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Answer Key JETSTREAM Intermediate Workbook - Volume Volume B Transcript 02

Unit 7


Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar 1 1 simple 2 continuous 3 would like to happen



2 1 people will be living under the ocean. 2 everyone will be going to the moon for holidays. 3 people won’t be working in offices. 4 robots will be doing all the work. 5 we won’t read books any more. ( we won’t be reading books any more  is also possible, but more colloquial) 6 people will have robotic arms and legs.



3 1 People are extremely/r extremely/really eally positive/  optimistic about finding a cure for cancer. 2 They are quite/rather positive/optim positive/optimistic istic about global warming. 3 They are not very positive/opti positive/optimistic mistic about world peace. 4 They are quite/rather negative/pessim negative/pessimistic istic about world poverty. 5 They are extremely/re extremely/really ally negative/  pessimistic about developing alternative energy.



5 1c




6 1 Julia is going to study law at university next year. 2 We’re flying to Italy next week. 3 I’ll probably go to the cinema this weekend. 4 My parents might visit me next week. 5 Sam will probably start looking for a new  job soon. 6 We’re going to buy a new computer this year. 7 1 until 7pm 2 as long as 3 this time 4 three weeks’ time 5 by lunchtime 6 in ten minutes 8 1 2

9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Sharon, guess what? I got the job ... it’s in France! That’s amazing, Sam! I’m so pleased for you. Is it in Paris? Yes! I’m starting in two weeks! I’m so excited! I’m going over there next weekend to look at places to live, so I’m busy clearing out my flat over here. Can you come over and give me a hand? Of course! I’m meeting friends this evening and I probably won’t get home until after nine, but how about tomorrow evening? Fantastic! I’m supposed to be out of my flat by this time next week, so I’m going to put all my stuff in storage somewhere. somewhere. But I may need somewhere to stay before I leave for France. Could I stay at your place for a few days? Of course! You can stay as long as you like. But look, I have to run now because my lecture starts in ten minutes. Thanks a lot ... and see you tomorrow! Yes, I’ll be there by 6pm at the latest.

In two weeks’ time Next weekend This evening After 9pm Tomorrow evening This time next week A few days As long as he likes In ten minutes By 6pm

10 1 roundabout 2 T-junction 3 fork in the road 4 traffic lights 5 road sign 6 dual carriagew carriageway ay 7 one-way street 8 dead end

To Paris, France, to start a new job To clear out his flat Answer key



Transcript 03

1 Robots, medicine, education, employment, communication, environment


2 1T









3 Suggested answers 1 the length of a person’s life 2 the ability to understand someone else’s feelings 3 change 4 the planet 5 a place that people cannot inhabit or live in


Excuse me. I’m looking for the bus station. Can you help me? Yes, you need to go straight ahead along Green Street. Turn left at the traffic lights, then take the first right.

2 A


Can you help me? I’m trying to find the town hall. Yes, of course. Go straight ahead along Park Street. Then turn left at the next traffic lights. It’s on the right.


4 1 Medicine, employment, communication 2 Medicine: cures for diseases, drugs to improve memory and brain function Employment: robots will do boring jobs, humans will do creative ones Communication: holograph technology 4 Climate change 5 People won’t change their lifestyles and some parts of the Earth will be uninhabitable

Vocabulary plus, Everyday English

2 1 a cul-de-sac 2 a traffic jam 3 a toll road 4 a slip road 5 a one-way street 6 a junction 3 Possible answers 1 They’re walking over a footbridge. 2 They’re walking through a pedestrian precinct. 3 They’re stopping at a traffic light. 4 They’re walking across a zebra crossing.

5 1 2 3 4

2 brighter

4 no

Do you know where the library is? How long will it take to get to the station? The best way is to turn right here. Keep going and you can’t miss it.

6 1 bus station 2 town hall 4 library 5 petrol station


3 uncertain

Answer key

3 art gallery


Excuse me. Do you know where the art gallery is? Yes. Take the next street on your left – that’s South Street. When you get to Bridge Road, turn right and it’s on the next corner.

