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jamini astrology by KN Rao...


Jaimini’s Chara Dasha – My Approach Part 3 By K.N.Rao, India.


K. N. Rao needs no introduction, he runs the biggest school of astrology in the world, has produced the highest number of top quality books which has cult following, and is known for his outstanding predictive ability. History acknowledges his contribution in popularizing Vargas usage in India & USA, Double Transit phenomenon & Chara Dasha. He is considered as the one who showed for the first time exhibited in astrology what was termed spell bounding writing styles in Jyotish, using narratives with top class jyotish content, a style now adopted by many over the decades. It is often found that what he writes in one line is 15 page articles for others. For his articles visit www.journalofastrology.com

t has been customary at the end of an astrological debate, actually a quarrel (these days about Jaimini dashas) -- astrologers come away claiming victory. Starting with a Sanskrit shloka or sutra, a fatuous rhetorical war path, they end up abusing each other. I have seen it so often; astrologers using very offensive language and uttering arrant nonsense. They spout ill informed academic poison. They cannot overcome their obsessions. Involved in such quarrels, you find yourself between a precipitous rock and a deep sea. My argument offends them. I asked them how they can claim to know Jaimini astrology without using Karakas. I have said that it is original research, not available anywhere else except in my two deeply researched books on Chara Dasha and Mandook Dasha which I tested and rested before writing them. To say that you know and do Jaimini astrology without using Karakas is like saying that you do Parashari without using seven grahas (leaving out Rahu and Ketu). Jaimini astrology is epic in scale, mythic in symbolism and operates through subtlest hints which are sub-

atomic. Imagination is needed to unravel aphorisms. Jaimini astrology is the greatest branch of astrology ever found anywhere in the world, dazzling in its vast range but bafflingly recondite. One lifetime is not sufficient to grasp it. Even with what little one grasps, one begins to give a false impression of being a seer. Instead of quarreling let us arrive at a consensus. I have repeatedly told students of astrology to follow some steps when dealing with doubtful horoscopes. Once convinced of their correctness, they should not to bother for the criticism and comment of most of the astrologers. It is, for example, preposterous to show the horoscope of Atal Behari Vajpai with Tula lagna for different years, 1924 or 1925 and “prove” a point or a research. Read the biography of Atalji and see what horoscope is given there!! It is Vrischika lagna and 1924 birth which I alone have used among astrologers, as far as I know, and I will show it in a later article .!!! Follow the steps given here.

Step One: When in doubt about the correctness of a horoscope use Chara Dasha as I do, as I alone do. Verify some indisputable events of a horoscope like education, marriage, children, career etc. if such details are available. Examine it again through the most popular Vimshottari dasha and, if you arrive at the correct degrees of the lagna, a strenuous exercise, use the relevant Vargas. Applicable conditional dasha should be applied. It will be shown in the cases of Sachin Tendulkar and Benazir Bhutto in this article.

Step Two: Before accepting a horoscope, collect as many events of a man’s life as you can and verify them soundly. Choose bio-facts as I call it, always for verification. It must be done consistently applying the same parameters to horoscopes after horoscopes.

Step Three: Give some short term predictions to them or, about them, and get or collect a feedback to be convinced that you are working with correct or corrected horoscopes. If majority of your predictions have come out correct, do not get yourself influenced by the claim of astrologers that they have a different horoscope which alone is correct. The horoscope of Atal Behari Vajpai is a good example to remember all your life.

Step Four: Always ignore ponga pandits who claim to know the meaning of Sanskrit shloka or sutra and, knowing English, dash off their opinions, these days, on different fora of the internet or even some astrological journals.

Step Five: If inspite of all these you discover that you have committed an error in getting or working on a wrong horoscope or, if your verification was faulty, admit it honestly. Otherwise, astrology will suffer and you will get dubbed as

dishonest. Let astrologers be not liars. To date, I have admitted in writing my failed predictions giving reasons.

Step Six: If in doing a research on horoscopes, you come across a brilliant predictive clue; test it on as many horoscopes as you have in your possession. The sample size for testing must be at least twenty five. Do not stop here but give predictions only on this basis for sometime to test the soundness of your discovery.Then use it openly in your predictions and, if you like, in your writings.

Step Seven: When you read articles of some writers you begin to pick and choose easily. Some writers are very honest and will not use doubtful horoscopes and justify with vehement dishonesty. Do not waste your time reading them anymore.

Step Eight: Similarly, you will see some writers using good techniques soundly and some, not. Follow only the techniques of honest writers. You will realise soon that in the world of astrology there are many malicious fellows, betraying their low upbringing at the earliest. Contributing something positive is not their primary aim.

Step Nine: Always use, when you are doing the analysis of a horoscope, more than one dasha though while writing, you may show and use one dasha only for brevity and clarity.

Step Ten: Re-check what you have written. This has been always a fault with many including me because while writing thoughts that race in the mind lead the writer into unconscious errors which he fails to correct. This keeps happening is my honest opinion. The racing mind moving faster than the eye has made me a very incompetent proof reader.

Step Eleven: In doing a research on any dasha, unless some indisputable facts are verified stage by stage, the results shown in stray incidents like becoming a Prime Minister, have no meaning. Show the birth of siblings, the nature of education, some events relating to parents, career patterns with its good and disastrous landmarks and, ofcourse, marriage and children with proper timing. Most of the researches show one or two events only which cannot validate any dasha with conviction and confidence. That is the line I have strictly followed in my books and articles, with examples. Every book on lesser known and used dashas, or lesser used dasha which has come out of the pen of BVB teachers of Delhi follows this line strictly.

