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Problems and Prospects of a Digital Marketing Agency on the perspective of Present and Potential Clients of Bagher Bachc...


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An Internship Report On “Problems and Prospects of a Digital Marketing Agency on the perspective of Present and Potential Clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital”

Submitted To Dr. Mohammad Sakhawat H Bhuiyan Assistance Professor ULAB School of Business University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Submitted By Arindam Saha Id. 111011178 Concentration : Marketing ULAB School of Business University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Date of Submission: 22.12.2014

Problems and Prospects Of A Digital Marketing Agency on the perspective of present and Potential Clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital”

Internship Report Approval Form Student Name Arindam Saha_______________________________ ID No. 111011178_________ Major: Marketing_______________________________________________ Year: 4th ______ Local Phone:+8801680300317_________________ Email: [email protected] [email protected] INTERNSHIP/PROJECT INFORMATION

Internship Organization/Project: _______BAgher Bachcha Digital _________________________________ Internship /Project Report Topic:The Problems and Prospects of Digital Marketing Agency on the Perpecstive of Present and Potiential Clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital_

_____________________________________________________________________________________ Semester (Tick one): □ spring 2014 □ summer 2014 □ fall 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Name _______________ARINDAM SAHA________________________ (BLOCK LETTERS) ULAB ID #111011178

Signature _______________________

Date 22.12.2014

Letter of Transmittal

December 22, 2014 Dr. Mohammad Sakhawat H Bhuiyan Assistant Professor ULAB School of Business University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of Internship Report Dear Sir, I am pleased to submit the internship report title “problem and prospect of the Digital marketing agencies in the perspective of the present and potential clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital.” This was assigned to me as a partial requirement for the competition of my BBA program. I have given my full efforts to make my report successful. This report has been prepared under your effective guidance and I respectfully acknowledge your counsel and help that you so kindly accorded to me during the course of internship program. Working for this report during my internship program has definitely enriched my knowledge and experience. I am really thankful to you for providing me such a splendid opportunity to give you the report. I appreciate the report topic by my heart. And would you need any assistance in interpreting the report, please call me; I am at your service. Sincerely Yours,

____________________ Arindam Saha ID No # 111011178 BBA in Marketing ULAB School of Business

Acknowledgements First, I would like to thanks almighty for helping me to complete this report successfully in specified time, which it would be very impossible for me to complete this report in time. I would like to thank my internship academic supervisor Dr. Mohammad Sakhawat H Bhuiyan for his prudent guidance and instruction that enabled me to accomplish the internship report successfully. I would like to thanks to Syed Aftab Hoq General Manager (GM) of Bagher Bachcha Digital of his valuable direction to prepare this report. And obviously, I would like to thanks all executives of Bagher Bachcha Digital; they really helped me to understand about the practical of banking activities and its practices. I specially want to mention some people name those are, Moktadir Shanto, Mynul Islam , Shopno Sumodra, Amena Akter, and Sameer Chowdhury really helped me and give me their valuable time to make me understood practical concept.

Table of Contents Topic Name Executive Summary

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1.0 Introduction 2 1.1 Background of The Study


1.2 Origin of The Report


1.3 Internship Report Topic


1.4 Objective of The Report


1.5 Methodology


1.6 Scope of The Report


1.7 Limitation of The Report


Chapter-02 2.0 Overview of Bagher Bachcha Digital (ADCOM)

8 9

2.1 Bagher Bachcha Digital


2.2 BBD Mission


2.3 Digital Marketing in perspective of BBD


2.4 What BBD do?


2.5 Clients and Recent works of BBD




3.0 Internship Activities


3.1 Training Session


3.2 Experience activities

20 Chapter-04


4.0 Methodology 4.1 Sampling


4.2. Sample Size


4.3 Data Collection


4.4 Data Analysis

26 Chapter-05


5.0 Analysis and finding 5.1 Analysis 5.1.1 5.1.2



Analysis of the problem of Digital Marketing agency Analysis of the prospects of Digital Marketing agency

5.2 Findings of the Analysis Chapter-06 6.0 Recommendations and Conclusion

28 36 41 43 44

6.1 Recommendations


6.2 Conclusion


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Picture 1

Organizational Structure of ADCOMM and Bagher Bachchca


Digital Position in the mother organization 2

The strategy Step by Bagher Bachcha Digital



Lack of powerful Content



Verified Page Example



Payment Procedure of BBD for FaceBook



Consumer information (Age)



Consumer information (Job Title)



Consumer information (Relationship Status)



Consumer information (Educational Status)


Executive Summary Digital Marketing is a new term in the advertising world of Bangladesh. At present its Buzz word for the current market of the country. It is playing an important role in the current market. Now people are using social media to communicate each other. So they are spending more time in the social media. But as it is the term for the market people of the country can’t analysis it right now. Mt Internship report topic is “Analysis of the problems and prospects of Digital marketing agency on the perspective of present and potential clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital” As I completed my internship in the Bagher Bachcha Digital – A Digital Marketing agency so it was easy to conduct the study for my internship report about Digital Marketing. I observed the techniques and strategy of Digital Marketing very closely. And also get the information about Digital Marketing’s problems and prospective facing by the present and potential clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital.

