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November 12, 2017 | Author: Akhil Sidana | Category: E Commerce, Social Media, Digital & Social Media, Facebook, Marketing
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Internship report on the topic of social media marketing, in this brief data is given about the e-commerce industry and ...


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Title: Social Media Marketing Company Name:Green Rock Enterprises [] Place:New Delhi

Submitted by Akhil Sidana Registration No: 13010121375 Under the Guidance of Mr. Chetan Soni Prof. Sunil D’Anto Managing Director Green Rock Enterprises

Assistant Professor Alliance School of Business

In partial fulfillment of the Course-Industry Internship Program -IIPin Semester II of the Master of Business Administration (Batch of 2013) 1 | Page

Master of Business Administration Industry Internship Program (IIP) Declaration

This is to declare that the report title“ Social Media Marketing” has been made for the partial fulfillment of the Course: Industry Internship Program (IIP) in Semester II by me atGreen Rock Enterprises(organization) under the guidance of Prof. Sunil D’Anto. I confirm that this Report truly represents my work undertaken as a part of my Industry Internship Program (IIP). This work is not a replication of work done previously by any other person. I also confirm that the contents of the report and the views contained therein have been discussed and deliberated with the faculty guide.

Signature of the Student:

Name of the Student (in Capital Letters)


Registration No.: 13010121375

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Master of Business Administration


This is to certify that Mr. Akhil SidanaReg. No. 13010121375 has completed the report titled Social Media Marketingunder my guidance for the partial fulfillment of the Course: Industry Internship Program











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1. Executive Summary


2. Introduction


2.1 Industry Overview

8 13

2.2 Company Overview 5. Project Profile 5.1 Objective of the study

20 20 21

5.2 Methodology 8. Observations and Analysis 8.1 Competitor Analysis 8.2 Survey for Mobile skin/cases

23 23 27 31

8.3 Web Analytics 12. Recommendations


13. Conclusion


14. Learning Outcome






4 | Page

1. Executive Summary: is online merchandise store dedicated to the passionate fans of TV series and movies. In this store, you can buy cool and funky T-shirts, hoodies, laptop skins, posters, coasters, printed mugs and much more based on the themes of movies, TV series, and games. The store is also providing the option of customization to the customers where customers can come up with new ideas and can post their ideas to the company. My internship profile in this company is of Social Media Marketing where we have to promote our brand using all social media communications and also have to increase the reach to attract more number of customers. In internship my work was to promote the brand name that is using social media mode and to increase the number of customers. Firstly started with Facebook where I have promoted our Facebook page of by sharing link of Facebook page to my friends on Facebook and also send messages to those Facebook users who liked or shared our post on Facebook page to promote our brand. Then, I have been given company’s Gmail account to upload some fan made videos related to our products (for e.g. animated superheroes videos, TV series videos etc.) on YouTube for promotion purpose. And also searched some online forums like, yahoo answers, where I have to give answers to people’s questions and then have to share our site link to promote and to increase the reach. In internship, also met with some restaurants and cafes to give them our visiting cards, so that they can give our visiting cards to their customers with their bill to promote us, and met with some vendors for manufacturing of T-shirts and printed mugs, and made 5 | Page

a deal with a vendor for the manufacturing of printed mugs for our store. And also handled Twitter account of the company for two weeks where I have to increase the followers and interact with the followers and have to link them to the official site of by tweeting something really attractive tweets on the our wall and by tweeting something interactive related to theirstatus so that they reply to that can do a conversation with them and hence link them to our official site by sharing our link of site. And also organized a contest on twitter related to the Football world cup 2014 for promotion purpose and to increase the followers. Basically, my work throughout the internship was to promote our brand using different modes of communication over internet and to increase the number of followers and customers.