4 A


Excuse me. I’m looking for the library. Is it nearby? Hmm, it’s quite a walk. Just keep going along this street until you get to the park. Then walk through the park and it’s on the opposite side of the road.


1 1 motorway 2 sidewalk 3 main street 4 car park 5 access road 6 petrol 7 windshield 8 truck 9 toll road 10 trunk

4 1 foreseeable




7 1d

Excuse me. Where’s the nearest petrol station? Turn right at the lights on Green Street. Then take the third exit at the roundabout. It’s on the right. 2e




Unit 8 Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar 1 1 director 2 casting director 3 producer 4 gaffer 5 editor 6 scriptwriter 7 foley artist 8 set designer 9 composer 10 costume designer 2 1 intelligent 2 indecisive 3 easy-going 4 grumpy 5 untidy 6 nervous 7 shy 8 lazy 3 1 orders

2 requests

3 before

4 need

4 1 She asked me to rewrite this scene. 2 He told us to turn off the lights. 3 He asked her to play that scene again.

4 5 6

5 1 2 3 4 5 6

She told him not to make any noise. He asked her not to shout. He told them not to be late again. Could you rewrite this scene, please? Turn the lights off! Would you play that scene again, please? Don’t make any noise! Please don’t shout. Don’t be late again!

6 1 have changed

2 past states

7 1 use to watch 2 used to love/like 3 would make 4 would close 5 didn’t use to have 6 used to like/love 7 would show 8 would laugh 8 1 a half /  / 2 2 a quarter /  / 4 3 a third / 1 / 3 4 four-fifths / 4 / 5 5 three-quarters / 3 / 4 6 two-thirds / 2 / 3 7 an eighth / 1 / 8 8 three-fifths / 3 / 5 1

9 1 51% 6 30%


2 5%

3 4%

4 62%

5 46.7%

Transcript 04 Everyone used to go to the cinema to watch films, but things are changing ... nowadays, more people are watching films and TV programmes online. A new survey shows that 51% of people in the United States watch a streaming video at least once a week; 5% of people use a tablet to stream TV programmes or movies on a weekly basis, while 4% use a smartphone. Age makes a huge difference when you look at the numbers for streaming video. Not surprisingly, people in the age group 13 to 33 are in the majority, with 62% watching at least weekly. People in the age group 34 to 47 are in second place, with 46.7%, and it drops to 30% for people in the age group 48 to 69.

10 1 present 11  1 2 3 4

2 stays the same

3 pronouns

he wants to meet me tomorrow she doesn’t have time to talk to me they’ll phone us tomorrow he’s not coming to see us today

12 1 past

2 changes

13 1 Mark said (that) he didn’t have time to meet her/Kyla. Kyla said (that) that was OK, she didn’t want to see him again anyway! 2 Max and Leo said (that) they were going to the cinema. Vicky said (that) she couldn’t go on Saturday because she was working. 3 Alexa asked if she could give Jack and Julie / them a lift to the station. Jack and Julie said not to worry, they were taking a taxi. 14  1 toll-booth operator 2 cycle courier 3 shelf stacker 4 security guard 5 refuse collector 6 call-centre operator 15  1 [tour] guide: guides tourists 2 [flight] attendant: takes care of passengers on a plane 3 [news] presenter: presents the news 4 [sales] assistant: serves customers in a shop

Reading 1 1a



2 1c






3 make-up artist

Skills needed


artistic, good at communicating and listening

long hours, low salary initially

specialability to work in effects co- a team, attention ordinator to detail

hard work, exhausting, have to deal with unexpected problems

stunt man

physically and mentally demanding, risky/  dangerous

be physically fit, rock climbing, scuba diving, snowboarding, martial arts, patience, ability to guide actors/direct