To construct the whole study I took the data different client of Bagher Bachcha Digital and from the Bagher Bachcha Digital employee of the organization. In the report I focused about the Digital Marketing, its problems that clients of the organization are facing and also the opportunity of it. Here in the report I established my observation about the topic and also the interview of the clients and officials of Bagher Bachcha Digital. The interviewee and the officials gave their valuable perception about the topic. The ending of the report I enclose with the recommendation to overcome the problem of Digital Marketing to Bagher Bachcha Digital.


Chapter -1 Introduction


1. Introduction 1.1.Background of the study: The era of marketing and advertising is changing. Few years back there is the time for the conventional marketing but in the recent years the marketing polices including advertising has been changed. Mark Cathy (1960) introduces the 4p’s in the marketing mix to remember short form. He thought that the influences of it will determine the demand for the product can be placed within four groups. The 4p’s of marketing mix stand for Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Then it turns into a broader picture. But in the making mix the last P is most important to stay in the market because of the increasing competition. And the last P is stand for Promotion which is a most important tool in marketing. Marketing, advertising and publicity is to built a brand or to increase the sells is the brooder picture know as promoting. So with the changing time the form of the marketing is techniques and tactics has been changed in the whole world. There are obviously some reasons for this change. Let’s relate the marketing with the advertising. The advertising industry has already passed more than four decade in the country. The size of advertising industry in this country is assumed to be tk.1200 core per year. Print media leads 43% market share of total market while TV stands second only 36% of the advertising market. The growth rate of the industry is 10% per annum. The behind this growth is the heightened competition of Bangladesh mobile operators company of the country. There were only a few advertisement firms in Bangladesh before the independence because inadequate industrialization and limited demand for ads. The pioneers were for the advertising firm in the Country was Bitopi, Asiatic, and Interspan, ADCOM who served the multinational firms like the Lever Brothers. Now at present he advertisement sector is so vast in terms of nature of the firms, spread of operation, registration position and other reasons that it is too tough to bring them into a database . According to the Bangladesh Television (BTV) Statistic a total number 150 agencies in the country registered with BTV but the number exceeds more than 500 when both the formal and informal sectors are considered. On the other hand, in the page there is registration of a total number of 293 advertising and counseling agencies and firms now.


Top nine advertising firms in according to market share is –  Adcomm,  Asiatic,  Bitopi,  Unitrend,  Grey,  Interspeed,  Popular,  Madona,  and Matra This organization are holding more than 70% of the total market share while another 13% market share of the total market is held by other firms. We can classifies the advertisement media into two categories Above the Line  And Below the Line. Above the Line category includes newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and satellite and cable television while the Below the Line category includes event management, in-house advertisement (company performing own advertisement) at point of purchase, outdoor advertisement (billboards, hoarding, neon signs, and bell signs), innovative activities (jatra, street drama) and advertisement on vehicle bodies or fliers. The internet has change the eco system of the business and created a need for the marketers to take their whole arena. And this is a main reason to creation of a highly innovative and digital firm in the country. And the country was fast to respond to the social media revolution and digital marketing. In the revolution of this social media marketing or digital marketing one of the new name is Bagher Bachcha Digital a digital marketing agency works independently as the wing of one of the biggest advertising agency ADCOM. I have done my internship in Bagher Bachcha Digital as brand service intern of digital marketing. Bagher Bachcha Digital is one of the raising digital marketing agencies in the market. 3

As some of the others agencies are here in the market to competitive but the organization gets the acceptance with in the short time in the market. It is one of the newest digital marketing agencies in the country. My internship topic is ―Problem and prospects of the Digital marketing agencies in the perspective of the present and potential clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital (BBD). So here I will discuss about the prospects of the clients who involve into new platform of digital marketing from the point of view of the Bagher BachCha Digital clients.


1.2.Origin of the report This internship report serves as a prerequisite for completing my Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing offered by University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). After earning 129 credits out of total 135 credits for said degree program, I was lucky enough to be placed as an intern at Bagher Bachcha Digital’s (ADCOM) brand service department, which is a core operating functional department that generates revenue for Bagher Bachcha Digital.. My internship period comprised of 4 months starting from 4th September 2014 to 31th December 2014. My mentor for the internship at Bagher Bachcha Digital was Syed Aftab Hoq, Generel Manager of Bagher Bachcha Digital (ADCOM). The internship report focuses to ―problem and prospect of the Digital marketing agencies in the perspective of the present and potential clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital.‖ 1.3.Internship report Topic ―Problems and prospects of a Digital Marketing Agency on the perspective of present and potential clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital‖ 1.4. Objective of the report The objective of the report is to analyze the problem and prospect of the Digital marketing agencies in the perspective of the present and potential clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital.  Objectives: 

To analyze the problems of Digital Marketing on perspective of BBD clients

To analyze the prospects of Digital Marketing on perspective of BBD clients

To recommend BBD solution to solve the problems of the clients.


