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Interview Assessment - JobStreet Indonesia

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1) Do you print out your resume when you go for an interview, even though you have already submitted it when you applied for the job? Your answer Yes is correct. Bring two to three copies of your resume when you go for an interview. One copy is for the interviewer if they do not have a copy of your resume with them during the interview. You can have a copy with you to help you refer to the points during the interview. You are also required to bring along copies of all your relevant certificates.

2) Do you attend an interview without doing research about the company and job role beforehand? Your answer No is correct. It is important to research about the company and the job role that you applied for. If you have many job applications, you may not remember the details clearly so do look up the job advertisement once again. You can use the researched information to prepare yourself for the common interview questions.

3) Do you just attend the interview without doing any practice interviews with your friends or family to prepare for the interview? Your answer Yes is incorrect. Correct answer is: No Practices allow you to be more confident and comfortable with speaking and answering of questions. Get your friends or family to ask you all the common interview questions. Through this, you are able to obtain feedback on how you did during the mock interview and receive suggestions for improvements.

4) Do you prepare a list of questions that shows your deep interest in the company, which you can ask when being questioned “Do you have any questions?” by the interviewer? Your answer No is incorrect. Correct answer is: Yes During your research about the company, it will be helpful to note down any questions that you have or areas that you foresee where you can contribute. For example, it is good to note upcoming projects mentioned where you foresee the opportunity for your skills and experience to be of use. Mention that during the interview to show the interviewer that you have done your research and is serious about wanting to contribute to the company.

5) Do you know what are the common questions that the employer will ask in an interview and do you rehearse your answers for these questions (e.g. “Introduce yourself to us”)?

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Interview Assessment - JobStreet Indonesia

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Your answer Yes is correct. You can do a Google search on “common interview questions” to get an extensive list of common questions asked during an interview. There are even web sites that categorize them by job type. Prepare well for these questions. However, do remember to be honest in your answers and not give model answers that do not reflect who you really are. Be creative with your answers and do not use sample answers exactly as it is. Employers being very experienced in interviews can easily tell if you are not being honest.

6) Do you know that employers have the ability to tag you with “No Show”, if you do not attend the interview and you did not inform the employer about it before the interview? Your answer Yes is correct. It is a common courtesy to inform employers if you are not able to make it for an interview after having confirmed the interview beforehand. Whenever possible, inform the employer in advance if you cannot make it.

7) If the interviewer decides to ask you to sit for an assessment straight away, do you say no because you are not prepared for it? Your answer No is correct. You may be asked to sit for an assessment such as an English language assessment, logic test, IQ test, personality test and so on during the interview. The employer has the full right to not have to inform you of the assessment beforehand. They might do so to see how well you respond and adapt to surprises or changes. You should always be prepared and not be caught off guard when something like that happens.

8) Do you make sure that you are always contactable by the interviewers (eg. phone always on and check your emails periodically)? Your answer Yes is correct. Be prepared to hear from potential employers. Whenever possible do answer all calls. Even if you are busy, only 1 minute is needed to tell the caller that you are busy and to get the caller’s name, company name and contact number so that you can return the call. If you cannot take the call, do make sure to return the call as soon as you can. Do not delay calling them back as that would give them a poor impression of you.

9) Do you set an alarm or reminder, to make sure that you won't forget your interview? Your answer Yes is correct. If your interview is in the morning, do ensure that you sleep early the night before. Wake up early to give yourself enough time to travel, find the interview location and to be there at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of interview.

10) Do you always rush to reach the interview on time? Your answer Yes is incorrect. Correct answer is: No

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Interview Assessment - JobStreet Indonesia

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Rushing to the interview will end up leaving you disoriented and you will not be in your best form to ace the interview. Rushing will not give you additional time to take into account any unforeseen circumstances such as a traffic jam or bad weather.

11) Do you dress appropriately for the interview and ensure that you do not smell bad when you walk into the interview room? Your answer Yes is correct. Dress professionally for the interview. For ladies, do not wear anything too revealing such as a low cut top or miniskirts. Be neat and presentable. Arrive earlier for the interview and take some time to freshen up. This is even more important if you are taking public transport or will be walking to the interview location. Freshen up in the wash room to ensure that you are not sweaty and do not smell bad when you meet the interviewer.

