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May 9, 2019 | Author: Tatiana Afanasiev | Category: Risk, Automation, Tecnologia, Gambling, Sociedade
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TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE The area of technique, technology, and the technological system is one in which Jacques Ellul undoubtedly speaks speaks with a prophetic voice. Already events have justified many of his earlier warnings or even shown them to be too restrained. In this latest work, which rests on solid research and covers a wide and varied range of topics, his message comes through with unusual urgency and force. He might be mistaken on some of the details but this ought not to blind us to the truth in the general thesis. Conversely, even if we we find the thesis implausible, this ought not to prevent us from hearing the challenge of the details. As Ellul sees it, either technology technology as a whole or individual technologies are hurrying us into a situation of catastrophe. Lulled by the bluff of technological discourse, we sleepily fail to perceive the perils that confront us. Ellul's purpose, therefore, is to jolt us awake before we pass the point of no return. A special concern, perhaps, is to awaken awaken the timid churches that are paralyzed by their fear of being derided as old-fashioned and outdated. Since most of the specific examples that Ellul adduces are taken from his native France, readers should be advised that in a few instances where explanatory footnotes might might be needed the details have been omitted. The context will show what is meant in the case of some systems such as Minitel for which the United States has no existing existing equivalent yet. Established usage in English makes it difficult to retain the distinction that Ellul himself always makes and emphasizes between la technique (technique) and la technologie, (technology ).  ). It should be remembered, however, that in the title Ellul has has the stricter sense in view, that is, technology technology as discourse, study, or system. The same applies, of course, to his discussion of technological terrorism. Whether the powerful tocsin of Ellul can arrest the march of ix

events may well be doubted, but in this regard Ellul has greater hopes, perhaps, from the New World than the Old. Old. With the same sober optimism we present his exposure of the bluff to the English-speaking public. Pasadena, Pentecost 1989


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