1.5.Methodology This internship report will be analysis basis report. Mainly analysis of the client’s problems and prospects regarding Digital Marketing on the point of view of the organization is my basic focus and find the strategy which BBD are using to solve the problems. Data will be collected from both primary sources and secondary sources.  Primary Data Source:  Observation  Direct and Indirect interview  Practical work experience

 Secondary Data Source:  BBD website content  BBD FaceBook page  BBD Twitter Page  BBD publications  Website and blogs of Digital Marketing  BBD publications (unpublished)


1.6.Scope of the study I had been focus only on the Digital marketing problems and prospects and the imitative taken by the BBD to solve it. And then I will give the recommendation to solve the problem from my point of view and some experts’ opinion related to the field of digital marketing.

1.7. Limitation of the study  Lack of experience of this area can be a limitation of the report.  Every organization has their own security for this reason some data may not be collected from the organization.  The accuracy of the report will depend on the availability of the required data.  The study will not be a long period of time. This will be a shorter time period.  Unavailability of information from the clients of BBD and as well as BBD  Above mention problem can be limitation of the internship report.


Chapter -2 Overview Of Bagher Bachcha Digital (ADCOMM)


Chapter 2 2. Overview of Bagher Bachcha Digital (ADCOM). Adcomm is one of the leading advertising agencies of Bangladesh Established in 1974, have been breaking new grounds in advertising and marketing communications for the last 40 years. Part of the Lowe Worldwide network Inter-public Group Since 1996 integral part of Lowe’s operation. Established by Geeteara Safiya Choudhury with a small team of 5 people and a revenue stream as little as ten thousand taka, Adcomm has grown into an industry leader with more than Tk. 60 million in annual turnover. Besides revenue growth, Adcomm have also been able to create and nurture some of the most powerful brands Bangladesh has ever seen.

According to Bangladesh Brand Forum, 9 out of 20 top brands in the country today are handled by the multi-disciplinary team. Adcomm is the only agency in Bangladesh that received the Campaign Asia-Pacific’s ―South Asia Agency of the Year (Bronze)‖ award, along with many other respected national and international awards over the years. Its client list include leading multinational & local companies of the country like Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Social Marketing Company, British Petroleum, Tetley, Akij Group, City Group, Kallol, Anwar Group, GIZ, MDG 3, Ispahani, Lafarge, Pran, New Zealand Dairy etc. Bagher Bachcha Digital , Graphic People, Signage, Studio45, Screaming Girl Productions, NorthBrook Consultants pvt ltd, Nazimgarh Resorts, AktiVision Advertising Ltd. , Art of Noise, Aktigram, NRG, Northbrook

are some of Adcomm’s associate companies and they help

Adcomm to provide its client 360 degree service related to communication and production both below and above the line.


Picture -1: Organizational Structure of ADCOMM and Bagher Bachchca Digital Posation in the mother organization


2.1.Bagher Bachcha Digital Bagher Bachcha Digital gave its first paw-prints on March 2014 independently as a sister concern of ADCOM and have been walking through adventures ever since. One paw at time, one idea at a time Bagher Bachcha is growing and maturing. Bagher Bachcha Digital is the newest and fiercest little forces of digital nature here to take brand building to new heights. Bagher Bachcha Digital team is the newest kids on the block in the new digital revolution that is sweeping the nation. Advertising is slowly changing it path from the real world to the virtual world. Bagher Bachcha has started its steps towards a new era of digital advertising. Roughly over 8 months old, Bagher Bachcha Digital is a digital agency that works with brands that growing and spread beyond its normal territory, in other words it’s exploring the endless possibilities of the internet. The power to spread across borders if need be with just a click, gesture, like or share. Bagher Bachcha Digital makes awesome viral, interesting posts, engaging contents and much more. The Bagher Bachcha Digital works with brands that wants to try new things for it and find ways to reach people in ways that has never been tried before. It is true, ever since the social networking sites and famous portals like FaceBook, Twitter, Linkd-in and YouTube surfaced on the internet our lives have literally been taken by storm. The amount of time spent online for reasons starting from socializing to work and beyond, is increasing day by day. The number of internet users has grown tenfold as well. Advertising opportunities are starting to shift slowly from the real world towards the digital world. Advertising agencies have existed for around 150 years, and advertising or marketing have exis.


2.2.BBD Mission  Mission BBD offers its clients the best methods and tools in planning and implementing successful digital marketing. BBD cut through the mumbo jumbo of mass marketing, increase brand awareness and visibility, and enhance customer satisfaction with the company. BBD digital marketing grabs audiences immediately and drives home the right message to the right audience. BBD exceeds its clients' expectations for campaign returns. BBD provides 360 degree solutions to all digital marketing communication needs. BBD is a one stop shop, and it has specific divisions that cater to the client’s particular needs. While other agencies diversified much earlier, they have taken time to specialize into the different divisions. BBD believes in giving complete ―heart and soul‖ into work and for that it has dedicated divisions that can activate and implement a communication campaign of any size in any part of the country. Even being in the business for not so long, for BBD strong professionalism, BBD has managed builds very effective alliances with strategic partners in our related fields. This strength allows BBD to work with production houses for audio-visual, print, seminars, events to our advantage.

