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July 6, 2017 | Author: AshMcBoyd | Category: Essential Oil, Aromatherapy, Distillation, Wellness
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A step-by-step guide for teaching a Young Living Intro to Essential oils class....




A N O I N T E D ’ S

Introduction to

Essential Oils Class Leader Guide By Ashley Boyd

Set Up:

How to Use This Guide: Simply follow the instructions provided in this guide to be led step-by-step through teaching a class. Words in italics can be read aloud directly from the guide. Testimonies are provided for each of the oils in the case that you don’t have your own. Your friends want to hear your personal testimonies, so add them as you have them! This is meant to be a guide, a foundation. The interactive activities are suggestions. We all have our own style of teaching and sharing, feel free to make it your own! * If using Slide Show, switch slides when you see “*”

INVITATIONS: Be sure to not only send out a Facebook or evite, but to contact each person individually to let them know you are excited about seeing them. Encourage them to bring a guest.

GIVEAWAYS: Should be small and inexpensive. A sample is sufficient. If there is a host, give a host gift and stack any sign-ups under them.

SNACKS: Light snacks and water to drink are customary, but keep it simple and light, so the focus can be on the information shared.

Have a diffuser set up and running as well as pens/paper available for people to take notes.

Slideshow link available at /leadership-resources.html



Introduction: **Slide 1** Introduce yourself and share your story of getting started with Young Living Essential oils and natural health.

* DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. The information shared in this class is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness, nor is it meant to replace professional medical attention or advice. Advice and testimonies are all based on use of Young Living brand of oils specifically. Use and application of this information is done solely at your own risk. OPTIONAL: Go around the room and have people introduce themselves and say one thing they are interested in learning at the class, or a specific issue they would like to treat naturally. This is a great way to know how to focus your class and give people a glimpse at what the oils could do for them individually. Find ways to connect with people and educate them on the products that will make a difference in their life.

What Are Essential Oils? * Essential oils are aromatic liquids that are extracted from plants through steam distillation. Steam distillation is the process used to separate the essential oils from the plant material. As the plant material is softened with water, the steam that rises contains the essential oils. This is genuine, therapeutic-grade oil from a first distillation. This same plant matter can be distilled many more times to extract more oil, but each distillation produces oil that is less and less potent. It takes 5,000 lbs of Rose petals to make 2 cups of Rose oil. Ashley Boyd 2



Why Essential Oils? * • Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries to enhance wellness. When plants are dried for tea or supplements, 95-97% of the essential oil is lost along with the plant’s ability to keep us healthy. • Essential oils provide the complete chemical profile of the plant in every drop. One drop of peppermint is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. • 5 mL bottles of oil contain 85-100 drops and 15 mL bottles contain 250300 drops and we use only a few drops at a time. This makes the essential oils extremely cost effective! • They can be used to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. They can also stimulate tissue and nerve regeneration. • Essential oils are intelligent. They are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and affect every cell in your body within twenty minutes! This means that when you use an oil, it can help body systems you didn’t even know were out of balance. • They can balance mood, lift spirits, and dispel negative emotions. Oils contain sesquiterpines (Ses-quit-er-peens), which help oxygenate the brain, particularly around the pituitary and pineal glands, which regulate our feel-good hormones. This is why aromatherapy is such a powerful way to support emotions. Of course, not all oils on the market are therapeutic grade essential oils. Show the Oil Quality Pyramid Graphic on the next page. Ashley Boyd 3



Oil Quality *

Grade A

Therapeutic Grade Safe for internal use: - pure & unadulterated - first distillation - Young Living Oils

Grade B Natural/Food Grade Natural (organic) and certified oils Can still have chemicals.

Grade C Perfume Grade Extended or altered oils Contain chemicals & solvents

Floral Waters Low Quality Synthetic or nature-identical oils - Goes into hair & skin products

