Jay Ari Paramhans Dayal

November 23, 2017 | Author: Jagadish Gogineni | Category: Shiva, Atoms, Maya (Illusion), Atomic Nucleus, Moksha
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PERCEPTION OF BODY SPIRIT VIBHU FROM TRUTH (Vibhu is one unit of length equal to one ashankh part of atom)






Patience: Avoiding falsehood, accepting truth, living doubtlessly, Extirpation of haughtiness & steadiness,

Pity: Non-malice, feelings of similarity, friendship, resemblance and fearlessness

MODEST: Hunger Control, Sweet word, Mild Mind, Direct test and current happiness,

NOTION: Decision of theistic and atheistic, accepting neutrality behaviour improvement, holy feelings & getting knowledge and science,

Truth: Decision, Boundlessness, Light, Stability, Apology.


Three Characteristics of Genuine Element

Discrimination: The quality of true thoughts.

Asceticism: The quality of patience.

Guru Bhakti & Holy nature: The quality of modesty and pity.

Raw element made from Genuine element: Space Air Fire Water Earth

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Patience Pity Modesty Notion Truth

The body was made from chura of Mal-Vich-chhep awaran. Tejas haughtiness was made from supper conscious glaw of Vibhu. Haughtiness was divided in three parts. These are called SAT, RAJ, TAM, Maha-tatva was made from haughtiness of five sensucus; ten mantras were made from Maha-tatva. These are called word, Charm, fluid, smell and touch. When the process of MAL-VICH-CHHEP awaran was started by nature, Firstly RAS, mixed with BINDU and started the process of creating the creation & produced MAL-VICH-CHHEP awaran and then a from was made equal to plum in a week. In one month it become equal to Pea-Hens egg and in two month MAL VICH-CHHEP awaran was started to seprate.Flesh blood & marrow were produced by MAL & BONE, Vein, Flash, marrow and blood were produced by VICH-CHHEP. Now the skin was made upon the body of AWARAN, Outer covering of Vein and Crust made upon bones to senses were made from divine lustre-hands-feet-mouth-gender, anus, ear, eyes, nose, toungue and skin.


(Owners) Deities of Senses

Indra Vaman Dev Agni Dev Brahma Yamraz Digpal Surya Dev Varun Dev Ashwani Kumar Pawan Dev

Hands Feet Mouth Gender Anus Ears Eyes Tongue Nose Skin

(Owners) Deities of Subjective Mind

Mann Chitt Wit Haughtiness

Chandrama Vishnu Brahma Shiva


MEENING Chitt- Point of View 1 Ashankh – 10000000000000000000 CHURA – Powdery


AWARAN- Cover MAL-VICH-CHHEP – Mixture of menstrual excretion & semen in womb Marta –Vowel mark RAZ – Menstrual Blood Bindu – Semen Mann – A part of subjective Mind. Guru Bhakti – Feeling of devotion for GURU. Guru – Spiritual Teacher

SAT,RAJ AND TAM – Quality of Nature: Envelope of body

Physical body-This is made from 25 substances. Earth- bone, vein, flesh, hair, skin, Air- walking, talking, force, puckering spreading Space- word, worry, cipher,(void) Fire- Affection, doubt, idleness, sleepless, hunger, thirst, yawn, Water- blood, sweat, urine, saliva, semen.

2 Smaller body-There are to vital airs,10 senses ,subjective mind & sprit-soul in this body equal to this thumb of hand this its form. Ten vital airspran,apan,udan,vayan,saman,naag,kurm,krakal,devaatt,dhannjai.


Act of vital airs-

1. Pran operates breath. 2. Apan expels the waste air from body. It is situated at anus. 3. Udan gulps down a sip of water and morsel. 4. Vayan operates all the veins of body. 5. Saman digests the food .It is situated in intestine. 6. Eructatition is taker by Naag. 7. Eyelids are blinked by Kurm. 8. Sneeze is taker by Krakal. 9. Yawn is taker by Devdatt. 10. Dhannjai distends the body. 11. Sense organs-hand feet gender, Anus, Eyes, Ears, mouth, nose, Tongue & skin. Smaller body- There are 3 substances in this body .equal to half thumb of hand .is it form Chitt- haughtiness- spirit-soul (sushopti position)

Subtle body- equal to lentil’s one seed Haughtiness. Spirit-soul (toriya position) Micro body- equal to molecule. It can increase or decrease its body According to its need. Chitt spirit-soul (Turiya-ateet position)

Chitt- point of view Sushupti - Sleeping position Turiya position –beyond the all three positions (vigiling, sleeping &dreamy) Or the position, that is made by connecting surati with pind’s word . Pind- the part of body that below from eyebrows to navel. Turiya ateet- beyond the position of vigiling sleeping, dreamy & turiya or The position that is made by connecting surati with universe’s word.


MAL-VICH-CHHEP Awaran Veins in vich-chhep- there are 72000 Veins in our body .usually these are Different in size, blood, fluid (extract of digest food), air water, food, chitt, Semen, urine etc are flow in different veins. There are some thick veins of then Veins



Reft nostril


Right nostril


Mingled of both


Left eye

Hast zibhya

Right eye


Right ear









According to day’s pingala should blow on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday sun rise and Ida should blow on Monday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Blowing the swar like this is good for votary. According to fortnight, pingla swar should blow on first second and third day of lunar month sun rising. After that swar is to blow according to other days. just like that, ida should blow till three days first, second and third day of Bright half of a luniar month in sun rising it is good to the votary. after that swar is to blow according to other days generally the votary should See his swar in morning just before rising the Sun see that which nostril’s swar is much or less blowing by closing the nostril one by one with the help of thumb. which nostril’s swar is much blowing, the vatory should accept the flow of that swar and when the air is blowing equally in both nostrils.it means this is sushmana swar. Remember, this sushmana is restricted for each activity of world.

