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CSEC Information Technology SBA (General Proficiency) May/June 2017

Information Technology {General Proficiency} School Based Assessment (SBA) 2016-2017 Project Description Currently the St. Georges Bus Terminal processes most of its monthly transactions manually. You are the director of a computer/I.T consulting company and have been hired by the Ministry of Works and Transportation in collaboration with the Grenada Ports Authority to analyze the revenue and activities of the St. Georges Bus Terminal for September 2016 using technology.i You are required to use Microsoft Office or any suitable office suite for the inputting, processing and analysis of the data collected. You are then required to submit a report to the Ministry of Works and to issue letters to the bus owners informing them of the charges incurred for the said month. The findings in your report will be used for the sourcing of funds by the Ministry and the Ports Authority to further develop an electronic management system and facilitate the expansion and upgrading of the facility to better accommodate and facilitate the traveling population and the bus operators. SPREADSHEET You are required to create a spreadsheet with the following information. 1. RegNumber





Flat charge

Total Toll


Total Due

There are two sizes of buses with capacity of 18 (small) and 48 passengers (large).

Toll is the amount charged for each entry into the terminal.

There is a flat charge of $50 for every bus which uses the terminal.

The RegNumber is the registration number of the bus.

Entries are the number of times the bus enters the terminal for the month and there is a limit for each zone.

The number in column 1 in the table below represents the zone, the numbers in column 2 represents the entry limit for each zone.


CSEC Information Technology SBA (General Proficiency) May/June 2017

Zone 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Limit 400 250 250 300 200 200 250 300

Route Gand Anse St David’s Marian St Pauls Sauteurs Grand Etang Annadale Happy Hill

5 zones should be used in the data entry (Zones 1 and 3 and any other THREE (3) zones)

5 buses should be used for each zone (However only 4 buses from zone THREE should be included)

Regular toll is EC$0.50.

For buses with a capacity more than 18 passengers, the owner will have to pay 1.5 times the regular toll.

To encourage more buses to be on the route, a discount of 10% of the total toll is given to buses with a total entry of 150 or more otherwise a 3% discount is given.

a. Include the following information in your spreadsheet. RegNumber HAK65 HAL555 HZ514

Colour Red White Blue




18 48 18

350 150 80

1 3 1

Total Toll

Discount value

Total Due

b. Two rows below the spreadsheet insert appropriate functions to calculate the following: -

Total for the Total entries, Total toll, discount and Total Due column. Average, Minimum and Maximum for appropriate numerical columns.

Save your spreadsheet as “Terminal Analysis 01 ”. Print the spreadsheet. Formulae only need to be printed once at the end.


CSEC Information Technology SBA (General Proficiency) May/June 2017

2. a. You are required to make the following changes; (i)

Sort your worksheet by zone then by bus registration number.


Change the percentage discount for entries that are 150 or more to eleven and a quarter percent.


A new bus registration number HAL888 has decided to join ZONE 3. Insert a new row between the second and third record. Fill in the record accordingly.

b. Create a summary sheet in a new worksheet using the following template showing the total revenue to be collected from each of the 5 zones you would have used.

Zone Summary Zone 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 TOTAL

Total Due

Total Entries

Port Authority Summary % Total Entries

Day/Month/Year Total # of buses % of large buses % of small buses Total Entries Total Discount Total Zones Total Due

c. Create a suitable chart that compares the total revenue to be collected from each zone. Show appropriate labels and percentages in the chart. Save sheet as “Chart 01”. d. Using a complex criterion, extract all records of small buses that have a total due of $300 or more to a separate section of your worksheet. e. Plot a graph showing all small buses with a total due of $300.00 or more. Save sheet as “Chart 02”. Save your spreadsheet as “Terminal Analysis 02 ”. Print the spreadsheet with the adjusted information. Print the formulae sheet.


CSEC Information Technology SBA (General Proficiency) May/June 2017

DATABASE MANAGEMENT 1. Create and populate the following tables. You may import the necessary fields and data from your spreadsheet as deemed necessary. Appropriate data types and fields widths are to be used when designing the structure of each table. TABLE STRUCTURE Ownership Owner Id First Name Last Name Village Parish Contact no. Sex

Bus Info




Reg. no Bus Name Capacity Owner ID Zone Colour Maker Year

Zone Id Route Comment

NB: OwnerID should begin with ONE of the three following letters (PAS:-Passport, NIS:-National Insurance ID, or NAT:-National ID) followed by FIVE random numbers. Special conditions:  One owner can have many buses  At least THREE owners have 2 or more buses You are required to create a Transaction table with the following fields: OwnerID, RegNumber, Monthly charge, Entries, Total toll, Discount Value and Total due -

Print all Tables (both datasheet and design view) populated with appropriate data type. Print the relationship created


Save database as “Terminal db 01 ”

2. Rename Sex in the ownership table to “Gender” 3. Queries Your database should respond to the following queries; a. Display the owner’s name, Reg. Number and contact number of all bus owners from St. George’s. Sort in alphabetical order by owner’s last name. Save as StGeorgeQry.