Ashley Boyd 4

The Young Living Difference * Young Living has been the world leader in essential oils for more than 20 years. They offer nearly 200 single oils and blend options, more than any other company. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, is a world-renowned essential oils expert. He had a vision to create a company that made genuine, therapeutic grade essential oils... so he traveled the world learning and researching distillation methods and medicinal plants used by different cultures around the world. Gary learned that the process of producing a pure oil began with the seed. Coming from a farming background, he knew the importance of growing and harvesting the plants properly. All of this led to what Young Living calls the “Seed to Seal” guarantee. They are one of the only companies in the world that controls the entire process from beginning to end. Young Living goes beyond organic standards and uses NO chemicals on their farms. They also test every batch of oil to assure the highest therapeutic value and only 28% are accepted and bottled. The rest are sent to the farms to be used as pesticides. Young Living Seed to Seal Guarantee: “At Young Living we take our stewardship of the planet and its inhabitants very seriously. We diligently scrutinize every step of our production process to bring you the purest products earth has to offer. We call it Seed to Seal. It’s not a slogan – it’s our calling.” Here you might share a few of the reasons why you choose to use Young Living Essential oils. Young Living has seven farms on five different continents, which allows them to grow plants in a variety of natural environments from arid mountain to tropical rainforest: Show the map on the next page. Ashley Boyd

Young Living Global Farms *

• Mona, Utah, USA

• Iquitos, Peru

• Highland Flats, Idaho, USA

• Simiane-la-Rotonde, France

• St. Maries, Idaho, USA

• Salalah, Oman

• Guayaquil, Ecuador Ashley Boyd

How to Use Essential Oils * There are three ways you can use essential oils: inhalation, ingestion, and topical application.

Inhalation Inhalation is breathing in the oil. You can: • Breathe directly from the bottle. • Put a drop or two in your hands to breathe in. • Use the tent method by putting a few drops of oil in a bowl of warm water and leaning over the bowl with a towel over your head. • Diffuse the oils into the air with a diffuser. Diffusers are made specifically to put the oils in the air without heating them. Do not put oils in a humidifier, it can break down the plastic, and the oils tend to just float on the top of the water. Inhalation is an extremely effective method of reaching the pituitary gland, which helps regulate feel-good hormones!

Ingestion Ingestion is actually taking the oils internally. I do not recommend ingesting ANY oils other than Young Living. It is the only company that I can attest to the purity of. You can tell if an oil has been approved as an internal supplement by looking at the label on the back. Show the supplement label on the back of Lavender or Peppermint. Oils with this supplement label have been deemed safe for internal consumption. These oils can be added to water, tea, or taken in a capsule. Those with chronic liver or kidney conditions, or women who are pregnant or nursing should not ingest the oils. Oils are powerful, and should be treated respectfully. Always use caution when ingesting an oil for the first time, and add a carrier oil (coconut or olive oil) to “hot” oils when you ingest them. Ashley Boyd

Topical Application Topical application is the method of applying the oils topically to the skin. This is the most common form of application. Anything we put on our skin goes into the blood stream within 20 seconds, so making sure that what we put on our skin is genuine and unadulterated is essential! Some oils can also be “hot” to the skin. It is important to use a carrier oil when applying hot oils, when applying oils to sensitive skin areas, or when applying to children and pregnant women. A carrier oil is a fatty vegetable oil such as coconut, olive, or almond oil. You want to assure that you use a good quality carrier oil so as not to interfere with the quality of your Essential Oils! Canola, corn and plain vegetable oils are not good quality oils! You want an organic, cold pressed oil. Young Living has a carrier oil called V-6 that you can get. You can apply oils almost anywhere! Some common places of application are: • • • • •

Head Neck Spine Forearms Lymph Glands

• • • • •

Stomach Over specific organs for detox Shoulders Heart Bottom of feet (Vita Flex)

We have Vita Flex points on the bottom of our feet that connect to every major area in our body. This may seem kooky, but put a clove of garlic in your shoe and then walk around the room... see how long it takes for you to taste it in your mouth! Show the Vita Flex Chart on the next page: Ashley Boyd

Vita Flex Chart *

Ashley Boyd

Everyday Oils * Now we’re going to talk about specific oils. Young Living has hundreds of oils and blends, so I’m just going to focus on the 10 most commonly used and versatile oils. These are called the Everyday Oils. The single oils we’ll talk about are: • Lavender • Peppermint • Lemon • Frankincense The oil blends we’ll talk about are: • Purification • Peace & Calming • Thieves • Panaway • Valor • Joy Pass around each of the oils as you talk about the uses for them to give everyone an opportunity to smell and experience them. You may want to share your thoughts on the way each oil smells and ask each person their thoughts on the scent of the oil. One testimony from our team for each oil and blend has been provided for you. Feel free to use your own testimony without making medical or disease claims. Your friends want to hear YOUR experiences.