this is good only for bhazan ,sumiran, meditation when the votary see the flow of swars and good position of day or fortnight ,the votary should put his that


foot down firstly ,that swar is blowing there will be no chance of any danger whole day for votary by doing so.For much information please attend the yoga camp

Orifice in the body

There are uncountable smallest orifice in human body ,as dental orifice of 32 teeth .where ,there is hair on the body there are also orifices .these are called pores . There are main 12 thick orifice in human body .there are 2 orifice in and urinary orifice and urinary orifice and anus orifice .7 in pind (on the face) -2 ear,2 orifice nostril ,2eye and one in mouth .three in universe -1 in palate – dasham dwar ,second bhanwar gufa .it is also called randra dwar and third on the top of head. It is called sachkh and dwar . Bhanwar gufa – halting place in our body . Randra dwar – way by it surati soul get out from body. Suchkhand dwar - way by it surati soul get out from body. Fortnight – fortnight have 15 Daye according to Indian system. Ida – the air that blows from left nostril. Pingla the air that blow by right nostril . Sushmana- the air that blow equally by both nostril. Bhazan ,sumiran –part of meditation Pind- the part of body that below from eyebrows to navel . And- the part of body that below the navel . Swar-sound (create by blowing the air by nose )

Demarcation of lotuses (on the time of creating body) 1.Muladhar kawal 2.Swadhistan kawal 3.Manipurak kawal 4.Anahat kawal 5.Vishudh kawal 6.Vyom kawal 7.Aagya chakra 8.Sahastra dal kawal 9.Trikuti 10.Dasham dwar 11.Bhanwar gufa 12.Sachkhand The deities of kawal and alphabet on the petals First of all kuram purush below the charan kawal . Muladhar kawal-


this is the dwelling place of ganesh and yamraj.this is the lotus of 4 petals. There are also 4 letters on these petals V, SH, SH, S.

Swadhistan kawal – this is the dwelling place of brahma and savitri.it has 6 petals and There are also 6 letters on these petals on these petals-B, BH, M,Y ,R,L Manipurak kawaldeity Vishnu dwell here .it also called go-lok dham.this lotus has 10 petals and there are also 10 letters on these petals –D, DH, N,T,TH,D,DH,N,P,PH, Anahat kawaldeity shiv dwell here with his wife parvati. This lotus has 12 petals and 12 letters are also situated on these petals –K,KH, G,GH,R,CH,CHH,J,JH,UNA,T,TH Vishudh kawalthis is the dwelling place of Aadi shakti lakshmi durga bhavani .it is also called ksheer sagar .this is the place of deity Vishnu,s in lowes. This lotus has 16 petals and 16 vowels are also situated on these petals – A,AA,I,EE,U,OO,E,AI,RH,RHA,LR,LRA,O,AU,ANG,AHA Vyom kawalthis is the dwelling place of shedeity saraswati. This is shedeity of knowledge .this lotus has 64 petals .these petals have 52 letters and 12 vowel marks. vyam kawal is also called brahm randra dwar. Aagya chakra-

this is the dwelling place of brahm and sadguru. this lotus has 2 petals and 2 letters -HANG ,and KSHANG are situated here .agya chakara is also called bhrakuti kawal. Sahastra dal kawalDemi god kaal niranjan dwell here .this lotus has thousand petals. As we know that there are 16 vowels and 32 consonant in Hindi alphabet. It add vowels and consonant with each other, we get the total 52. There are 12 genuine vowels only among the vowels. Four vowels, RH ,RHA,LR, LRA Are removed among the 16 vowels due to toneless .now genuine vowels 12 are left with then 12 khudhi is Used .that is why vowels and consonant make total of 64 letters swaratmok with all 16 vowels , we get the total of 1024. it means ,there are 1024 petals of Sahastra dal kawal .but due to grotesque total of 1024,rhyme total 1000 is accepted. So it is called the lotus of thousand petals . this is the centre of word –dictionary .all words (vowels and consonants) are spread in whole body from here .


Trikuti Kawalthis is the dwelling place of Adhya Mahamaya. she is the Mather of deity brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and wife of Kaal Niranjan. this lotus has 3 petals .the letter .TRA is situated here . Dasham DwarAchint Purush dwell just below it and complete Sadguru dev dwell at Dasham Dwar. It is also called Shunya kawal .

Bhanwar GufaSohang purush dwell here with his wife yog maya. This lotus has 64 petals .GYA, letter is situated here . Who knows about these 52 internal letters of body .he is the vaaman.it means he is Brahman , who knows about brahm. Such person born again of knowledge by going to sudguru’s shelter . he is called dwaz. Sachkhand – Ankur purush ,iksha purush dwell just below here and sahaj purush dwell at sachkhand .this lotus has uncountable petals. • • • • • • • • • •

KAWAL LOTUS : (Haiting place in our body ) Brahmma,Vishnu,Mahesh : Hindu Deities (Mahesh is also called the name of Shanker or Shiva. Ganesh & Yamraj – Hindu divinities Savitri : wife of Brahmma Parwati : wife of Mahesh Aadi Shakti Lakshmi durga bhawani: wife of Vishnu Saraswati : Hindu shedeity of knowledge. Go lok Dham : Name of dwelling place. Brahm : soul element. Achint Purush,Sohang Purush,Ankur Purush,Iksha Purush,Sahaj Purush,Kuram Purush are elder brother’s of Kal Niranjan.

Kaal Niranjan : Demi God (he is the yonger son of Satya Purush) Satya Purush : God , Almighty, Omnipotent.

Sadguru : Spiritual (teacher) Dwaz : Brahmman (highly regarded for Hindu )


About of 12 Khadi : (swaratamak) ka,kaa,ki,kee,ku,koo,ke,kei,ko,kau,kan,kanhaa,na,naa,ni,nee etc.