Step Twelve: What to hide and what to reveal is a tough task for even an experienced writer of astrology books. There are certain subtle factors which point to fatality and sexual crimes. Neither in predicting nor in writing should they be revealed is a view I share with many astrologers of earlier days of honest astrology. It now is a forgotten dream amidst so many unscrupulous astrologers. In writing over a period (from the prediction about the death of Indira Gandhi to Benazir Bhutto, from 1984 to 2007), I have restrained from even talking about it, what I always regard as the clinching factor, even in my conversations with astrologers. In the case of Rajiv Gandhi, I was so sure of his violent end but the amended Terrorist Act his government passed, choked many astrologers from even expressing honest fears. In making predictions about their coming end I used the more obvious planetary combinations which I have taught but never referred to the subtle and secret factors. Having said that let me deal with the horoscopes of some important persons which have been always a source of hot debate and acrimonious controversy. I will use in this article, the horoscopes of: 1) Sachin Tendulkar 2) Benazir Bhutto. and others. But first the controversy relating to the Karakamsha must be dealt with.

Karakamsha Let me first clarify why I use Karakamsha in the birth lagna as the north Indian astrologers do, and not in the navamsha. I saw books on Jaimini by south Indian writers who put the Karakamsha (KL) in the navamsha while the north Indian astrologers prepared a full chart with KL in the centre in the place of the lagna and put other planets as they are in the birth horoscopes. I tested it on horoscopes with me and found that if I used the south Indian method, it caused more confusion which I have explained in my book on Mandook Dasha (which I do differently than other writers, with very good results) tested on many horoscopes, including mine and got results. I will explain in later. First let me explain why putting KL in the lagna appears logical to me.

Results of Karakamsha B. Suryanarain Rao’s translation of Jaimini Sutras is a mere translation of the sutras without any illustration. It was one the earliest books to influence me along with some books in Hindi from Varanasi. It does not solve our problem. Yet some results as given in the book are reproduced here first to show the confusion that gets created as a result of a translation without illustration. Read my comments in brackets which I have added now. If any of the planets is in the Karakamsha the results will be:

Sun: Will be fond of public service and will be fond of political activities. (Amitabh Bachchan and all people born on 14 Oct 2010 should be government servants or fond of political activities.) Moon and Venus: If the full Moon and Venus are in Karakamsha the person will command great wealth and all comforts. Mars: Will prepare medical mixtures and will bear arms. Will live by professions involving preparations in or near fire. (G.L.Nanda would, a stop gap prime minister twice has this. All people born on 19 Oct 2010 will bear arms or in professions involving fire. A friend of mine has this combination in his horoscope and he worked in a bank. He does not prepare medical mixtures but buys medicines only.) Mercury: Will become a merchant, weaver or manufacturer of clothes will be clever in preparing curios; will be well versed in social and political matters. (PVNarasimha Rao. should have been a trader not a prime minister.) Jupiter: Will be well versed in Vedic or religious rituals, will have religious wisdom, will know the rules of sacrificial functions and will have good knowledge in Vedanta. (Charan Singh would not have been politician. He knew astrology but did not know Jaimini) Venus: Will become a great official, will become political personage, will be fond of many women and will retain vitality and sexual passion till the age of one hundred years. (All people born in the world on 1 September 2010 will have this combination.) Saturn: Will be famous in his line of work. Someone showed me an article of a writer who, I was told, a very keen researcher in Jaimini. He wrote that Saturn in Karakamsha makes one famous in one’s own line. That is a well know Jaimini aphorism. Jaimini says Saturn in Karakamsa or in 2nd house from Karakamsa Lagna indicates the person will be known for his work. Let me give an example. Cast the horoscope of people anywhere in the world of 8 Sept 2009 according to the Lahiri ayanamsha and see Saturn at twenty nine degrees and 51degrees. All the people born in the world will be known for their work as they will become famous in their line. prasiddha karmajivi. Why were people born at the same time as Indira Gandhi not famous? The reason is that a prediction cannot be based on an isolated factor.

The North Indian Style of Karakamsha


ut the karakamsha in Dhanu and retain the planets of 8 Sept 2009 as in the birth lagna and you get a different meaning which appeals to me. There cannot be a group of people born all over the world who will become famous only because Saturn will be Atmakaraka and therefore will be in Karakamsha of all the

people in the world born on 8 Sept 2009 at any time and in any lagna. The sheer absurdity of taking Karakamsha lagna so mechanically and herding all the people born with Saturn as Atmakaraka must be noticed and discussed by Jaimini scholars.

Notes 1. It should be clear that if the entire Navamsha of karakas are to be used for Karakamsha then: (a) Anyone who has Sun as the atmakaraka will invariably have Sun in the Karakamsha also will become public servant and will be in political activities. If such is the case we can look at all horoscopes in which Sun is the atmakaraka and draw a fast conclusion that such persons will be public servants and will be interested in political activities. (b) Similarly those who have Venus as atmakaraka will have great sexual virility till the age of one hundred years. (c) All those who have the Saturn as the atmakaraka will be famous in their own line of work. Can we jump to such conclusions merely on the basis of the Atmakaraka and its navamsha position in the navamsha chart? It is obvious that it is a fallacious approach. Some astrologers use the Karakamsha in the birth horoscope and call it Karakamsha and use the entire navamsa of all Jaimini Karakas and call it Swamsha which appeals to reason. In an article later I will give scanned copies of Karakamsha prepared by north Indian astrologers. There is no hint given in any book available in the market to show how the Karakamsha and Swamsha are distinguishable and which one is to be used when for predictive purposes. Now see some hotly debated horoscopes. But before read what I have written on my website Eternal India 29 - Suppression Of Birth Data 4 March 2010, 11:44 AM KN Rao 4 March 2010, 11:44 AM The debate among astrologers about the correct birth data or the suppression of the correct birth details of celebrities and historical figures will be unending. Let me quote what I wrote in the preface to ‘Learn Successful Predictive Techniques Of Hindu Astrology’. "Birth-Time: Hearsay Evidence — We in India have three historical instances of famous men being discussed in astrological articles, including what they call their ‘research’. The late D.P. Misra, a well-known politician of Madhya

