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68 By Jupiter in karakamsa of 5th house, the native keeps up ancestral learning.

"go | w% Bhagye chaivam -119 A l l the above mentioned vidyayogas may be judged from the 2nd house of karakamsa too.

Sada chaivamityefce - 120 Some say that the above-mentioned vidya yogas may be judged from the 3rd house of karakamsa also.

placed in the 2nd, one malefic Planet should be in the 8th to form kemadrumayoga. If two malefic planets occupy the 2nd house two malefics should occupy the 8th, for the formation ofKemadruma yoga. But one malefic in one house whether the 2nd or 8th, and two malefics in the other whether 2nd or 8th do not constitute kemadramayoga. If the 2nd or 8th houses of all the three viz., Atmakaraka, Lagna and Arudha Lagna are occupied by the malefics, Kemadramayoga forms. This is the o p i n i o n of some scholars. K e m a d r a m a y o g a gives poverty and distress. There is an obsolete Sanskrit verse w h i c h makes mention of Lagna a n d A r u d h a Lagna in connection w i t h the formation of Kemadruma yoga. But by the use of 'swa in the aphorism, Atmakaraka should be taken as implied in the verse as an addition. Though the verse makes mention of both the benefics and malefics a little differently from the aphorism, it matters little. 1


w§ ^ f r w{ ^ w*)ciicbj Bhagye ketau papa drishtau stabdavak - 121

If Ketu occupies the 2nd house of karakamsa and is aspected by malefics, the native can not talk or reply, soon or fastly.

Swa pitrupadat bhagya rogayoh papa samye kemadrumah - 122


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