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INTRODUCTION One of the requirements of fourth year students taking up Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Hospitality Management Management and Tourism Tourism (BSHMT) program at the City College of Tagaytay (CCT) is to undergo an on-the-job training. Practicum training is one of the many means by which the student’s skills can be developed and improved. Under this program, training can be defined as a carefully planned and handled effort of the management of cooperating company or establishments and schools, through competent employees and instructors, to impart know-how and develop certain phases of  an indiv individ idual ual’s ’s acade academi micc and prac practi tical cal knowl knowled edge ge and skil skills ls,, disci discipli pline ne and socia sociall  behavior. The clarion call for quality education has become a major focus of instructors and administrators in their ultimate aim of improving the country’s educational system, thus, the

Hospita Hospitalit lity y Manage Management ment and Tourism Tourism program program at the City College College of Tagayta Tagaytay y

included the curriculum HMT 12 (Practicum), designed for on-the-job training to prepare the students for future work in the hospitality industry. This report is a narrative of the student’s training experiences at the following establishments: Taal Vista Hotel, Taj of Tagaytay and Massimos Ristorante Italiano during the second semester of SY 2007-2008 in Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines. The studenttrainee was assigned at the kitchen and housekeeping departments where she rendered a total of 400 hours of on-the-job training.







Name and General Location Official Name:

Taal Vista Hotel


Kilometer 60 Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines

Historical Background The beginnings of Taal Vista Hotel dates back during the Commonwealth Period. The late President Manuel L. Quezon was so fascinated by the beauty of Tagaytay that he wanted the government to buy enough land to provide for infrastructure infrastructure and amenities. amenities. He suggested to the management of The Manila Hotel to build a lodge along the ridge and in 1937, Taal Vista Lodge was built. At the Taal Vista Lodge, Pres. Quezon held h eld cabinet meetings and important guests such such as head headss of stat states es,, high high rank rankin ing g gove govern rnme ment nt offi offici cial alss and and cele celebr brit itie iess were were accommodated. However, during World War II, the Japanese officers used the lodge as quarters. Taal Vista Lodge Lodge became renowned as the leading leading tourist tourist attraction attraction in Tagaytay City, having the best view of the world famous Taal Volcano and Taal lake. Categorized as a three-star hotel, it showed grandeur a large pavilion for dining and dancing, a bowling alley, a golf course, a billiard hall and a horse back riding area beside the lodge. But like any other establishment, it went through rough times, passing through differe different nt owners owners and managem management ent.. From From 1975 to 1984, 1984, the Resort Resort Hotel Hotel Corpora Corporatio tion n

4 (RHC) managed the hotel. Then from 1984 until 1988, Hotel Development Corporation (HDC), a subsidiary of the Development Bank of the Philippines took over managing the hotel. It was in the late 1988 that SM Investments Corporation bought the property from HDC and immediately renovated forty (40) rooms for the exclusive use of the Philippine Amusement Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). The Casino Filipino while an amusement center and a Jollibee outlet, one of the fastest growing fast food chains in the country, consigned a place to serve both the tourists and Casino Filipino guests. Through the decades, thousands of people have found comfort, peace and have cherished fond memories from the majestic and unique sceneries that the lodge offered. Still, in 1999, Taal Vista Lodge bid its farewell. In 2002, reconstruction work began and Tall Vista Lodge metamorphosed into “Taal Vista Hotel”, now considered as one of the country’s grandest hotel. In March 27, 2003, after undergoing major renovation and transformation, the hotel opened its doors initially with eighty rooms, one restaurant and one function room. Today, the Taal Vista Hotel, managed by Fuego Properties Management Corporation, offers upscale facilities and services with 128 fully operational guestrooms and 6 function rooms. It has maintained its grandiosity with its classic architecture blended with modern features. The same feel of the splendid view and the cool climate of Tagaytay are still there, but this time, with more luxury and style. The Taal Vista Hotel has truly  become a landmark in Tagaytay City. The location map of Taal Vista Hotel is shown in Figure 1 and Appendix G shows the hotel’s company logo.



Figure 1. Location map of Taal   N Vista Hotel, Kilometer 60 Aguinaldo Highway,    A    L    I Tagaytay City, Cavite    S CASINO FILIPINO

Philosophy, Vision and Mission TAAL The VISTA HOTEL

   G    N    I    S    S    O    R    C

company’s vision statement “Dream Big, Think Big and Act Big” expresses  AGUINALDO

   T the philosophyHIGHWAY of the management of Taal Vista Hotel. This VIA statement guarantees the MANILA    E FROM

   K COASTAL ROAD    R    A    Mprovided by knowledgeable, competent highest standards of goods and services for guests    Y    E    A    S    T    O    Y objectives. and skilled staff that share the company’s goals and    J    A    N    G    A    A    S    T  . The hotel’s mission statement is to “promote a working environment portrayed by    Y    G    B

respect, trust, humility and care and nurturing open and honest communication at all levels”. Creating an environment where the employees will find not only job satisfaction  but also professional and personal fulfillment.

Ownership Management    A

   L    I The Fuego Hotels and Properties Management Corporation (FHPMC) is in charge    N

of managing Taal Vista Hotel. FHPMC is a hotel management company owned

   A    M and    M    O    R    F

operated by successful and reputable businessmen, landowners, real estate developers and STA. ROSA EXIT TOLL GATE

financial services experts. It has an established expertise in managing hotels, resorts and full and limited-service properties. FHPMC has people, power and perspective, notwithstanding resources to improve a SOUTH SUPER HIGHWAY

 property’s bottom line, including a significant amount of experience in turnaround situations, especially those requiring major renovations or property repositioning. The

6 company is committed to excellence of service resulting in maximized profitability, asset value of clients and increased value to owners/shareholders of the properties.

FHPMC’s corporate officers are the following: Managing Director


Alfredo Roca

AVP for Operations


Juan Roca

Director for Human Resources


Maria Teresa Moreno

Director for Finance


Rolly Villalon

Director for Food and Beverage


Susan Salcedo

Director for Sales and Marketing


Cathy Manuel

Director for Rooms


Hermie Tabañag

Organizational Structure In order to carry out its mission, goals and objectives, Taal Vista Hotel has a formal organizational structure showing the different chain of command for management, supervision, and employee and staff levels. This organizational structure shows the relationships between management and staff functions. The organizational chart of Taal Vista Hotel is shown in Figure 2.

























Figure 2. Organizational structure of Taal Vista Hotel.

8 The duties and responsibilities of the management level at Taal Vista Hotel  personnel are as follows: General Manager. The General Manager is in-charge of overall management of the different departments of the hotel, he is assisted in the planning, formulating and implementing of policies to achieve its goals. Assistant General Manager . The Assistant General Manager assists in the overall operations of the hotel. All key personnel of the eight departments and corresponding subdepartments directly report to him. Human Resource Manager. The Human Resource Manager is responsible for 

8 The duties and responsibilities of the management level at Taal Vista Hotel  personnel are as follows: General Manager. The General Manager is in-charge of overall management of the different departments of the hotel, he is assisted in the planning, formulating and implementing of policies to achieve its goals. Assistant General Manager . The Assistant General Manager assists in the overall operations of the hotel. All key personnel of the eight departments and corresponding subdepartments directly report to him. Human Resource Manager. The Human Resource Manager is responsible for  external and internal recruitment and hiring of personnel for the Hotel. He/She takes charge in the calculation of employees’ salaries and compensation including tax withholding. Other duties of the HRD Manager include administration of employees' paperwork, monitoring of personnel attendance and ensures employees' safety and working conditions in the Hotel. Marketing and Sales Manager. The Marketing and Sales Manager is generally responsible for sales, convention services, advertising and public relations of the Hotel. Accounting Manager. The Accounting Manager monitors the financial activities of  the Hotel. Some of the activities that he/she undertakes are the following: pays outstanding invoices; distributes unpaid statements; collects amounts owed; processes payroll; accumulates operating data; compiles financial reports; makes bank deposits; secures cash loans; and performs other control and processing functions. Front Office Supervisor. The functions of the Front Office Supervisor include the following: sell guestrooms, register guests and design guestrooms; coordinate guest

9 services; provide information; maintain accurate room statistics, and room key inventories; maintain guest account statements and complete proper financial settlements; and receive and process reservation requests for future accommodations. Food and Beverage Manager. The Food and Beverage Manager is in charge of the entire operations of all F & B outlets such as: coffee shop, restaurants, room service, cocktail, lounge, butler service, banquet service, banquets, and catering in relation to food and beverage service and production. Part of his function includes menu planning, menu engineering, food costing for stocking inventory, implementing, organizing and coordinate. Rooms Division Manager. The Rooms Division Manager supervises the housekeeping staff, prepares department goals and implements policies and procedures. He also coordinates housekeeping operations; assigns duties and supports staff members and coordinates with Front Office for reservation of rooms and room requirements. Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer is responsible for planning, directing, controlling and coordinating the activities in Engineering such as operation and maintenance of all electrical and mechanical equipment used in air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration, water supply, building facilities and power center of the entire hotel. Security Supervisor. The Security Supervisor ensures the safety and security of  guests, visitors and employees of the Hotel. He is in charge of safekeeping of Hotel  properties and responsible for the monitoring of company equipment. Security division  personnel are usually screened from in-house personnel, security officers or retired police officers, across certain physical skills, and prior experience.