All the organs are developed after three months. In fourth month hair.vial air & sense of organs got power & the subjective MIND is activated & digestion system is started to it’s work. In fifth months the child is overturned in wamb and the child starts to move in wamb. In sixth month the lotus orifices of body are developed, in seven months whatever mother eats as sour, sweets, spicy or salty, it’s extract, that pass through the cell,(in which the child is closed ) ,it makes child’s skin and liver effected .this is 28th hell of the child .here the child hears the naad anhad word and see the divine light in womb. the child praya to god that Oh god! Please take me out of this hardship .in 8th month the child is completely developed and in 9th month the child prays to god,” On Jesus of this world .please get me out of this womb. I will gem ember you forever and do the bhajan and will never forget you,” after 9th month the internal air of womb throw the child out from the womb by pushing him .now the child opens his eyes after coming out of ,,the womb and see the world and think where I was yet ?now where I have came ? “ & starts to cry the group of ladies (who are sitting near the child) recite him the sound by beating the plate or tray. And show him light by letting the lustre this lustre is litting continue for 24 hours till many days .now seeing all this the child thinks” I am still there , I have not come much for yet .” and then he accepts his body’s name as his name .He accepts body’s deeds as his deed .due to this sanskar is made . by sanskar many types of body went to 8400000 yonies ensnaring in consumings and maya .due to this he forgets his conscious true name ,immortal identity and his real home satya lok and satya purush . Naad- anhad –sound ,which is raising on halting places continually Word- name of god. Bhajan- part of meditation. Satya lok-Dwelling place of satya purush . Maya-there are 2 type of maya visual maya & unseen maya Visual maya- which is being appeared that is visual maya .as nature, money , house rain etc. Unseen maya- which is appeared in dream, that is unseen maya or man ,chitt wit haughtiness ,vital airs ,senses ,supernatural powers ,etc Yonis- lives Sanskar-made by deeds Lotus element & moderation in essential mantra

Muladhar kawal- earth element .it has yellow colour & square shape. Jaundice, sorrow & worriless are cured by practicing of essential mantra LANG & make votary fearless. Swadhistan Kawal – water element .it has white colour and shape is like crescent moon. Hunger ,thirst are controlled and get the power if walking on the water by practice of essential mantra Vang. Manipoorak Kawal – Fire element it’s has red colour and triangular shape dyspepsia swelling and all mentally diseases are root out by practice of


essential mantra “RANG” and get the power of enduring much heat, sun and more eating power & Kundalinye power is activated. Anahat Kawal – Air element, it has green colour & circular shape. asthma, arthritis etc. Are cured and get flying power in the sky by practice of essential matra “YANG” super natural power’s are acquired. Vishudh Kawal – Space element it has black color or mixture of many colour and shape is uncertain build up spoiling or no shape deafness is eliminated & super natural power’s are acquired and votary becomes knowing of past, present and future by practicing of essential mantra ‘HANG’. Do the practice of Nilamber with it. Vyom Kawal – space is begun from here. She deity Saraswati dwell here. She is She deity of knowledge. Lambika yoga is made by blacking the space orifice and makes practice continually. The votary’s body has started to light above the land. Now the votaries sit any where persistently in any posture. Agya Chakra – there are the sound of OM,HUNG and KSHANG and golden light is here.

Sahastra Dal Kawal – there are the sound of Conch, Bell, Jhinguri, Alligator and Birds chirping and the light of thousand sun’s here. Trikuti- There are the sound of “ONKAR” SAROD, VEEN (Kind of wind instrument sitar and the light of Millions lustres just like early morning.

Jhinguri, Lute, Dasham Dwar – There are the sound of “RARANKAR” Cold light is here just like full moon light of uncountable lustres.

Bhanwar Gufa – there are the sound of “SOHANG” word Mrudung ,Nafiri,Timbre and rippling sound of water fall and the light just like noon’s light of May & June Month. The light of billion’s Sun’s is here. Sachkhand- there are the sound of thundering od cloud’s special sound of “SAAR SHABD” O ANG.(Satnam) and light of thousand billion’s Sun’s. Mantra - Shell Kundalniye power – kind of supertural powers Lambika yoge – kind of yoge Saraswati –Hindu shedeity of knowledge Explanation of a spell Annamai shell –This is situated in ghatakash $ its place on trikuti . There are vowel mark ‘Akar’ of Om $ vigiling position $ kheechari posture. Grain is the life of physical body $ grain is its willing.


Pranmai shell – This is situated in maha aakash. Its place is on larynx $ vowel mark is ‘Ukar’ of Om. There is dreamy position $ there is much quantify of water in this shell.[bird way , bhuchri posture] Manomai shall – This is situated in mahda aakash. This place is on heart. There is sleepy position & vowel mark ‘Makar’ of om & shape is like half thumb. [monkey way, chachari pasture] Gyanmai shell – This is situated in chida aakash $ its place on navel. Vowel mark is ‘crescent moon position is Turiya. [fish way agochari posture] Anandmi shell – This is situated is abhar [Niza] aakash $ its place on the top of head. Its vowel makr is ‘point’ [.] $ Position is Turiya ateet. [Space way, unmani posture] Shawdmai shell – This is situated bimba [murdha] aakash & its place is on sahastra dal kawal. Its body is huge. Niranzan azapan is here. The votaries get knowledge of entering in other’s body after being expert in this shell. Aakashmai shell – The votary is called gunateet after being expert in this shell. Blocking brahm randra by kheechar posture, the votaries get flying power in the sky & there is no feeling of old age. Its place is on poongiri.

Prakashmai shell – Its way is sun. It is situated in murdha gagan.It makes steady feeling on bhrakuti kawal. Its place is on brahm. It is also called chidchid vishishta aakash. Eight supernatural powers are dwell here. Sidha persons are seen by making practice of it continue. Vigynmai shall – This is situated in niza aakash. Its place is on bhanwar gufa & position is turiya ateet. Vowel mark is point [.] &its body is micro. Its way is called space. Kalatit, bhavatit & thaughts are not created here. & the votary is got completeness. The posture is no feeligs of happiness & sparrows. Now the votary is called unchanging, unborn & single & see formless, qualitiless supreme spirit. Ant way- the votary negotiates the way like ant to achieve his aim due to this he doesn’t reach there trying till many lives ,where he wants to reach .he fasts ,worships, undergo austere practice ,listens to the recitals of adventures of deities, give alms. This is this ant way. Bird way- birds roam in the sky by flying from trees .if they want to reach god’s place , they cannot . even then also they want to reach there they will have to take birth of human being after crossing 8400000 lives. He can get the source of salvation after getting human body. and then votary withholds his breath inside and outside. He inhales and exhales like this and only he is able to immaculate his vital airs by pranayam. It is impossible to get salvation by B’coj vital air is only inert ,how con it gets great .conscious supreme spirit.