4 1 false 2 initially 3 demanding 4 anticipating 5 co-ordinate

3 pronouns Answer key


Vocabulary plus, Everyday English

Check your progress 4

1 1 budget 2 buff 3 silent 4 premiere 5 promotional 6 home 7 download 8 stream

1 1 ’ll/will be using 2 in 3 used to watch 4 hope; will be 5 won’t be 6 by 7 will be doing

2 1 mood 2 calmly 3 lazy 4 nervously 5 decisive 6 grumpiness 7 knowledgeable 8 ignorance

2 1 Jane asked him to write a new script for her / if he could write a new script for her. 2 Alex asked/told us to do that scene again. 3 Martin said they would start filming next week / the following week. 4 Joanna said she wanted to find a job as an actor. 5 Carmen asked me to help her find a job.

3 1 bride/(bride)groom 2 (bride)groom/bride 3 bridesmaid(s) 4 best man 5 guests 6 reception 7 cake 8 speeches 9 honeymoon 4 1 bride 2 (bride)groom 3 bridesmaid 4 maid of honour 5 best man 5 1 d, h

2 e, f

3 b, j

4 a, i

3 1 positive/optimistic 2 one-way 3 operator 4 casting 5 nervous 6 untidy 7 quarters 8 third 9 courier 10 security

5 c, g

4 b + a, c + f, d + g, e + h 6 23 a 9 b 1 i 10 j 4







Unit 9

Review 7–8 1 1c






3 Suggested answers 1 composes music / the soundtrack 2 designs costumes / clothes 3 tells the actors and camera operators what to do 4 creates sound effects 5 finds the best locations for filming Pronunciation point  24 1a 2b 3b 4a Transcript 07 1 MAN WOMAN

She’s just won a million dollars! That’s amazing!


They’ve just got married? Yes, they have.


He’s gone to Australia? Yes, he has.

Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar 1 Suggested answers 1 wool, cotton 2 glass, plastic 3 gold, silver 4 brick, concrete 5 concrete, iron, steel, wood 6 cotton, paper, plastic 3 1 action

2 isn’t needed

3 past participle

4 1 built 2 made 3 visited 4 used 6 kept 7 destroyed 8 lost Five are irregular (1, 2, 5, 6 and 8).

5 1 was built 2 are made 3 were kept 4 was destroyed 5 was found 6 is visited 7 was lost 8 were used 6 1 attic 2 basement 3 balcony 4 floorboard 5 hall 6 staircase 8 roof 9 radiator 10 wall

7 pipes

7 1 pipes 2 blocked 3 cracks 4 watertight 5 damp 6 floorboards 7 rotten 8 dangerous


The train leaves at five! Let’s hurry!

8 1 power station 2 shopping centre 3 police station 4 apartment block 5 petrol station 6 leisure centre 7 gas works 8 office block 9 1 past participle


Answer key

5 found

2 be

10  1 should be knocked 2 should be protected 3 would be lost 4 should be replaced 5 should be done 6 shouldn’t be demolished 7 could be reused 11 ought to 12 1 True 2 False 3 False 6 False 7 False 8 True

4 True

5 False

Transcript 08 JOE







Hi there, Julie! Are you having some repairs done on your house? I saw the builder’s van outside. Have you been having problems? Yes. It’s been a bit of a nightmare, actually ... our water heater broke down and we had to get a new one. And we had a new one installed just a couple of years ago! That’s a bit expensive, isn’t it? Yes, it is ... and then they found a leak under the bathroom floorboards, and it looks like the floor’s rotten and needs replacing too. Oh, no! Did it damage the ceiling below? Fortunately not, but the whole floor needs to be taken up and new floorboards put down, and then some of the pipes need replacing and all the radiators need cleaning out ... so it’s turning out to be quite a big job. That does sound serious! I hope you’ve got a good builder. This is the second one we’ve tried. The first one said he would charge over a thousand pounds and we just couldn’t afford it. So we found someone else who’s a bit cheaper. Oh, dear. I hope he’s not one of those cowboy builders ...