Pradesh, wrote in his book, "Living an Era", that India’s super Bismark, Sardar Vallabh Patel, did not know his birth day, year and time. When asked by astrologers, he decided, being an Iron Man, known for decisiveness, that he was born on October 30, of some year in the nineteenth century and at a particular time. Using that data, astrologers have discussed his horoscope too often and too nauseatingly. A more interesting case is that of the former Indian President, Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, who according to a biography written by his son, S. Gopal, was born on a different day of September (in the 4th week of the month, perhaps) one year before the year used by astrologers and, the Government of India celebrates the Teacher’s Day on September 5 every year. India's astrological journals and books contain the horoscope of Dr. Radhakrishnan explaining Saraswati Yoga. But his own son has called his father an illegitimate child with an entirely different date and year of birth. More amusing is the gimmick of India celebrating the birth anniversary of the former Indian Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri, on October 2 every year when according to his well known family horoscope it should be 9 October. " Birth-Time: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu — The worst mistake committed by Dr. Raman in Notable Horoscopes is in his discussion of the horoscope of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ignoring all traditional evidence. (a) As a contrast see what N. C. Lahiri gives in Advanced Ephemeris (p112) the birth detail of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as 17-30 I.S.T. with Simha Lagna (b) Dr. Raman takes the time as 8-56 p.m. which gives him Tula lagna. (c) I have used the time given to me by some Bengali friends which gives me 4-42-10 p.m. giving me Simha Lagna, though there is a difference of 48 minutes shown by N. C. Lahiri, who, as he had once told me, that he not being an astrologer, could never correct a horoscope. Birth Lagna and Dogma: Prabhupad There is in this book a long portrait of Prabhupad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami which took considerable scrutiny because while the famous and distinguished astrologer, Gopesh Kumar Ojha, gave him Makar lagna, an American astrologer insisted that it had to be Dhanu lagna, giving not any astrological logic but, on the basis of a pure dogma. It is pernicious not to follow astrological basics. First of all, there must be sound approach through the verification of life events. See for instance the results attributed to Jupiter in the 8th house. "Gurur-mrityago tasya VaikunthaGatham" Which means that after death, those who have Jupiter in the 8th house, go to the highest world. What blindfolded the American astrologer, was a prejudice. He saw concentration of five planets in the 8th house of Rajneesh (Osho) and concluded, not on the basis of any astrological logic, "the person is walking on the path to hell".

This is not astrology but dogma, not a scientific approach and is not in harmony with the Mahaprabhu’s spirit (Taror-api-sahishnu more tolerant than the tree.) Lal Bahadur Shastri Very early in my astrological career I came across a horoscope of Lal Bahadur Shastri with Moon in Kanya and Dhanu lagna with the date of birth not given by as many as three famous and established astrologers of India, Sri Suryanarain Vyas, Sri Hardeo Trivedi and Dr.B.V.Raman. I cast the horoscope and found that the date of birth was October 9 not 2nd on which his birthday is celebrated. I asked Dr.Raman and also Hardeoji about it and they said that out of their respect for Shastriji they decided not to give the date of birth but made successful prediction about his short term as prime minister and tragic death. Then in course of time an aunt of my younger brother’s wife married someone in the family of Lal Bahadur Shastri and I got the Memorial Volume in which the family horoscope given was the same as used by the three astrologers referred to above with Dhanu lagna and Moon in Kanya. Tendulkar In early nineties of the last century a television anchor from Bombay who specialised in sports used to meet me in Delhi and promised that he would get the birth details of both Tendulkar and Kambli. In his next visit he told me that he would not be able to get it as the families of both Tendulkar and Kambli were advised not to give their birth details to anyone. This may have led to the creation of 24 April as the birthday of Sachin Tendulkar. Then when I got the birth details from Karveji and his daughter Pinky, I gave it to Sri Manoj Pathak who has produced an article which is there displayed on the website. I told many that the birth details of Virendra Sehwag were different in earlier year with his month of birth shown as May or April not 20 October of 1978. But then an article in an issue of the Journal of Astrology, later in a book, made it difficult for the wrong date to continue since it was well known that I had got the details from the sister in law of the elder sister of Virendra Sehwag. She is high ranking officer in the Indian railways and knows astrology. Suppression of correct birth details was not possible in this case. There has been no such compulsion in the case of Tendulkar. Astrologers have always quarrelled without realising that they are fooled by politicians and celebrities. They keep burning their fingers and never learn any lesson. But the age old Hindu or even Moghul emperor’s tradition of giving wrong birth data will continue for some reasons. (3 March 2010)

Need for periodical checking 1 Under Step One I have stated “verify some indisputable events of a horoscope which should cover education, marriage, children, career etc if such details are available. After that see it again through the most popular Vimshottari dasha and, if you arrive at the correct degrees of the lagna” Under Step three: Give some short term predictions to them or, about them, and get or collect a feedback to be convinced that you are working with correct or corrected horoscopes. Here I am showing from this case to illustrate it. I had nearly forgotten this woman to whom I had given predictions nine years ago but her doctor sister gave me the following feedback. She is writing internet English with spelling mistakes. From: M J To: knrao Subject: Re: pranam Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 21:30:11 IST Respected sir, For my sister N. you have made following predictions earlier-1. About her migration to States and settling down there.This prediction changed her life for better. My mother showed horroscope of possible grooms for her marriage ..and u finalised the match. 2. Her carrier in medical studies...she appeared in first step of USMLE exams in August 2007. the time of exam was suggested by you. 3. her delay in baby conception. Aapke prediction ke1 according she conceived in march 2007 ...and baby naisha was born in nov 2007. 4. I asked you about her migration from denver last year..but you denied. These are the major ones that all of us always remember. regards monica From: knrao To: [email protected] Sent: Fri, October 29, 2010 4:43:23 AM Subject: Re: pranam Monica, You first tell me, for me to refresh my memory what predictions had I given to your sister when and what happened after that. KNRao.