Monkey Way: Monkey is very agile creature. It is always changes the treebranches. it stays at one place only while waiting at night. Just like that, this Mann (The king of senses) is also very agile when the votary repeats silently the


name of any deity or mantra, this Mann (mind) take conception by inspiring the senses to sensual enjoyment just like monkey. This Mann (Mind) is inert in itself. it is conscious only due to conscious soul. How can we get the salvation by it? Fish Way: when the water flow from upper place towards the down, the fish ascend to upward from downward just like that when SURUTI catch the ward of PIND, it get pleasure of TURIYA & TURIYA ATEET on reaching at Bhanwar Gufa by passing through URDH Brahm Randra again & again combining the both wards (One in nature & one on Manipoorak Kanwal). Fill these halting places are situated under limitation of body & the owner of all these halting places os KAL NIRANJAN. That’s why the votary can get only eight supernatural powers not salvation. Space Way : when the SURATI pass through Brahm Randra passing by Vyom Kanwal in space, see three deities in the mann temple. Where the deity incarnates in from of human being many times & when the SURUTI go to space after passing through the “JHANJHARI DWEEP” pluck the fastened valve. Which is fastened by Kal Niranjan? Then Kal Niranjan allures the votary for eight supernatural powers and nine treasures. If the votary is not enticed to them & go upper from Dasham Dwar by Randra Dwar while listening to NAAD-ANHAD. Where three are four words created by KAAL NIRANJAN, they stop Surati. Even the salvation way is started from SHUNYA DWEEP. Surati remains stay there confusing in KAAL’S Words. The Surati can’t go out from body’s limitation by all the ways Ant, Bird, Monkey, Fish & Space until the complete SADGURU DEV bless. CHALAT













Means : Surati soul had to cross nine shell while walking. She thoughts, “it is her destination” now she feels fatigued. But it is not her actual destination, where she should go. Anupam Way: Anupam way is beyond the divinity, heavenly, superman dance all of the voices, languages, postures etc. it can’t be perceptive by GURU & SadGuru tell about pilgrimage, FAST,JAAP,AJAPA,NAAD-ANHAD,POSTURES, etc. but the complete Sadguru tell about Anupam or Sahaz way. After perception of Anupam or Sahaz way the votary connect. His Surati with NIH-AKSHAR Maker wire of Shunya Dweep by giving up JAP-AJAPA, NAAD-ANHAD. The way like tunnel lead to AMAR-LOK B from here passing by the Lok of Brahma ,Vishnu , Shiva and lead to Satya Lok passing by Maan –Sarowar. the votary see Satya Purush in Satya Lok by complete Sadguru’s blessing & also visit upper lok by complete Sadguru;s blessing. This is the Anupam or Sahaz way.



Ghatakash, Mahakash, Murdh Aakash, Maha Aakash, Chida Aakasha, Abhar Aakash are the names of Space. Trikuti :Halting place in human body. Turiya Position – Beyond the all three positions (vigiling, sleeping & dreamy) or the position that is made by connecting Surati with Pind’s word. Turiya -Ateet – beyond the position of vigiling, sleeping, Dreamy, & Turiya .or the position that is made by connecting Surati with universe’s word. Sahastra dal kawal, bhrakuti kawal, poongiri , Bhanwar Gufa, Vyam Kawal, Da are halting place of human body. Zhanjhari Dweep – Sahastra Dal kawal. Niranzan ajapa - Name of God. Gunateet – Beyond the qualities. Brahm Randra – Way (for getting out from the body). Shidha Person - Who have supernatural powers. Mann(Mind) – King of Senses. Surati – A part of Soul. Pind – The Part of body that below from eyebrows to navel. Urdha Brahm randra – Way ( for getting out from body) Naad -Anhad – Sound. Shunya Dweep – halting place ( out of body limitation) Amar lok, Satya Lok – Dwelling place ( other world) Satya Purush – God , Supreme soul, Almighty Jap – Silent repetition of a spell or name Maan Sarowar – Name of Large pond Shunya Dweep – Cypher is land. Ajapa- Un speakable , Unvoiced Advantage of hearing the Anhad-Naad

1. By hearing the sound of “Jhinguri”feel sound sleep & get much pleasure while sleeping. 2. By hearing the sound of Alligator increases the devotion & love to God.


3. By hearing the sound of Conch Gyrate the head & Mann (Mind) is enjoy full. 4. By hearing the sound of Sarod & Sitar feel pleasure of nectar’s water fall is felled.

5. Come out a sound of Tall by falling the nectar in Hulk.Destroy the anger in this & control the hunger & thirst. 6. By hearing the sound of Flute, votary come to know the secrets & increase his trust in God and read one’s Mind (Mann).

7. By hearing the sound of Mradang, votary comes to know the hidden things of under earth or any other place by intuition. 8. By hearing the sound of Clarinet, body starts to become light & it seems as I am lifting. If this sound is always getting the votary can vanish before the eyes.

