Jet Airways 2013 Session Questions (1)

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1. Shape of earth : Ellipsoid 2. How many segments constitute an instrument approach? 3, 4, 5, 6? Ans: 5 (arrival, initial, intermediate, final, missed approach) 3. Ohms Law –  Law –  Statement.  Statement. Ans: Current flowing through a circuit is directly proportational to Voltage and inversely proportional to resistance, keeping all other factors constant. (eg.temperature, length, cross sectional area) 4. What is the voltage if current of 300mA is passed through resistor of 20 ohms? Ans: 6V 5. TAS is 150. Crosswind is 50. What What is the GS? 200, 150, 100, 50? Ans: GS= 150+50*10 1/2= 200 Kts.(approx.) 6. A/C weight is 908 kg. Load applied is 6000 l b. What is the load factor? 2G, 3G, 5G? Ans: 3G 7. Unit of Capacitance. Capacitance. Ans: Microfarad 8. ZIGZAG is the call sign used by? Ans: Aircraft doing Search and Rescue. 9. How many ADIZ are there? Ans: 8 10. Wich clouds gives continuous rain? 11 TSI Principle Ans: Precission 12. Geostrophic wind, how does it blow? a) Parallel to straight isobars b)Parallel to curved isobars and two other options 13. Maneuvering Speed: VA 14. Bourdon tube is used to measure? Ans: Pressure and Temperature 15. Maximum % of water vapor in the atmosphere Ans: 4% 16. Clearance for high altitude flight above the sea or water body is given by? DGCA, Operator, State of Registration, FIC over high seas? 17. Validity of ATPL Medical. Ans: 6 months 18. Aircraft flying on easterly heading at 30 N at 200kts. What will DI show? Ans: Increased heading. (I m not sure that it was easterly heading or westerly heading given in the question, though I answered as per easterly heading) 19. In which layer of atmosphere is ozone layer present? Stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, troposphere? 20. Time at 60° East is 1530. What is the time at 30° West? Ans: 0930 Hrs. 21. You are taking off from R/W 088 variation 2 E winds 030/15. You will get a) 10 knots tailwind b) 10 knots headwind c) 17.4 knots crosswind

22. How much distance you cover while covering 8Degree long at equator? Ans: 480 Nm 23. Height of Troposphere above equator? Ans: 16 Km 24. You are flying with indicated 150 knots, Abeam crosswind of 50 Knots. What is your TAS? 25. Tokyo convention of 1975 deals with? 26. Continuous heavy rains are found in which clouds? 27. Aircraft Operations comes under which CAR Section? Section 8 28. Pitot-static vents are connected with which all i nstruments? nstruments? a) Altimeter, b) Cabin Altimeter, c) ASI , d) Cabin rate of change of indicator, e) VSI Ans: 1,3 & 5 (not sure about answer)

29. Fog and westerly disturbances. 30. The gas that is found in the greatest amount in the atmosphere? Ans: Nitrogen 31. Working principle of Radio Altimeter. 32. Primary engine instrument? Fuel f low, Tachometer, Torque meter, Air speed? 33. Dihedral angle is measured by? 34. Best L/D ratio gives? Max endurance, endurance, Max range,...2 other options 35. If an aircraft enters a prohibited area, the pilot may be cautioned of the same by: Ans: The firing of projectiles showing Red and Green Stars on bursting. 36. Echo has frequency of 900 microseconds. microseconds. What is the range? 37. What all factors determine the stalling speed of aircraft? 38. Longitudes are measured? (east n west of equator, east n west of Prime meridian ,*,*) 39. What is the function of stalling strip? Ans: To give aural warning. 40. When do we hear aural warning? (When about to enter stall , Stall imminent, and 2 more options) tr ailing edge. 41. Chord of wing definition? Ans: Distance between leading edge to trailing

42. Compass Variation is the angle between? Ans: Magnetic heading and True heading. 43. What system is de-activated when LG is retracted? 44. What illusion do water droplets on windscreen have? Higher then approach, approach, Lower than approach,  No effect? (effect (effect of rain rain on depth perception) perception) 45. EFIS converts? Digital to analog , Analog to digital , 2 other options 46. EFIS signals are what type of signals? 47. Temp at 20,000 feet is i s -5°C, what is ISA deviation? Ans: +20°C