1 It means ‘As per your prediction’ - SA

On Thu, 28 Oct 2010 22:46:54 +0530 wrote sadar pranam guruji according to ur advise on phone, hereby i, m writing this mail. i just wanted to ask you 2 things 1. namita ( my elder sister in Denver, america) is planning to ..... ( PAGE No 15 ,NEW 2000) Dr. Monica DKN





Chara dasha begins 24 July 1972 Mesha 1972-75 Vrish 1975-87 Mithun 1987-88 Karka 1988-95 Simha 1995-96 Kanya 1996-98 Tula 1998-2005 Vrisck 2005-2013 My Readings Both sisters are medical doctors. So long as the younger sister M stayed in Delhi she consulted me about herself and her elder sister N. Now she talks mostly telephonically from another city and writes emails also. M brought her elder sister one day in 2000 as the reference here indicates (PAGE No - 15 , NEW 2000). I gave her some predictions and the feedback is given by M.

I told her in 2000 as noted in my records. You will marry someone, if that is your question, next year (2001) in a foreign country but an Indian, settled in a foreign country. She was married on 25 Dec 2001. Chara dasha It was Tula mahadasha which is aspected by DKN. The antardasha was Mesha the seventh house from where the seventh house is aspected by DKN. It was the pratyantara dasha of Meena from where Upapada falls in the seventh house. For some years after her marriage she could not become a mother. I predicted that she would become a mother in the second half of 2007. It is clear from the horoscope that she had to move into the dasha of Vrischika from where the fifth house is aspected by Putrakaraka Jupiter for her to become a mother. She became a mother, giving birth to a daughter on 25 Nov.2007. It was Vrischika mahadasha from where Putrakaraka PK aspects her fifth house. She conceived in the antardasha of Simha from where her fifth house has the putrkaraka. It was the pratyantara dasha of Dhanu where her putrakaraka is placed in the birth horoscope. M had given me this feedback and had to move out of Delhi after her own marriage. When she asked a question about her sister, I asked her to help me refresh my memory. She wrote the letters reproduced here after editing out her id. Having confirmed that I was working on a correct horoscope (I do not know or can remember, if I had rectified her birth time as there is no noting about it here.) I can now proceed to answer her further questions through email. I can show it also through Mandook dasha which is based on the Hindi translation of BPHS of Sitaram Jha, with a variation, how this prediction can be cross checked. Need for periodical checking 2 In this case the feedback came without my asking for it. Twelve years ago, I had given him a prediction and ten years ago he had given the feedback.I forgot all about it till someone reminded about it and I found it in my folders. Read the mails exchanged which have been edited heavily and then the astrological explanation below the horoscope. From: "J To: knrao" Subject: Re: Feed-back on your prediction two years ago

Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 23:28:10 +0100 Honourable K.N.Rao Thanks for asking, I am fine and thanking God for every second of living. The most amazing thing has happened just one day after I mailed you my email (the one below): I was asked to take a trip to .. to install the computer system that I designed and developed in .... as well as training local personnel there. Not enough with that, two days later and just before leaving to .... I was invited for a job interview and got the job ON THE SPOT! (Mind you, between January 1993 and August 1998 I applied for nearly 500 jobs without any 'luck' (that's when I wrote to you in April 1998 asking for advice)). So from March 1st (with a week break for the trip) I am employed as an I. P. Manager in a .. software company with world wide customer base. I continue to study and develop my .... Astrology knowledge, where I actually adopted several of your methods which work excellently in most cases. I just ordered your latest book which I hope will arrive any day now. ....Looking at my own chart, it is amazing to see that Saturn/Saturn period (L6 & L7 in the 12th with yogakaraka Mars L4 & L9 - which by now is half way through) has been so positive in many ways (now I do understand why) where many "experts" predicted poverty, disasters etc. No doubt that the Vedic system of astrology with the Vimshotary dasa system (and others) do work once correctly interpreted ... J. From: knrao To: Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2000 3:29 PM Subject: Re: Feed-back on your prediction two years ago Thanks Mr... for the feed back. How are you and what are you doing? Yours sincerely, K.N.Rao. From: "J To: Subject: Feed-back on your prediction two years ago Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 14:17:38 +0100 Dear Sri Rao, I trust that this mail finds you well and in good health. Two years ago you viewed my chart (reference P14 1998 April) and now I feel that it is my duty to inform you of how one of your predictions turned out to be 100% (!) correct. My main concern then was my long unemployment period of 6 years and uncertainty of how to interpret my then upcoming Saturn mahadasa. In your response to me on April 1998 you predicted (I quote), "The turn of a favourable tide will come after some months, most clearly next year (1999) when you will earn very well"

Your prediction turned to be exact in that soon after the beginning of ... I believe that every astrologer will be pleased to have some feed back especially when the prediction turned out so exact as in this case. Through a friend in India I have purchased ALL your books which I find very enlightening and helpful. With all respect Sincerely J From: "J To: : Subject: Re: Jyotish: Bad Gaja-Kesari: Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 22:06:40 +0200 ...The year 1999 event was predicted by Sri Rao in a private mail to me already back in April 1998.