2.3. Digital Marketing in perspective of BBD Digital marketing is the engine that drives today’s business, big or small. Effective digital marketing is the marketing that bridges electronic technology with psychology in the marketplace. The defilation of Digital Marketing can be ―Digital marketing is using techniques which allow a marketer to use the best of both worlds – digital and marketing.‖ To get understand the digital marketing techniques are, it’s very easier to classify what doesn’t add up to digital marketing. Traditional marketing channels such as print, radio, TV and billboards aren’t forms of digital marketing. These channels have been and popular of advertisement successful over a long period of time but they are not effective in today’s modern age.


The world is quickly becoming digital so now we are living in a Digital world. People are consuming digital content on a daily basis. Companies are starting to recognize the importance of getting digital and it is essential that marketing departments adapt quickly to the new circumstances and actively hire professionals in the field of digital marketing.

2.4.What BBD do? With the new digital age, a new change has come and with that change possibilities have sprung up hence the digital marketing come into Bangladesh has seen a brilliant increase of workforce and ideas in this sector. Most of the population in the country has access to internet, especially through their cell phones thanks to the technological wonders we see every day. From buying/selling items, connecting to whatever you want to do – everything is right there in your hand. Bagher Bachcha is the new young agency with visions to explore and tame this new miracle we call digital advertising. ―BBD make viral, deliver 360 campaigns, and promote brands online. BBD name it, BBD explore it. And while BBD are at it, BBD have fun. Though a bit late but still, better late than never – virals have been the hottest thing for a while now. If you’re active on social media, you’re nearly bound to come across a piece of viral content at some point that’s been shared by your friends or followers. Here’s a brief breakdown of what it means to ―go viral‖ and some of the ways it usually occurs. When something an individual shares something online, it’s done because it moved him or her in some way, emotionally. Whether it’s something sad, happy, angry, surprising, and disgusting or anything else in nature— it gets shared so that others can share, express or agree on similar or different feelings. Without social networking sites, it would be a whole lot harder for things to go viral. FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube, among many other sites, plays the biggest roles in spreading viral. But to trigger it, is the main key. That is where the digital advertising agencies come in. Plus, digital marketing methods are faster, more practical and versatile than the old traditional ones. Technology has put the business in the digital age. Some of the common forms Digital Marketing BBD are doing. 13

 Website (SEO content)  Blogs  Digital Branding  FaceBook Media Buying  Internet banner ads  Online video content  Pay-per-click advertising  Email marketing  Augmented Reality  Mobile Apps for the branding  Social media marketing (FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, G+,etc)  Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc)  Contest running


2.5.Clients and Recent works of BBD. The significant about Bagher Bachcha Digital is that the team has fun while they work. BBD works with different clients within this shot short time period. Recently BBD working with 4 clients. a) Goldmark Biscuit (Rani Foods Ltd.) b) Nazimghar Resort c) ColoursFM101.6 d) Robi (Partial) And already contract with more 4 brand to work with from end of this December. They are a) LG- Butterfly b) Mojo (Akiz Foods ltd.) c) CBE Bulbs d) Dodduls The forte of the agency is in making viral that make a change. That puts the ―awe‖ in ―awesome‖. Their recent work -―Dhaka’r Goru Very Very Smart‖ with Colours FM 101.2 - has taken internet by storm and has been one of biggest viral during Eid-ul-Adha. With over 8350 likes and 1400 shares, the newsfeed was beaming high talk ability for over a week. Bagher Bachcha Digital might be the kids out of the bunch and their ideas might be young and unique, but they are here to leave mark, or paw-marks to be exact.


Chapter -3 Internship Activities


Chapter – 3 3. Internship Activities I have completed my internship from Bagher Bachcha Digital as Brand Service My internship program was divided into two parts. One part is training session on Branding and theoretical classes related to ―Brand and Media‖ and another one is internship activities in the office as client services. I have done training session and theoretical class ADCOM office and different seminars.

3.1.Training Session I had to spend a month in the training season in the ADCOM office which was in the downstairs in the main building. The training season started a before the office time (8am to10.30am) then they took me for the practical works. There I had learnt about Brands, Brand building, Digital branding, principles, objectives and distinguished features digital branding. The main reason the training was to create the basic why should the brands are going into the digital branding. The training session was full with theories. Here is some the important lesson I got to know from the training sessions. It has been often said that Bangladesh is one of the youngest countries in the world, perhaps the youngest – 50% of Bangladeshis are below the age of 25 and 65% of us are below 35. It means that there are more potential social media users in Bangladesh than are anywhere else in the world. And to understand where we stand, all we need to do is to see the data of four biggest social media websites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. There are a large number of Facebook users in Bangladesh. 2931980 Bangladeshis have Facebook account, which is equal to 1.83% percent of total population and 56.54% of total online population.50% of the users log on to Facebook every day. Every user has an average of 130 friends. An average user spends 700 minutes per month on Facebook.


