Introductory Statistical Mechanics by Sanchez and Bowley

January 10, 2018 | Author: Xian Laurio | Category: Thermodynamic Equilibrium, Temperature, Thermometer, Gases, Thermodynamics
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Introductory Statistical Mechanics 2nd ed. by Sanchez and Bowley...


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Introductory Statistical Mechanics


Second Edition ROGER BOWLEY D"/1ur//lumt (!lPhysics. L'lIil'"rsity o(,vOltillghom




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To Alexander Edward and Peter Anthony Xavier.

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Preface to the first edition


Our aim in writing this book is to provide a clear and accessible introduction to statistical mechanics, the physics of matter made up of a large number of particles. Statistical mechanics is the theory of condensed matter. The content of our book is based on a course of lectures given to physics undergraduates at Nottingham University by one of us (R.M.B.). The lectures have been substantially revised by both of us partly to remove repetition of material-repetition that may be effective in a lecture is redundant in print-and partly to improve the presentation. Some of the history of the subject has been included during the revision, so that t.he reader may be able to appreciate the central importance of statistical mechanics to the development of physics. Some of the concepts of statistical mechanics arc old, but t.hey are as useful ami relevant now as when they were first proposed. It is our hope that students will not regard the subject as old-fashioned, and that our book will be of use to allstudent.s, not. only to those at Nottingham Cniversit.y. Thp. reader is assumed to have attended introductory courses on quantum mechanics and kinetic theory of gases, as well as having a knowledge of calculus. In Nottingham, students would have also taken a course in thermodynamics before studying statistical mechanics. The first few lectures of thE!'o
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