Chara Dasha Simha 21.4.1948 Kany 21.4.1952 Tula 22.4.1958 Vrisch 21.4.1965 Dhan 21.5.1973 Mak 21.4.1985 Kumb 22.4.1991 Meen 21.4.1998 Mesh 21.4.2001 The astrological explanation 1. The Kumbha dasha (1991-98) shows GK along with three malefics aspecting the tenth house. 2. Amk is placed in an unhelpful sixth house. 3. These two combined influence the tenth house when enmity could have been a factor for such frustration. 4. At the end of 1998 and beginning the dasha was changing to that of Meena with a far improved tenth house with PK Moon aspecting DK Jupiter in the tenth house. In Vimshottari dasha too there was going to be a change from Jupiter to Saturn. I have not been able to trace out the record of the register where I had kept his horoscope and noted down some points and possibly my analysis in brief notes, which I alone understand. But looking at this horoscope after ten or twelve years, the explanation that strikes my mind is that the change of dashas could have been an obvious basis for this helpful prediction.

Tendulkar - Cricket Icon Manoj Pathak 26 February 2010, 10:06 AM This article appeared in Oct 2005 issue of the Journal of Astrology Different horoscopes have been and are being used for Sachin. The one being used here was passed on to Shri K.N. Rao by the supernormally gifted Pinky Karve, daughter of Yogi Karve, well known for fixing correct birth time of many people. The wife of Yogi Karve told Shri Rao that the father of Sachin, who had married twice, had met Yogi Karve, when Sachin had not entered his teens yet, along with his elder brother who was then playing cricket. When asked if the elder son, Ajit, would do well in cricket, Yogi Karve pointed to the younger child, Sachin and predicted that he would be great and world famous. The Karve family had the

correct birth details of Sachin. The following details were given. Moon – Vrishchik, Tithi - Krishna Chaturthi, Nakshatra – Jyestha, Yoga Variyan and Week day - Saturday. KL



Chara dasha begins Kany 21 April 1973 Tula 1979 Vrsk 1985-87 Dhan 1987-88 Makar 1988-96 Kumb 1996-2005 Meena 2005-2007

Mesha 2007-2016 Striking features The horoscope made on this basis has some striking features. ... The notable astrological features of the horoscope are: i. Exalted third lord, Mars; ii. Exalted Sun in Mesha aspected by Mars which makes one a ferocious warrior, according to Jatakabharanam; iii. Saturn in Vrisha aspected by Jupiter gives fame, popularity, stuff of which icons are made; and iii. In Sarvashtaka varga, two of the strongest houses are the third and sixth, which is excellent for a sportsman. Verification of Events Death of father He passed away on 19th May, 1999 due to cardiac arrest in VenusRahu-Saturn. Marriage – Sachin got married on 19 May, 1995 in Venus-Moon-Moon. Children .His daughter was born in October 1997. In Chara dasha it was mahadasha of Kumbha from where the Putrakaraka, Mercury in Meena aspects the fifth house. Son was born to him on 23rd September, 1999 Chara dasha was Kumbha/Karka. ....Sachin played in both the tournaments for Mumbai schoolboys, the Under 17 Giles Shield and the Under 17 Harris Shield, and scored his first century in competitive cricket. The prodigy had arrived and was noticed when he scored centuries with ease. Sachin had the average to beat all numbers in Harris Shield in 1987 : 1034 from innings of 27*, 125, 207*, 346* and 329*. The last innings was the one which is the most talked about. A world record partnership of 664 runs, with Vinod Kambli partnering him and making 349*. (asteriks here represent the innings when he remained not out). He played for Mumbai in all the junior categories in 1987-88. Sachin’s batting prowess was proving too much for school level and it was evident that he was cut out for a larger role. Ranji Trophy beckoned, and Sachin promptly hit a century on his debut against Gujarat..... Mumbai’s cricket deities-Gavaskar, Eknath Solkar, Milind Rege, among others had assembled in anticipation of the event, and they went home rubbing their eyes after Sachin’s run-feast. Mumbai lost in the semifinals of the Ranji Trophy, but Sachin scored and his big scores signalled his inclusion in the Indian team. Test debut on November 15, 1989. Further verification can be done by finding out the number of brothers and sisters of Sachin Tendulkar. According to a method of Shri K.N. Rao and which I have found giving good results, the total number of brothers and sisters could be 4 or a maximum


of 5. After the demise of his father it was reported in the Press that his father was survived by his wife, three sons and a daughter. Cricketing milestones i. Age 13 – Scores first century in school’s first XI grade. (It was in 1986) ii. Age 14 – Invited by Indian captain Dilip Vengsarkar to a net session with the Indian team. Scored over 1200 runs in a school season including two scores of more than 300. Shared record stand with Vinod Kambli of 664 with Tendulkar scoring 326 not out and Kambli belching 338 not out. iii. Age 15 – First class debut for Bombay scoring 100 not out iv. Age 16 – One day debut for Bombay scoring 103 not out. Selected to play for India in Pakistan. Then tours New Zealand making 88 at Napier test in 1989-90 narrowly missing the record of becoming the youngest century maker in a Test Match. v. Age 17 – Tours England and scores 119 and becomes second youngest century maker. http://www.journalofastrology.com/article.php?article_id=275 Now through Chara Dasha K.N.Rao A cricketing idol cannot be a hero for my pre-Indian independence generation who saw patriots jumping into the fire of freedom struggle. An entertainer like Sachin Tendulkar cannot replace those great heroes. Yet, he commands our admiration for bringing so much pride of achievement to our country. Sports men, generally, are the “war heroes” of peace time. The small statured compact Tendulkar stands, globally, very tall among such heroes in our time in the first decade of the twenty first century. Taking the facts from the article of Sri Manoj Pathak see the events through Chara Dasha. Cricket milestones The years referred to in the article of Sri Manoj Pathak (1985-87) fall in the period of Vrischika (1985-87) from where the house of valour, the third house has Mars, AK, aspected by AmK , Saturn. Achievements springing from third, sixth, tenth and eleventh houses must be strong at a given period in the case of a sportsman as for a soldier fighting a battle. Place both on the same pedestal. Father’ death (19 May 1999)

