Janitor Fish Oil and Banana Peel as Floorwax

July 22, 2017 | Author: teyraygon | Category: Kerosene, Oil, Nature
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Our final Investigatory Project...


Janitor fish oil and Banana peel as Floorwax

Panaligan, John Karlo Cabantog, Renchelle Ponce, Ma. Patricia Raygon, Racquel Solis, Cheilo Mae 9- St. John

ABSTRACT In doing the Investigation, the first thing that the researchers did was to think of a unique idea that will get the costumers interested. After having some idea, they must create some problem that’s why they’ve come up a to that kind of Project. Even though there are things that failed in their Investigatory Project, it still have some useful outcome.

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION The discovery of recycling things can help community. Nowadays, people are encountering poverty and also, we must maintain cleanliness in our home and in our school. Some people use floorwax to make their floor shinier. They feel so comfortable when they finish cleaning their house but the smell of the floorwax making them uneasy. So, they thought of an idea where in they will make an ecofriendly floorwax that does have this pleasant aroma. This Investigatory project also wanted to help our dying rivers such as Marikina River and Pasig River. In their Investigatory project, they will use the oil from the Janitor fish instead of kerosene. Janitor fish is plagued in Marikina River and now threatening to run riot across delicately balanced eco system of Asia. This study is a common investigatory project but they thought of an alternative of kerosene, which is by the way flammable. Then they realized that they could use Janitor fish oil as bio-fuel because it has similarities to the eco-diesel. The research about the Janitor fish is the Investigatory Project of Raymond Joseph Amurao, who won the third place in the 2006 Intel International Science and Engineering fair in Indiana, USA.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The study addressed to the following specific question: A) What are the components of the revised floorwax to make it eco-friendly? B) How to extract the oil from the fish? C) How can the banana peel affect the appearance and the smell of the floorwax?

FORMULATION OF THE HYPOTHESIS If the improvised floorwax makes the floor shine then it is not effective at all

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Poverty is the prime investment, helping other recycle and not to waste their used products most people think that adapting a healthy and well conditioned is expensive and difficult to achieve. Making an improvised product is not easy because people must find another material that is more sufficient than the original one. This research will help the ecosystem and our surroundings because it does not have any harmful substances; it also makes a pleasing fragrant because of the banana peel. This will also help people to save money because we could only find the materials needed commonly inside our home. This could help our world be balanced because nowadays, Janitor fish is known to be pests in our rivers. The significance is just how one resourcefully utilizes the cheap, the natural abundance of nature, and the untiring quest to alternatives and remedies.

SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS The extraction of the Janitor fish is the alternative for kerosene. Kerosene has a displeasing smell to us. The kerosene is the main reason why the floor waxes smell bad and the banana peel contains crude fiber that makes the floorwax smoother and shinier.

CHAPTER II REVIEW OF THE RELATED LITERATURE With the pollution and lifestyle changes, people need to equip themselves with cheaper or inexpensive mind set by going natural to counteract the radial effect of modern day living. Facts were gathered from books and Internet as reference in order to get the needed information for the study. There are researches like this, but has different cases. This is an example for making a banana floorwax; 1) Mix 800g paraffin wax with 100g Polyethylene wax. 2) Melt the materials in low fire. 3) While still not add wax crystals (optional) and technical dye (desire color). Stir the mixture. 4) Add 3.2 liters of kerosene 5) Add the banana peel 6) Pour in desired mold or container and allow to harden

Chapter III METHODOLOGY AND PROCEDURE In acquiring the study of the wax, constant research was done. Facts were gained from books and computer resources. The abundance of the said products which most of the time left out wilted aroused a curious mind thus the research drew its concept. A series of trial and error process was made wherein ingredients must been observed.

There are also different ways on extracting a fish. They have different tools and apparatuses. 1) Cut the fish meat into 1-inch pieces. A fish is a high in fat will produce better oil. The belly of the fish has the highest fat content, so use all the belly meat. 2) Put the fish chunks into the glass jar, and secure it in place with the rubber band the washcloth will let the gases escape from the jar and prevent insects from getting inside. If a fly or other type of insect were to lay eggs inside the jar, the oil would be ruined.