2. INTRODUCTION: As is an online merchandise store so my internship project was basically social media marketing that’s is my work was to promote our brand name in media market using social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, You tube, Instagram etc. and also promoted our brand in cafes & restaurants of Delhi, and to increase the reach to attract maximum numbers of customers. In internship, as my work was promotion of our site that is, hence, firstly did the analysis of other competitors in the market like,, and after analyzing these online store started with Facebook, where I promote our Facebook 6 | Page

page of and also targeted the segment of peoples who are interested in buying merchandise from our store, and these targeted peoples are the one who are liking our posts, photos, status etc. on our Facebook page, we have to target them by sending them one promotional message on behalf of our company attract them. And also have to share links and photos of on our Facebook profile and send promotional messages to Facebook friends. Then, I have been company’s Gmail account where I have to upload some fan made videos which should be related to our store’s themes like animated videos of superheroes, best movie scenes, and best TV series scenes etc. on You Tube for the promotions of our site. And also met with some start up cafes and restaurants managers to convince them to distribute our visiting cards to their customers with their bill to promote our brand and met with some vendors in Delhi who manufactures T-shirts and printed mugs and also done deal with a vendor for manufacturing of printed mugs for our store. And joined some online forums like Yahoo answers,,,, etc. where I have to interact with peoples by giving answers to their questions and then have to promote our site page that is And also handled Twitter account of the company for two weeks where I have to increase the followers and interact with the followers and have to link them to the official site of by tweeting something really attractive tweets on our wall and by tweeting something interactive related to their status so that they reply to that can do a conversation with them and hence link them to our official site by sharing our link of site. And also organized a contest on twitter related to the Football world cup 2014 for promotion purpose and to increase the followers. 7 | Page

Therefore, in a nutshell, my work throughout the internship was to promote our brand via social media over internet and to increase the number of followers and to increase the reach to attract more 1number of customers.

2.1 INDUSTRY OVERVIEW: E-commerce: An Overview E-commerce is a business that takes place electronically, generally over the internet. It refers to the use of internet and web to transact business between and among organizations and individuals. . Ecommerce is a boon for India. In India E-commerce has been on a sharp upward curve, according to a survey by Assocham. The industry has grown from $8.5 billion in 2012 to $ 16 billion in 2013, which is a growth rate of 88%. Although the internet came to India in 1995, it was only post 2007 that E-commerce truly made significant inroads with the setting up of companies such as Snap deal and flip kart. The E- commerce market in India wasvalued at $ 2.5 billion in 2009. It grew to $ 6.3 billion in 2011 and to $ 16 billion in 2013. The industry is predicted to reach a staggering value of $ 56 billion by 2023, accounting for 6.5 % of the retail market (Dudhwevalah, 2014) and according to the report by IAMAI, the current E-commerce market in India is around US$ 10 billion. And market has potential to grow anywhere between US$ 70 billion – US$ 150 billion under one scenario and at another level it can grow between US$ 125 billion- US$ 260 billion by 2024-2025. Globally, the scenario is much the same. Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America. According to a recent report, it estimates Business to Consumer (B2C) and online travel sales, was total to $18.7 billion in 2012, a growth of 21.9% over the 8 | Page

previous year. Brazil accounted for more than half of the total B2C e-commerce sales in Latin America through 2013. Retail e-commerce itself in U.S in 2012 was grown by 17% and accounted for $200 billion in sales. And in 2011 saw the European online market on boom. In global scenario, China is fast emerging as biggest player in e-commerce. According to the report by 2015 it may well surpass the U.S. The scope of E-commerce has made it feasible and more attractive than any other business channel in the economy today. E-commerce- Boon to the economy: The key reasons for the success of e-commerce are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Shopping 24x7 Reduced operational cost Easy to compare Safe and secure Increased reach to the merchant Social Media Trends.

Types of E-commerce:

1. Business to Customers (B2C): Business that sells products or provide services to end users customers. 9 | Page

2. Business to Business (B2B): Business that sells products or provides services to other businesses. 3. Customer to Customer (C2C): In this type of e-commerce, consumers interact with other consumers through online auctions.