CSEC Information Technology SBA (General Proficiency) May/June 2017

b. The police is investigating a hit and run accident involving a zone 1 bus. They’ve requested a list with the Owner Name, Bus Name, Reg. Number, and colour of all small RED buses. Create a query called RedQry for the police. c. Create a query named TotalQry. List the owner’s name, bus registration number, capacity, zone and total due of all zone 1 and 2 buses with a total due greater than five hundred dollars. d. Bus number HAL555 decided to change its colour from white to green. Update this record accordingly and save query as ColourUpQry. e. Design a query named PersonPerBusQry to calculate the total number of persons passing through the bus terminus for each bus in this month. Use the following formula: Total entries per bus = Capacity * Entries. Show the bus registration number, owner’s name, the calculated field and total due. f. Find the total number of persons passing through the bus terminus for this month. Save as TotalPersonsQry. g. Create a report to display bus information grouped by zones. Include the following fields: Owner name, Reg. Number, Zone Id, Total Persons (Capacity * Entries) and total due. Sort by last name in ascending order then by first name. Use the summary function to show how many buses used the terminal and the total revenue to be collected. Insert the title “St. Georges Bus Terminal Report” “September 2016” Save as BusRpt. Clearly print the results and SQL or design view of all queries. Print the report and any query used to generate the report. 4. Bus number HZ514 met in an accident and was totaled. Delete all bus records for this bus. -

Reprint the owner, bus and transaction table (Datasheet view only)


Save the database as “Terminal db 02 ”


CSEC Information Technology SBA (General Proficiency) May/June 2017

WORD PROCESSING You are required to: 1. Create a letter head for the St. George’s Bus terminal (include footer with a slogan centered). Your letter head should contain a well-designed logo. -

Print the letter head only. Save as “Terminal Letterhead ”

2. You are required to create personalized letters for each bus owner, notifying them of their monthly charges (bill), due date and the changes in toll fee from 50c to 75c for small buses and 75c to $1.00 for large buses. The changes in fees will commence from next November in order to assist in general maintenance of the facilities. This letter must be printed on the letterhead you created. Justify the contents where necessary. -

Save the main document as “Main Letter ” Save the data source as “Datasource Letter ” Save the merge letters as “Merge Letters ”


Print main document with merge fields, data source, and the first and last of the merged letters.

3. Create a single letter size page registration form for new buses requesting the use of the bus terminal. Incorporate the use of tables to present form data. The form must capture owner’s name, bus particulars, route details and information of the different monthly charges to be incurred. Insert a row above the column headings with an appropriate table title. Center align the title across the table. Enhance the table presentation with appropriate borders and shading. -

Print the registration form. Save as “Reg Form ”

4. Create a report analyzing the activities and revenue of the bus terminal for the ministry of works. Include the appropriate chart, tables and reports (Total revenue, total number of persons who entered the terminal etc). Report should be between two to three pages. Use left and right margins 0.8 inches and top and bottom margins 1 inch and 1.5 line spacing. Landscape page orientation and columns are to be used where appropriate. Make use of other formatting features (justification, bold, font & font size, bullets & numbering etc.). Conclude with recommendations whether or not to incorporate an electronic management system for the St. Georges bus terminal and the others. Included charts/graphs should be briefly explained in the document. -

Print the report. Save as “Terminal Report ”


CSEC Information Technology SBA (General Proficiency) May/June 2017

PROBLEM SOLVING AND PROGRAMMING Algorithm Development 1. Develop an algorithm using pseudocodes to analyze the activities and revenue of the bus terminal. The algorithm should accept the buses registration number, owner’s name, capacity and number of entries for an unspecified number of buses. Data entry stops when zero is entered as a bus registration number. The algorithm should print a breakdown of the different charges (Flat fee, total toll, discount) and the total due for each bus. For the data entered, you are also required to; - Calculate total number of persons passing through the terminal - Calculate the grand total revenue generated for the bus terminal - Find the bus registration number and owner’s name of the bus which generated the most revenue for this month - Display the total number of buses processed (You are not restricted to using arrays) -

Save the algorithm as “Terminal Algo ” Trace Table Development

2. Design & Execute a trace table that will accept test data and trace the algorithm (1) above. -

Save the trace table as “Terminal Trace ” Program Implementation

3. Using the programming language Pascal, write program codes to implement the algorithm in (1) above. (Ensure that your program is user friendly and properly documented; author of the program, date created, variable names etc.) -

Save the program file as “Terminal Prgm ”


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