2 This

method that Mr Pathak is talking about is not known to the jyotish world as he has not written an article on it. One can note that Mars is karaka of siblings and is also the 3L of siblings here, in the BAV Mars has 5 points, does it mean 5 siblings ?, this is a common method used by enthusiasts of Jyotish but not totally dependable – SA

It was Kumbha period from where in the third house Sun representing father is DK with Venus GK showing illness and these two karakas are aspected by Moon the BK3 from Vrischika. The antardasha was of Karka from where BK falls in the fifth house and is aspected by Mars, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. The fear of illness to father cannot be clearer. In dwadashamsha BK and DK are in Karka. The pratyantara dasha was of Vrisha from where afflicted BK falls in the seventh house. The sookshma dasha was of Kumbha which has been explained and The prana dasha was of Mithuna from where BK Moon falls in the sixth house of illness. The other dasha Dwisaptati Sama Dasha: DSS It was 19 May 1999 when it was Venus with Sun in the eighth house of mourning and Rahu antardasha which is ninth from Sun and Sun pratyantara dasha which is again in the eighth house aspected by Mars, the lord of the eighth. Marriage – Sachin got married on 19 May, 1995 The mahadasha was of Makara which has Jupiter the seventh lord but more important is that it was the antardasha of Kumbha aspected by DK Sun and the pratyantara dasha was of Tula from where DK falls in the seventh house. The other dasha Dwisaptati Sama Dasha: DSS It was Jupiter mahadasha, the seventh lord and the antardasha of Mars conjoined with Jupiter. Children His daughter was born in October 1997. It was Kumbha dasha from where the fifth house is aspected by Mercury PK. The other dasha Dwisaptati Sama Dasha: DSS It was Venus-Venus-Mars. Mars is in the fifth house and in the saptamsha Mars is in the fifth house (Dhanu) and Venus in the eleventh house aspecting the fifth house. Son was born to him on 23rd September, 1999 in Kumbha Karka and Dhanu and see through the techniques shown by me repeatedly in this series why this horoscope alone is correct. The other dasha Dwisaptati Sama Dasha: DSSs In Venus Rahu Mars Therefore, my advice to astrologers running after the horoscopes of celebrities, particularly, is to start with healthy scepticism. Note: 3 Refer to K N Rao’s first article in this series for revelation of what is BK - SA

All highly successful men are biggest failures in many areas of life unlike moderately successful ones. Sachin Tendulkar was a bad student, a failure almost. Examine the affliction to the fifth house and the afflicted Putrakaraka which has many meanings, one of them is the educational career and academic achievements. The presence or aspect of Amatyakaraka on the fifth house from the lagna is there, chances exist of becoming known through some distinction, academically or through extra curricular activities during student days. It should be examined very closely. Sachin has not achieved, academically, even five percent of what he has in his cricket career. Like the short statured Argentinian Maradona, a football legend, his immortality is assured. Karakamsha Put the KL of Sachin in Simha and see how the Atmakaraka, Mars, exalted in the sixth house aspecting the Amatyakaraka Saturn in the tenth house is connecting the sixth house and the tenth house showing achievements and world fame through fight, in this case his great cricketing abilities and records. The textual meaning of Karakamsa in Simha is trouble from dogs and canine animals. Does it mean, in the case, bad umpires and nasty fast bowlers? But the aspect of two benefics Jupiter and Venus have also given him the reputation of being the finest gentleman cricketer of the world. Now see the Swamsha which is Simha with Saturn in it and you have the world famous Sachin. In the Karakamsha the tenth house has Saturn, Amatyakaraka aspected by exalted Atmakaraka, Mars. In the Swansha they combine and now I am sure that it is the astrological confirmation of what Karveji had seen in the boy. Mars is in Swamsha, but Mars aspecting Karakamsha (the birth horoscope) shows a man bearing arms (the cricket bat) which gave fright to Shane Warne in his dreams and has left Ponting far behind in the race to the top of the statistical table of cricket greatness. Note: Here again that in Swamsha, the third and sixth houses are aspected by both Mars and Saturn, AK and AmK. Times of India carried this news item recently. The Times of India In Aussie poll, 84% say Sachin best ever TNN, Oct 13, 2010, 12.53am IST NEW DELHI: Talk about the Don of a new era. As Sachin Tendulkar notched up his sixth Test double century on Tuesday, some 14,600 people responded to an online poll in the Sydney Morning Herald. The question: Is Sachin Tendulkar the best batsman ever? For a newspaper from the land of Sir Don Bradman to even ask this question is astonishing. But the bigger surprise was in the result: 84% of respondents said 'yes' while a mere 16% answered in the negative.

It's possible that a lot of Indians voted to skew the results in Sachin's favour. But the staggering 84% vote, one can safely presume, would mean a good number of Australians too think he is the very best. For Sachin, who reminded the Don of himself, that is a supreme compliment. The promise shown in the Karakamsha is repeated in the Swamsha. In Dwisaptati Samadasha this result of the poll has come in the dasha of Saturn, fifth and sixth lord in the ninth house aspecting the eleventh house along with Jupiter and Mars and Saturn also aspected the eleventh lord, Moon. The dasha sequence in DSS has been highly favourable: Mercury the tenth lord’s dasha from 1978 to 1987. Jupiter (1987 to 1998) is aspecting the eleventh house of achievements in the birth horoscope and is in the tenth house both in the navamsha and dashamansha. Venus the ninth lord’s dasha was from 1996 to 2005. And refusing to grow old for cricket, he has entered the dasha of Saturn now (2005 to 2014.) He will continue to be in the forefront in some capacity or the other as in Chara dasha it is the dasha of Mesha (2007 to 2016). The tenth house from here has a big Jaimini rajayoga with Mars, AK getting aspected by Saturn the AmK, as though a Bharata Ratna is awaiting him. In Swamsha this combination is ocurring in the fourth house, aspected additionally by PK, Mercury, reinforcing and confirming the future promise.