Major Players in the Industry: 1. Flip kart is founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. Both were IIT, Delhi alumni and had worked in is ranked #127 in World and ranked #8 in India by Alexa Ranking. Initially it was funded by Bansals themselves with 4 Lakhs. The estimated website net worth based on its advertising is around $4.8 million. receives 9.15 million daily page view per visitor that is a hike of 1.60% in daily page views per visitor and bounce rate is 22.50%. Products Category:         

Mobiles and Electronics Camera and Accessories Home Appliances Books Movies and Music Games and Consoles Computers and Laptops Appeals Health and personnel care

10 | P a g e

2. was started in 2007 by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena. Myntra’s headquarter is in Bangalore with regional offices In New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. It began its operations in the B2B (Business to Business) segment with the personalization of gifts, which included:o T-shirts o Mugs and o Cups In 2010, company shifted its strategy to B2C (Business to Customer) oriented firm, expanding its catalogue to fashion and lifestyle products. is ranked #263 in World and ranked #17 in India by Alexa Ranking. Its daily page view per visitor is 6.92 million. Products Category:  Clothing and Apparels  Shoes and Accessories  Fashion and Lifestyle Products

3. was founded by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal in 2010 as a daily deal platform but later on expanded into product retailing across various categories. Its Headquarter is in Delhi. is ranked #270 in World and ranked #15 in India by Alexa Ranking. Their daily page view per visitor is 5.79 million.

11 | P a g e

Product Category:          

Clothing and Apparels Shoes and Accessories Home and Kitchenware Health and Personal Care Sports and Outdoors Mobiles and Electronics Books Movies and Music Games and Consoles Computers and Accessories

4. was launched in India in January 2012. It is a fashion and lifestyle e-commerce owned by Rocket Internet and its Headquarter is in Gurgaon, NCR. It was co-founded by Arun Chandra Mohan, Praveen Sinha and Lakshmi Potluri. is also having an international store called, which sells Indian ethnic wear and western wear such as sarees, salwar suits and dress materials in foreign currencies. is ranked #293 in World and ranked #14 in India by Alexa Ranking and daily page view per visitor is 5.55 million.

Product Category:  Clothing and Apparels  Shoes and Accessories  Fashion and Lifestyle 12 | P a g e

5. is an online and on air retail store which is promoted by Network18:- India’s premier media and broadcasting group. was launched 9th April 2008 as India’s first 24 hours Home Shopping TV channel, where anchors performed live demonstration of products on sale similar to HSN or QVC in USA. is ranked #1381 in World and ranked #109 in India by Alexa Ranking and its daily page views per visitor is 5.17 million.

Product Category:           

Books Cameras and Accessories Mobiles and Accessories Clothing and Apparels Home Kitchen Electronic Appliances Computers and Accessories Toys and Games Health and Beauty Jewellery and Watches Movies and Music.

2.2 COMPANY OVERVIEW: Green Rock Enterprises ( is an online merchandise store dedicated to the passionate fans of TV series, movies or games. Store is having a collection of cool and funky T13 | P a g e

shirts, hoodies, laptop skins, posters, coasters, printed coffee mugs and much more. provides the wittiest and coolest stuff and aim to come out with products that are inspired by TV series, movies, games and pop culture and also provides the option of customization for customers where if any customer has something interesting idea then they can drop their ideas and store give life to their ideas. The company was set up by an alumnus of IMT Ghaziabad, Mr Chetan Soni of the 2012 batch, in October 2013.The company aims to target the growing market for pop-culture based products, indicated by the growing popularity for international TV series as well as movies. The company has begun to market aggressively to reach out to its target market, which is the youth in the age range 18-25. Since this segment is likely to have the purchasing power as well as harbour a demand for products such as T-shirts and lap-top skins based on their favourite characters from popular culture, this has been identified as the ideal target. The Company has a strong and growing presence in the online world and the social media, as seen from the activity on various platforms such as Facebook, twitter Pinterest and YouTube. is ranked #754,788 in World and ranked #54,301 in India. Pop culture is defined as the modern popular culture transmitted via the mass media aimed primarily at the youth. Green Rock produces pop culture merchandise, i.e. merchandise themed around popular elements of the culture, namely TV series, movies and sports.

Coupons Partner:  Shop pal  Couponrani 14 | P a g e

 Coupondunia  Coupon something  Frapp

Range of Products:  T-shirts

Figure 1: T-shirts

Currently there are 27 different designs available in the site for purchase. The T-shirts are unisex, aimed at both male and female consumers. Most of these are based on movies such as Fight Club and Harry Potter which have a cult following and TV series such as The Big Bang Theory which has become immensely popular in the recent years. The T-shirts are made from 80 % cotton and 20 % polyester.