Procedure 1) Let the jar place under the sun for 4 weeks. There will be liquid sitting on top of the fish. You will see fluid produced from decomposition and a thick yellow substance floating on top of the fluid. The yellow substance is the fish oil. 2) Take the washcloths off the jar so you can get the oil. Skim the oil off the top of the liquid using a spoon. You can put the oil into the small plastic container of your choice. Make sure that the container that you will use is sealed. 3) Dispose the contents in the jar. You can simply dump the remains on the ground or bury it in a small hole. Fish will not harm your soil or the environment.

This is the procedure for making the janitor fish and banana as floor wax: 1) Prepare all the ingredients and materials needed. 2) Slice the banana peel and pandan leaves into small pieces. 3) Crash the candles using a mortar and pestle. Set aside. 4) Use a casserole to boil 2cups of water. 5) Put the pandan leaves and the banana peels in the boiling water for thirty minutes. 6) Add half cup of janitor fish oil, dye and three teaspoon of cooking oil. 7) Strain the banana peel and pandan if the color of extracts changes. 8) Melt the crushed candles in the casserole. 9) Combine the extract and the melted candle together.

CHAPTER IV PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA Survey The Researchers did a survey to prove if the buyers of Floorwax are satisfied with their product. They ask 20 persons to take their survey for them to see their opinion for the Floorwax they use.

Do you use Floorwax at home?


Do not use Floorwax Uses Floorwax


*12 out of 20 persons are using floorwax in their homes.

What brand of Floorwax do you prefer?

33% Starwaxx 50%

Pledge Liwanag


Does your Floorwax smell bad? 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Yes


It's fine

As we can see, the last two data that are presented to you are the ones who are using floorwax in their houses. The researchers let the users to try their own homemade floorwax and let them judge it by answering another survey.

Which Floorwax do you prefer now? 9 8 7 6 5 Series 1

4 3 2 1 0 Original


The Researchers asked those who answered they wanted the Original floorwax why. They answered that they have different taste in picking the things that they will use in their house.

Does the Improvised one has more pleasing smell? 14 12 10 8 Series 1

6 4 2 0 Yes


This chart tells that the Improvised Product has more pleasing smell to the costumers. The smell of the original product is like kerosene. The researchers tried to remove that smell and change it to more pleasing smell so they have come up to make the Pandan leaves alternative for the kerosene. They also asked if the shine is the same with the original product and the user said that “Yes, the shine is still the same and the texture is the same too.”

CHAPTER V SUMMARY There are many inventions that are accepted in our society today but there are things that we need to considerate. These inventions must be eco-friendly because of our environment, must be time saving and cheap. Those things are needed to achieve to have some attracting projects. The researcher’s project is qualified but there are things that are not good in the project itself. The Investigator’s project talks about helping our community to be clean and organized. The Janitor fish in known to be a pest here in Marikina so they thought that they could use its oil for the floorwax.

CONCLUSION The result of the Investigation is pretty good but there are things that didn’t answer the problem. At first they got a hard time to do the experiment because of the janitor fish, because it leaves a very stinky and fishy smell. But they’ve overcome it and did it very well.

RECOMMENDATION The Investigators wanted to recommend all of you to try their improvised floorwax it’s a lot cheaper than the original floor wax. The product also helps us in environmental aspect.

REFLECTIONS: Being part of the Johnnies is a lot to absorb in. You’ve got a lot of friends to cheer you up and make you laugh but also you’ve got some great head aching projects and lessons. But it is part of being a student. So, just go with the flow and finish all your requirements. This whole year studying Geometry make me feel happy because I survived in every lessons we’ve tackled. Even though it is quite hard, I managed to get it easily. We need it to formulate to our world today. We have to manage our time and effort in becoming a successful person. Meanwhile, in doing our worksheet, I felt like I’m going to die because we’ve got a lot of requirements from other subjects too. And their due date was like, to be passed on the same date! I almost collapsed! Haha. But of course, we managed to do it even though only three of us are working on it. Well, the two of them managed to answer some of the questions in the worksheet so I’m going to appreciate it. This is the most depressing year and the best year I ever had. -Racquel “Tey” Raygon

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