9. By hearing the sound of Cloud’s thundering, destroy all type of nations & sing and all the five Vices – sexuality, anger, greed, attraction and haughtiness are started to lesson. Meaning:

Mann (Mind) – King of senses. Hulk – The name of valley of Amar-Lok. Amar-Lok – Dwelling place (Other World) Mradang – Kind of Drum. Sitar – String Instrument. Possession of Kaal on the Soul’s When the super conscious spirit awaken after Yoga Sleeping in Dhur Dham, He imagine to be divine being like himself & a devise is made from imagination this devise came down to Dayal Dham, This devise became little strong after that when it came to Anami Dham , it was cracked lightly & when it passed through Agam-Lok, it’s cranny was increased . After coming to Saty-Lok, it burst and supernatural being came out from its explosion, it was called Satya Purush. When he saw himself in the form, he wished to be many from one & then few spirits were manifested by only his wishing. They were Sahaz Purush, Iksha Purush, Ankur Purush, Joggeet, Jalrang ji, Akshar Purush, Achint Purush, Kooram Purush and Kaal Niranjan was manifested at last.


Muhammad Sahib called him (Kaal Niranjan). Mischievaus demi God. Satya Purush held them wire of continue Flowing Sahaz Nih Akshar maker wire. All the spirits were attached with truth. After that Satya Purush said to all the spirits to create the creation. All the spirits were keeping silent & said nothing. Then Satya Purush create a lady. That lady was manifested on the side of Maan Sarowar. She was called Adhya Maha Maya after it Satya Purush said to Kaal Niranjan to fetch the material of creation from Kooram Purursh and said that Kooram Purush is your elder brother. So pray obeisance & respectfully beg the creation material from him. But Kaal didn’t do so. Kooram Purush refused to give the creation of material due to pay no respect, Kall tore his (Kooram) abdomen in rage. All the material of creation came out due to tearing the abdomen, Kooram Purush evoked Satya Purush and Satya Purush was appeared. Seeing his (Kaal ) manner less behaviour Satya Purush curse Kaal that you ‘ve broken the rule of modesty .due to this now you won’t able to see me. Then Kaal also said that if I don’t see, remember ! I won’t late any one see you & then Kaal Niranjan made relation of husband and wife with Adhya Maha Maya & gave birth 3 child, these are Brahma & Vishnu and Mahesh. Before their birth you (Kall Niranjan )were disappear in the from of (Jyoti Niranjan) and then Satya Purush sent numberless souls to Sky, Water, earth after manifested them. When the soul’s were coming down , they got the Zhanjhari Dweep of Adhya & Kaal saw the souls coming down, Kaal and Adhya wore the cover of body over them of five elements and three tempers.after that they divided the department of creation. Adhya got Andaz mine,Brahmma got Viviparous mine, Vishnu got Udbhiz mine and Shanker got swedaz mine of creation department. Adhya Maha Maya prepared the cover of body with five elements & three tempers & Mal-vich-chep awran and then she imprisoned the souls in the cover of body & made 12 orifice in the body cover. Kal kept the souls under watch. He kept Ganesh & Yamraz on the watch for Muladhar Kawal, Brahmma and Savitri on the watch for Swadhisthan Mukam, Vishnu on the watch for Mani poorak Kawal, Shankar and Parvati on the watch for Anahat Kawal. Aadi shakti Durga on watch for Vishudh Kawal, Saraswati on the watch for Vyom Kawal, Brahm and Sadguru on the watch for Bhrakuti Kawal and fixed the valve. Kaal kept himself on the watch for Sahastra Dal Kawal (Zhanjhari Dweep ) with Eight supernatural power & nine treasures & fixed the valve, he kept his wife on the watch for Trikuti Kawal. She create idleness, sleep, yawning by Yoga power & she kept them with her self on the watch and create root nature Maya, MahaMaya and Jheeni Maya. Achint Purush was kept on the watch for below the Dasham Dwar & shut the door with valve. Sohang Purush and his wife Yog Maya were kept on the watch for Bhanwar Gufa. Iksha Purush and Ankur Purush were kept on the watch for Sach-khand Dwar with valve. after that made the cover of bodies-physical body, smaller body,smallest body,subtly body and micro body made limitation of nine shells.after that kept ten vital airs, ten senses, four subjective minds-Mann, intellect, chitt & haughtiness on the watch for and said that you keep controlling over the vital airs, senses and bodies build up the thoughts by Mann, take decision by wit (intellect) she the senses by chitt & inspire the senses by haughtiness. Keep attaching the senses with sensual activities like this and appointed the five chief officers near the Subjective Mind. They are called sexual appetite ,anger, stinginess ,attraction and haughtiness .kaal nirnajan permitted then that no soul sold reach satya lok by hook by


crook and permitted brahma , Vishnu ,Mahesh and wife Adhya Maha Maya to confuse the souls in idol worship, name of deities, knowledge ,yoga, fast, pilgrimage, jap tap, principle, creed, sect ,epic etc by taking incarnation of human form by all of you and keep fascinating the souls. When the souls want to go out from your limitation, give them supernatural powers & sarupya , salokya , sakamya , sayozya salvations & then Kaal & Adhya saw that Satya Purush connected the souls with Sahaz Nih-akshar maker wire from Satya Lok. Firstly the Sahaz shawd entered in by Sach-Khand Dwar and Dasam Dwar , it ‘O’ ANG’ word was created on Sach-Khand Dwar and then ‘O ANG’ word reflected obliquely on the Bhanwar Gufa, if converted from ‘O ANG’ in to the Sohang word and Sohang word reflected on the Manipoorak Kawal. When the Sohang word was coming down, Kaal Niranjan saw that the word of Satya Purush was entering the cover of body. if it enter the body cover, the soul will capture Naad-Anhad by capturing the word and after that it’ll go to capture the Sahaz word & it will go to Satya Lok. That’s why Kaal divided this word in to two parts “SO” & ‘HUNG’ SO word went to nature & HUNG word went to Mani Poorak Kawal created the breath. The soul can not meet supreme element until the Surati will make these words one.so if any one connect these words with Surati, Kaal Niranjan Interrupt by building up the thoughts in the votary’s mind & Adhya Maha Maya create idleness,sleeping, yawn. Due to this the votary’s continuity is broken. Sohang word’s one reflection reflected obliquely on the Bhrakuti Kawal & second reflected on Vishudh Kawal due to this two words “Hang’ & ‘KSHANG’ were created ‘HANG’ word & 16 petals were produced on Vishudh Kawal & 16 vowels were also created on these petals. It is also reflected on all other halting places (Kawal). Due to this 12 petals & 12 letters were created on ANAHATKAWAL,10 letters were created on Mani Poorak Kawal, 6 petals & 6 letters were created on Swadhistan Kawal, 4 petals & 4 letters were created on Muladhar Kawal. “TRA’.letter was created on Trikuti & ‘GYA’ letter was created on Bhawar Gufa thus 52 letters & one core letter of Hindi language were created on each Kawal. Like this Kal Niranjan created the letters on each Kawal from Lexicon.