13 Suggested answers 1 Because he saw a builder’s van outside her house. 2 Because there were so many problems with the house. 14 1 ask someone else to do

2 past participle

15  1 2 3 4 5 6

have your hair cut get my car serviced have your windows washed get your clothes cleaned have my washing machine fixed get my photos printed

Reading 2 1 32,500-metre-square 2 the Nervion River 3 in 1997 4 millions of 5 not everyone 6 twice the size 3 1 magnet 2 overwhelming 3 blend 4 extraordinary 5 transformed 6 smog 4 Suggested answers 1 It was built in a city that didn’t get many visitors. It has an unusual design. 2 It attracted millions of visitors, which created business and publicity for the city. 3 It doesn’t blend in, it dominates local culture. 4 They want to attract tourists and give their city a high profile.

Vocabulary plus, Everyday English 1 furniture accessories jewellery jobs/ occupations bed chair table

belt gloves scarf

bracelet earring necklace

builder nurse poet

dairy products

office supplies

sports facilities


cheese milk yogurt

envelope paper pen

ice rink factory squash house court school swimming pool

2 1 demolish 2 description 3 redecorating 4 reuse 5 explosion 6 renew 3 1 slow down 2 turn down 3 sit down 4 go/come down 5 write down 6 settle down 7 calm down 4 1 Dear 2 heard 3 peace 4 sea 5 week 6 break 7 sail 8 read 9 sun 10 seen 11 their 12 meet 5 1e




5a Answer key


6 1 too short

2 cracked

3 made a funny noise

Transcript 09 1 Good afternoon, can I help you? CUSTOMER  Yes, I’d like to return these jeans. ASSISTANT What’s the problem with them, sir? CUSTOMER I’m afraid they’re much too short. They’re completely the wrong size. ASSISTANT I see. Do you have the receipt? CUSTOMER  Yes, here it is. ASSISTANT Hmm, I’m afraid there’s a problem. You see, you bought these jeans over a month ago, and the return date has expired. CUSTOMER  But that’s completely unacceptable! The point is that I bought them here and I’d like to return them – I mean, they’re brand new! I haven’t worn them at all! ASSISTANT I understand that, sir, but that is our company policy. It’s written here on the receipt. 2 ASSISTANT Good morning. How can I help? CUSTOMER  Well, there’s a slight problem with this bowl. I’m afraid it’s cracked. ASSISTANT Let me see. Ah yes, it does seem to be cracked. Could I see your receipt? CUSTOMER I’m afraid I didn’t keep it. Can I still get a refund? ASSISTANT Just a moment. Let me ask the manager about that. I shouldn’t think it would be a problem. MANAGER Good morning, madam. You’d like to return this bowl, is that correct? CUSTOMER  Yes, that’s right. It’s cracked, as you can see. MANAGER Mm, well, we don’t usually accept returns without a receipt. But in this case, we would be able to offer a replacement bowl if that would be acceptable? CUSTOMER  Yes, that would be fine. Thank you 3 ASSISTANT Good afternoon. How can I help? CUSTOMER  Well, you see, I bought this coffee maker here about two weeks ago, but when I switched it on, it made a funny noise and it didn’t work properly. ASSISTANT

I see. Let me take a look. Yes, we’ve still got those in stock. Would you like a replacement? CUSTOMER  No, actually, I’d like a refund if possible. ASSISTANT Yes, of course. Have you got your receipt? CUSTOMER  Yes, I have. Here it is. ASSISTANT Fine. So that’s 34.99 to go back on your credit card, then. Could you just swipe your card and enter your PIN? ... Right, that’s gone through for you now. CUSTOMER Thank you very much. ASSISTANT

7 1 much too short 3 if possible

8 1 the return date on the receipt had expired 2 didn’t have 3 replacement 4 a refund to her credit card

Unit 10 Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar 1 1 past simple 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

3 1 2 3 4 5 6

2 past perfect

Answer key

3 a different

I wish I was / were taller. He wishes he didn’t have so much work. I wish he didn’t talk so loudly! They wish they didn’t have to get up early. Suzanne wishes she had learnt to dance when she was younger. Peter wishes he could save enough money for a new car. I wish we had enough money to go on holiday this year. The teacher wishes / wished the students would do their homework on time. I wish I had a car. She wishes she was/were more confident. He wishes he had joined the football team. I wish you wouldn’t laugh at me! We wish we had time to take holidays. I wish I had travelled more when I was younger.