Rooms, Amenities, Facilities and Outstanding Characteristics of the Establishment


A. Guestrooms Taal Vista Hotel has a total of 128 guestrooms fully equipped with cable television, IDD/NDD phone lines, mini-bar, hot and cold water and coffee-making facility, complete  bed and bath linen set-up, hotel slippers, make-up/shaving mirror, courtesy bottled water, courtesy newspaper, wake-up call service, room service, luggage rack, coffee making facility, electronic entry lock and in-room safety box among others. The rooms are categorized as Superior rooms, Deluxe rooms, Junior suite, Deluxe suite, Ambassador suite, Premier suite, Royal suite and Imperial suite. The guest rooms of  the hotel are shown in Appendix H.

B. Food and Beverage Facilities Lobby Lounge. A perfect setting for coffee and light meals and sundown affairs with its fireplace and expansive vaulted ceilings, the hotel’s Lobby Lounge recaptures the grand era of the Tudor House. A pianist entertains guests at appointed times each day. Café-on-the-Ridge. This facility recreated the ambiance and cuisine of three (3) continents, featuring a menu that distinctly highlights the simple elegance of Europe, the disposition of Spain and Asian mystique. Bar-by-the-Lobby. Both classic and innovative cocktails and quenchers are whipped up at the bar-by-the-lobby. The well-stocked bar is ideal for entertaining and socializing as well as enthralling with the majestic view of the tropical sun set. Taal Vista Hotel’s food and beverage facilities are shown in Appendix I.

C. Business Center

11 The Business Center, located at the Tudor Main Lobby, offers extensive services for the needs of guests for business and related purposes. The following are offered:  photocopying, printing, typing, facsimile and equipment rental of desktop computers, DVD  player, overhead projector and LCD projector.

D. Function Rooms The hotel has a total of ten function rooms to accommodate meetings and gatherings. Table 1 shows the hotel’s function rooms’ dimensions and specifications.

Table 1. Taal Vista Hotel’s function rooms’ dimensions and specifications. FUNCTION ROOMS





32m x 20m




24m x 12m


27m x 4 m








18.50m x 15 m








8.06m x 7.6 m








8.06m x 7.6 m








8.06m x 9.7 m








8.06m x 7.6 m








8.06m x 7.6 m








8.06m x 5.22m







The function rooms are provided with following equipment and amenities: P.A. sound system, LCD projector and color TV with VCD/DVD player, overhead projector, stage and rostrum, three (3) motorized wide screen at the Sampaguita Ballroom, built-in wide screen at Waling-Waling 1 and 2, Rosal 1 and 2, Jasmine and Gumamela, portable wide screen at Magnolia, whiteboard with markers and erasers, flip charts and easel stand,

12  paper pencils pencils and dance dance floor. floor. The Sampaguita Ballroom is shown in Appendix J.

E. Recreational Facilities The hotel boasts of the following recreational facilities: a 4 feet x 7 feet swimming  pool, a soothing Ylang-Ylang Ylang-Ylang Spa offering a full-range full-range of spa services, an air-conditioned air-conditioned kiddie room, a well-equipped gym room, a game room with billiard tables and dart boards and a specialty shop (Dibuho) where guests can buy locally made souvenir items.

F. Outstanding Features Offering the best view of the world’s smallest volcano, the viewing deck at Taal Vista Hotel is a popular tourist haunt. The fiberglass domes on the viewing deck also encase the lights below and add a touch of whimsy at night. And, only at Taal Vista Hotel can guests find a hallway that is a virtual gallery of lights and color. This outstanding feature is shown on Appendix K.

A. HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT The primary function of the Housekeeping Department Department is the monitoring, cleaning and maintenance of the areas, facilities, materials and supplies under its supervision. At

13 Taal Vista Vista Hotel, Hotel, this departm department ent encompa encompasse ssess three three divisi divisions, ons, namely: namely: Public Public Areas, Areas, Rooms and Floors.

Areas of Concern Organizational Structure The Housekeeping Department is headed by the Rooms Division Manager. Under  his responsibility are several supervisors who, in turn, are responsible for rank and file staff. The duties and responsibilities of the Housekeeping Department personnel are as follows: Room Roomss Divi Divisi sion on Manag anager er.. The The Room Roomss Divi Divisi sion on Mana Manage gerr supe superv rvis ises es the the housekeeping staff, prepares department goals and implements policies and procedures. He also coordinates housekeeping operations, assigns duties and supports staff members and coordinates with Front Office for reservation of rooms and room requirements. Executive Executive Housekeeper. Housekeeper. The Executive Executive Housekeeper Housekeeper prepares yearly yearly budget for  linen uniform and guest cleaning supplies; ensures that the department operation in linen expense is strictly monitored; checks the forecast house count for number of checkouts;  prepares  prepares organized special special cleaning and projects; projects; and conducts daily daily briefing and check on staff attendance, proper grooming and dress code. Housekeeping Supervisor – Rooms. The Housekeeping Supervisor – Room Section conducts daily briefing and check on staff attendance, proper grooming and dress code;  prepares  prepares daily room attendant’s attendant’s work assignment; assignment; issues or receives receives section section keys, and ensures that logbook is filled-up; updates room status report at scheduled time; physically checks room discrepancies and reports such to the Front Desk; assists in skills training of 

14 staff; and immediately acts upon guest requests and complaints and adheres to sets of  standards. Houseke Housekeepin eping g Supervi Supervisor sor – Public Public Area. Area. The Housek Housekeepi eeping ng Supervi Supervisor sor of the Public Area Section schedules the cleaning projects in public areas; inspects public areas and ensure that daily cleaning routines are accomplished; assists in skills training of staff; and immediately acts upon guests requests and complaints. Laundry Supervisor. The Laundry Supervisor is in charge of washing mattresses,  bed covers, bed sheets, sheets, pillow covers, linens, etc. She also maintains maintains linen inventory inventory control as well as laundry materials and supplies control. Room Attendants. Attendants. Room Attendants Attendants are in-charge in-charge of maintaining the set-up on the assigned guestroom. They ensure that room attendant’s trolley is neatly organized; clean each room and bathroom thoroughly and ensure that supplies are replenished and set up according to standard; inspect and clean the facilities, furniture and fixture and report anything anything that requir requires es repairs repairs;; fill up room room status status report report accurat accurately; ely; attend attend to guests guests requests and queries courteously and promptly; report to the Housekeeping Supervisor any unusual incidents, complaints, presence of unauthorized person in room or in floor, missing or damaged hotel property, and lost and found items; clean and maintain service pantries and corridor corridors; s; maintai maintain n the per stock stock level level of guest guest supplie suppliess and linen linen in respect respective ive  pantries;  pantries; check mini-bar mini-bar set up and consumption consumption and refill; refill; provide turn-down turn-down service according to standards; and assist in the physical inventory of linen.