48. Climbing at constant IAS, what happens to Mach no? a. Increases b. Decreases c. Remains constant d.(some other option) 49. Differential controls are used in? Ans: Ailerons 50. An aircraft uses 1000kg of fuel for 200NM. What is the t he specific range? 51. Specific range when F/C is 200kg/hr and distance of 1000NM? 52. Vertical fin is used to give? Lateral stability, Directional stability, Vertical stability or Normal stability? 53. If QNH is lower l ower than standard pressure, then? (pressure altitude>elevation, pressure altitude< elevation, pressure altitude=elevation, no effect) 54. In cyclone wind blows in which direction? Ans: Anti Clock wise 55. Symptoms of Hypoxia? Ans: Excess of Carbon mono oxide(as per option) 56. Which cloud gives continuous precipitation? 57. Which cloud leads to the formation of another cloud? 58. In which stage of CB both updrafts and downdrafts occur? occur? 59. When reducing power in an aircraft with variable pitch propeller, the procedure to follow? 60. TCAS resolutionary advice? 61. The best fuel ratio for max thrust? 62. The best glide angle is otherwise known as? 63. What causes spatial disorientation in Pilots? 64. In a series of resistance what is constant? Ans: Current 65. What causes aerodynamic buffeting? 66. What is V1? Ans: Action Initiation Speed 67. Sunrise at 0545, earliest VFR flight possible at? Ans: 0525 (as per option) 68. What axis does AP control during climb? Longitudinal, Lateral, Pitch axis (1 more option)? 69. Radiation fog is seen in? 70. What is found is high pressure area? (Fog, strong winds, 2 more options) 71. In aircrafts circuits are protected by? Ans: Circuit Breakers 72. Why is AC preferred over DC in aircrafts? 73. If compressibility came into effect what happens to CAS 74. Validity of ADC?

75. To fly an designated route Q how many RNPs are required? 76. A/c flying 200 NM in 20 min and later 200 NM in 30 min. Find average speed. speed. Ans: Option given for this question was wrong, so everyone will get benefit of doubt. 77. Length of wire and resistance relation. Ans: Directly proportional 78. Takeoff configuration warning activation. 79. One question on secondary cells. Ans: a battery which stores electrical energy in form chemical energy. 80. Which mixture burns mixture or a lean mixture? 81. Class D fires extinguished by? 82. Diluter Demand Oxygen system 83. Rated thrust based on? (gross thrust, net thrust, average thrust and one more option) 84. Payload is calculated on the basis of? Ans: MTOW, MLW & MZFW 85. Sequence of working of Piston Engine? Ans: Intake, Compression, Ignition, Power, Exhaust. 86. Sequence of working of Jet Engine? Ans: Intake, Compression, Combustion, Turbine, Exhaust. e nergy increases. 87. Convergent-Divergent tube Ans: Velocity increases as kinetic energy enable to propeller to run at reduced reduced or increased speed (as 88. Propeller reduction gear? Ans: to enable required)

89. Special VFR flights allowed in? 90. Rate of climb of an a/c climbing frm 10000ft to 30000ft in 20mins? Ans: 1000fpm 91. Aspirated TAT probe. 92. Category of aircraft for public transport? 93. Q on Spark plug fouling. 94. Symbol Generator on EFIS 95. Q on Servo Tab? Ans: 96. Conditions for CAVOK 97. Q on Static stability 98. Aspect Ratio is: Ans: inversely proportional to Induced drag 99. electric current consists of (chemical,heat,mag (chemical,heat,magnetism) netism) 100. Bernoulli's principle: Ans: Static+ Dynamic= Constant. 101. Winds –  Winds –  Friction  Friction more at? Ans: Land

102. Wind veering is: Ans: clockwise in NH 103. Altimeter setting which gives pressure altitude: Ans: 1013.25 hpa 104. On ground MAP gauge reads? 105. If an a/c is set to takeoff and warning is there about something wrong in configuration, configuration, what is the action to be taken? 106. Max thrust is given by? 107. Performance based based limitation in take off 108. Q on Semi-monocoque. (Options were: spars, ribs, longerons, stringers) 109. Q on Cabin Altitude 110. Any wheel which spins on its axis is called? Ans: Gyroscope 111. Effect of increase in wing area on lift? Ans: lift increases 112. What are advantages/disadvantages advantages/disadvantages of swept back wing? 113. When temperature increases increases with height, it i t is called? Ans: Inversion layer 114. How is current surge controlled in aircraft? 115. Radiation fog in northern hemisphere is formed? (options were ahead ahead of WD or behind) 116. Control zones in India shall be at least what airspace category? category? 117. What Happens to Total Voltage when connected in series? 118. What is standard lapse rate of temperature? temperature? Ans: 3.5°F/1000 ft 119. What is accumulator? accumulator?

Note:- All the answers provided above are in bold and best of my knowledge. I tried to be correct, so not answered those questions which I don’t remember what option I have marked. Please don’t get into argument that I’ve marked wrong, instead of t hat correct me. It’ll help all of us. Unanswered questions are either I don’t remember what I answered or wrongly marked, so didn’t marked to misguide others. Who knows other ot her questions please answer and upload revised. I appreciate GHOST AVIATORZ’S work, as they have compiled all the question for ready reference for us.

Thanks & Regards, Apurv Kumar.

Revised answer:- 6) 3G 15) 4%

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