4 1 had 2 was/were 5 would 5 1, 7, 2, 4, 3, 6, 5, 8


2 a slight problem

3 hadn’t

4 was/were

6 1 spilled coffee 2 got stuck 3 fell out 4 fell off 5 dropped; plate 6 ran out 7 1 2 3 4 5 6

hadn’t spilled hadn’t got stuck (in a traffic jam) hadn’t fallen out of bed hadn’t fallen off her bike hadn’t dropped a plate (on the floor) hadn’t run out of ideas

8 1 2

past perfect; ‘would’ + verb didn’t happen

9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

hadn’t broken down; wouldn’t have missed hadn’t dropped; wouldn’t have stopped hadn’t worn; would have got would have won; had practised would have gone; hadn’t been had come; would have seen would have passed; had studied wouldn’t have fallen; hadn’t lost

10 Suggested answers 1 ... she wouldn’t have been late for work. 2 ... he’d prepared for the interview. 3 ... he wouldn’t have failed the exam. 4 ... she’d had a map with her. 5 ... he could have afforded a new tablet. 11 Rosie


1 What are their  jobs now?

photographer web-page designer

2 What did they study at school?



3 What do they wish they had studied?



4 When they fashion were at school, designer what did they think they would be in the future?

furniture maker

Transcript 10 MAX



Rosie, what made you decide to be a photographer? I think it was my art teacher who influenced me most. Your art teacher? At school, you mean?





Yes, that’s right! I’ll always remember my art lessons with Mrs Roberts because she taught me to really look at paintings and think about them with fresh eyes. If she hadn’t taught me how to look at art, I’d never have become a photographer. I see! I never studied art at school … I took carpentry instead. I wish I had, though, because now I really need to know about colour and design in my  job designing web pages. I’ve had to learn everything from scratch, really, and there’s so much you need to know. I know what you mean. I wish I’d studied more about computers at school. It would really help now. But instead I chose fashion design and textiles. I thought I was going to be a fashion designer. And I thought I would be a furniture maker!

Reading 1 Gods: Aphrodite, Eros, Persephone Human: king, queen, Psyche and her sisters 2 Suggested answers 1 Because she was so beautiful and people were admiring her instead of Aphrodite. 2 Because he was a god and had wings, so she might have been frightened. 3 Because she lived in a beautiful mansion and had a life of luxury. 4 Because Psyche had disobeyed him. 5 To test her love for Eros. 6 She is determined and loyal. 3 Suggested answers 1 Aphrodite wouldn’t have been jealous. 2 Aphrodite had not sent him to see her. 3 she would have found a husband. 4 she wouldn’t have disobeyed Eros. 5 Psyche hadn’t tried to look at him. 6 Eros hadn’t helped her. 4 1 furious 2 restriction 4 handsome 5 spell

3 convince

Vocabulary plus, Everyday English 1 1 queen 2 uncle 3 niece 4 widower 5 heroine 6 heir 7 actor 8 bride Answer key


2 1 attendant 2 mispronounce 3 assistant 4 chair 5 miscalculated 6 homemaker

4 1


3 1 go 2 doing 3 way round 4 What’s 5 setting 6 got 7 idea 8 person



4 1 give [it] back 2 Put [it] back 3 pay [it] back 4 go back 5 stand back 5 29 1 d








Review 9–10 1 1a



4b 5c




2 1 Eiffel Tower (Paris, France); steel 2 Taj Mahal (Agra, India); marble/stone 3 Reichstag Dome (Berlin, Germany); glass, steel 4 the Pyramids (Cairo, Egypt); stone 5 the Houses of Parliament (London, England); brick 6 Horyuji Temple (Horyuji, Japan); wood Pronunciation point  30 1d 2c 3b 4a Transcript 13 1 MAN WOMAN

Can I help you? Yes, I bought these shoes here last week. What’s wrong with them? They’re too small. Can I return them? Do you have your receipt? Are you all right? What’s happened? I failed my driving test ... again! Oh, that’s terrible. Don’t let it get you down. But it’s the third time! Tell you what, let’s go to a movie and forget all about it!