In Bangladesh every 60 seconds there are: 

1546 comments posted

888 status updated

412 photos uploaded

And 90 million pieces of content are shared each month in Bangladesh. So from the information it measure that why should brand go for digital branding. Types of advertisement:  Press (Newspaper, magazines etc) - One major advantage of press advertising is that you can present the information and then it can examined selectively at the consumer’s leisure.  Poster - Poster advertising is also a very efficient form of advertising media. The location and the content of the poster are vital.  Cinema - This provides advertisers with the opportunity to benefit from the all-involving escapist environment that this medium delivers.  Radio - This medium provides the opportunity to contact a large percentage of the target audience within a specified geographical area at relatively low cost.  Digital Marketing- This provide the advertiser full and flexible way of advertising. There are several types major advantage of digital marketing, its cost effective, at present are always in the online, easy media, don’t annoy people etc. Today there are different types of advertisements used in Bangladesh to promote the products and services, brands or companies to inform and persuade the customers about them. Advertising through advertising industry of Bangladesh employs varieties of forms, such as Television advertising, Infomercials, Radio advertising, covert advertising, press advertising, billboard advertising, mobile billboard advertising, In-store advertising, Street advertising, celebrity branding and Digital marketing (Search engine results pages,, banner ads, in text ads, online classified advertising, e-mail marketing and social network advertising i.e., FaceBook advertising etc).


Before they come into the Digital marketing techniques and training they gave me a marketing training with advertising and how the consumer mind change. It forecast the reason and strategy how to acquire the changing mind of the customer and how any policies change, where they put all the marketing strategy and how it works. Here they put me into the theoretical to improve myself. Here is the summary of it  ―Marketing is an exchange process between company and consumer‖ (Alderson (1957) , Brassington and Pettitt, p.5) [1].This definition didn’t gives any reference to the aspects of marketing that occur before products or services are even produced or the post exchanged behavior of both company and consumer or even an elementary aspect of commercial life: competition, Jobber, (2000).  ―Successful marketing is far from simple.‖ According to Brassington and Pettitt‖ (2003, p.3) [2] state marketing does, in fact, cover a very wide range of absolutely essential business activities that bring you the products you do want, when you want them, but at prices you can afford, and with all the information you need to make informed and satisfying consumer choices. In order to analyze the marketing activities of firms within an industry, it is necessary to first define and explain some of the critical marketing concepts and their importance to the organizations.

[1]Alderson(1957), Brassington, F. and Pettitt, S. (2003), Principles Of Marketing,(page .5) 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, London [2]Brassington, F. and Pettitt, S. (2003), Principles Of Marketing, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, London


3.2.Experienced activities in internship: From the first day of the office work they gave a job decryption paper what I have usually in the internship period was written there. So basically I was the a client servicing person who meet with the clients and took the brief and then get it back to the creative’s to ensure that to make clients requirement fulfill. Here are the basic activities of mine Things I experienced in the internship period: I had to connect the creative with the brand for the clients, from the first meeting with client to last delivery of the project including the market research of the clients’ brand. I maintained the good relationship with the client and supervised the agency team of all disciplines and develop the strategy for the client and had to show how it works with clients brand digitally. Before all of this I had to visit the clients with features of Digital marketing and related it with clients brand then they gave me brief about what how they wanted play with consumer’s mind. After a long market research in the websites, page and as well as the ground. Then I found the idea of how we could take the brands, ―in the emotional way‖ or ―in the rational way‖ etc. Then I passed the brief to the creative team head and they figure it out that what they could do with the brand. Creative team gave me the key points with some idea and some suggestion. Then I had sat with them and had to analyze ―how the idea can affect the brand and how much the brand would affected with the idea strategy. Why people would take the brand in their mind? ― After finding all the answer then I put all the idea provided by creative team in the presentation. Then I had to figure out the budgeting for the brand how much the Brand should charge and how much profit we could make from the client. I also had to make the plan of which type of contract we will offer to the clients. So after I figured out all the things I took it to our general manager. Then he revised it. And take all the technical decision and measure probability of the plans and prepare another optional plan for the clients. Then me, our general manager and the creative team who was decided to working for the brand were go to the client office for the pitch with the budget and contract. Then we go through


the whole presentation in front of the client and made them understand that how it worked for their brand and show them all the probability and also the optional plan. If client was happy with the idea then I sat with them about the budget and came to the negotiation part and I made them clear about our service and get the approval for the plan. After that they choose a contract and gave us work order. Then we take the account of the client and start working. Most of the clients choose the Social media service that we are offering as a Digital Marketing agency. 99% if the clients go for the FaceBook and YouTube. After the client choose BBD take over their social media account (FaceBook and YouTube if they have existence account) with the BBD own business manager account.

Then our

community manager review’s the account and start doing technical stuffs. After that BBD started to play with its strategy step by step.