Ashley Boyd

Lavender Oil * Lavender is one of Young Living’s most popular oils. They are currently the largest grower of Lavender in the world!

Lavender is good for: • Sleep – You can apply to the back of the neck or feet. • Skin Issues, Cuts, Wounds – It can be applied directly to the area. • Skin affected by heat or sun – Apply directly to burn, or mix with water to spray on sunburn. • Seasonal Sneezing – Encourages proper nasal function. Diffuse or swipe inside nostrils with a Q-tip. • Calming and Relaxing – add to a carrier oil for a massage or add to baking soda and mix in bath water. Testimony: Ashley and her family go to Colorado every year in the summer, and every year she would deal with major sneezing and stuffy noses. When she first started using oils, she decided to take her diffuser and oils with them to Colorado. She diffused lavender in their room at night, and applied lavender to the temples any time she felt sneezy. The few mornings she woke up stuffy, she added a drop of peppermint oil to her tea and it opened her right up. For the first time, she was able to enjoy an entire trip to Colorado without a day or two of feeling awful! Ashley Boyd

Peppermint Oil * Peppermint is another one of Young Living’s most popular oils. It isn’t recommended to use peppermint on children under the age of 5, as it can cause respiratory issues in 2% of children. If used on young children, dilute well and apply to the bottom of the feet or away from face. Peppermint can also be a hot oil and should be diluted with a carrier oil. Peppermint is good for: • Elevated Body Temperature – You can apply to the back of the neck or bottom of feet. • Encourages proper nasal function – You can swipe over sinuses or inhale from palms. • Bloating or Digestive Support – Gently massage on stomach area. • Headache – Apply on both temples and inhale from palms. • Minor Muscle & Joint Pain– Apply to affected area. • Nausea – Inhale from bottle. • Energy – Inhale from bottle or palms. Testimony: When Candi attended her first essential oils class, she had been dealing with headaches on a daily basis since becoming pregnant with her son (who was 4 or 5 months old at the time of the class.) When she heard peppermint could be helpful for headaches, she put some on the back of her neck. Not only was her headache gone by the end of class, but she woke up the next morning without one for the first time in months! Ashley Boyd

Lemon Oil * Lemon oil is extracted from the peel of the lemon. It can also be a hot oil and should be diluted with a carrier oil. Lemon is good for: • Supports healthy function of the digestive system, gall bladder, kidneys, bladder & urinary tract. • Memory – Diffuse or inhale while studying to retain information. • Upset Stomach or Occasional Heartburn – 1 drop of lemon oil in a glass of water. • Balance pH – Add to water daily to help balance an acidic system. • Promotes drainage– Apply to affected area. • Energy – Inhale from bottle or palms. • Mood support– Inhale from bottle or palms. Testimony: Brian was dealing with heartburn to the point that he was having a difficult time sleeping. He rubbed lemon and peppermint on his sternum with a carrier oil and it immediately relieved his discomfort!

Ashley Boyd

Frankincense Oil * Frankincense oil is extracted from the resin of the frankincense tree. It is a powerful therapeutic oil. It stimulates the limbic system of the brain, the center of memory and emotions. Frankincense is good for: • Skin/Wrinkles – Apply 1 drop in facial moisturizer. • Gums – Brush teeth with 1 drop to strengthen gums and teeth. • Minor Pain – Apply to affected area. • Scarring – Apply to affected area. • Supports Eye Health and Function – Apply 1 drop on palm and cup over eyes • Supports Emotional Balance/Occasional Blues– Apply on crown of head and inhale repeatedly. • Supports Proper Cell Function Testimony: Ashley has 2 children and has horrible stretch marks that go all the way up over her belly button. She used a combination of frankincense, lavender, and coconut oil over her abdomen daily and saw a huge reduction in the depth and appearance of her stretch marks!

Ashley Boyd

Purification Blend * Purification is a blend containing the single oils of citronella, lemongrass, lavandin, rosemary, melaleuca A. (tea tree), and myrtle. As the name suggests it has a purifying scent.

