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July 16, 2017 | Author: Camille Martinez | Category: Fast Food Restaurants, Advertising, Brand, Strategic Management, Restaurant And Catering
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Martinez, Camille F. MAS136-A1

10/22/16 Sir JX Chavex

1. Jollibee Foods Corporation Direct and Indirect Competitors 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.)

Direct McDonald’s Pizza Hut Wendy’s Kentucky Fried Chicken Burger King

Indirect 1.) Family Mart 2.) Tropical Hut 3.) 7-Eleven 4.) Starbucks 5.) Dunkin’ Donuts

2. What do you think are the major competitive edge or advantages of Jollibee? Give at least 5 and explain each fully. 

Customer Loyalty – Jollibee’s target market are kids or the whole family which they know very well. Jollibee offers the customer a family-oriented fast food chain image that makes the customers grow and stay loyal. According to the website of Jollibee Food Corporation, Jollibee focus on the significance of family principles, making Jollibee the

number one family fast food chain in the Philippines. Cost Advantage – The fast food business is very challenging and competitive with its price conflicts and market innovations. Jollibee was able to achieve a competitive advantage by using price-value relationship which makes a customer gets what he or she pays for; Hence, giving the customer the satisfaction. According to the article of Monica Tran (2005), Jollibee also retain a tight control over operations management which allowed it to price below its competitors, the lower costs on their menu leads to higher

profits. Flexibility – According to the article of Monica Tran (2005), Jollibee can deliver a product that can be both cheaper and better tasting against its competitors. Aside from that, Jollibee also has the capability to adopt its menu to cater to the tastes of its local

consumers that led the company to achieve a competitive advantage without risking its 

brand image. Quality Service – Jollibee focuses on the customer needs and wants that makes their service quality good. Their efficient operations continue to be critical essentials of the company’s success in the quick-service restaurant industry. According to Juacian (2012), Jollibee thrives on speed and efficiency; Therefore, the company understands the increase of demands of the lifestyle of urban living, that people nowadays are used to getting things at a higher and faster speed. The treatment and hospitality that Jollibee

also stands out as the customers are warmly greeted and treated like a valued guest. Location– Jollibee makes sure that its stores are conveniently located. It can be easily found and near in the vicinity of the town that make the customers to not experience any

inconvenience. Marketing Strategy - The company’s promotional strategy also attains their competitive advantage. Jollibee’s brand name, logo and popular mascot are very wide known nationally. Aside from that, Jollibee’s TV commercial and print ads adds effective promotion of their company. They appointed high-rating top celebrities to endorse Jollibee’s foods and they also even have a very own TV show.

3. What suggestion can you give to Jollibee in terms of advertising so it would be able to improve its competitiveness. Devise an advertising campaign for Jollibee and write down your concept. Be specific as much as possible. Explain in full details how it will be executed or implemented. Include the technical details if possible.

As Christmas day is getting near, I suggest a Christmas theme advertisement for Jollibee. Since Jollibee’s core value is the heart of the family and to provide hospitability, a short commercial would be a very good campaign example. The start of the storyline would be this: A family of 5, consisting of a mother, father, and their 3 kids ages 16, 12, and 6 sit in their living room area and patiently waits for the time to be at exactly 12mn. As the clock turned 12mn, each member of the family chant “Merry Christmas!” and hug each other. They later proceeded to their dining area in which a bunch of Jollibee treat awaits them. As they are ready to eat, the youngest in the family stopped eating, with that, the whole family reacted and asked the youngest kid why did she stopped eating. The kid then continued to keep silent, she stood up, took her meal with her and walk away from the dining scene. The family gets curious and followed the kid getting outside of their house. To their surprise, they saw the kid giving the meal to the old woman who lives in the street just a few minutes away from their home. The old woman smiled and thanked the kid. The family feel so touched and proud of their youngest child. They also asked the old woman to come and join the meal with them. The ending scene would be in the dining area where the whole family enjoys the Jollibee treats together with the old woman. As the scene blurs, there will be a catchphrase flashing in the screen about sharing. It can be like this: “Christmas is merrier when you share” or “Jollibee values sharing”. The ending remarks will flash the logo of the Jollibee. In pre-production, Jollibee needs enough budget to hire people and use the equipment to be used in order to shoot the commercial. Primarily they need a director, director of photography, scriptwriter, cinematographers, production designers, production manager, and editors. The equipment needed are cameras, lights, microphones, and other technical equipment. The

production design of the commercial should be a Christmas-theme bungalow house setting, the street should have a Christmas lights and decorations to symbolize that it is Christmas day. The ambiance of the place should be peaceful. The family lifestyle is in middle class, as they will portray a not so elegant means of living. On the other hand, the old lady should look pitiful as much as possible to trigger a heart-felt situation to the viewers. Aside from production design the cast should be professionals who really know how to act well but not exaggerated, it should look natural as much as possible. If these aspects and preparations won’t be done right in the preproduction, the production will be non-sense and it will have a tendency to not effectively execute a believable story to the viewers. For post-production, Adobe Premiere is the most reliable video-editing software that can edit videos whether its basic or advanced video editing. After the video is done, it can now be shown to the executives for it to be finalized and ready to uploaded and publicized.

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