at Fabtech Pune works and proper match-marking shall be done. 6) All nozzle, dome dish-end, manholes shall be fabricated at Fabtech Pune works. 7) All the rolled shell plates, dish-end materials, domes, manholes shall be transported to Fabtech’s Kochi yard and BPCL yard for further fabrication of sections. 8) The L-seam welding for the shells, jointing the shells to form sections by C-seam, radiography, stress relieving, shot blasting and 120 degree PU coating shall be carried out both at Fabtech’s Kochi yard and BPCL yard. 9) The section shall be fabricated strictly as per the approved QAP with stage-wise inspection of CEIL (TPIA). EIL/BPCL inspection shall also be carried out at the yards. 10) 75 MT crawler crane and 12 Ton hydras shall be used with all lifting tools & tackles for fabrication of the sections. 11) -

The sequence of fabrication of sections at both the yards is as under: L-seam welding for the rolled plates to form one shell. RT of L-seams. Fitment and welding of stiffener ring. (This will complete the activities for one shell course) Similarly, the shell courses shall be fabricated for making the sections. 3


The fitment for two shell courses shall be done vertically and C-seam welding carried out. - After radiography of C-seam, the fitment of third shell course vertically and the C-seam welding carried out. - The 3 shell course thus form the section and tilted to horizontal position for Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) and carrying out shot blasting, PU coating of bottom 120 degree portion as per approved procedures. 12) The no. of sections required for LPG bullet is 12 nos. and for LPG/Propylene bullet is 11 nos. In view of the changes in thickness of shell plates, the sections will have either 2 shell course or 3 shell course to limit the weight to a max. of 110 MT. A) No. of Sections: a) LPG (YT-626, 627) :- 12 Sections Per Bullet b) Propylene (YT-632, 633) :- 11 Sections Per Bullet c) LPG / Propylene (YT-634, 635) :- 11 Sections Per Bullet B) The Section’s Weight varies from 95 MT to 110 MT. 13) The sections shall be shifted to mound with 150Ton capacity hydraulic axle trailer. (The route survey has already been done.) 14) Sections will be loaded on Trailer with the help of two 75MT Cap Crawler Crane. 15) After shifting near to the Mound the Section will be unloaded by 250 MT Cap Crawler Crane. 16) The completed shells sections are erected in such a way that to make use of the manpower efficiently (who are working on the Mound) the shell sections of two Bullets adjacent are erected in sequence and welded. (Ref. Drawing No. FPRO-0274/A255/ME/31-1 for sequence of placement of sections. 17) All the nozzle and manhole / dome will be welded to the respective sections as per approved drawing after erection and welding of the sections on the mound. 18) Radiography wherever applicable, ultra sonic test wherever applicable and any other test will be carried out before hydra testing as per approved procedures. 19) The Hydro test of the bullets will be carried out individually and in sequence as per approved procedure. Water will be transferred from one bullet to the other in sequence.


Erecting Methodology for Bullet Sections on the Mound:1) Once the 1st Phase of Civil work is completed with, sand filling and compaction up to 60 degree of bullet bottom will be carried out in entire mound area and layout of bullet sections for bullet No. YT-635 & YT-634 shall be marked on sand bed. 2) Necessary Ramp on North east side corner of 10 Mtr. wide shall be constructed in earth with proper compaction in layers to ensure 250MT crane movement as well as Hydraulic Axle with section weight. Mound Retaining wall of that particular portion shall be casted only up to 60 Degree of bullet bottom level and reinforcement steel shall be bend accordingly to make clear approach for entering Axle trailer and crane inside the mound area. 3) We have considered taking the bullet sections from North-East side corner since the level difference between NGL Level of the Road and bullet bottom is minimum and hence it will be easy for making the ramp and taking heavy movement of trailer with sections, cranes etc. from that location. 4) 250 MT Cranes shall be positioned at a suitable location inside mound area in order to unload the sections from Trailers and shall be kept near to the exact erection location. 5) Sand profile shall be made and proper dressing and compaction shall be carried out at the place of respective section erection. 1:200 slope towards south side shall be maintained for each profile of section as required. 6) During the handling and erection of the section 250MT crane shall be positioned in such a way that turning radius shall not be more than 10 Mtr. and boom length shall be kept 25.5 Mtr. so that load carrying capacity of the crane shall be sufficient enough for lifting the section at all the time during operation. Please find attached load chart for 250 MT capacity Kobelco crane. 7) Erection sequence shall be followed as mentioned below: a) Propylene bullet YT-635 starting from tunnel (South) side section up to 2nd last section on North side. b) Propylene bullet YT-634 starting from tunnel (South) side section up to 2nd last section on North side. c) LPG bullet YT-626 and YT-627 starting from tunnel (South) side section up to last section parallel. d) LPG/Propylene bullet YT-632 & YT-633 starting from tunnel (South) side section up to last section parallel. 5

e) Balance Propylene bullet YT-634 & YT-635 last section towards North side erection. 8) Necessary trenches below the field joint area shall be excavated to carry out fit up, welding, Local SR, RT, PU coating etc. 9) Once mechanical work of field joint is completed, trenches shall be backfilled and compacted properly. 10) 120 deg. sand filling and compacting in layers for bottom side of the bullets shall be carried out. 11) Hydro testing sequence of the bullet shall be carried out starting from LPG bullet YT-626 finishing to Propylene bullet YT-635 as per approved procedure. 12) The retaining wall of the Mound at all four sides will be fully constructed up to the required height except ramp portion. Balance ramp portion casting shall be carried out after hydro testing. 13) Temporary Ramp and site cleaning shall be carried out after all the bullet sections are taken inside the mound.

REFERENCE DOCUMENTS 1) Flow Diagram 2) Approved Drawings of the Propylene and LPG Bullets:A) For LPG Bullet:a) FPRO/0274/A255/ME/005 (YT-626/YT-627) B) For Propylene Bullet:a) FPRO/0274/A255/ME/009 (YT-632/YT-633) C) For LPG / Propylene Bullet:a) FPRO/0274/A255/ME/013 (YT-634/YT-635)


3) Typical Layout Drawing No. FPRO-0274/A255/ME/31-1 showing all the six Bullets with their sequential erection of the sections. 4) Drawing No. FPRO-0274/A255/ME/31-1 showing sections details i.e. Weight and Dimensions. 


1) Drawings as mentioned above 2) Load Chart of 250 t Kobelco Crane 3) Drawings showing Crane body dimensions  ASSISTANCE REQUIRED FROM EIL/BPCL: 1) Clear approach to the mound right from the BPCL Refinery Gate entry without any permanent obstacles like lowering of road etc. 2) BPCL Yard handing over after filling and power connection.


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