Purification is good for: • Smells – Diffuse, drop, or spray in smelly areas to neutralize odors. • Immune Support – Diffuse to purify the air during the school year. • Minor Skin Irritations – Apply topically to help with itching or stinging. • Bug Repellant – Diffuse or spray on skin and clothing to repel bugs. • Blisters/Splinters – Apply topically to reduce blisters or aid the body in removing splinters. Testimony: Carrie had a friend coming to visit and on her way out was stung by a couple of wasps. By the time she got to Carrie’s house her hand was swollen to the point that she could barely flex her fingers and was in a lot of pain. Carrie put Purification on the sting sites and rubbed Panaway on the rest of the hand. Within a few minutes they could visibly see the swelling going down, and within an hour the swelling was gone! She could bend her fingers and the pain had disappeared!

Ashley Boyd

Peace & Calming Blend * Peace & Calming is a blend containing the single oils of blue tansy, patchouli, tangerine, orange, and ylang ylang. It was created to be a calming scent and bring a sense of peace. Peace & Calming is good for: • Promotes Restful Sleep – Apply to feet or the back of the neck. • Stress – Use in a massage or bath to help relieve stressful tension. • Emotional Support – Diffuse or apply to the back of the neck to help with nervous tension. • Upset Tummy – Apply topically to tummy area to calm an upset stomach. • Calming – Diffuse or apply topically to calm a child from high energy or tantrums. Testimony: Ashley’s son was 6 years old and had been randomly saying for months, “I just feel weird in my tummy.” She had tried identifying the source of this feeling, without much success. He wasn’t hungry, sick, and he didn’t need to go to the bathroom. One day he said this again as they were driving in the rain and Ashley thought that he might be dealing with nerves. When he confirmed that he was feeling nervous about the storm, she handed him a bottle of Peace & Calming. Immediately after inhaling from the bottle, the weird feeling in his tummy went away! She now uses Peace & Calming on him anytime he is feeling nervous! Ashley Boyd

Thieves Blend * Thieves is a blend made of the single oils clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus (E. radiata,) and rosemary. The legend goes that during the black plague there was a group of apothecaries who lost their business when trading stopped. In order to feed their families, they began robbing the bodies of those who had died. They managed to keep from getting the plague by keeping a specific blend of herbs in their pockets. These herbs are the foundation of the Thieves blend. Thieves can be a hot oil and should be diluted, and use with caution on children under the age of 5. Thieves is good for: • Air Purification - Diffused, it kills 99.96% of airborne bacteria! Can also eliminate mold in the room. • Immune Support – Apply to bottom of the feet. • Sore Throat – 1 drop of in a glass of water or use Thieves spray. • Mouth Sores – Apply to affected area. • Toothache – Apply to affected area to reduce infection and pain. Testimony: Ashley’s family became ill right after Thanksgiving. She was going into a busy time at work and couldn’t take any time off. The moment she began to show signs of coming down with something (sore, scratchy throat), she began taking Thieves internally and applying it and lemon oil over her lymph glands. The illness was never able to settle into her body! She got a few sniffles and sinus congestion, but not the full-blown illness, like her family had. Ashley Boyd

Panaway Blend * Panaway is a blend of the single oils helichrysum, wintergreen, clove, and peppermint. It was created primarily as a pain reliever. Because it contains wintergreen, it is not recommended for use on children under the age of 12. This is why it has a childproof cap on it. Can be hot to some, and should be diluted. Panaway is good for: • Occasional Muscle Pain – Apply topically to sore area. • Age Related Muscle or Joint Pain – Apply on location. • Lower Backache – Apply to lower back and partner with Valor for effectiveness. • Toothache – Apply to the cheek or jaw of affected area. • Minor pain due to stress– Apply to the base of skull and/or temples. Testimony: Denise had severe pain and discomfort in her right shoulder and hip due to working out. This pain would not go away no matter how much she stretched or applied over the counter and prescription ointments. These would temporarily numb the pain, but not get rid of it. She experienced this for about 5 months when she got her Everyday Oils kit. She applied 2 drops of Panaway with coconut oil and massaged it into her hip flexor and shoulder morning and night. By the 3rd day all her pain was gone, as well as the feeling that her hip or shoulder would come out of socket! She has not had to treat the areas again and feels as if she grew a new shoulder and hip flexor! Ashley Boyd

