Invoking Chao Kundalini

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Homework, invoking the Chao Kundalini....


Invoking the Chao Kundalini. Homework located: -- Andrieh Vitimus, at Prismatic Vortex. Enochian Chaos Invocation: OL SONUF VAROSAGAI GOHU I Reign Over You Saith VOUINA VABZIR DE TEHOM QUADMONAH The Dragon Eagle of the Primal Chaos ZIR ILE IAIDA DAYES PRAF ELILA I Am the First the Highest That Live In the First Aether ZIRDO KIAFI CAOSAGO MESPOLEH TELOCH I am the Terror of the Earth the Horns of Death PANPIRA MALPIRGAY CAOSAGI Pouring Down the Fires of Life On the Earth ZAZAS ZAZAS NASATANATA ZAZAS This last line cannot be translated. I altered the original ritual linked above slightly to suit my usual methods. 33:30 minute sound meditation into gnosis, based on rising scale, visualization of inner point expanding outwards to edges of body form. I do not visualize the chakras in a traditional sense but rather rely on emotional and psychological cues from within myself. The visualization slowly manifests into a thin layer of hypersensitive tingling sensation blanketed around my body, a sign that I have activated all points from within to without. As you said, no stated intent. One long chord vibrating at a combined frequency of 248hz+372hz for outward focus during the first slow invocation. Mentally recited the invocation three times, slowly while breathing in and out in long wide bursts. Turn off the chord, allow for perception of outer world (outside of my self). Mild Street-Tai Chi (I have no formal training but do find instructional videos that I have memorized as well as just simply playing around to be very beneficial), mild yoga. NOTE: I was with a partner when we did this so alot of it required speaking to each other to express visualizations in direction after the first initial exercise. Mentally recite the invocation three times with a start to focus on the base of the back, above the tailbone, where the snake resides coiled around the spine. Visualize the chaos star over the image of the snake - for me it was depicted as a merging of the black star with the glittery fiber of sexual creation, I guess you could say I envisioned a powerful "string" you would see emphasized in theoretical physics. The color was gold and white. For Jason it was a literal snake that looked like a tattoo with the chaos star resting over it. Recite three times, visualize a "popping" of chaos stars into existence, breathing slowly, visualizing the

snake recoiling and rising slowly. Heavy sigh from me and then shortly after from him as we feel the kundalini rising up into our chests. Once the kundalini was fully raised we felt the blanket of tingling sensation burst into an ecstatic euphoria all over our beings. We could hear and place our focus on different things out side of our apartment and at one time it seemed as though we were drawing in thoughts from outside. Visually, it seemed that things were perceived at a deeper level of precision. (And my do I need to clean my apartment!) Invocation. Extending to metaphysical - out side the human box - range. This invocation was very much like getting on some MDMA, not only did it wake me up completely to have the Chao Kundalini energy budding from every fiber of my being, but it also gave me a deeper focus. With this energy raised as it is, two would normally fuck like rabbits. However, the other forgot supplies and so we opted for the novice-intermmediate hand to hand combat approach which worked very well for drawing in, thanking, and releasing the energy. The focus made on the world outside of our minds strengthened our techniques in both defense and offense. We used a great deal of (harder/faster) Tai Chi "Push Hands" technique for getting our barrings between bouts, this helped to put us into harmony with each other throughout the very fun, energetic, tho low-level spar. Good homework, good work out.

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