Saurav Ganguly the patriot

patriotically proud Indian appeals to many Indians. It is not my weakness, but a legacy from my late father who was in British jail during India’s struggle for freedom. It is why Saurav Ganguly appeals to me--the proud Indian cricket captain who moulded India’s cricket team, hit by match fixing scandals. Earlier the gentlemanly shrewd thinking Tendulkar had resigned from the captaincy of Indian cricket. Inheriting such a bad legacy Saurav moulded the Indian cricket team into a fighting outfit. Dhoni has taken advantage of that Ganguly legacy now. I had collected his horoscope from a reliable source and when some years later a television channel collected it for me; I found it was the same one which I had in my possession. Atmakaraka, Venus with Putrakaraka Moon forming a Jaimini rajayoga joined by Saturn the Bhatrikaraka in the tenth house shows the fiery personality he is known as on the cricket field. To this the aspect of Mars, the Gnatikaraka, together with Ketu adds fuel to the fire, the insolent behaviour he is someimes known for and criticised. On this basis I had made a risky prediction about India winning in the Pakistan tour in 2004, under his captaincy. See what I had written on the jyotishlist.








Chara Dasha Born on 8 July 1972 Simha 1972-74 Kanya 1974-76 Tula 1976-83 Vrisch 1983-91 Dhanu 1991-2003 Makara 2003-2011 Kumbha 2011-2020 Antardashas of Makara Starting from July 2003 Makara Dhanu July2003 Makara Vrischika March 2004 up to Nov 2004 From: Praveen Kumar To: [email protected] Subject:Re: [jyotish-list] Indo-Pak cricket series Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 08:37:33 IST Respected Sir, Congratulations! India has won the series, both one day's and the test and Saurav has created history. Such predictions are very meaningful when given against all odds. If we recall the situation in Satta Bazar before start of the series, astrology has proved its worth. Praveen Kumar (Mumbai)

----- Original Message ----From: knrao To: [email protected] Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 3:09 PM Subject: [jyotish-list] Indo-Pak cricket series 15 March 2004 The game of cricket is a national obsession, passion, lunacy and whatever you may call it for Indians. Fifteen years after, now when Indo-Pak cricket series is being revived, the entire nation seems to be glued to the television watching the matches. India won the first one day on 13 March. What next? On the basis of some thin data I have, I can venture to take a risk and predict that this series both, the one days and the test, will be won by India. Saurav Ganguly the Indian cricket captain is on the verge of creating cricket history by becoming the first Indian captain to win a series on the soil of Pakistan. Yours, K.N.Rao. Verification of the horoscope “Ganguly made his Test debut against England in the Second Test of a three-match series at Lord's Cricket Ground alongside Rahul Dravid..... however, Ganguly scored a century, becoming only the third cricketer to achieve such a feat on debut at Lord's, after Harry Graham and John Hampshire. Andrew Strauss and Matt Prior have since accomplished this feat, but Ganguly's 131 still remains the highest by any batsman on his debut at the ground. (from the internet.) Debut in Test Cricket ( 20 June 1996) This dream debut was made in 1996 in Dhanu mahadasha from where the sixth house is strong and Karka antardasha where both the sixth and the eleventh house of achievements is excellent. 1.3 1997 Marriage In Dhanu-Mithuna which axis covers his Darakaraka Jupiter in Dhanu, like a hero of middle ages he (Saurav Gangopadhyaya, a Brahmin eloped like a Kshatriya with his childhood sweet heart and married her. Saturn the seventh lord with Moon and Venus gave him an artiste as a wife, a dancer. Saturn Moon (twelfth lord) can be interpreted as elopement here. Daughter (Dec 2001) In Dhanu Makar from where Moon the putrakaraka is in the fifth house he became a father. The basis of my risky prediction I made this risky prediction seeing his dasha at the time of the Pakistan tour on the flimsiest and thinnest data--only his horoscope. He had entered the pratyantara dasha of Simha and next one was Karka in April 2004 in the antardasha of Vrischika and the mahadasha of Makara.

From Makara the tenth house receives the aspect of so many planets and Karakas and from Vrischika they were falling in the seventh house. The pratyantara was the most important as the tour was for some weeks only. From Simha the tenth house has all that concentration of important and the eleventh house Amatyakaraka aspected by Jupiter. In Vimshottari dasha, he was entering the mahadasha of Jupiter occupying his own house and aspected by Sun from the eleventh house. It was a period of great achievement. And it was when under his captaincy India made history in Pakistan.

Women becoming prominent in democracies? My hint about the tragic end of Benazir KN RAO 12 October 2007, 6:38 PM All over the world the year 2007 has been becoming important for women in democracies or in their fight against dictatorships. If in the process some of them killed or become martyrs, it may not surprise anyone as Venus in the Hindi New Year horoscope of 2007 has double affliction of Mars and Saturn. (see the chart)

In the month of October, this phenomenon is becoming more prominent as Saturn Ketu are in the same navamsha ..... Some of the names of these women in news, that strike me are 1. Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar 2. Hillary Clinton, USA 3. Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan 4. Mayawati, India 5. Jayalilitha, India 6. Uma Bharati, India