Valor Blend * Valor is a blend of the single oils rosewood, blue tansy, frankincense, and spruce. It was created to give a sense of confidence. It is often called chiropractor in a bottle for the way it can align the spine and balance the nervous system. Valor is good for: • Back/Spine – Apply to spine for comfort. Great in combination with chiropractics to help your spine hold the adjustment. • Focus – Apply on the back of neck to center scattered energy. • Confidence – Diffuse or apply topically to help boost confidence. • Snoring/Sleep Issues– Apply to the bottom of the feet. • Hormones – Apply to the wrists and take several deep breaths to clear foggy brain. • Jaw Discomfort- Apply to location. Helps support healthy bone structure. Testimony: Tiffiney’s 7 year old son has sensory issues and was having trouble focusing on his teacher at school. One day, after about three weeks of putting Valor on him before school, he actually asked for it. When Tiffiney asked why he liked it, he said “Because it helps me listen to my teacher!” His teacher began commenting on his improved work and focus without even knowing what Tiffiney was doing differently. She began adding Brain Power to the routine, and three months later her son received three academic awards at school! Ashley Boyd

Joy Blend * Joy is a blend of the single oils rose, bergamot, mandarin, ylang ylang, lemon, geranium, jasmine, palmarosa, Roman chamomile, and rosewood. It was created to bring the frequency of Joy and Love to those who wore it. Joy is good for: • Perfume – Has a flowery scent that smells wonderful on women • Romance– Apply to lower abdomen to promote romantic feelings in women. • Moodiness/Blues – Diffuse or apply over heart to overcome feelings of grief & mood swings. • Blood Pressure – Apply over heart or on the bottom of feet to help bring balance, and support the cardiovascular system. • Joy – Diffuse in the home to bring a sense of peace and joy to the home. Testimony: Mark and Teresa applied Joy to their wrists and the nape of their necks every morning for mood enhancing and uplifting. It tends to set the mood of their day. When they miss an application they notice a difference. Mark suffers with headaches, and since applying it over the last 3 months, he has not experienced a headache. You might add in a couple of your favorite oils or products to discuss here (I talk about RC, Oregano, and Deep Relief.) Let people know that there are personal care products and supplements by Young Living. Keep it simple. Ashley Boyd

Three Ways to Purchase: * 1. Order through my Monthly Order • Place your order through me when I place my monthly ER order. • Share in my 24% discount. • It is shipped to me so we split shipping costs.

2. Sign up as a Retail Customer • Pay retail prices. • Go to and click “member sign-up” in the top, right hand corner. • Choose “Retail Customer” and add my member ID in the Sponsor and Enroller sections, and complete your profile. Share your ID with them at this time. • Log in using your own ID and password to place orders that are shipped directly to you!

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Ashley Boyd

Membership Starter Kit Options * 1. Basic Starter Kit - $40 • Membership • Product Samples (NingXia Red, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Peace & Calming, & Thieves) • 5 mL bottle of Stress Away

2. Basic Plus Kit - $75 • Membership • Basic Starter Kit • Home Diffuser

3. Premium Kit - $150 * • • • •

Membership Basic Starter Kit Home Diffuser Everyday Oils Kit!

OR get the Premium Kit with the Aroma Diffuser for $160! Aroma Diffuser • Has timer settings • Can turn light on or off • Holds more water than home diffuser.

Ashley Boyd

Essential Rewards * 1. Essential Rewards: Optional Monthly Autoship Minimum of 50 PV ($50) per month One “grace” month per year. Earn points back for what you order! o 10% back on orders in your first 6 months o 15% back in the second 6 months o 20% back after your first year! • 1 ER point = 1 PV point • Share your discount with friends to help your budget and earn back more points! • No risk! You can cancel anytime and still keep your regular membership and 24% discount! Be sure to use your reward points before you cancel! • • • •

2. How to sign up: • Can sign up with an ER kit when you fill out your membership information (KIT NOT REQUIRED.) • Can sign up in the virtual office after completing membership at any time.

Ashley Boyd



You are not alone! Starting a new health journey can be intimidating, but you are not on this journey alone. We have a lot of resources available to help you along the way! If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call or email me and if I don’t know the answer, I can find someone who does! Here are some great resources to help you get started.

Resources: * Essential Oils Desk Reference – Life Science Publishers Higley Quick Reference Guide – Abundant Health 4 U Living Essentially Anointed Facebook Group (must be added by a member)

Be sure to share your contact information and that of your sponsor with everyone who attends. If someone wants to sign up immediately, help walk them through the process on a laptop or tablet. If you don’t have that ability, call them later to walk through the process with them. Ashley Boyd

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