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May 14, 2018 | Author: Dharam Singh | Category: Computer Virus, Malware, Information Operations And Warfare, Digital Rights, Cybercrime
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Question No. 1 In computer security............. means that the computer sytem assets can be modified only by authorized parties Options  Confidentiality  Integrity  Availability  Authencity

Question No. 2  A computer security................ security................ means that t he information in acomputer sytem only can be accessible for reading by authorized parties Options  confidentiality  Integrity  Availibility  Authencity

Question No.  !hich of the follo"ing is independent malicious program that need not any host programe # Options  $rap %oors  $ro&an horse  virus  "orm

Question No. ' $he .................... is code embedded in some legitimate program that is set to e(plode "hen certain conditions are met Options

 $rap doors  $ro&an horse  )ogic bomb  virus

Question No. * "hich of the follo"ing malicious prog do not replicate authomatically # Options  $ro&an +orse  ,irus  !orm  -ombie

......................rograms can be used to accomplish functions indirectly that an unauthorized user not accomplish directly Options  -ombie  "orm  $ro&an horse  )ogic /omb

Question No. 0 state "hether true of falls 1.A "orm mails a copy of itself to other system 2.a "orm e(ecutes a copy of itself on another system Options  true false  false true  true true  false false

Question No.  ............ are used in denial of service attac3s typically against targeted "eb sites Options  !orm  -ombie  ,irus  $ro&an horse

..................... is a form of virus e(plicitely designed to hide itself from detection by antivirus soft"are Options  4tealth ,irus  olymorphic virus  arastic virus  macro virus

Question No. 15 4tate "hether the follo"ing statement is true 1. A macro virus is paltform indepecent 2. 6acro viruese infect documents not e(ecutabel portions Options  1 only  2 only  both 1 7 2  none

Question No. 11 $he type of auto e(ecuting macros in microsoft "ord is8are

Options  auto e(ecute  auto macro  command macro  all of the above

In.................... the virus places an identical copy of itself into other programs or into certain sytem areas on the dis3 Options  %ormat phase  ropagation phase  $riggering hase  e(ecution phase

In the "orld of computing the essential element that controls ho" computers are used is Options  ethics  legal la"s  security re9uiremnts  business demands

Question No. 1' $he guidelines for the morally acceptable use of computers in socitey are Options  computer ethics  privacy  morality  legal system

Question No. 1* $he issues that deal "ith the collection and use of data about individuals is Options  access  property  accuracy  privacy

Question No. 1: $he ethical issue concerned "ith the correctness of data collected is Options  access  property  ;(actness  privacy

Question No. 10 $he ethical issue that involves "ho is able to read and use data is Options  access  property  accuracy  privacy

Question No. 1

$he vast industry involves the gathering and selling of personal data is Options  direct mar3eting  fund raising  information reselling  government agencies

Question No. 1< $he first step in developing a /usiness Continuity lan =/C> is developing a? Options  /usiness Impact Analysis  @is3 Analysis 4heet  @is3 6itigation %ocument  @is3 Assess ment 4heet

Question No. 25  An analysis of threats based on impacts and prioritizing business disruptions based on severity and occurrence comes under the second step o "hich is? Options  @is3 6onitoring  @is3 Assessment  /IA  @is3 6anagement

Question No. 21 $esting the /C regularly comes under the phase? Options  @is3 Assessment

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%omains olders Ob&ects are a part of  structure of !indo"s O4. Options  hysical  )ogical  /oth hysical and )ogical  None of the above

Question No. 2: ;ncrypting ile 4ystem =;4> is a feature of? Options  6icrosoft !indo"s  iO4  )inu(  Dni(

Question No. 20 CyberFattac3 is a 3ind of? Options  Natural %isaster   6anF6ade disaster   /oth  None of the above

Question No. 2 !hich pass"ord management feature ensures that a user can not re use a pass"ord for a specific time# Options  Account )oc3ing

 ass"ord ,erification  ass"ord +istory  ass"ord Ageing

Question No. 2< Composing hardFtoFguess pass"ords is a good practice. Options  A)4;  6ay or 6ay not be [email protected];  [email protected];  Not 4ure

Question No. 5 4tudy of encryption algorithms in order to find "ea3nesses in the system so as to retrieve plain te(t from cipher te(t "ithout 3no"ing the 3ey8alg Options  Cryptography  Gey Analysis  Algorithm Analysis  Cryptanalysis

Question No. 1 Capital HAH in CIA triangle stands for? Options  Availability  Authorization  Authentication  Algorithm

Question No. 2 !hen the sender and receiver do not have a possibility of denying sending or receiving data it is called the principle of? Options  Confidentiality  NonFrepudiation  @epudiation  Integrity

Question No.  !hile 4ymmetric 3ey cryptography utilizes  3ey=s> for encryption the asymmetric 3ey cryptography uses  3ey=s>. Options  12  21  11  2

Question No. '  A soft"are application that monitors net"or3 and system activities for malicious content and policy violations is termed as? Options  ire"all  AntiF,irus  AntiF6al"are  Intrusion %etection 4ystem

Question No. * %uring an earth9ua3e in Nepal many computers "ere destroyed "ith significant data. $his is a 3ind of? Options

 Accidental ;rror   6alicious use  Dnauthorized access  hysical $hreat

Question No. : rocess to eliminate means of attac3 by patching vulnerabilities and turning off inessential services is called? Options  6alicious Code elimination  Attac3 revention 6echanism  +ardening  %isaster 6anagement

Question No. 0 $he local security policy of a system is a set of information regarding the security of a local computer. It includes trusted   account assigned to the accounts. Options Dsers domain privileges  %omains user privileges  rivileges user domains  None of the above

Question No.   Administrator and Euest are e(amples of  user accounts. Options  %efault  ;(plicit  Implicit

 None of the above

Question No. < @ahul an I$ ;ngineer "hile "or3ing on his system noticed that a ne" Notepad tab has popped out and a message is being typed. $his is an e Options  Dnauthorized Access  6alicious Code  Net"or3 Attac3  ass"ord Attac3

Question No. '5  A secret entry point in the code "hich could be e(ploited by malicious users is called? Options  ,irus  !orm  $rapdoor   $ro&an +orse

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