Jenny Facebook Pros and Cons Recap

August 8, 2017 | Author: Angel Angeleri-priftis. | Category: N/A
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Jenny gives her ---------------------- about Facebook. She -------------(penser) Facebook is ----------------------. She ----------------- this social networking ------------------ a ------------- ago and since then she has been able to --------------- in ------------------ with lots of --------------------------- and family that she would never ever ------------ the time to -------------------------- or ----------------- to. What she ------------------ the most on Facebook is to --------------- at people’s ----------------- and ------------------ what they are ---------------- . She -------------- that Facebook is very ---------------------- for keeping in ------------ with friends! Yet , she also -----------------------(croire) that Facebook can be --------------------------- . She -----------------(expliquer) that you have to be very ----------------------- about the ----------------------- you give on the ------------------- . She feels -------------------------------- when she sees her friends --------------photos and --------------------------- that are too --------------------. She --------------------(admettre) that she wouldn’t do it for herself. What makes her ----------------- a little bit ------------------------ is that her friends may------------------ photos of her on Facebook without ---------------- her ! According to Jenny, it’s always a little bit ------------------------- if you start having --------------- of yourself. However, she thinks it’s really --------------------- to be ---------- to --------------------------------- and --------------------- with so many -------------------------------so------------------------------ ! Thanks to Facebook she ------------ ----------------in touch with her global-------------- !

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