Picture 2: The strategy Step by Bagher Bachcha Digital


In the first primary steep I had to work for the ideas implementation as example if client asked for the viral videos I had collect the script and synopsis from the creative and review it. And measure the brand communication with the target market. Then it took three approval process first BBDs’ Art director approved with the feedback, second the approval comes from the GM and last I had get the approval from the client. Then I called vendors for the production with the budget. They pitched us in the same way as we pitched the client. Among the vendor I choose the best one with affordable budget. Then I had to call a PPM (Pre Production Meeting) where the selected vendor gave us clear idea what they would do. And then again I have to measure the brand communication and give them approval and set deadlines. Then in the shooting date I had to supervise them and observe them that and had to report to our GM. After the shooting and editing done the CD (creative Director) approve it and I sent it our client and get approval and then it goes to GM and to the community manager for upload in the YouTube or FaceBook. For all ideas that I pitched to the client and which got approval I have pass through the same process. In the whole process basically I worked as a communication via. Except of this I had to do some more stuffs like, maintain the communication with the press, media, journalist and other potentials for organization. I also had take care about our internal marketing and billing. Get new clients was the biggest challenge for me. To overcome the challenge I had to make the relation with the others Brands and our competitor also. I always updated about the all the things happing in the advertising world, news, events, occasions, and also the consumer test . What the consumer liked to see and like to feel. How could I involve the them more with the brands and their psychology. Expect all that I describe I also had some through duties. They are given below 

meeting and communication with clients to discuss and identify their requirements for advertising

working with agency colleagues to develop an advertising campaign that meets the client's brief and budget efficiently;

presenting, alongside agency colleagues (particularly the account manager), the campaign ideas and budget to the client; 22

working with the account manager to brief media, creative and research staff, and assisting with the formulation of marketing strategies;

liaising with, and acting as the link between, the client and advertising agency by maintaining regular contact with both, ensuring that communication flows effectively;

negotiating with clients and agency staff about the details of campaigns;

presenting creative work to clients for approval or modification;

handling budgets, managing campaign costs and invoicing clients;

writing client reports, Making Job status report

monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns;

undertaking administration tasks;

arranging and attending meetings;

Making 'pitches', along with other agency staff, to try to win new business for the agency.


Chapter -4 Methodology


Chapter 4 4. Methodology To address the mentioned objective of the report has deployed a mixed method approaches for data collection and analysis. This report is fundamentally provided with a useful insight in order to provide a clear idea for a concept of digital marketing problems and prospects for the clients in this new digital era. I constructed the report based on the interview and observations techniques. 4.1. Sampling: To conduct the study I took the some random sample from the Bagher Bachcha Digital’s client and officials. As the organization is new in the market and works in the Business to Business (B2B) area so it has some limited clients. My study and job description of the internship period directly relate with the perception of the clients of the organization. So I had to take the present and possible clients of Bagher Bachcha Digital as my sample. 4.2.Sample Size: As Bagher Bachcha Digital (BBD) is a new digital marketing agency in Market. It has few clients. So To conduct the study I use random sampling strategy and select 5 samples from the clients and BBD officials. I conduct observation and interview method for the study.

4.3.Data Collection The observations and findings presented in this report are mainly gained from work experience as an intern in Bagher Bachcha Digital. Both primary and secondary data have been put into use while preparing this report. The details are as follows:  Primary data: The primary data constitutes of information gathered from first hand sources at Bagher Bachcha Digital. These sources include various employees of Bagher Bachcha Digital and makes use of Bagher Bachcha Digitals’ records. Primary data was collected from Bagher Bachcha Digitals’ personnel through formal and informal 25

discussions. And also took the primary data from the present and potential clients by the interview. Access to Bagher Bachcha Digital’s records was gained after seeking permission from appropriate Bagher Bachcha Digital (adcom) authority. Besides this, I have used my own observation skills and short survey of the present and potential clients during my internship to gather possible primary data for preparing this report.  Secondary data: On a larger scale this report makes use of secondary data as well. This secondary data was collected from Bagher Bachcha Digital’s quarterly reports, various digital publications of Bagher Bachcha Digital, records of financial statements and researching the Bagher Bachcha Digital website content to look for any necessary information that could be included in this report to further substantiate my internship report.

4.4.Data Analysis: My internship report topic is to analysis the problems and prospects of Digit Marketing agency from the perspective of the present and potential clients of BBD. To fulfill the objective of the given I in-depth interviewed the clients of the company and analyze it in the descriptive way.


Chapter -5 Findings and Analysis


Chapter 5 5. Analysis and finding : 5.1.Analysis

As my report is fully based on the analysis of the problems and prospects of digital marketing agency from the view point of BBD. So I took in-depth interview of BBDs’ present and potential clients and the employees of BBD about the digital marketing and its service provider agency’s problem and prospects. And turn their answer in the analysis in the descriptive way. They mention lots of the problem as this is the time for new starting of the platform. But on other hand they discuss about the prospects also. 5.1.1. Analysis of the problem of Digital Marketing agency So here I am going to mention most important Analysis of Digital marketing as well as digital marketing agency’s problem. i.

―Digital Marketing‖ new term in the country

As Bagher Bachacha Digital (BBD) is new and digital Marketing is now a platform for the marketing and advertising in the country so here most of the people don’t understand the term ―Digital Marketing‖ and most of the local companies are not showing interest to engage in ―Digital Marketing‖ according to the most of the interviewee


Lack of the technology

As to interviewee-2 Bangladesh is far behind the modern world. We don’t have the access to the technology. Most of the people living in the village and they are very potential market for the brands. But the villagers don’t have the access to the modern technology like internet. So Digital Marketing can’t reach them. So the brands are very worried about it.



