Jaimini Astrology and Marriage

July 16, 2017 | Author: Tushar Kumar Bhowmik | Category: Planets In Astrology, Hindu Astrology, Occult, Superstitions, Ancient Astronomy
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Jaimini Astrology , Marriage...


Jaimini Astrology and Marriage The aphorism of Jaimini has given many principals for judging the quality of marriage or relationship in a horoscope, which if applied along with Parashari principals gives very good results. In Jaimini system the following parameters are broadly taken into account in a horoscope to find out the possible happiness or unhappiness from marriage. 1. Darakaraka: In the chara karaka scheme of Jaimini the Darakaraka is the planet having least degrees in a chart. The Darakaraka, apart from its many other significations, represents spouse, love affairs, relationships and infatuations. The Darakaraka associated with benefic planets gives happiness from marriage but when it is in bad company like under the influences of hard malefic planets and/or in close conjunction with Ganatikaraka then it gives trouble in married life or relationships. The position of Darakaraka is also analyzed in the Navamsha kundali for deeper understanding. 2. Darapada: In Jaimini system the ‘Pada’ or Arudha are signifies the external manifestations of the houses. An Arudha or Pada of a particular house tells us how the significations of that house are perceived by others. A Pada or Arudha signifies illusions or Maya of the materialist world in the form of public perception about the native. For calculating Pada of a particular house count from the house to its lord. Then count as many as sign from the lord to arrive at Pada. The Darapada is the Pada of 7th house of marriage. The Dara word in Sanskrit literally means ‘spouse’. Count the number of houses the 7th lord has move from the 7th house to arrive at Dara Pada. 3. Upa-Pada : The Upa-Pada is the ‘Pada’ or ‘Arudha’ of the 12th house which signifies the bed comforts. In Jaimini system the qualities of spouse and his family status are seen from the 2nd house from Upa-Pada. The planets influencing the Upa-Pada tells us about the married life. 4. The 7th house from Karakamsha: In Jaimini system the Navamsha of the Atamakaraka is put in the birth chart and described as Karakamsha lagan. The 7th house from Karakamsha lagan is to be seen to judge the prospects of marriage or relationship. 5. The 7th house from Swamsha: The sign of Atamakaraka when put in Navamsha is called Swamsha lagan. The 7th house from Swamsha lagna is also seen for the purpose of marriage or relationship. 6. Venus : The conditions of Venus, which holds the natural signification of marriage is also to be judged . The influences of benefic and malefic planets have to be taken into account as per Jaimini aspects. In Jaimini system the following are the grading’s of benefic and malefic planets. The benefic planets in the order of their beneficence are : 

Jupiter and Mercury




Note: Ketu taken as a malefic in Parashari astrology acquires the role of a benefic here. In Jaimini Sutras it is clear that Ketu is designated as a benefic as mentioned in a sutra in Chapter two/sub-chapter threeAtra Shubha Ketuh ll The malefic planets in the order of their maleficence are : 





For predicting marriage in Jaimini system the Chara dasha and Navamsha dasha are mainly use. In my book “Predicting through Jaimini’s Navamsha Dasha’ I have explained how marriage or relationship can be predicted using this dasha system along with Vimshottari dasha. Apart from this readers can also test below given modern Jaimini methods for match making of horoscopes. These concepts can be of good use by astrologers interested in ‘love astrology’ or ‘relationship compatibility between couples’. (A) Mark the Darakaraka rashi’s in the horoscopes of couples. If their Darakaraka’s are mutually in 3/11 or 9/5 or in Kendra from each other then they physical relationship would be good. The Darakaraka signifies sexual relationship between lovers or husband-wife. (B) Mark the Atamakaraka in the rashi charts of couples to see their intellectual compatibility. If the Atamakaraka of couples are in 3/11 or 9/5 or in Kendra from each other then it is good for marriage or relationship. ( c) If both the Darakaraka and Atamakaraka of couples are in 6/8 position or 2/12 from each other then it is not a welcome thing. ( d) Also notice if the Darakaraka and/or Atamakaraka planets of couples are natural friends or enemies. After the analysis of hundred of horoscopes i have observed that if the Atamakaraka of couples are natural friends and they are also well place from each other then their marriage or

relationship has better understanding due to good mental compatibility. I would advise astrology lovers to apply these principals on the charts they have in their personal collection.

Astrology Yogas for delay Marriage Jamini Yoga’s for delay in Marriage (i) The close degree conjunction of Darakaraka and Ganatikaraka shows delay or troubles in marriage and relationships. (ii) The Saturn place in the 7th house from Karakamsha lagan gives infatuation towards getting into relationship with older age person. (iii) If the second house from Upapada sign has a malefic planet or malefic aspect, the native loses his/her spouse or take renunciation. { Jaimini Sutra , Chapter I Quarter IV} (iv) A debilitated planet in the 2nd house from Upapada also gives loss of spouse in marriage or trouble in relationships. (v) If malefic planets are associated with 7th from Upapada, the seventh from Navamsha or 7th from Karakamsha lagna then the native is deprived of marital happiness or suffer trouble in relationships. The above yogas will be helpful for astrologers interested in doing marriage or relationship counselling, love astrology and/or match making of horoscopes.

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