15 | P a g e

 Laptop Skins

Figure 2: Laptop Skins

Laptop Skins are large size adhesive posters used for applying on the front cover of the lap top, as an expression of the lap-top owner’s interests. These are a relatively new product range for Green Rock, and as such currently the company stocks 9 designs of skins. 16 | P a g e


Figure 3: Posters

Posters are printed on 300 gsm matte paper with a size of 18” * 12”. They incorporate quotes and images of popular characters.

17 | P a g e

 Coffee Mugs

Figure 4: Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are another new product line from Green Rock. The coffee mugs are themed around international football teams, aimed for the Football World Cup campaign.

Operations: The company sources designs from a pool of freelance designers. These designers are compensated either on a fixed or a profit sharing basis. The designs are sent to vendors of each product who ship the product to our warehouses based on fixed timelines. 18 | P a g e

Orders from the website are processed to make the delivery from warehouse to destination. Branding: Green Rock positions itself as the “one stop store for the passionate fan”. It is perceived as a youthful, vibrant and funky brand. It has the quirkiness associated with youth oriented products, so that the consumers can relate to the brand and what it stands for. As part of the brand offering, Green Rock continues to deliver quality T shirts with catchy quotes and characters from the consumers’ favourite shows and movie.

SWOT Analysis of the Company:

Figure 5: SWOT Analysis of

19 | P a g e

3. Project Profile:

3.1 Objective of the Study: This objective discusses in depth the nature, significance, and scope of the project. The primary objective of the project was to understand consumer preferences in purchase of pop culture merchandise and as well as study their purchase behavior through the use of web- analytics. Based on this research, new product designs were launched. Also, the study of purchase behavior revealed some critical insights which were used to improve conversion ratios and bounce rates. In addition, new digital marketing campaigns were proposed and cross promotional activities were started with other companies. To expand the product portfolio, agreements with new partners were made, while developing a base of talented freelance designers for the products. The summary of the scope of the project is as given below Promotions: using social media sites, by organizing online contests, distributing visiting cards of the company, online forums.  Cross Promotions  Competitors Analysis  Market Survey  Learn use of Google Analytics for setting goals or to know where the company is standing in the market.

20 | P a g e

Consumer Preference for Pop Culture based Products: In order to expand product portfolio, the designs should be such that they are based on the most appealing show/movies at the time. Therefore, an accurate picture regarding this particular area should be obtained, failing which will result in excess stock as well as loss of brand appeal. Exact data on viewership of international movies and series are unavailable, as a large segment of the youth prefers watching downloaded content through peer to peer networks such as pirate bay over television. Therefore, secondary data cannot be accurately relied upon to estimate demand for merchandise pertaining to different shows or movies. Hence, primary data was needed to obtain a better picture of the scenario.

3.2 Methodology: Methodology which is used throughout the internship for understanding the consumer behaviour and to promote the name of is as follows:  Survey Methodology: The survey was designed to understand the consumer preference for mobile skins and mobile cases.

Sample Specifications and Sampling Considerations: A minimum sample size of 100 was fixed and to ensure that the sampling was accurate, only those channels were used where the 21 | P a g e

chances of being a target consumer was high- such as social media groups for the relevant topics, interactive forums and discussion boards.

Data Collection Procedure: The main tool is used for data collection is Qualtrics survey software. Since our typical target consumer is media- savvy and indulges extensively in social media, the social media platforms were used to reach out to the prospective consumer. A survey form was dispersed through this platform for collection of data.

Data Analysis Tools and Techniques: In order to tabulate and study the data, Microsoft Excel was used. The various tools and techniques available in Excel enabled a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the data.  Promotions: Promotional activities using social media sites for cross promotions and promotions of the site, like online contest on Twitter, uploading fan made videos on You Tube, using online forums for promotions etc.

Wen Analytics: The other major task was to implement Google Analytics so that the consumer behavior on the website may be studied in detail. Using this data, proposals were to be made to improve conversion rates as well as bring down bounce rate. In this discussion, Conversion rate is the percentage of web visitors to the site who initiate and complete a purchase. Bounce rate is the percentage of web visitors who leave the website at 22 | P a g e

the landing page without browsing through any other pages. These two terms are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for any e-commerce business and represent the efficiency of the marketing campaigns employed. A digital marketing campaign may result in a large number of visitors to the page; however without steady conversions and limited bounces, these may not provide any economic value to the company.