15 Public Area Attendants. The Public Area Attendants clean and maintain the lobby area, guest elevators and landings, standing ashtrays, function rooms and outlets; clean and inspect public area facilities, furniture and fixtures, and replenish and maintain amenity set up in public toilet. Houseman. Employees under this category are responsible for pick-up cleaning in vacant rooms and reporting defects in terms of décor, equipment, fixture and fittings to his superior. Laundry Attendant. The Laundry Attendant operates computerized washing and drying machines and large presses and sorts out dirty linen and does the same for clean ones. She also monitors and control use of linen in guest rooms. Linen Attendant. The Linen Attendant maintains and control linen supplies; counts and sort soiled linen in preparation for laundry; counts and distributes the clean linen and all supplies to the maid’s storeroom of each floor; issues washable uniforms from the linen room; and performs minor repairs on uniforms, drapes, curtains and other linen materials. The organizational structure of the Housekeeping Department of Taal Vista Hotel is shown in Figure 3.











Figure 3. Organizational structure of the Housekeeping Department, Taal Vista Hotel

Operations Systems and Procedures

17 Bedroom Steps In Preparation: 

To make the bed, spread the first sheet. Tuck the bed sheet on the head part first, then spread the second sheet (wrong side up) at the head of the mattress so that when this sheet is folded back over the blanket protector, the finished side of it is presented. Place the blanket protector on top of the blanket space six inches from the head of the mattress. Fold back top of second sheet over top of   blanket protector. Tuck the bed sheet on the foot side then proceed to tuck the sheet all around the bed. Spread the cover.

Proceed to dusting with clean cloth all surface and do it from top to bottom. Dust the dresser, television, chairs, lift the cushions and wipe underneath, night table, telephone and other equipment inside the room. Clean both the wooden and glass doors.

Clean the refrigerator, empty the chiller and wipe shelf and bottles.

Sweep, mop and/or vacuum the floor. Finish with polisher.

Supplies: Compendium to be set on the center of the dresser table: Contents: Stationary Envelope Service DirectorySewing kit -

2 pieces 2 pieces 1 piece 1 piece

The waste basket must be placed underneath the dresser table.

The chair is placed 6 inches starting from the dresser table.

Corner Table:


Table lamp is 3 inches away from the top edge of the table.

Ashtray is at the center 3 inches away from the table lamp.

Arm chair is 5 inches away from the table.

Set-up for Night Table: 

Telephone must be on the left side of the table.  Notepad, 1 piece, must be placed below the telephone.

Ball pen, 1 piece, placed on top of the notepad facing upward.

Remote control is at the center at least 6 inches away from the telephone room service menu.

Room service menu, 1 piece, at the right side.

Set-up Underneath Night Table: 

Telephone directory placed on top shelf.

Bible placed on top of telephone directory.

Philippine Yearbook placed at the right side of the telephone directory.

Wardrobe Set-up: 

Spare pillow, 2 pieces, on top shelf.

Hangers, 10 pieces, placed on the left side.

Dry cleaning list/request form.

Laundry list/request form.

Shoe cloth, 1 piece, on the left side of the dry cleaning and laundry list/request form.


Laundry bag, 1 piece, showing the logo placed on top of the laundry/dry cleaning set.

Mini-Bar Set-up: 

Mini-bar tray placed at the center.

Three linen napkins.

Two stirrers placed on top of the napkin parallel to each other.

Thermo-jug, 1 piece, placed on the left shelf of the mini-bar lane with two  pieces of tumbler and 2 pieces of coaters.

Bathroom: Contents: Glass or capiz tray 1 bottle of shampoo 1 bottle of conditioner 1 after shave 1 piece hand soap beside the tub

1 bottle of lotion 1 bath foam 1 bottle of moisturizer  2 pieces face towel folded accordingly 1 piece bath soap beside the hand soap

Facilities and Equipment Guestroom facilities and equipment include air-conditioning, cable TV, mini-bar, wi-fi access, IDD/NDD phonelines, complete bed and bath linen set-up, hotel slippers, hot and cold water, courtesy bottled water, courtesy newspaper, wake-up call service, room service, luggage rack and in-room safety box. The department is provided with cleaning carts, linen, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, level loop, linen mills, lock cylinder, floor polishers flat iron, washing, drying and  pressing machines, hand-held radio transmitter/receiver and other cleaning materials and supplies.


Manpower There is enough number of personnel to meet the needs of the hotel. The rank and file employees render eight (8) hours of work inclusive of 45 minutes paid break. Managers and supervisors render nine (9) hours of works inclusive of one (1) hour unpaid break and 30 minutes of paid break.

Work Atmosphere Most of the working areas are painted with bright colors and are fitted with sufficient lighting. The storeroom areas on each floor as well as the laundry and linen room are also sufficient in size to accommodate the large number of transaction each day. A friendly working atmosphere also permeates the Housekeeping Department. There is a genuine dedication to work and high morale among the personnel.

Use of Material Resources An individual report sheet serves as control for the materials that each department uses. There is a check and control on materials used, when and where they are used and the cost of every material.

Sanitation Procedures and Practices The rank and file personnel at the Housekeeping Department observe the following sanitation and procedures and practices: 1. Disinfecting linen and laundry rooms; 2. Use of protective clothing/gear when performing tasks that requires the use of chemical cleaners, etc.

21 3. Requesting quarterly maintenance of equipment used in the performance of  housekeeping tasks to ensure safety of operation; 4.

Observing good grooming and the use of proper uniforms.

Strengths The Housekeeping Department of Taal Vista Hotel employs enough number of  workers to meet the needs of its guests and to perform their duties and responsibilities efficiently and without delay. The staffs were courteous, friendly, competent with their  work, well trained to deal with unexpected and unavoidable situations either relating to their work and/or the guests.

Improvement Areas/Weaknesses The student-trainee was not able to deter any weakness in the Housekeeping Department that may produce unsatisfactory result either in the performance of daily tasks of each employee and management or employee relationships.

Recommendations The Housekeeping Department of the Taal Vista Hotel exemplifies the best  practices and procedures when it comes to housekeeping. The only recommendation that may be given, therefore, is for this department to maintain the world-class standard of  housekeeping activities that they perform.


B. FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENT The Front Office Department of Taal Vista Hotel manages the following hotel activities: Guest Relations, Telephone, Reception, Concierge, Bell Service, Business Center and Reservations. The hotel employs a number of personnel to be in charge of the different work  activities at the Front Office. The Front Office Supervisor heads this Department. Under  his supervision are the following: Concierge Supervisor, Business Center Supervisor, Room Clerk, Bell Captain, Bell Sergeant, Bellman, Assistant Chief telephone Operator, Doorman, Transportation Supervisor, Valet Parker Supervisor and Driver. This department is equipped with computer, printers, fax machine, telex machine, telephone lines with IDD/NDD, calculators, key rack/boxes, chairs, card verifier, letter  holder and materials/supplies cabinet under the counter. The front desk is staffed throughout the 24 hours by three shifts, each shift rendering work for eight (8) hours except for the Business Center, which operates only from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. The housekeeping staff maintains the cleanliness and orderliness of this department.


C. SALES AND MARKETING DEPARTMENT The Sales and Marketing Department is responsible for advertising and sales  promotion of the hotel both to local and international guests. Brochures, posters, billboards, the Internet, newspapers and magazines are all utilized to endorse the hotel. The Marketing and Sales Manager head this department. Under her are Account Executives and Conference Coordinators. The Marketing Manager is in charge of  marketing the hotel both to local and foreign tourists. She conceptualizes ideas to improve and increase the sales of the hotel and make it competitive against other existing hotels in the area. The Account Executives conduct actual sales calls on prospective clients, mostly on corporate levels. The Conference Coordinator, on the other hand, are in charge of  meeting the needs of guests requiring the function rooms and facilities. The department is equipped with the following facilities and equipment: computers and printer; facsimile machine, telephone with IDD/NDD, executive desks and chairs, filing cabinets, drawing table and cabinets for office materials and supplies. The Sales and Marketing personnel work from Monday to Friday starting at 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. On Saturdays, work hours start at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. The office is stylishly designed and spacious. The floor is carpeted and the walls are painted in subdued hues. The office is well ventilated but is also fitted with an airconditioning unit.


D. ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT The Accounting Department is vital for financial planning, developing annual and operating capital and budgets, analyzing financial liquidity and stability of the hotel and monitoring and controlling the cash inflow and outflow of the hotel among others. The Accounting Manager heads the Accounting Department and under him are the Finance staff, Storeroom staff and Cashiers. The hotel’s Accounting Department follows strict standards and procedures are followed in the operation of the department. Key personnel are required to forward forecasts, reports, statistics, and operating results to the management. The department also follows a seven-step accounting cycle: (1) recording transaction in a ledger that marks the starting point for the double-entry bookkeeping system; (2) posting procedure; (3) listing  procedure; (4) preparing certain adjustments to recognize events that, although they did not occur in conventional form, are in substance already completed transactions; (5) preparing an adjusted trial balance; (6) preparing the financial statement;

and (7) closing non-

cumulative accounts. The office is equipped with computers and printers, facsimile machine, telephone with IDD/NDD facilities, air conditioner, coffee making facility, filing and supplies cabinets, cash registers, calculators, office desks and cabinet for office supplies. The working hours at this department is from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday except for the Night Auditors who work on two shifts: morning shift (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.); evening shift (5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.).


E. HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT The Human Resource Department handles the recruitment, selection and hiring of   personnel that will create the company’s work force. This department also creates and implements training programs and seminars to prepare the employees for their work at the hotel. Other responsibilities of this department include the following: salary and benefits administration, orientation of new employees, performance evaluation, employee transfer,  promotion and termination and implementing disciplinary actions. The Human Resource Manager heads the department and under her are the Recruitment Staff and Payroll Staff. The Human Resource Department office is equipped with computers and printers, facsimile machine, telephone with IDD/NDD facilities, air-conditioning unit, coffee making facility, filing and supplies cabinets, calculators, office desks and chairs, a small conference table, multimedia, white board and cabinet for office supplies. The staff of this department renders work from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.


F. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT The Engineering Department at Taal Vista Hotel is in charge of providing utility services and maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment used in air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration, water supply, building facilities and the power center of the entire hotel. The Engineering Department is headed by the Chief Engineer. Under him is the assistant Chief Engineer and rank and file employees such as electricians, mechanics and operations and maintenance staff. The tools and equipment of this department include the following: compressors, fan coil units, through-the-wall unit, air-condition, fans, convectors, drills, chainsaw, jigsaw,  planer, sander, hammer drills and other common carpentry, mechanical and electrical tools and supplies. All key personnel and service staffs of the department work from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a. m. to 6:00 p. m. The office of this department is small in size. The outside room is also warm due to the packages of usable and unusable materials/supplies that was not disposed of or placed in their respective areas yet. All equipment, tools and engineering supplies are used with care and are monitored if borrowed by other divisions or departments. Tools and equipment are also oiled and cleaned periodically to prevent accumulation of dust and rusting. The Housekeeping staff does all cleaning activities.


G. SECURITY DEPARTMENT The Security Department plays an important function encompassing all departments and overall hotel operations. This is the department tasked to safeguard the safety of hotel properties, employees and guests. To make this possible, the hotel management, with the assistance of this department, installed surveillance cameras in strategic places, both inside and outside of the hotel, to prevent burglary and pilfering. The Security Department is headed by the Security Supervisor who is in charge of  over all operation of the department. Next in rank is the Assistant Security Manager. Under  them are rank officers. The Security Manager is the one responsible for conducting orientation and training of new hires, preparing the house officer’s schedule and conducts inspections on areas of  responsibility. The rest of the security personnel are in charge of performing the following activities: patrolling all areas inside and outside of the hotel; monitoring incoming and outgoing employees; monitoring and jotting down the plate numbers of incoming and outgoing vehicles; monitoring surveillance cameras 24 hours a day; apprehension and questioning of possible felon. The Security Department is equipped with service firearms, cuff links and wooden  batons, phone lines, manual typewriter, monitoring and surveillance cameras and other  security devices. The employees of this department work on two shifts, rendering twelve (12) hours of work each.



Name and General Location  Name

: Andanita Taj of Tagaytay; Tagaytay; also also known known as Andanita Andanita Hotel and Coffeeshop

Lakeview Lakeview

Addr Addreess

: 5059 5059 Aguin guinal aldo do Highw ighway ay Laur Laureel, Tagay agayttay City, ity, Cavi Cavite te

Andanita Taj of Tagaytay, also known as Andanita Lakeview Hotel and Coffee Shop, is located at 5059 Aguinaldo Highway, Laurel, Tagaytay City, Cavite. Resting at about 2,500 feet above sea level, the hotel can be reached from the following directions: via Sta. Rosa exit, via Coastal Road and via Carmona exit from South Superhighway. Buse Busess going going to and from from Bata Batanga ngas, s, Cavit Cavitee and Manil Manilaa trave travers rsee thro throug ugh h Agui Aguinal naldo do Highw Highway ay 24-hou 24-hours rs everyd everyday ay makin making g Anda Andanit nitaa Taj Taj of Taga Tagayta ytay y acces accessib sible le even even to  backpackers  backpackers and seasoned seasoned traveler travelers. s. A hotel, restaurant and spa in one, this establishment offers a view of Tall volcano and Taal Taal lake lake.. Its Its also also the the only only 24-hou 24-hours rs Indian Indian-M -Med edite iterr rrane anean an inspir inspired ed ventu venture re in Tagaytay City. The location map of Andanita Taj of Tagaytay is shown in Figure 4 and Appendix L and M show the hotel’s company logo and facade.


Figure 4. Location map of Andanita Taj Taj of Tagaytay, 5059 Aguinaldo Highway, Laurel, Tagaytay City, Cavite.

Vision and Mission Andanita Taj of Tagaytay is the realization of the founders' dream of creating a niche niche in Tagayta Tagaytay's y's hotel and restaura restaurant nt industry. industry.

The founder founderss of Andanita Andanita Taj of 

Tagaytay thought that the area lacks a better standard yardstick.

30 The vision of Andanita Taj of Tagaytay is to be the most excellent excellent 24-hour IndianMediterranean hotel, restaurant and spa in Tagaytay City. The mission of the hotel’s management, on the other hand, is to encourage a working environment that will uphold dedication and satisfaction and to promote a service environment rendered with respect, trust, integrity and loyalty.

Ownership Management The owner and Chief Chief Operating Operating Officer of the Andanita Andanita Taj of Tagaytay Tagaytay is Ana Mary M. Olog. Derived from the name of her parents-Andy and Anita, Andanita Taj of  Tagaytay Tagaytay means excellent excellent goods and services amidst exotic hotel ambiance, unique dining and spa experience.

Organizational Structure To facilitate the implementatio implementation n of its company goals and objectives, objectives, Andanita Taj of Tagayta Tagaytay y has a formal formal organiz organizatio ation n depicti depicting ng differ different ent chains chains of command command from management, supervisory to staff level. The organizational structure of the establishment is shown in Figure 5.


N.B. LEWIS General Manager 


 ANN MURRIEL Internal Auditor 

SHIELDEE ROSANES  Admin-OIC, Hotel, Restaurant &Spa

JERRY MACARIOLA Operations-OIC, Hotel & Restaurant

Esmeralda Llanderal Housekeeping Supervisor/Cashier 

Ronualdo Quardiana Executive Chef 

Michelle Arcayos Housekeeping Staff 

Mark Lester Sariola Kitchen Assistant

Sonia Saronio Spa Treatment  Attendant

Marites Cuadra Kitchen Assistant

Chona Luz Noveno Beverage/Restaurant  Attendant/Cashier 

 Adelina Fenomena Dishwasher 

Laundry/Linen  Attendant

Mary Grace Tuazon Cashier/Restaurant  Attendant

KRISTINE SANTOS Marketing Supervisor/Front Desk Supervisor 

 Account Executive Front Desk Cashier 

Ronnie Tuazon Restaurant Attendant Security Officer 

Figure 5. Organizational structure of Andanita Taj of Tagaytay.

The following are the duties and responsibilities of the managerial and supervisory  personnel of Andanita Taj of Tagaytay: President/Chief Operating Officer. The President/COO of the company oversees the management of the different departments of the hotel. He plans, formulates and implements the hotel’s policies with the coordination and cooperation of the different department heads in order to achieve company goals and objectives.