Kal Niranjan created Naad-Anhad in universe & 4 Phonic words were created just like Sahaz Nih-Akshar maker wire in the middle of universe & cipher island, which is similar to Sahaz word. But its wires are broken in the midway. While the Sahaz word is unbroken. constant, immobile and everywhere. It is its identity . when the votary forward to refinement crossing supper-natural powers, complete Sad Guru Dev is got to the votary (Sad Guru Dev is beyond supreme element. He dwell at be had upper from body limitation ) he gets the fastened valve of doors opened. Then the votary come to Satya Dham by the way of salvation. The soul is under controlled of Kaal Niranjan before coming to Satya Dham.


Meaning: Dhur Dham, Dayal Dham, Anami Dham, Agam Lok, Alakh Lok, Satya Lok are dwelling palaces or other worlds. Satya Purush- God Nih-Akshar – word of with out letter Andaz Mine – In which, the creature like Trees, Plants, Mountains etc. are grown in to the ground. Swedaz Mine - Growing creature by sweat & vapar as –lice,tick etc. Maya – There are two types of Maya. Visual Maya & unseen Maya which is being appeared, that is visual Maya as nature money, rain etc. Which is appeared in dream, that is unseen Maya or Maan (Mind), Chitt, wit, Haughtiness, supernatural power etc. Maha Maya – Maha Maya is called –Women. Zheeni Maya – Supernatural power & respect, power that getting by it. Sarupa,Salokya, Sakamya , Sayozya – Kind of salvation or giving salvation by Deities. Dasham Dwar – 10TH door.



When the votaries make practice of Onkar Sadhana, he got kaiwalya Brahm. There are 5 vowel marks of OM ()-Akar,Ukar,Makar crescent moon () & point (), the votary attach

his Surat-Nirati with word by concentrating all vowel

marks consecutively , he reach’s complete high. first of all he reaches Trikuti, where the sound of Onkar word is raising continually & vowel mark is situated. Make practice of it. after that vowel mark “UKAR” is situated at Vishudh Kawal and here he makes practice of “HANG” ( ) word & see there internal scene by making practice. After that make practice of “YANG” () word, Yang word & “Makar” vowel mark is situated at Anahat Kawal. He gets pleasure there. He brings ahead Surati-Nirati to Manipoorak Kawal, where the fourth vowel mark “Crescent Moon” () is situated. Kundaliniye power dwell here & this is main place of Deity Vishnu. After seeing the scene here, Surati – Nirati reach Bhrakuti Kawal by Sushmana vein & break the adamant valve by complete Sad Guru’s grace & see the holy scene in the MAAN-TEMPLE, where there is dwelling place of Brahm. After that Surati-Nirati reach Bhanwar Gufa by Brahm Randra after breaking the adamant valve of Adhya Maha Maya & Kaal Niranjan on Sahastra Dal Kawal. Where the fifth vowel mark point () of OM is situated. The dwelling place of complete Braham is here. The sound of Sohang word is raising here continue, The Votary makes practice of of it. Due to this Kaal Niranjan give the Supernatural powers to the Votary & that person get 8 Super Natural Powers & Nine Treasures. This is last summit if Kaivalya supreme Rank. The Votary gets Turiya-Ateet position, when he makes practice again & again of AKAR, UKAR, MAKAR, Crescent Moon () point () sequentially by Surati-Nirati. That supernatural personage doesn’t able to go ahead due to grad of supernatural powers. This body is under controlled of Kaal from sole to top of head. Which means are told by Sad Gurus (Not complete Sad Guru) as JAP-TAP, Yoga & all Naad-Anhad of AND-PIND & universe? They don’t let the votary reach salvation’s door. That’s why we have to need complete Sad Guru. Who perceive us beyond limit of body & body limitation & tell us the way of salvation. Then we’ll get selfperception and salvation.


Meaning: Kaiwalya Brahm – Turiya-Ateet Position Surati – Part of soul. Nirati – Part of soul. Word – Name of God. Bhrakuti – Halting place in human body. Trikuti–Halting Place. Vishudha Kawal–Halting Place. Anahat Kawal – Halting place. Mani Poorak Kawal – Halting Place. Sushmana – Air that blow by both nostril equally valve. Brahm – Soul element. Bhanwar Gufa–Halting Place. Jap–Silent repetition of a spell or name. Tap – Austerity. And–The part of body that below the navel. Pind – The part of body that below from eyebrows to navel. Naad-Anhad – sounds of halting place super natural personage –who have got supernatural powers.