4 Observations and Analysis: 4.1Competitor Analysis: As is a startup company, so there are some competitors for in the market. They are: o is a Mumbai based indie clothing brand specializing in selling fan art merchandise. In their own words, they focus on their line of graphic tees specializing in minimalistic and subtle designs. started out as a brainchild of three AIESEC alumni, on a capital of 3.75 lakhs INR. Their website was launched on March 11, primarily deals with T shirts, sweat-shirts, badges and laptop skins. Also, they offer merchandising options to organizations such as bands and corporates. One of their headline making deals was their work for Norah Jones India tour of 2013. They also provide T’s for indie bands Co shish and Dualist Enquiry.

23 | P a g e

Alexa Ranking: Alexa rankings indicate a rough estimate of the site's popularity. (The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and page views on this site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and page views is ranked #1.) Global Rank: 153,076(compared to 965,332 forGreenrockstore) India rank: 11,708 (76,862 for Bounce Rate (indicates the percentage of users who have visited the homepage of the site and closed it without viewing any other page in the site): 35.1% (34.2 for Daily Page views/visitor: 3.45(2.80) Daily time on site: 2.51(2:42) Popular Designs: The popular designs have been identified based on the likes on Facebook. They are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Sherlock- Just deduce it Walking Dead Dr. Who Dragonball Z Game of thrones Fight Club

24 | P a g e

o Lazy Ninja was started by Symbiosis MBA graduates around March 2013. The startup capital was around 30,000 INR, raised by the founders and their friends. In their initial days, they relied on DTDC’s money transfer through Cash-On-Delivery, as they did not have a fully functional payment gateway. The founders already had a solid background in web design, as they owned a website designing company. It is interesting to note that they did not develop the site from scratch; instead they made use of “Open-cart platform”, which gives all the features of an e-commerce site and can be later customized according to requirements. Lazy ninja is mainly focused on T-shirts, laptop skins, key chains and coffee mugs. In the T shirts segment, they provide additional options including an array of half-sleeves, full sleeves, girl’s t shirts and couple t shirts- a fresh concept( in India, at least). Alexa Ranking: Global Rankings:126,813(Compared to 965,332 for Greenrock) India rank: 13,677(76,862 for Greenrock) Bounce Rate: 41.90% (34.2 for Greenrock) Daily Page views/visitor: 3.50 (2.80) Daily time on site: 3:06 (2:42) Popular Designs: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Dexter Supernatural Superman Friends Harry Potter 25 | P a g e

o The Souled Store is a Mumbai based indie clothing brand. Souled store went live on 7th June 2013. They deal in the merchandise of:        

T-shirts Framed Art Posters Badges Stickers Notebooks CoastersMugs

Alexa Ranking: Global rank: 277,145 (Compared to 965,332 for Greenrock) India rank: 21,675 (76,862 for Greenrock) Bounce Rate: 44.80% (34.2 for Greenrock) Daily Page views/visitor: 3.70 (2.80) Daily time on site: 3:38 (2:42) Popular Designs: 1. Game of thrones 2. Gangs of Wasseypur 3. Breaking bad

26 | P a g e

o is a fan art merchandise store exclusively dealing in T shirts. It went live on November 2013. They only deal in T-shirts, at the moment. Alexa Ranking: Global rank: 664,366 (Compared to 965,332 for Greenrock) India rank: 96,786 (76,862 for Greenrock) Bounce Rate: 27.70% (34.2 for Greenrock) Daily Page views/visitor: 3.80 (2.80) Daily time on site: 3:09 (2:42) Popular Designs: 1. Naruto 2. Breaking Bad 3. Batman

4.2 Survey for Mobile Skin Preference: A small online survey is designed on the platform named as Qualtrics survey solutions to know the preference for mobile skin or mobile case. However, realistically manufacturing mobile skins will face some difficulties. The first roadblock is that mobile skins must be made specific to each model of the mobile phone. A skin for one mobile will not fit another mobile. Therefore, a decision on which models to manufacture the skin will have to be made. Also, customers loosely interchange the term mobile skin and mobile case, which are quite different. Therefore, a distinction has to be

27 | P a g e

made and user preferences should be studied as to whether it is the mobile skin that is in demand or the mobile case.