These flowers are for you! Thank you so much!

Unit 11 Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar 1 1 subject

2 subject

2 1 [Could you tell me] what your name is? 2 [Would you mind telling me] if you play computer games? 3 [Can you tell me] how often you play computer games? 4 [Have you any idea] what the best computer game is? 5 [Could you tell me] if you like playing chess online? 6 [Do you know] if there are any free chess games online?


I’ve just moved into a new house. Oh, that’s so exciting!



You’ve just spilled coffee on my new shirt! I’m so sorry.

3 1 multi-player game 2 board game 3 card game 4 zero-sum game 5 ball game 6 game plan 7 end game 8 war game 9 game show 4 1 can

2 don’t use

3 an object


Let’s meet for coffee tomorrow! Great, I’d be so happy to see you.

Check your progress 5 1 1 was designed 2 were demolished 3 was completed 4 can be seen 5 should not be built 6 will be recognised 2 1’re/are having [the roof] repaired 2 ’d/had done 3 ’d/had fixed [the roof, it] would have saved 4 ’d/would hurry 3 1 brick 2 sand 3 paper 4 gold 5 attic 6 basement 7 staircase 8 dropped 9 got stuck 10 lost 8

Answer key

5 1 e Children who/that play games when they are young are more successful later in life. 2 b There are many video games which/that have physical as well as mental benefits. 3 f Multi-player games are games where you can meet other online gamers. 4 c Brain Age is a game which/that helps with mental arithmetic, reading speed and concentration. 5 a That game (which/that) you gave me for my birthday is awesome! 6 d This is the game whose inventor made five million dollars when he was just 17.

7 1A spicy 1D savoury 2 rotten 4 sour 5 ripe 6 bitter

3 fresh



8 1h



9 1 c Scrabble



2 d Monopoly




3 b Draughts

Well, the loser is the one who loses all their pieces! That doesn’t sound too hard – shall we try a game?

10  1 two; three; four 2 seven 3 dice; counter 4 money 5 twelve/12 6 chess

Transcript 14 11 1 the same






Could you show me how to play this game? Yes, of course. It’s a game for two, three or four players. Each person gets seven pieces. Do you just take any pieces you want? Yes, but you can’t see what they are! Then you try to make words out of them, don’t you? That’s right. And the more letters you use, the more points you get. Hmm. I guess you need to be good at spelling ...






Would you mind explaining the rules of this game to me, please? Yes, of course. There’s a board, and you need some dice and a counter that you move round the board. Each person has a certain amount of money to start off with. It’s not real money, is it? No, it’s play money. And when you land on a square, you can buy the property there – if you have enough money! And what’s the aim of the game? Well, the aim is to have the most money and property at the end of the game. I see.





Could you explain this game to me, please? Yes! This is a game for two players. Each player has 12 pieces and it’s played on a board like chess. It’s a bit easier than chess, isn’t it? Yes, it is. The players take turns to move a piece forward – they move diagonally. And if you jump over the other player’s piece, you can take it. So who’s the winner?