Urdha Mukh Sahaz Sadhana When the votary purify his senses, subjective mind, body and vital airs by doing Bahar mukh and Antar mukh sadhana. and his man becomes deceive less giving up chirpiness and his appearing angle becomes figureless and voice becomes sweet and mind gets best intellection and haughtiness merge in truth. Then the votary cross over the supernatural powers. After that the votary get complete Sad Guru dev (who tell him the way of salvation). Complete Sad Guru removes his surati from jap, ajapa, naad-anhad and tell the votary how to enter the Vyom dwar after removing the Nirati from all the scenes. Vyom dwar is situated at Murdha Gagan in palate. passing through the Brahm Randra, Surati reaches 10th door, where Achint Purush is closed the valve, getting the indication of complete Sad Guru dev, he opens the valve, Kaal Niranjan create illusion by creating 4 sound able words just like word Sahaz Nih-akshar (it is sound able continued) so that Surati may confuse by hearing these 4 words and can’t catch the actual word Sahaz Nih-akshar. But the real votary of complete Sad Guru Dev catch real word Sahaz Nih-akshar. It is also called Nih-akshar soundable makar wire. It is heard from Cypher island of Behad. When the votary’s surati Rooh reach Snayoo point of Brahm Randra, three ways go ahead from there to upper. One way lead to 10th door, 2nd Randra Dwar lead to Bhanwar Gufa and 3rd way lead to Sach khand dwar. When the votary goes by Randra Dwar, Sohang Purush and Yoga Maya are closed the valve there and when the votary goes to Sach khand dwar, Ankur Purush and Iksha Purush are closed the valve there. The Votary goes by any way of them, the valves are opened by complete Sad Guru’s grace. When Surati goes up from all three ways, it reach Cypher Island in Behad Urdha. It reaches Amar Lok by passing through the loks of Brahmma, Vishnu and Mahesh, if it goes by Randra Dwar.Where is has bath in Mann (Mind) Sarowar among the 88,000 nectar’s island & where complete Sad Guru’s swans stroll without any interruption & have nectar & they are always sinking in pleasure. After going ahead Surati (Rooh) see Satya Purush in Satya Lok & when Surati (Rooh) goes up from 10th door in Urdha way, a lighted way like tunnel lead to Satya Lok from here.Sahaz Shabd is raising in this way. Surati –Rooh goes to Satya Lok by catching the sound of Sahaz Shabd & see Satya Purush & get the bliss. This is very beautiful world of Satya Purush, where the divine light is being lighted & white place & temple are made. There is its biggest white outlet & a white flag fluttering on the outlet. After that Surati- rooh goes in with complete Sad Guru Deva,

Where Satya Purush is Enthroned (this Thorne has also white ). Who is putting on white cloth & his hair, long beard & moustache have white colour. He has swarthy complexion & he is very charming. When votary’s Surati-rooh goes up from behead cipher by the way of Such Khand , a lighted way like tunnel is found from there. When Surati-rooh moves up in Urdha way, first of all solar systems is seen down in this way Surati-rooh goes a head while seeing the sun, moon, planets, miner planets, many worlds etc. if goes to Satya Lok by the Loks of Brahmma , Vishnu , Mahesh & Amar Lok. Reaching there it see Satya Purush.


After that reaching Alakh Lok it see Alakh Purush & Agam Purush in Agam Lok & see Anami Purush in Anami Dham. It is upper from Agam Lok, Alakh, Anami all of three persons are figureless & complexion less. Means they all have no figure & no complexion. only supernatural & divine light is seen here & feels divine pleasure a lot. Surati-rooh takes rest here for a while after resting it goes ahead to upper & Sahaz word,Saar word, Surati-Nirati are left down. Only Rooh atma (Soul) goes up from Anami Dham. It goes to Dayal Desh , Dhur Purav & reaching Anant- Ve Anant cipher. It takes rest there. It seems so as a eminent, enormous & splendid tree of wood-apple is there. When it see down from there, many fruits of universe are hanging on this tree & which are lighted by itselves .moon,sun,planets,minor planets,deityBrahmma,Vishnu,Mahesh,angelsIndra, Upendra, Digpal, Kuber,Chittradh,Gandharbh, Itar and Dharmraj. All the rulers of each universe & all AND-PIND, Universe are tied with cipher pass of supreme spirit (Parmatma) & they are revolving in their Orbit. Yearn is not raised to come down from there. Rooh feels there divine pleasure after merging in supreme spirit. When such splendid soul come down to earth from Dhur Purab, it enter the body made from five elements while seeing all the universe, worlds, divine being & passing by Dayal-Desh, Anami Dham, Agam Lok, Alakh Lok and Satya Lok, the body’s senses, Vital airs, subjective Mind work again very beautifully. Sach Omnipresent, beautified, best of best & polite Paramhans doesn’t dwell besides dwell in this world. Means- He dwells physically in this world but absent by mind. Only for soul welfare he tell the way of truth & salvation Moksha.

Meaning Mann (Mind) – Part of subjective Mind. Surati – Parts of Soul Vyom Dwar – Vyom Dwar Brahm Dwar – Way ( for reaching Bhanwar Gufa ) Behad – Beyond the body limitation. Rooh – Soul Dwar – Door Urdh – Upper Outlet – Door Moksha – Destruction of attachment. Paramhans – Votary, who makes practice of Sahaj yoga Continuely.


Urdha Nirati Sahaj Yoga When the votary becomes nature by doing the Sadhana of under limitation of body –Jap, Ajapa, Naad-Anhad, word, Surati. Complete Sad-Guru bring him to Satya Lok by climbing a Sahaj Nih-Akshar Makar wire in the upper tunnel way with the help of Surati – Nirati by Urdha Sahaz Yoga Sadhana after forgetting him Guru’s & Sad-Guru’s Sadhana & he also bring him (Votary) to upper lok from it as Alakh, Agam, Anami Dham & get divine pleasure. When the complete Sad Guru kindly tell him the way of Urdha Nirati Sahaz Yoga after forgetting him word, Surati. During it complete Sad Guru indicate that Suajn Purush that he makes practice of seeing with Nirati. See ! enter the space door & bring his Nirati Rooh in Brahm Randa & go out from 10th Door & see, there is Cypher island at little distance. Complete Sad Guru Deva will be coming from Satya Lok by his divine Viman. Aim with Nirati carefully. After some time complete Sad Guru Deva sitting in divine Viman is seen coming down. He reach that Sajan Purush in few moments & carry him (Votary) with himself. As soon as they move ahead to upper, the Solar system is appeared. Tying with air in this the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Minor Planets are appeared revolving in their orbit. After that see the Deities Brahma & Vishnu and Mahesh etc. Divine being in the upper Loks. After that see Satya Purush going to Satya-Lok. Staying there for a while Nirati Rooh get highest Pleasure. After luxuriate there for while Nirati Rooh enter its physical body coming down with his complete Sad Guru Deva by Divine Viman, passing through those worlds & open the body’s orifice to outer after activating his senses, Vital airs & subjective Mind. Sad Guru Deva Bhagwan go back by his divine Viman. Such polite person helps other natured persons in doing Urdha Nirati Sahaj Yoga & travelling by Divine Viman & he Himself also go & come again & again. This is the Urdha Nirati Shaz Yoga. Sadhana-Makes practice of yoga is called Sadhana Sujan Purush – Best of Paramhanses. Paramhans – Votary, who makes practice of Sahaz Yoga Continuously. Bhagwan – Same as a GOD.