12) Do you just let the employers wait for you, if you are going to be late for an interview or cannot make it for the interview? Your answer No is correct. If you are running late for an interview or foresee that you will be delayed, do inform the interviewer immediately. It would be good to give them an estimated time of when you will arrive. Never let the employers wait for you without informing them even if it is only for 10 minutes.

13) Do you make sure that you have brought all the necessary documents for the interview? Your answer Yes is correct. The usual documents you are required to bring are your resume and copies of your certificates. When you get a call to attend an interview, do ask if there are any additional documents that you are required to bring along. Some companies may require additional documents such as the original copies of your certificates, pay slips from the last 3 months, a passport sized photo, your portfolio, etc. Different industries may require different supporting documents.

14) Do you try to look down and minimize eye contact with your interviewer? Your answer No is correct. Eye contact is very important in communication. It shows that you respect that person by paying attention to what he or she is saying. It shows that you are confident and ready to answer any questions that are being asked by the interviewer.

15) Do you ask for a high salary during the first interview, so that you can get a higher pay? Your answer No is correct. During the first interview, your focus should not be about the salary but about convincing the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the position and will be of value to the company. The focus should be on the employer and not yourself. We recommend that you do not mention salary during the first interview unless the topic is brought up by the interviewer. Salary should be discussed during the second interview. Even so, be honest about your salary expectation.

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Interview Assessment - JobStreet Indonesia

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16) Do you answer honestly and not try to hide your weaknesses when the interviewers ask about your weaknesses? Your answer Yes is correct. It is best to be honest. You can give a work-related weakness which you have been putting in effort to improve. You can state in a general manner what you have been doing to improve in that area.

17) Do you try to talk as much as possible, as you believe that the more you talk, the better it is? Your answer Yes is incorrect. Correct answer is: No Keep to the point when you answer questions asked by the interviewer. Feel free to elaborate but make sure that it does not go out of topic.

18) Do you try to belittle your current employer, to show that the new potential employer is better? Your answer No is correct. Do not belittle your current or past employers. It is not professional to do so and will reflect badly on you as someone who likes to gossip or complain. Your potential employer would also appreciate an employee who will not belittle them even when they are no longer working for that company in the future.

19) Do you try to hide the truth or lie during the interview? Your answer No is correct. Always be honest during an interview. The consequences will be much greater if they found out that you hide the truth or lied.

20) Do you listen carefully to the questions posed by the interviewer before answering appropriately? Your answer Yes is correct. Take time to listen to the questions carefully. If you did not catch the question, do ask them to repeat the question. If you are unsure of what is being asked, do feel free to clarify. Do not attempt to answer the question before the interviewer has completely finished asking the question. Never interrupt the interviewer while they are talking and wait till they are done before speaking.

21) Do you try to be very modest when you talk about your achievements, so that you will be seen as a very humble person? Your answer No is correct. An interview is your chance to clearly describe what you have done and how well you did it. The key is to tell the truth and not over exaggerate. It is helpful to describe the scale of the work you have done or any achievements that you

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Interview Assessment - JobStreet Indonesia

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22) When employers ask you whether you have any question, do you tell them that you have no questions, to show that you already know everything about their company and the role? Your answer No is correct. This would be a good time to ask any questions that you may have based on what you have previously researched about the company. Show interest in any new product or recent developments that they have. If it is something related to the position that you are applying to, do feel free to ask if you will be involved in that project. Essentially, you would want to show that you are interested in the company and have done your research.

23) Do you give a good handshake and show good body language to the employer, to project a right image of yourself? Your answer Yes is correct. Be aware of your body language during an interview. Ensure that you are seated in a proper and professional manner. A good handshake and thanking the interviewer at the end of the interview shows confidence and appreciation.

24) If the interviewer scolds you during the interview or behaves unprofessionally, would you react by being rude to the interviewer? Your answer Yes is incorrect. Correct answer is: No You have to behave well and professional at all times regardless of how the interviewer behaves. Sometimes the interviewer may be putting on an act to see how well you respond to such a situation.

25) Do you follow up with a thank you note promptly after the interview? Your answer Yes is correct. A thank you note shows your appreciation and thoughtfulness. It helps to leave the interviewer with a good impression of you.

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Interview Assessment - JobStreet Indonesia

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