Case or Skin Answer Mobile Skin Mobile Case Total

% 45% 55% 100%

Table 1: Mobile Cases versus Mobile Skins

Mobile Case

Mobile Skin








Figure6: Mobile Cases v/s Mobile Skins

It can be seen that there is almost an equal demand as far as the two subsets are considered.

28 | P a g e

Mobile Phone Owned Phone Lumia 710 IPhone 4 Lumia 520 Moto G Nexus 5 Samsung galaxy grand Quattro Fly F41s IPhone 5C IPhone 5S Lumia 510 Lumia 610 Lumia 925 Micromax Canvas A110 Nexus 4 Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy duos Samsung note 2 Sony tipo Sony Xperia Z

Percenta ge 10.71 7.14 7.14 7.14 7.14 7.14 3.57 3.57 3.57 3.57 3.57 3.57 3.57 3.57 3.57 3.57 3.57 3.57 3.57

Table 2: Mobile Phone Model Owned

29 | P a g e

Percentage Percentage 0.00




Figure 7: Mobile Phone Model owned

It can be seen that a large percentage of the users own Lumia 710, as well as I-phone4, Moto-G , Nexus 5 and Samsung galaxy grand. Therefore these are the phones on which the skins/ cases should be focused on.

4.3Deriving Actionable Insights from Web Analytics: Google Analytics: An Introduction Google Analytics provide free digital analytics for any firm with a web presence and is free of cost. This combination makes it the most popular solutions for web analytics currently under use. The following represents a summary for quick reference about Google Analytics.  Actionable Insights: An actionable insight is a piece of information that enables an individual to make wellinformed decisions. Google Analytics provides a plethora of actionable insights

30 | P a g e

 Support quality: Though Google does not provide direct support; extensive trouble-shooting guides and support are available online through several forums, including their official product forums site.  UI and Accessibility: The tool is easy to use, and the dashboard quality is also quite high.  Implementation: The basic implementation is quite easy, as it just involves adding a line of code in to the page. For advanced implementation such as sub domain, cross domain tracking, e-commerce tracking, event tracking, custom variables, virtual page views and filters, requires specialized professionals.

Pricing: GA is free up to 10 million hits per month.

Implementation Implementation of Google Analytics in the company’s website page was performed. It involved adding a tracking code to every page in the website. To make this integration smoother, some open source plug-ins was employed.

Frame-work for analysis

31 | P a g e

Figure 8:Analytics for E-commerce pictorially

For a small to mid-size business, E-commerce analytics comprises of three kinds of data.  Acquisition data- Information related to obtaining web traffic.  Engagement data- Information related to how customers engage or interact with the website  Conversion data- Information pertaining to how the business is performing financially. The data for these three were obtained from Google Analytics. However, due to privacy concerns, the conversion data is not included in this report. Acquisition: Acquisition data is information on how people land up on our site and how they engage with our pages. We directly get the information on the breakup of different sources of traffic. Further, we can see the engagement data for each segment of users.

32 | P a g e

Figure 9: Acquisition Data

From the data, it is clear that majority of our traffic are direct and from social media. Therefore, it is proved that our social media campaign is generating valuable traffic. The new user’s column is currently unreliable, but will prove useful in knowing effectiveness of future campaigns in the coming weeks.

Figure 10:Weekly Graph of Acquisition Data


33 | P a g e

With this segment in Google Analytics we came to know about the number of users who are returning to our sites and who are new visitors to our sites.

Figure11: Behavior Data of New visitors’ v/s Returning visitors


Figure 12: Weekly Graph of Behavior Data

34 | P a g e

Mobiles/Desktop/Tablets Overview: By this, we can recognize that how many users is visiting via mobile or desktop or tablet.

Figure 13: Users data visiting site via any category

By this data, we can easily examine that mostly users are visiting site via desktop and then via mobile and least number of users visiting via tablets.

Figure 14: Weekly Graph of user data

35 | P a g e

Audience: On the basis of age and gender, we can examine that which age group and gender are interested in visiting

Figure 15: Data on the basis of Age

We can clearly see from this figure that mostly visitors are of 25-24 age group and then 18-24 age groups visits most.