Lack of powerful content

The content of digital marketing is not enough powerful. Clients are not satisfied about the content as interviewee-2 describe. According to him the content is not engaging the consumer for the brands like the others countries. Clients demanded more powerful content to engage the consumer and make them clear about the brand. By doing this consumer will be more conscious about the brand and the brand visibility will be increase. In the below there is Digital Marketing content of two different countries first one is Bangladeshi content and second one is USA content and both of them are a biscuit brand Bangladeshi one is GOLDMARK and USA one is OREO. In the image it can be seen that in the USA content there is more Brand visibility. In the image the picture talk about the post which is more interesting and connect the brand with the people. But in the Bangladeshi it’s clearly seen that brand visibility is not clear. So the people are not connecting with the content.


Bangladeshi Facebook Page Content

USA Facebook Page Content(OREO)


Picture -3: Lack of powerful Content


Tough to reach in the Target Group (TG)

According to the marketing plan every Brands specify a target market. And they try to promote their goods and service among the target market and to be more specifically target group. In our country it’s really tough to find out the specific target group in the social media because in our country we don’t have much information online. In this case it’s too tough to find the specific target group online as interviewee-1 and 3 told me.



Tough to pass the Social Media verification process (FaceBook verification process)

Interviewee- and 4 thought that the FaceBook is one of the big platforms of advertising. It also use as the search engine of the Brands. People are getting information from FaceBook. So FaceBook has given an opportunity to verify the brand pages for the authentication. The verification sign is a sign of originality and uniqueness but from the country we can’t get the information from FaceBook and still now FaceBook is treat the country as community. So in terms of local brand of Bangladesh it takes a long procedure to verify the pages which is time consuming also. So only the establish brand and the multinational company have the opportunity to verify their page at present.

Picture -4 Verified Page Examples



Buying Behavior

All of the interviewee clients were concern about the buying behavior. The buying behavior of the consumer is too much difficult to understand. And the digital marketing agencies can’t relate it with the advertisement. So the brands are not good output from the digital marketing. Though it’s a misconception from the client side but the output of digital marketing can’t be understand by short term it only can measure in the long term.


Long process to draw attention

As the Digital Marketing is a new platform in the country so to bring the consumer in the platform and engage them is a long process. So in this case clients are not happy with it. Initially they are getting less output told by interviewee-1, 3 and 4 in the interview.




As the interviewee 2 and 4 , though Digital Marketing is low cost compare to other but few of the clients are not satisfied with it. As to them the cost can be lower as they are getting the output from the organization. For the layered communication the cost of Digital Marketing increasing in our country and the agencies are charging more. Interviewee-5 mentions an example of how expenses are increasing in Digital Marketing if BBD wanted to buy media of $500 for Colours FM. They contact with AR Communication and for booking the media. And AR Communication orders the media from FaceBook authority. And then confirm BBD and for the payment where the FaceBook is charging 87BDT per $1, AR Communication Charge 96BDT per $1. And also take 20% as the service charge. So the cost is increasing. So in this case the BBD had to charge more to the clients for the profit. Another reason mentioned by Interviewee-5 of increasing cost in media buying is competition among the brands. For booking the FaceBook media BBD have to bid for the particular time. But if some time other agencies bid in the same time with big budget then BBD have to increase the budget too. For example if BBD want to book the media for $1 for 1st January 2015, 9.00Am because of the good reach and viewer. And any other agencies bid for same time with the $1.5 in this case to get slot BBD have to bid with $1.75. It’s how media cost is increasing.

AR Communication Request Media of $500

BBD Order Media $500 for COLOURSFM Informed and Charge by AR Communication As dollar rate $1= 96BDT + Service charge

FaceBook Accept the request and book media for $500 as regular dollar rate $1 = 87BDT and inform AR communication Picture -5: Payment Procedure of BBD for FaceBook



Absence of social media Representative (FaceBook Representative)

As interviewee- 1and 2 discussed our country there are no direct representatives from social media. If clients get into any trouble in any social media maintenance then they usally inform the agency and the agency contact the person /vendor assigned for FaceBook which one is the third party of FaceBook. Then the vendor informs the FaceBook authority .And after this long process FaceBook get to know the problem and solve with this long process. So the communication is much layered and takes long time to solve the problem. And with the same procedure the transaction for the media buying is running and for this reason cost is increasing. The interviwee4 also mention an example how problem are arising for the absence of social medias Representative, he told if BBD want to buy media of $500 for Z brand. They contact with AR Communication and for booking the media. And AR Communication orders the media from FaceBook authority. And then confirm BBD and for the payment where the FaceBook is charging 87BDT per $1, AR Communication Charge 96BDT per $1. So the cost is increasing.


High risk of duplication

All of the interviewees are worried about the issue of the duplications. They discussed that the Social Media is one of the biggest channels from the now on. So the information is vast in the channel. There are lots of content available online which copied from different brand idea and in our country copyright law is not strong so it’s much easy to copy the thing from the online and use it. So brands are not feeling secure about the issue. And the Agencies are well aware of but don’t take it seriously. Most of them don’t use the sign properly so there is a high risk of duplication of the content.