Supreme Spirit is Omnipresent In this world many Sect, Religion, Dogma, Custom perpetrate many mistakes unknowingly to believe that supreme spirit is not every where. He (supreme spirit) sees down from last horizon of the sky. But supreme spirit is always present here & there, up and down, in and out, near and far. He is every where. when you find complete Sad-Guru, he show you directly how to present supreme spirit every where & also his name (And-& pind, universe, in & out).see now, if you are sitting in the room a day & the Sun has come down after noon or noon has been passed & the sun light come in to the room by chink or peephole, the Sun light is shown like cudgel. Then in this Cudgel the whites are appeared strolling here & there. One unit of white’s 1000th part is called molecule & one unit of molecule’s 60,000 parts is called atom. Electron, Neutron & Proton revolve round the Nucleus. Electron, Neutron and proton all these are mighty due to nucleus power. This atom is made from one ashankh Vibhams. Vibham is true and conscious .it has five components. These are known as word, light, power, knowledge and pleasure. Electron, neutron and proton are called Sat, Raj and Tam or their owner Brahmma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Taking the power from that nucleus, they revolve around it. Nucleus called Adhya mahamaya ashtangi, adi kumari and this atom is made from these vibhams and this vibham is true and conscious. It is called Satya Purush. Example:- These are five component of fire – light, glow, smoke, burning and flame. if smoke is shown anywhere , we should accept from first component that fire is there. When we hit any stone with other stone, two components are appeared in that –word & light. Now the votary should accept that three components –knowledge, pleasure and power also exist in it besides word & light. Because this stone is made from truth conscious vibhams. The entire world is a presentation of vibhams. This vibham is presented in creation of whole universe in the form of solid liquid gas etc. if conscious vibham is truth and omnipresent, we can say now that the great conscious vibham supreme spirit is omnipresent. Even no place equal to needle’s point is not where in this whole universe, where there is no supreme spirit. That’s why supreme spirit is omnipresent, whole sole of everything.


Review First of all our Gurudev Bhagwan makes the curious votary journey to Satya-Lok without any name of deity, yoga, process. He show him deity Brahmma in Brahma-Lok during journey by divine Viman. after that show him deity Vishnu and Lakshmi and the votary also touch their feet and talk. Just like that he show him Shankar Parvati in Shiv-Lok and touch their feet after that he bring him(votary) up by divine Viman and show him Satya Purush in Satya-Lok. after that they go up to Amar-Lok and show him his lovely Swans there after having both in Maan Sarowar. after that they come down and where there is votary’s body. he show him (votary) there deities Ram, Krishna, Budha, Isha Masih, Hanuman,Durga, Aaadi Bhawani and Mahaveer Swami or the votary wants to see that deity. After that removing the seeing process tell him Bhajan process.in it he tell about kheechari posture and flowing name of god inner body .the name of god is ineffable. during this process our maan(Mind) stop at once. Making shamadhisth the votary get much pleasure reaching Turiya position .after that tell him how to make AgoChari posture .in Agochari posture ,the votary hears An-had Naad by Surati-Nirati in universe & different type of divine, super-natural light is appeared at different halting places .when the votary becomes nature by these process and maan becomes uncoloured and chitt becomes steady .after that he get him perception of Brahmmandi-Ajapa shawd Brahm. After that he tell the process of Mool Ajapa. During this process perceive Turiya-Ateet position. Surati Rooh gets much pleasure seeing divine spirits. When the votary becomes nature getting perceiving of Turiya-Ateet by effort again and again of Brahmmandi-Ajapa and Mool-Aapa. after that our Guru-Deva Bhagwan tell him about elements in Yoga-Sadhana camp . There are 72,000 veins in our body, three veins are most imported of them . these are called Ida , Pingla and Sushmana.the air of left nostril is called Ida .this is also called Ganga and Chandra swar. The air of right Nostril is called Pingla, Yamuna or Surya Swar. usually all five elements –earth, water, fire, space and air, Flow in Ida- Pingla for 1-1 hour sequentially. each element flows for 12 minute just like that all five element flow out in 1 hour by one nostril and the element are identify by figure,colour and taste .our Guru-dev Bhagwan get us knowledge of all elements in Yearly Yoga Sadhana camp .for more knowledge please attend Yoga Sadhana camp . After that our Guru-dev Bhagwan perceive us Sahaj-Sadhana. In which he tell us connect Surati-Shawd with SahajShawd without posture, process .it is called Nih-Akshar Makar wire. That is the way of salvation and then in each situation his surati keep connected with Sahaj-Shawd while walking, talking, listening, eating and working.


Now the votary gets much toxication of devotion, salvation and in this toxication that Sahaj Purush Paramhans Sujan Purush feels it. Getting salvation and Videh salvation while living his life & at last after his death, going to Satya-Lok his spirit luxuriates there. Our Guru-dev Bhagwan himself take him (votary) out from this world to his (Sad-Guru) Lok by divine viman. Meanings: Bhajan – kind of Meditation Samadhist – The position, when the votary ‘Mind is taken off his body and this world while doing Sadhana (Yoga).

“Jay Sri Paramhans Dayal”


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