Isotonic Drinks

May 12, 2018 | Author: Mizanul Islam | Category: Osmosis, Chemistry, Nature, Beverages, Wellness
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Isotonic drinks Course: Applied Chemistry Lecturer: DR Nudjiyono Rina Indrawati S83!8"# $ I%A $ %sains A& Introduction 'ody (uids play an important role in meta)olism* includin+ transport and a)sor) the nutrients in the )lood* helps di+estion and keep the )ody temperature& ,arious e-istin+ data concluded that the man or woman at the a+e o. !/0 years need at least 1/2 percent o. the (uid in the )ody 4ldest %rasetyo& %rasetyo& 5ttp: $$www&sinarharapan6& 7ien its .unction* do not )e surprised i. the human )ody needs (uids eery day to replace the (uid that comes out throu+h )reathin+ insensi)le water loss6* sweat sensi)le water loss6* and urine& At normal temperatures we will lose up to !*3 milliliters o. (uid $ day* whereas durin+ strenuous e-ercise* 9+ure to )e hi+her reaches 2*2 ml $ day& 4ldest %rasetyo& 5ttp: $$www&sinarharapan6 I. the dischar+e is not immediately replaced* oer time the )ody can )ecome dehydrated& Lost )ody (uids replaced with a similar liuid electrolyte )ody is a)le to restore the liuid alkaline properties too strenuous physical actiity can also cause the )ody to lose a lot o. (uid which is characteri;ed )y symptoms o. nausea* .ati+ue* headache* omitin+* and muscle spasms& hus* the solution has the same pressure to the )lood essel wall& So isotonic (uid is a liuid that has the same osmotic pressure with (uid that is within human cells& Isotonic called .or a )alance that makes the same concentration o. solution with a concentration concentration o. )ody (uids& ?hy should we )[email protected] 'ecause when more dilute* )lood cells instead will swell& Conersely* i. the concentration o. a solution that +oes hi+her* the )lood cells will shrink&  >he pro)lem* pro)lem* the scienti9c scienti9c case has )ecome )ecome =)lurred= =)lurred= in the layman& any consider* )y consumin+ isotonic drinks* as i. a)sorption can take place more uickly than the water consumed& >he reason* water will )e stored 9rst in the stomach* while isotonic drinks directly spread throu+hout the )ody& ?hen in .act all the (uid can not enter throu+h the mouth directly into the )lood cells* )ut 9rst enter the stomach& In conclusion* the impre+nation speed isotonic drinks and water is the same& So isotonic (uids more uickly reliee thirst .or minerals in(uence not )ecause the )ody is )etter a)le to a)sor) (uid than distilled water& >here is no real in(uence amon+ maintain health $ itality in +eneral )y drinkin+ isotonic (uids& (uids&

C& >he process o. he content o. the isotonic drinks Isotonic drinks contain a ariety o. minerals that the )ody needs& Call it the sodium* potassium* calcium* ma+nesium* car)ohydrates* itamins and so on& ?ith the addition o. a sli+htly sweet taste will optimi;e the )ene9ts to the )ody& Isotoniknya leels only !2 calories per can and is enriched with itamin C& An isotonic drink was none other than the sodium salt solution NaCl6* euialent to a &FG solution o. common salt& Ion/called ery )ene9cial .or the )ody is also not just contained in the isotonic& 4ach salt is dissoled in water will surely turn into ions Na and Cl ions&  >hus* ions contained in lodeh with ions in the isotonic same&  >he content o. addities in isotonic drinks* amon+ others : "& 7lucose !& Citric Acid 3& Sodium Citrate 0& Sodium Chloride 1& ,itamin C 2& %otassium Chloride #& Calcium Lactate 8& a+nesium F& car)onate B& Conditions Reuirin+ Isotonic Drinks Dischar+e .rom the human )ody is stron+ly in(uenced )y enironmental conditions such as heat* humidity* rain* snow* etc& In Indonesia* the climate is tropical climate has the characteristics o. a hot and humid& In the normal physiolo+ical state accordin+ to ,ender !36 says that the human loss o. (uids .rom: "6 7astrointestinal tract )owel moements6 H ! cc !6 rinary tract urination6 H "*1 cc 36 >he skin* sweat H 2 cc 06 %ulmonary Lun+ H 3 cc I. the hot conditions will certainly sweatin+ more than the cold state& And the amount o. this e-penditure will multiply when the )ody actiity increases* such as a.ter e-ercise Accordin+ to the manu.acturers one isotonic drink* isotonic (uid is needed when decreased leels o. )ody (uids .ound at the time: a& ?e are in a tropical enironment uncom.orta)le& )& 4-cessie sweatin+& c& 4-haustin+ e-ercise& d& %oor stamina& e& Less passionate when workin+& Actually* isotonic drinks when consumed in moderate condition not per.orm heay physical actiity to e-pend a lot o. sweat* ion content in these drinks do not hae a positie eEect& I. .or sportsmen or people with heay work* these drinks may )e use.ul& 'ut .or people with normal actiity* its use.ulness )ecomes less eEectie* ='ecause* under normal circumstances or in +ood shape* the )ody does not reuire electrolytes such su)stances& Binally* the mineral content o. these drinks is not utili;ed& >here.ore* isotonic drinks should )e drunk when we sweat a lot* such as a.ter strenuous physical actiity or e-ercise& 7& ses Isotonic Drinks

Isotonic drinks can replace lost )ody (uids .or a ariety o. human physical actiity &&  Just .or illustration* in the pharmaceutical 9eld* isotonic (uids are +enerally used to make the in.usion solution or injecta)le dru+s& Isotonic solution can )e prepared )y addin+ salt until the solution reaches a concentration o. a)out &FG& Also called saline& ?ell* this solution contains electrolytes that the )ody needs in lieu o. lost electrolytes& Its use )y injection into a ein* not drunk so .ast solution a)sor)ed )y the )ody& Isotonic )eera+es )elieed not only a)le to replace )ody (uids& >he drink is also said to cure den+ue .eer and typhus& Actually* this drink only help speed up the recoery o. patients& I. the patient is dili+ently takin+ isotonic drinks* the )ody (uid is lost will )e replaced eEectiely& >his drink is also consumed when dehydrated or diarrhea& Ar+ua)ly .unction similar to he potassium sor)ate threshold o. !1 milli+rams per kilo+ram o. )ody wei+ht& So* when a childs wei+ht ! k+* and he drank 1 m+ o. potassium sor)ate throu+h two )ottles o. isotonic drink* )ased on risk assessment carried the ?orld 5ealth
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