32 General Manager. The General Manager is responsible for the over-all administrative and operation aspects of the hotel. Assisting him in the implementation of  company policies and procedures are the of the Administrative Officer-in-Charge of Hotel, Restaurant and Spa and Operations Officer-in-Charge of Hotel and Restaurant. Internal Auditor. The Internal Auditor is responsible for checking and reviewing the accuracy of financial data entrees regarding the operations of the hotel, restaurant and spa. These data include cash flow, inventory stocks, status of assets and liabilities, floating  paper and status of business’ and properties’ registrations. Officer-In-Charge - Administration, Hotel, Restaurant and Spa. The Officer-inCharge of Administration is the one responsible for the handling the administrative aspects of the Hotel, Restaurant and Spa. Under her are the following staffs: Cashiers, Beverage and Restaurant Attendants, Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeeping Staff, Spa Attendant and Laundry/Linen Attendant Part of her duties include recruiting and hiring employees; salary and benefits administration; conducting orientation, training and seminars to further  enhance employees’ skills and knowledge in their respective work; and developing and implementing systems and procedures that will suit working conditions and needs of the different departments. Officer-In-Charge - Operations, Hotel, Restaurant and Spa. The Officer-in-Charge of Administration is the one responsible for the handling the operational aspects of the Hotel and Restaurant. Under him are the following staffs: the Executive Chef, Kitchen Assistants, Dishwasher, Restaurant Attendant, Cashier and Security Officer. His duties and responsibilities are as follows: overall management and supervision of the operational aspects of the hotel and restaurant divisions of the establishment; review and analyze room

33 statistics and forecasted figures; ensure that key personnel are properly groomed and conduct themselves in accordance with set standards of the establishment; conduct meetings with staff; recommend systems and procedures to improve operations; and coordinate with the Administrative Officer-in-Charge whenever necessary. Marketing Supervisor/Front Office Supervisor. The Marketing Supervisor/ Front Office Supervisor has the following responsibilities: advertising and sales promotion of the establishment both to local and foreign tourists; conceptualization and monitoring of the distribution of promotional brochures, billboards and posters; selling guestrooms; registering guests; providing information regarding hotel facilities and amenities to guests; maintaining accurate room status, maintaining guest account statements; and complete financial settlements for guests’ accommodations.

Rooms, Amenities, Facilities and Outstanding Characteristics of the Establishment A. Guestrooms There are seven (7) guestrooms at the hotel. The rooms are categorized as the Presidential Suite, Deluxe Rooms, Standard Rooms and Standard Bunker Beds Rooms. The Presidential Suite or Maharashtra Suite has a total area of 85 square meters. Standard amenities include a king size bed, its own dining area and lounge, free wi-fi connectivity, a full view of Taal Volcano, an option for viewing deck breakfast, hot water  system, A/C satellite TV and PABX system. The suite’s interiors reflects the spirit of  Indian inspired South Asian culture. Exclusive amenities include welcome drinks and a  bottle of white wine, complimentary breakfast for two (2) persons and free massage of  choice, either back massage or foot massage/foot reflex, also for two (2) persons at the Green Mountain Spa.

34 There are two (2) Deluxe Rooms, the Casablanca Deluxe and Istanbul Heights. Casablanca Deluxe was created with the best of Morocco in mind. The room was fitted out with interior details showing Moroccan antiquities. The standard amenities for deluxe rooms include a queen size bed, free wi-fi connectivity, a partial view of Taal Volcano, hot water system, A/C satellite TV and PABX system. Istanbul Heights is a Deluxe Room convertible into a sixteen (16) person Conference Room. It has two (2) Queen-size beds good for four (4) persons. The standard amenities offered for this room are the same as that of Casablanca Deluxe. The two (2) Standard Rooms are Cairo’s Kingdom and Glorious Athena. Cairo’s Kingdom is an Egyptian inspired room with about 22 square meters of floor area. It has a queen size bed. Standard amenities include free wi-fi connectivity, hot water system, A/C satellite TV and PABX system. Guests occupying Standard Rooms are given free welcome drinks, breakfast and massage of choice for two (2) persons. Two Standard Bunker beds Rooms are also available, the Valencia Hermosa and the Royal Siam. The Valencia Hermosa room answers the needs of friends and even small families for a compact room that can accommodate 4 – 6 persons. It has a queen size bed and space enough for two (2) more extra single beds.

B. Room Rates The establishment accepts cash payments only from its guests and clienteles. The guestrooms are competitively priced compared to other establishments in the area. The room rates vary from weekdays to weekends. Table 2 shows the official room rates per day at Andanita Taj of Tagaytay.

Table 2. Official room rates per day at Andanita Taj of Tagaytay.



RATE PER DAY (in Philippine Peso) Weekdays


Maharashtra Suite

8,500 ++


Istanbul Heights

5,950 ++


Casablanca Deluxe

3,950 ++


Cairo’s Kingdom

3,450 ++


Valencia Hermosa

3,300 ++


Glorious Athena

2,800 ++


Royal Siam

3,000 ++



value added tax and service fees

C. Spa At Andanita Taj of Tagaytay, one can also enjoy the numerous spa services offered  by the Green Mountain Spa. The spa specializes in Philippine-style hilot. It offers the following services: Swedish massage, foot reflex/spa, back massage and several types of   body scrubs such as yoghurt scrub, Indian spice scrub, coconut and ginger scrub, oatmeal scrub and milk and honey scrub.

A. HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT The hotel’s Housekeeping Department has four main functions, namely: cleaning and maintenance, training of its personnel, requisition and control of the necessary supplies and equipments and paper work schedule and reports. At Andanita Taj of Tagaytay, this division encompasses three sections: guestrooms, public areas, laundry/ linen room.

Areas of Concern


Organizational Structure The Housekeeping Division at Andanita Taj of Tagaytay is under the management of the Officer-in-Charge of Administration. The OIC of Administration supervises the following Housekeeping personnel: Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeeping Staff, Spa Treatment Attendant and the Laundry/Linen Attendant. The duties and responsibilities of  the supervisory and rank and file personnel under the Housekeeping Division are discussed  below: Housekeeping Supervisor. The Housekeeping Supervisor of this establishment is responsible for conducting daily briefing and check on housekeeping staff attendance;  proper grooming and dress code; preparation of daily staff work assignment; issuing or  receiving section keys; updating room status report at scheduled time; physical check for  room discrepancies and reports such to the Front Desk; reporting necessary repairs required in guestrooms to the OIC of Operations; and ensures that daily cleaning routines are accomplished according to set standards. Housekeeping Staff. The Housekeeping Staff is responsible for the daily cleaning of guestrooms, including corridors, floors, service areas, linen closet and offices. Other  duties and responsibilities are as follows: report daily in complete uniform, pick up clean rags, rubbish bags and signs out key control logbook for the floor keys; ensure that there is a proper supply of cleaning materials and bring them to the designated area; control proper  usage of cleaning supplies; service all occupied rooms; and perform pick-up cleaning in vacant rooms.. Spa Treatment Attendant. The Spa Treatment Attendant of the establishment is responsible for catering to the different spa needs of the guests and clienteles. She is

37 expected to report daily to the front desk to be updated on new guests arrivals and walk-in requests for spa services; and monitors/controls usage of spa supplies Laundry/Linen Attendant. The Laundry/Linen Attendant’s responsibilities include sorting, counting, washing, drying, pressing and minor repairs, if necessary, on linens used in the establishment; issuing linens to the different divisions/sections of the establishment; and perform special laundry request for guests if needed. The organizational structure of the Housekeeping Division of Andanita Taj of  Tagaytay is shown in Figure 6.