12 1 c


2 ‘be’ 3a

3 ‘do’


13 1 isn’t he 2 have you 5 will you 6 am I



3 did she

4 are they

Reading 2 It is generally in favour of them. 3 1T

2 NM



5 NM




4 1 Be aware of what games your child is playing. 2 Play video games with them. 5 1 doubtful 2 depression 4 crucial 5 continuously

3 participating 6 reduce

6 1 reduce 2 crucial 3 doubtful 4 continuously 5 Depression 6 participating

Vocabulary plus, Everyday English 1 1 blackmail 2 burglary 3 fraud 4 kidnap 5 mugging 6 pickpocketing 7 robbery 8 shoplifting 2 1 fraudster 2 kidnapper(s) 4 mugger/thief 5 rapist 3 1 robbers 5 hacked

3 blackmailer

2 stole 3 assaulted 4 stole 6 broke into 7 stole

4 1 stole 2 murder 3 murder 4 stole 5 robbery 6 stole 7 murder 5 See audioscript 11.2 for suggested answers. 6 33 1 I really like; glad you like it 2 really suit you; bought them 3 T-shirt looks great on you; cool, isn’t it 4 an amazing costume; made it myself

Answer key


Unit 12 Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar 1 1 lake (not high land) 2 cave (not water) 3 beach (not linked to trees) 4 canyon (not water) 5 desert (not on the coast) 2 a desert b oasis c waterhole d lake e forest f mountain g cliff h waterfall i river j rocks k valley

6 d which was only a few hundred metres away 7 h who could run much faster than me 8 f which/who fortunately managed to put the fire out

11 1 broken; sprained 2 swollen; fracture 3 bruise; dislocate 4 strain 12/13 Tips


3 1 ‘had’ 2 ‘had’ + ‘not’ 3 before another past event

1 Play games and puzzles

Games and puzzles crosswords and sudoku can help to keep your brain active.

4 1b

2 Eat food that is good for your brain

Eat fish and superfoods like blueberries, spinach, avocado and beets.

3 Pay attention to one thing at a time

Make a list to help you focus.

4 Get regular exercise and enough sleep

Try and be in bed before midnight.




5 1 started / had started 2 was 3 wasn’t / was not 4 had brought 5 had planned 6 didn’t have 7 disappeared / had disappeared 8 had remembered 9 had turned 10 had forgotten 11 tried 12 had come 13 had lost 14 called 6 1 forget 2 remember 3 memory 4 reminds 5 memorise 6 forget 7 remind 8 forgotten

Transcript 16 MATT


8 1 extra

2 use

3 can’t MATT

9 1 D 2 ND (The human brain, which stores information in many different ways, responds well to memory training.) 3 ND (These brain games, which are quite easy to learn, will help you improve your memory.) 4 D 5 ND (Names and numbers, which many people find difficult to remember, can be recalled using visual strategies.) 6 D





10 1 g whose parents had a house in France 2 c which was a beautiful old stone farmhouse 3 b where there were a lot of interesting cliffs and caves 4 a which formed a network of tunnels underground 5 e which we noticed was starting to turn red 10

Answer key




Have you seen the magazine article on how to improve your memory? No, but it sounds interesting. What does it say? Well, the first thing is that we all lose memory as we get older, but there are lots of things you can do to keep your memory in shape. That’s just what I need! Like what, for example? Well, like playing games. Apparently playing games and doing puzzles like crosswords and sudoku can help to keep your brain active. Yes, I love crosswords, I must try to do more of them ... The next thing is diet. Diet – really? Yes, some types of food are really good for your brain. It’s good to eat fish and superfoods like blueberries, spinach, avocado and beets. OK, that doesn’t sound too hard. What else? Well, nowadays people do a lot of multitasking, which means they aren’t really paying attention.




So just do one thing at a time and pay attention to it? Exactly! Maybe make a list to help you focus. And the final thing is to exercise regularly and get enough sleep. They say you should try to be in bed before midnight. Being fit and being rested both help the brain to function better. Well, that sounds good – I guess I’ll be off to the gym now before having my blueberry and avocado smoothie!