Whatever misogynists may say, when women begin to shake the democratic governments or thrones or dictatorships, the seismic shocks are felt a little late and it is after a political-seismic change becomes noticeable, that all analysts jump into the fray to explain it. Benazir Bhutto is “benazir” in the truest sense of holding the world record of being the only prime minister dismissed twice and is wanting to make a big comeback in the uncertain, terrorist-ridden politics of Pakistan to become what ?---a martyr ? Her horoscope discussed so brilliantly by Manoj Pathak first and then Sonia Mehdiratta, does show Benazir entering the den of wolves, lions and terrorists. ( 8 October 2007) http://www.journalofastrology.com/article.php?category_id=1&article_id=94 BENAZIR BHUTTO: THE BLOODY HOMECOMING KN RAO 22 October 2007, 8:49 AM & 10/19/2007 2:17:47 AM 13 October discussion On 13 October we had discussed her horoscope in our astrology class and students had said along with me that aspects on Venus by Saturn and Mars did show danger to women particularly to Benazir because it was the pratyantara dasha of Jupiter in the eighth house. The clearest danger is between now and 23 March 2008 in the Chara dasha of Karka and the antardasha of Kumbha. From Kumbha Atmakaraka, Saturn falls in the eighth house and receives the aspect of Mars the Putrakaraka and Sun Gnathikaraka (Jaimini aspect).4

Chara 4 Kala

& Jhora using the same data of 23 June 1953, 16:30, Karachi gives 0 Sc 57, there is a discrepancy on the time zones, we would elaborate it at a later stage - SA

Tula 23-06-1953 Vrsk 1959 Dhan 1966 Mak 1971 Kumb 1975 Meen 1980 Mesh 1990 Vrish 1992 Mith 2003 Kark 2004 Simha 2013 Note We all had our prediction on the basis of the horoscope passed on by Benazir herself through Sri Natwar Singh to me in early eighties of the last century. On this basis I had made many correct private predictions. This prediction about danger to her was made thrice by me on the website also as can be seen here. Forget stupid controversy about Chara dasha calculation. Once again you can see how precisely it had worked here. (27 December 2007 8/54 pm) 5 She was killed in Karka mahadasha which has DK . The antardasha was Kumbha from where DKN6 falls in the seventh house. The pratyantara dasha was Vrischika apected by DK The pran dasha was Kanya. Repeatedly the role of AK, KL and DK and DK keeps repeating. Dwisaptati Sama dasha It was Saturn mahadasha aspected by Mars the second and seventh lord the maraka. The antardasha was of Sun conjoined with Mars. The pratyantara dasha was of Moon in the lagna both of the birth and the thrimshamsha and aspecting the seventh house in the birth chart and in the lagna of Thrimshamsha. It is showing violent death which three of us had predicted in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan class and also written on my website. Her Father’s Death 4 April, 1979 Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto was hanged It was Kumbha mahadasha which is aspected both by BK Venus and DK Mercury.The antardasha was of Dhanu aspected by Saturn, Mars and Sun and The pratyantara dasha was of Vrischika aspected by both BK and DK.

5 Readers can refer to Part 1 of this series for interpretation of DK and death - SA

6 Note & contemplate on why the author is mentioning this - SA

In DSS it was Mercury the ninth lord, Mercury again the ninth lord and Sun in the ninth house and with Mars and aspected by Saturn. That is interlinked again. Brothers’ Fate “Unhappy family Benazir Bhutto is also the last remaining bearer of her late father's political legacy. Her brother Murtaza, once expected to play an increasingly important role as a party leader, fled to the then-Communist Afghanistan after his father's fall. From there, and various Middle Eastern capitals, he mounted a campaign against Pakistan's military government with a militant band called al-Zulfikar. He won elections from exile in 1993 and became a provincial legislator, returning home soon afterwards, only to be shot dead under mysterious circumstances in 1996. Benazir's other brother, Shahnawaz, also politically active but in less violent ways than Murtaza, was found dead in his Paris apartment in 1985.” (From the internet) In 1985 it was the dasha of Meena Kanya in chara dasha. Three malefics aspect the third house here7. In 1996 when the other brother died mysteriously (or eliminated) it was Vrisha and Dhanu receiving three malefic aspects and Dhanu rashi shows violence is what I have repeatedly said. Dhanu has her Bhatrikaraka, Venus in the dreshkona, here. All the violence emanating from Mithuna and Kanya shows the tragic deaths in the family. That is interlinked again. Let me repeat what has been stated at the outset. “I have repeatedly told students of astrology to follow some steps when dealing with horoscopes which are doubtful and once convinced of their correctness, not to bother for the criticism and comment of most of the astrologers.” Her high educational qualification and president of Oxford students Union Examine the affliction to the fifth house and the afflicted Putrakaraka which has many meanings, one of them is the educational career and academic achievements. The presence or aspect of Amatyakaraka on the fifth house from the lagna is there, chances exist of becoming known through some distinction, academically or through extra curricular activities during student days. From the website “In April 1969, she got admission in the U. S. at Harvard University's Radcliffe College. In June 1973, Benazir graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Political Science. After graduating from Harvard, Benazir joined Oxford University in the fall of 1973. Just before graduation, Benazir was elected to the Standing Committee of the most prestigious Oxford Union Debating Society. 7 Note that it is 3rd house of siblings from Kanya AD and Virgo is the 8H - SA

In 1976, she graduated in P. P. E. (Politics, Philosophy and Economics). In the autumn of 1976, Benazir returned once again to Oxford to do a one-year postgraduate course. In January 1977, she was elected the President of the Oxford Union. Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan in June 1977. “ Mother killed: pn 27 Dec 2007 Bilawal Bhutto’s horoscope shows it

Chara Tula 21-09-1988 Vrsk 1997 Dhan 2006 Mak 2011 In Dec 2007 Bilawal was running the mahadadasha of Dhanu known for violent events which has Saturn aspected by Matrikaraka Sun and violent Mars. It was the antardasha of Simha which receives aspects of DK Mercury from Tula and of GK and GKN Moon from Makara. The pratyantardasha was of Kanya which has matrikaraka (Benazir Bhutto) and from 22 December. That is interlinked again.

To Be Continued………..

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