Figure 16: Data on the basis of Gender

36 | P a g e

As figure 17, it is clear that mostly visitor to the site are male that is 54.15% and then females that is 45.85% to visit the site.

5.Recommendations: Based on the survey and other relevant study, following actions were recommended. New T-shirt designs based on Game of Thrones should be included in the product portfolio immediately, as this seems to be a trending series. Green Rock already has two T-shirts based on this series, however more designs need to be included, to be relevant with the latest seasons of the series. The interest on this should be capitalized to the maximum. Breaking Bad and Sherlock are the next two popular shows, but since we already stock multiple products based on these shows, no further action needs to be taken. As Hoodies as apparel seem to be popular across all categories, new designs should be obtained, but production should not start till late November or early December as no purchase of Hoodies can be expected to happen during the summer season. Dark Knight themed T-shirts are the next priority. Since this movie was released in 2012, the high demand seen from the survey indicates that T-shirts based on this will remain as a coveted product for some time now. Green Rock does not stock any products related to the Dark Knight Movie series, therefore a new design should be sourced and T-shirts based on this should be stocked. Fight Club and Lord of the Rings are the next two popular movies. Fight Club merchandise is already doing quite well as far as sales are concerned. Therefore, new designs based on Lord of the Rings should be obtained.

37 | P a g e

It is recommended that Green-Rock should venture into sports merchandising also. The merchandise should ideally be themed around the popular teams in English Premier League such as Manchester United and Chelsea which enjoy a good fan following amongst the football watching middle class. The mobile skin/case product line was found to be in demand; however this had to be temporarily shelved as vendors for these were not obtained at reasonable prices. The study of web analytics data indicate that we should continue to invest in social media advertising as these bring a lot of new users and therefore brand awareness. However, the high bounce rate on the home page is a cause for concern. Also, speed tests run by Google Analytics indicate that the time to load of the site is rather high. Therefore, optimization of web-page elements has to be done so that the loading time is minimized, while making the page more intuitive. In addition, since a wider product portfolio shall attract a bigger percentage of customers, it was suggested to enter in to partnership deals with smaller companies producing similar merchandise. Based on this recommendation, Green Rock entered into a partnership with Jolly Jester, a Delhi based startup selling high end fan art merchandise. The value for Jolly Jester was that it would be exposed to a larger base of customers due to the relative popularity of Green Rock. For Green Rock, in addition to the wider product range, it also receives a percentage of the sales of the Jolly Jester merchandise.

38 | P a g e

6. Conclusion:

 Mobile skin and mobile case survey is done on Qualtrics survey solution and according to the survey result we concluded that there are more number of users who want mobile skins that is around 55% and mobile skin users are less as compare to mobile cases that is around 45%.

 Google Analytics which provides digital analytics for any firm with web presence. It gives frame work analysis of acquisition data, engagement data and conversion data.  Through acquisition data we concluded the information that how many users land up on our site directly and how many visit our site through social network or uses any other source of traffic to visit our site.  Through behavior data we concluded the information that how many users are new visitors to the site and how many users are returning visitors to our site.  Also collected the information through google analytics about the type of audience visiting our site like on the basis of age and gender, that is which age group is mostly visiting our site and which gender mostly visiting our site.

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7. Learning Outcome: For a company that sells fan art merchandise online, it is extremely important to understand what their customers’ preferences are as far as popular culture is concerned. For most of the customers, it is an expression of their interest and passion for the aspect of the pop culture involved. Therefore, producing a very good product based on an aspect of pop culture that has little significance will not sell, while a moderately well designed product based on an extremely popular movie/TV series/sports team will receive instant attention. Therefore I learnt that how we have to promote the brand over social media and by using pop culture in proper time at proper place to pull the customers and to provide them with best products based on their favourite TV series/Movies/Games. Hence, as a student I learned almost every little thing about social media marketing and main thing which I learnt is we should know the customer’s needs and demands.

Annexure: A small survey was conducted on the platform named as Qualtrics survey solution to know the preference of users wanted mobile skins or mobile cases. Here is the link of that survey:

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