SHIELDEE ROSANES  Admin-OIC, Hotel, Restaurant &Spa

Sonia Saronio Spa Treatment  Attendant

Esmeralda Llanderal Housekeeping Supervisor 

Michelle Arcayos Housekeeping Staff 


Laundry/Linen  Attendant

Figure 6. Organizational structure of the Housekeeping Department of  Andanita Taj of Tagaytay

Operations Systems and Procedures Hotel Logbook. Any information necessary to accomplish any operation/work is logged down in the House Logbook. This will include telephone messages or assignments that needs attention. Endorsement to the staff of the next shift is also recorded. Losses by guests are also noted down and relayed to front desk. Peculiar or unusual incidents/problems encountered may also be recorded in the logbook. Linen Control Sheet. This form serves as an internal control tool for the room attendants when they make up guestrooms and change linen and when guests requests for  additional set of linen. This way, the Rooms Supervisor will be able to keep track of losses

39 in a particular room and this shall be reported to the front desk who will in turn charge the losses to the guest’s account. Laundry Report. Issuance and deliveries of soiled and clean linens are listed in this form. The report shall be prepared by the Laundry/Linen Attendants. Laundry List. Usually given upon request of guests for laundry services, guests fill up this form when his soiled personal items are issued to housekeeping for laundry. Items are properly checked as to its conditions and number of pieces. Purchase Order Form. This form is used when requisitioning for supplies. The division/section cashier approves those covered by petty cash, while those needing voucher  are approved by the OIC of either Administration or Operations. Cleaning of Check-Out Room: 

Place cleaning tray directly in front of door or room so that the


is blocked completely.

This will prevent entry


unauthorized persons while cleaning. 

Open drapes and windows (if, any) all the way to ventilate the room.

Turn off switch or air-conditioning when room is open.

Check room carefully for articles that may have been left by guests

and turn over to front desk. 

Gather soiled towels from the bathroom.

Strip linen from bed.

Bring fresh linen to the room.

Make the bed.

Clean the bathroom.


Dust and set the bedroom in order.

Sweep and vacuum the carpet; polish tiles floorings.

Check-on lights, air-conditioning unit and television unit if 

functioning. 

Make a final inspection then lock the door securely.

Facilities and Equipment The Housekeeping Division is equipped with the following: cleaning trays, vacuum cleaner, floor polisher, washing machine and dryer, presser, pails, mops, broom, garden hose, flashlights, emergency lights, garden tools and supplies and cabinets.

Manpower The staff work in two shifts, day shift and night shift. Day shift is at 7:00 a. m until 7:00 p. m. while night shift is at 7:00 p. m until 7:00 a. m.

Work Atmosphere The offices and storeroom are small but clean. It is also brightly lighted. However, some of the staff have multiple perform multiple tasks in the establishments different sections that result to overworked staff that often complain. And since some of the staff are assigned to do work in areas that are not within their areas of expertise or  where they have very little training, the work output is sometimes mediocre and needing much improvement.


Use of Material Resources The supplies and materials used in performing several housekeeping tasks were monitored and controlled. Requisitions and delivery of supplies are properly recorded in the logbook and signed by the requesting, receiving and issuing staff.

Strengths It is apparent to the student-trainee that one of the main factors affecting full occupancy of the hotel rooms was the Indian-Mediterranean styled accommodation which is the only one of its kind in the area. The Indian-Mediterranean inspired cuisine offered by the restaurant is also a welcome change for diners used to Filipino-style dishes offered by nearby high-end dining establishments.

Improvement Areas/Weaknesses Guests’ complaints were frequent and were usually about delayed delivery of  services. Some of the hotel staff lacked proper training in the tasks they were assigned to  perform. The unspecified work designation of the housekeeping staff resulted to complains of overworking among employees.

Recommendations An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the Housekeeping Department resulted in the formulation of the following recommendations: (1) the management should hire additional personnel to handle the different sections of the establishments; (2) the staff  should undergo training to further improve their skills and knowledge about hotel service; and (3) the manager should consider conducting seminars and training about guest relations.


B. FRONT DESK  The Front Desk’s function is reception and reservations. Other related functions include guests’ assistance, information center and communication and coordination center  of the different sections of the hotel. The Front Desk is also responsible for making the guests feel welcome and well attended to. The Front Desk Supervisor heads the Front Desk section of the hotel, restaurant and spa. Under her supervision is a Cashier. The Front Desk Supervisor is in charge of 

43 supervising and controlling the Front Desk personnel and activities; informing the General Manager of the day-to-day operations of the hotel; and monitoring the grooming and wearing of uniforms of Front Desk personnel and all Room Attendants. The facilities and equipment at the Front Desk include a computer, a calculator, cabinets, key rack, chairs, telex machine, PEBX system, letter holder and telephone. The Housekeeping service staff is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the Front Desk area.

C. FINANCE/PURCHASING The Finance and Purchasing units at the Andanita Taj of Tagaytay operates under  one section and is managed by the OIC of Operations for Hotel and Restaurant. This section handles all planning, organizing directing and monitoring of the financial and  purchasing activities of the establishments.

44 The Finance unit performs financial activities such as cash flow balances, disbursements, establishing operating expenses, preparation of payroll and other  compensation of personnel. The Purchasing unit operates using a centralized system of bulk buying to save on costs and other expenses. Quotations are obtained and solicited from authorized vendors and suppliers on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis depending on the kind of product. The unit employs a purchaser/canvasser who conducts actual check up on products requested and delivered. The quotation obtained are entered on a quotation sheet to provide a ready comparison of prices. All purchase orders are documented in triplicate for  recording and file. The Finance/Purchasing section of the establishment is equipped with the following: office desks, chairs, computer and printer, filing cabinets, telephone with  NDD/IDD facilities, printing calculator, cash registers and electric fan. The office of the Finance/Purchasing section is maintained by the Housekeeping service staff on a daily basis.




Name and General Location  Name

: Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano


: Royal Pines Administration Building at J. P. Rizal Road, Tagaytay City, Cavite


Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano is accessible via Sta. Rosa exit, via Coastal Road and via Carmona exit from South Superhighway. Located at a residential/commercial village in Tagaytay City, the place sits around verdant greeneries and abundant flora showcased in Tagaytay City’s cool climate. The location map of Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano is shown in Figure 7 and Appendix N shows the restaurant’s logo.

Vision and Objectives The vision of Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano is to be among the most sought after  specialty restaurant dishing out authentic Italian dishes in the country. Its objective is to  provide quality product and services appropriate to meet the expectation of the customers while ensuring optimum profit to the owners.


Figure 7. Location map of Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano, Royal Pines Subdivision, J. P. Rizal Road, Tagaytay City, Cavite

Ownership and Management Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano was named after the restaurant owners’ son, Massimo. Owners Chito and Hazel Galvez have been engaged in the food service business for a long time. Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano is only one of their three restaurant enterprise. There is also Cliffhouse, a fine dining restaurant located also in Tagaytay City and Burger Bar by Massimo’s, which is now famous for its Wagyu Burger.


Organizational Structure Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano is a family owned and managed business. Chito Galvez is the restaurant’s appointed General Manager while his wife, Hazel Galvez, is the Food and Beverage Manager and Executive Chef. The following are the duties and responsibilities of the managerial staff of the establishment: General Manager. The General Manager handles the finance, sales and marketing and human resource needs of the restaurant. He is in charge of planning, directing and implementing company policies regarding administration and operation. Food and Beverage Manager. The Food and Beverage Manager, in this case, also the restaurant’s Executive Chef, is in charge of the overall management of the kitchen,  purchasing, banquet and catering service, bar service, dining service and food production. Both the General Manager and the F & B Manager oversee the purchasing activities of the establishment. The organizational structure of Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano is shown in Figure 8.

CHITO GALVEZ General Manager 

HAZEL GALVEZ F & B Manager/Executive Chef 



Canvasser/ Purchaser  JOSEPHINE MADRONA Sous Chef 

DAVID VIGAN Captain Waiter 





Figure 8. Organizational structure of Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano, Royal Pines Subdivision, J. P. Rizal Road, Tagaytay City, Cavite

Outstanding Characteristics of the Establishment Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano is one of the only few restaurants in Tagaytay City offering genuine Italian dishes. Prices of products and service charges are between that of  high-end dining establishments and local restaurant chains, making the items on the menu affordable to a larger segment of the community. The restaurant also creates, prepares, cooks and bakes their own home made selection of dishes, breads, pastries and ice creams that are still distinctly Italian because the ingredients used are the same as those in Italian recipes. What’s more, these ingredients, mostly spices and greens, are grown right in their very own backyard.