14  1 insomnia 2 lie awake 3 wake up 4 tiredness 5 seasick 6 carsick 7 vomit 8 dizzy 9 dehydration 10 headaches / dry mouth 11 dry mouth / headaches 12 irritable 15 Suggested answers 1 You should have a warm drink before bedtime and go to bed early. 2 You could try taking some travel sickness pills. 3 How about keeping a glass of water beside you all the time? 16 1 i (past continuous) 2 d (present simple) 3 c (past perfect) 4 a (present perfect) 5 f ( going to future) 6 h (will  future) 7 b (past simple) 8 g (present continuous) 9 e (future continuous)

Reading 3 a1 h7

b 3 c 10 i6 j4

d5 e9



4 1 shattering 2 agony 3 convinced 4 descend 5 fatal 6 starvation 7 blizzard 8 howling 5 Suggested answers 1 had climbed to the summit of Siula Grande 2 leg was shattered/broken 3 had cut his friend’s rope 4 hadn’t died / had survived the fall 5 was getting ready to leave 6 was dying of dehydration and starvation

Vocabulary plus, Everyday English

2 1 strained 2 broke/fractured 3 sprained/twisted/bruised 4 bruised 5 dislocated/fractured/broke 6 swollen 3 1 neck 2 foot 3 heart 4 hand 6 arm’s 7 foot 8 finger 4 1 broken up 2 break into 4 broken away 5

35 1 c




5 head

3 broke down


Review 11–12 1 1b





2 1 waterfall 2 volcano 5 canyon 6 stream Pronunciation point  36 1a 2a 3b 4b


3 lake

4 cave

Check your progress 6 1 1 don’t 2 you’re 3 that’s 4 who 5 saw 6 hadn’t 7 decided 8 you found 9 isn’t 10 which 2 1 board 2 ball 3 sour 4 stale 5 limped 6 stroll 7 estuary 8 waterfall 9 forgot 10 dehydration 11 bruise 12 compass 3 1c








Writing Unit 7 1 FOR


No accidents

Restrict freedom

Won’t get lost

Companies use information to sell products

Won’t have to learn to drive

Lose control of lives

Can use travelling time for other things (eg reading a book or watching a film)

2 In addition, On the other hand, What’s more

1 broken, fractured, bruised, swollen, dislocated, sprained, twisted, strained Answer key


Unit 8


3 1 Based on the novels by Ian Fleming, the James Bond films have become a worldwide phenomenon. 2 Known by his code number, 007, James Bond is an international spy who works for the British intelligence service. 3 Released in 2012, Skyfall  earned over a million pounds at the box office. 4 Set in different locations around the world, including Scotland and Shanghai, the film stars Daniel Craig as Bond and Javier Bardem as the villain. 4 Title


Type of film

science fiction


Ridley Scott

Main actor(s)

Harrison Ford


Earth in the year 2019; the world is so polluted that no one wants to live there; people who can afford it live in space


An agent has to track down ‘replicants’ who look like humans


Mysterious; not sure if agent’s girlfriend is human or not

Why the reviewer likes it

Surreal but realistic atmosphere, memorable scenes

Favourite scene

Female replicant walks through a shop window

Unit 9 3 A greeting, your signature 4 1 repairing / to be repaired; repaired 2 washing / to be washed; washed 3 cutting / to be cut; cut

Unit 10 2 1b



3 1 In a country far, far away. 2 The king, the queen and their baby daughter; an old witch. 3 The witch casts a spell on the baby so that if she pricks her finger, she will fall asleep for 100 years. 12

Answer key


She’ll prick her finger on the rose and fall asleep. A prince will come and kiss the sleeping princess. She’ll wake up, they’ll get married and live happily ever after.

Unit 11 1 Scrabble: i, c, g, l, k, e Draughts / Checkers: h, b, a, d, j, f 2 1d





3 1 Dots 2 Several rows of little circles (on your mobile phone). 3 Move your finger from circle to circle to join dots of the same colour. 4 To get rid of as many dots as you can. 5 It’s easy to play; you get a feeling of satisfaction when you get rid of all the dots, it’s very relaxing.

Unit 12 1 1c




2 1 To some caves in the desert (in Morocco). 2 To take photos. 3 They heard a strange howling noise outside. 4 They saw a massive column of sand approaching across the desert.

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