50 The inviting and comfortable dining areas set in the cool climate of Tagaytay City is also a welcome change from the cramped and noisy dining places located at malls in metro cities. The interiors of the dining area are done in wood and brick. Droplights and chandeliers providing a cozy dining experience to guests. The is bar well-stocked with wines and liquor that complements the Italian menu.

A. FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT The Food and Beverage Department is the heart of every restaurant business. A food establishment will reap the desired profit only if customers continue to patronize the different kinds of food that they offer and appreciate the service that goes with it.  products and services go hand in hand in creating a successful business venture.

Areas of Concern



Organizational Structure The Food and Beverage Department at Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano has five functions, namely: purchasing, banquet and catering service, bar service, dining service and food production. The Food and Beverage Manager heads this Department. The F & B Manager of  this restaurant is also its Executive Chef. She supervises the following kitchen and dining staffs: the Sous Chef, Captain Waiter, Waitress/Cashier, Canvasser/Purchaser, Assistant Cook, Cook and Steward. The organizational structure of the Food and Beverage Department of Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano is shown in Figure 9.

HAZEL GALVEZ F & B Manager/Executive Chef 

52 Canvasser/ Purchaser 

Josephine Madrona Sous Chef 

David Vigan Captain Waiter  Ronaly Villa Waitress/Cashier 

Jocelyn Nicor   Assistant Cook

Francisco Tibic  Asst. Cook


Jeric Punzalan Cook

Figure 9. Organizational structure of the Food and Beverage Department of  Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano.

The duties and responsibilities of the managerial, supervisory and service staffs in the F & B Department are as follows: Food and Beverage Manager/Executive Chef. The Food and Beverage Manager of  this establishment is also its Executive Chef or Chef de Cuisine. She is in complete command of the kitchen and dining and directs the entire operation of these sub-units. Specifically, she is responsible for menu planning, preparation, quantifying and production; delegating responsibilities to all cook under her; assisting the General Manager in the food and beverage purchasing activities; pricing of food and beverage products; overseeing the

53 delivery of service; formulating and implementing measures to control losses and wasteful  preparation, production and consumption; and conducting performance evaluation of all kitchen and dining personnel. Sous Chef. The Sous Chef is the deputy in-charge of the kitchen. She carries all the instructions of the Executive chef and delegates the responsibilities of all cooks under her. She also takes over the position of the Executive Chef in her absence. Assistant Cook. The Assistant Cook takes charge of the kitchen section assigned to him or her. His/Her duties and responsibilities include the following: assisting the Executive Chef and Sous Chef making various dishes at all times; and preparation of   pastry, sweets, cakes and breads; preparation and cooking of appetizers, soups, sauces and  pastas. Cook. The Cook provides overall assistance in the kitchen for those whose ranks are higher than him. He performs duties that may be assigned to him by any of his four (4) superiors.

Captain Waiter . The Captain Waiter is tasked to inspect the food and beverage areas; coordinates the food service function; designs and implements dining room and  banquet procedures; evaluates the performance of his staff and reports the same to the Food and Beverage Manager; and monitors and control food service costs. Waitress/Cashier. The establishment employs one regular waitress who also acts as the Cashier. She is tasked to help the Captain Waiter in taking customers’ orders, serve food and beverages, and accept payment. It is also her responsibility to completely prepare the appropriate serving equipment, ensure the cleanliness and maintain the proper  arrangement of chinaware, glassware and cutleries placed in the dining areas.

54 Steward. The Steward is responsible for keeping the kitchen clean. His duties and responsibilities are as follows: cleaning back of restaurant, storeroom and kitchen area; maintaining clean glassware, china, cutlery, kitchen tools and utensils; inventory of  cleaning supplies and chemical stock; and sanitation of equipment, dining areas and all kitchen equipment and machineries.

Operations Systems and Procedures The staff at the Food and Beverage Department of the establishment follows standard operating procedures according to restaurant’s policies and procedures.

General Policies: 1.

The staff should wear proper uniform when on duty which include white long-sleeved polo shirt, black pants and black shoes.

2. No beepers or cellular phones are allowed to staff while on duty. 3. The hair of any dining staff must be styled with ears showing. 4.

The staff must be familiar with the proper setting of dining tables and  proper layout of the dining area.

5. The staff must learn specific characteristics of the foods and beverages offered  by the establishment. 6. Staff must greet guests immediately when they enter the restaurant and ask  them courteously how many persons will occupy the dining table. 7. Menu will be handed to the guests when they are already seated. 8. Staff at the restaurant must answer phone calls within three rings.

55 9. When taking customer’s orders, the staff must repeat the orders for  confirmation.

Sequence of Table Service: 1. Welcoming/greeting guests/diners. 2. Escorting guests/diners to their tables. 3. Seating the guests. 4. Offering before drinks. 5. Serving drinks/water. 6. Presenting the menu. 7. Taking food order. 8. Placing orders to the kitchen. 9. Completing table set-up. 10. Picking up/assembling orders. 11. Serving food according to the restaurant’s standard. 12. Clearing of table. 13. Offering of dessert. 14. Serving dessert. 15. Offering or serving after dinner drinks. 16. Presenting/settling of guest’s/diner’s check. 17. Bidding goodbye and thanking guests/diners.

Banquet/Catering Booking Procedures:

56 1.

Inquiries and bookings for banquet are to be entertained by the

Captain Waiter and endorsed to the General Manager or Food and Beverage Department Manager. 2.

Clients are made to choose from pre-designed menu packages.


Booking follows where all information regarding the event shall be

recorded/documented to avoid mistakes. 4.

Client briefing regarding the provision of contract follows.


After the down payment or payment is received, the General

Manager issues a receipt. 6.

After negotiations are finalized, the Captain Waiter shall prepare

and circulate function order to all concerned. Copies of the event will be distributed to all kitchen and dining staff and canvasser/purchaser. 7.

In case of cancellation or adjustments, a memorandum shall be

circulated using an appropriate adjustment form. A cancellation fee of 20% of  the minimum guarantee is charged to the client if the cancellation is done a day or on the day of the event.

Bar Service Procedure: 1. Bar Preparation. The assigned staff must check on the cleanliness and condition of the bar counter and bar storage area. Before opening the bar, the staff he must see to it that perishable drinks are refrigerated, there are ice in ice bins, fruits for garnishing are ready, glasses and other equipment are clean and ready, alcoholic beverages are properly displayed and the bar is clean and properly setup.

57 2. Bar Set-up and Closing. After the bar is opened, all the materials, supplies and equipment are prepared accordingly. In closing the bar, all materials, supplies and equipment must be in their proper place and/or are stored. The whole area must be cleaned and dusted.

Facilities and Equipment The use of suitable production and service equipment, tools and supplies is vital to the success of food business. The chinawares used at the establishment include the following: fish plate, plate underliner, soup bowl with plate underliner, salad bowl, monkey dish, bread plate, pasta  plate, cups and saucers, platter, sauce boat, salt and pepper shakers, soup tureen, supreme  bowl with show plate underliner, sugar/cream containers and coffee/tea pot. The silverwares include fish knife, cocktail fork, soup spoon, salad knife/fork, dinner knife/fork, steak knife, serving spoon/fork, bread knife or butter spreader and teaspoon. The glasswares iused in the restaurant include the following: water goblet, wine glass, cocktail glass, soda glass, flute, smoothie glass, sherbet and footed glasses and all  purpose glasses. The machineries, equipment and utensils used in food preparation, production and service are the following: coffee maker, microwave oven, refrigerator, chest-type freezer, double-door freezer, ice cream maker, electric mixer, electric meat slicer, ham slicer, deep fryer, blender, gas range/oven, knives, cleavers, turners, ladle, food processor, salad spinner, pots and

pans, wine bucket, bottle opener, corkscrew, water pitcher, napkin

58 holder, chopping board, strainer, measuring cups/spoons, double boiler, colander, baking sheet/tray, service station, glass rack, cutlery rack, plate rack, bar trays and stirrer.

Manpower At the F & B Department, the Executive Chef’s schedule starts from 9:30 a. m. to 3:00 p. m. The rest of the kitchen and dining staffs work in two shifts: first shift iis from 9:30 a. m. to 3:00 p. m. and second shift is from 3:00 p. m to 10:00 p. m. The Captain Waiter makes the work schedule for the dining section staff monthly. The Sous Chef makes the work schedule for the kitchen section staff also on a monthly basis.

Work Atmosphere A friendly working atmosphere is evident at the Food and beverage department of  this restaurant. The kitchen and dining is manned by professional workers who seemed dedicated to their work. The staff also showed much respect to the owners of the establishment. Fluorescent bulbs were used to light the areas; the temperature is slightly warm in the kitchen but cozy and comfortable in the dining areas. The flooring is made of red Vigan tiles that is not only rustically beautiful and conforms to the look of the restaurant but is also safe to walk on and easy to clean.

Use of Material Resources The Food and Beverage Service Department do not have forms, tags and other  forms of recorded control measures such as bin cards, request form, quotation slip and turnover forms. A bi-monthly inventory of both the perishable stocks is conducted while the inventory for non-perishable stocks is done on a monthly basis.

59 Machineries and equipment used in this department were regularly maintained and checked for defects by an on-call mechanic/technician to avoid breakdowns and delays in  production and operation.

Strengths The strategic location of the restaurant can be considered as one of the strength of  Massimo’s. Customers not only from Cavite, but also from Manila, Batangas and Laguna can reach the place from several point of entry/exits. A friendly and complementary working relationship existed both at the kitchen and dining sections of the F& B Department. The staffs of this department are respectful and well trained to deal with guests from all walks of life. They are efficient workers and do not complain even if the task assigned to them is clearly not in their job description. The facilities are also large enough and complete to meet demands in case of  sudden surge of guests or banquet functions involving many guests.

Weaknesses The lack of manpower in both the dining and kitchen is only evident during peak  days, which is on Saturdays and Sundays. However, this was resolved by contracting oncall service staff who had been rendering service to the restaurant for quite sometime. Pilfering of supplies was also reported. This may be because there is no proper  system followed when getting or returning stocks from the stockroom/storeroom.

Recommendations An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant revealed the following suggestions/recommendations: (1) the management should create a system

60 regarding the taking and returning of supplies/materials in the stockroom/storeroom; (2) the management should implement their policies of using forms where transactions should be recorded in duplicate; and (3) the management should consider hiring additional service staff both in the kitchen and dining sections of the department. These recommendations will not only save costs but will also make the work more efficient and facilitate an ever better monitoring of the restaurant’s the day-to-day operations.


The on-the-job training of the student-trainee was divided into two phases, namely: the restaurant phase and hotel phase. The student-trainee’s restaurant training was conducted at Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano in Tagaytay City, where she completed 200 hours of on-the-job training from January 07 to February 02, 2008. For hotel phase, the student-trainee conducted her on-the-job training at two hotels in Tagaytay City, namely: Andanita Taj of Tagaytay where she rendered 100 hours of hotel training from February 15

61 to March 01, 2008 and at Taal Vista Hotel, where she also rendered 100 hours of hotel training from April 12 to 18, 2008. At Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano, the student-trainee rendered work both in the dining and kitchen sections of the restaurant. Some of the work she did included the following: setting-up the table; receiving and serving guests; taking guests’ orders; and dishing out and bussing out activities. At the kitchen section, the student-trainee was taught how to make coffee concoctions like cappuccino, Jelato or ice cream, the house salad, and simple beverages like fresh dalandan and iced tea. She helped in dishwashing activities when there are only a few guests at the restaurant. The on-the-job training at Andanita Taj of Tagaytay, took place mostly at the Housekeeping Department of the hotel. The housekeeping activities assigned to her  included the following: cleaning of guestrooms and comfort rooms; sweeping the hallway area; change the beddings; replenish supplies for rooms such as towels and toiletries; and respond to guests’ requests for additional supplies when prompted by regular attendants. The on-the-job training at Taal Vista Hotel was also conducted at the Housekeeping Department. At this hotel, the student-trainee was able to assist the regular staff and/or   perform housekeeping activities on her own under the supervision of a Room Attendant. At the hotel, she was assigned to do the following housekeeping activities: assist the room attendant in picking up in vacant rooms and cleaning of assigned areas; clean guestrooms according to hotel procedures; change beddings; take out trash; replenish the mini-bar and coffee-making facility’s supplies; and vacuum the floorings. The student-trainee’s photo documentation is shown in Appendix P.



The student’s on-the-job training was conducted at three establishments in Tagaytay City, Cavite, namely: Taal Vista Hotel, Andanita Taj of Tagaytay and Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano, from January 2007 to April 2008. The conduct of on-the-job training at these establishments developed the hospitality management knowledge and skills the student gained in classroom setting. Furthermore, it

63 enhanced her social skills and her ability to face and cope with problems arising from work-related situations. As the student-trainee performed the different tasks assigned to her and dealt with all sorts of people, she was also provided with valuable insights regarding the hotel and restaurant industry. She learned to appreciate every little detail that goes on in making even a simple dish presentation and the hard work that employees put to fold and tuck the sheets into the corner of beds. It can be concluded, therefore, that on-the-job training is the most excellent way of  applying and testing the theoretical information learned in school. It is also the best way to  prepare students for their future employment in the industry.

BIBLIOGRAPHY Book: Gray, W. S. and Salvatore C. Liquori. 2002. Hotel Management and Operation. PrenticeHall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07362.


64 Taal




Blast. .


Retrieved :




The Hotel & Coffeeshop: Taj of Tagaytay New and Expanded. Date Retrieved : June 4, 2008. Wagyu Burger !. The Best Burger in Tagaytay. Date Retrieved: June 4, 2008.



MARTINEZ, MARY ANN JOY CASALME 14 Castaños Lejos, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, Cavite Mobile No : 0921-7434732

Educational Background: COLLEGE

2004 - 2008

Bachelor of Sciencein Hospitality Management and Tourism City College of Tagaytay Tagaytay Centrum, Tagaytay City, Cavite



2000 – 2004

Tagaytay City Science National High School Sungay West, Tagaytay City


1994 – 2000

Tagaytay City Central School Sungay West, Tagaytay City

Seminars Attended: Pre-On-the-Job Training Program Seminar Mahogany Hotel, Tagaytay City, Cavite  November 28, 2007

Housekeeping and Resort Tourism Management Herbies Mansion, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority October 26, 2007

Tour Guiding and Hands-On Activity Herbies Mansion, Subic Bay metropolitan Authority October 26, 2007

Basic Tour Guiding and Resort Familiarization Villa Escudero, San Pablo, Laguna October 26, 2006

Wine Testing and Flair Tending Seminar Tagaytay Sports Complex, Tagaytay City

Hotel Familiarization and Fedilio System Days Hotel, Tagaytay City

Personal Profile: Age Civil Status Date of Birth Place of Birth  Nationality Height

: : : : : :

Character References:

19 Single July 30, 1988 Manila Filipino 5’2‘’


Mr. Ricardo de Grano Barangay Captain Sungay East, Tagaytay City Mobile No : 0910-3920577

 I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Mary Ann Joy C. Martinez Applicant



Republic of the Philippines

City College of Tagaytay Office of the College Dean Tagaytay Centrum, Tagaytay City Telephone/Fax : (046) 4130757 ; 4130672

December 8, 2007


MR. CHITO GALVEZ General Manager  Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano Royal Pines Subd., J. P. Rizal Road Tagaytay City, Cavite

Dear Sir: Greetings in the name of our good Lord ! The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and Tourism students will be having their On-the-Job Training where they are required to render 400 hours or apprenticeship, 200 hours of which will cover the restaurant phase of their training and the remaining 200 hours for the hotel phase of their training. As part of our curriculum, this program aimed to help the students to be more oriented in various works pertinent to their course in preparation for their careers in the future. In line with this, I am recommending MS. MARY JOY ANN C. MARTINEZ to conduct her on-the-job training at your establishment. I hope that you could extend the required skills needed for her to be competitive in her  chosen field of learning.

Very truly yours,

MRS. MA. CECILIA J. BIÑAS Practicum Adviser 









































Superior Room

86 Deluxe Room

Junior Suite

87 Royal Suite



Lobby Lounge


Viewing Deck 


90 Bar-by-the-Lobby



Sampaguita Ballroom




Hallway of the Ridge Rooms










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