Absence of efficient personnel for the Digital Marketing in the agencies

Brands want to use the best promotional tools to be visible in the market. Digital marketing one of those great promotional tools ever but here in the country brands not sure about that because they don’t think that in the digital marketing there any efficient personnel is here. So put the brand over in the non-efficient personnel is not a good decision for the brands according to the interview with interviwee-1, 3 and 4. xii.

Misconception of Branding with selling

Interviewee- 5 was describe that how brands perception in terms of selling and Branding he told that Brand want to use of the best marketing strategy, best promotional tools , and branding etc – The ultimate goal in the long run is to sell the product in the market and having profit. So here brands basically local brands are mix the branding with selling. Digital Marketing’s ultimate goal is to establish the brand. Increase the brand visibility and awareness in the mind of the consumer which incorporate the sales in the long run. But initially Digital Marketing is not for increase sales. xiii.

Hunger for likes in the page

Interviewee-1 and 3 described that maximum brands specially local brands are hunger for like in their social media page with in the short time and they spend the money for it and agencies who are promising like make the fake like in the page which effect the negative impression on the page. With very short time is goes down and consumer can’t see the page in the first search. People lose the interest about the page content and engagement rate goes down.


Absence of payment gateway for buying FaceBook media

As to the interviewee-2 and interviewee-4, in our country there are no payment gateways for the media payment of FaceBook. To buy the media payment agencies’ have to call the third party so cost are increasing and there is risk cheating. And sometimes third parties are not able to book the media.


5.1.2. Analysis of the prospects of Digital Marketing agency As the clients mention the problem in the same way they discuss the prospect of Digital Marketing agency in Bangladesh. They praise it as the blessing of the internet which makes the people life easy. The findings of Digital Marketing prospects are written below.


Biggest channel (FaceBook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter)

All of the interviewee of the interview describes the social media and digital marketing as the biggest channel. They discussed that, now at this era people are much busy. They are facilitated with technology around. So they can’t spend the time with the traditional Marketing or advertising as example People are attracted by billboards or TVC ads. After they see these ads they only notice it and later on they forget about it. They don’t have much time to notice it and check that out in the store or shop rather they would go to the internet to know about the product or services and where the Digital marketing comes in to makes people life easy. The Interviewee-5 mention satieties of Bangladesh FaceBook user and describe about this. As to the interviewee, at present social media channel is vast. It is a biggest channel in the world. In a statistics in 2012 it shows the numbers of FaceBook users are increasing in Bangladesh. In 2012 there are 2931980 Bangladeshis having FaceBook account. In Bangladesh in every 60 seconds there are:  1546 comments posted  888 status updated  412 photos uploaded And 90 million pieces of content are shared each month in Bangladesh. So from the information it measure that why should brand go for digital branding. It is now increased more and more.



Increase of internet user (3G)

With the recent operation of 3G energizing mobile internet and the market for smart phones, which is increasingly growing with more than 300,000 being imported yearly, the growth of internet goods and facilities is expected and it’s not bad for business. So with the increasing number of internet user the demand of Digital Marketing is increasing mentioned by Interviewee –1 and interviwee-4. iii.

Both side engagement

In the traditional marketing system people used to one way communication and also engagements is less. Because in traditional marketing people are only getting what the Brands are trying to say to the people but can’t give any feedback to the Brand. But now Digital marketing create a platforms which give the people two way communications for the Brands so the result is more engagement of the consumer towards the brand said by the interviwee-4 iv.

Savvy Consumer

Interviwee-2 mention about savvy consumer and told that now the consumers are smarter. They want more information about the products or service but traditional marketing or advertising doesn’t give them enough information so at this point the Digital Marketing keeping a great role by providing huge information about the products or services by the social media like FaceBook, YouTube twitter etc.


Increase number of technology user (Smart Phone , Tab , Laptop, Desktop)

As to interviwee-4 the number of technology (Smart Phone, Tab, Laptop, and Desktop) user in the country in Bangladesh is increasing. According to the latest report mobile user in the country is more than 106 Million. And in between 40%-45% are smart phone users. And they are using smart phone to get facility of quick communication and other application. And through the internet they are connecting with the Digital Marketing. They get the pop-up ads in the FaceBook and YouTube video and so on.



Cost Minimization

The cost of advertising cost in the media like TV, Newspaper, billboard and etc is much higher. But the cost of digital marketing In the low cast and also effective. So by the digital marketing brands can minimize their expenses as describe by Interviewee- 1 vii.

Easy communication of brands

Digital marketing is a great weapon to communicate with brands. Here people engage more and aware about the brand which creates talk ability of the brand mentioned by interviwee-3. viii.

Consumer Information:

As to the interviwee-4 consumer information is most important thing for any brand to spread. Through the digital marketing brands can get the information of the consumer of their target market. Their likings activity , perception and so on . And through this information they can measure connectivity of the brand with consumer which helps the brand to grow.

Picture -6: Consumer information (Age)


Picture -6.1: Consumer information (Job Title)

Picture -6.2: Consumer information (Relationship Status)

Picture -6.3: Consumer information (Educational Level)



Always Update

As to the interviwee-5 and interviwee-4 by Digital marketing the brands can be always updated on the view of the consumer. As it Digital Marketing giving us real-time data if needed so brand can give the all update instantly. For example; FaceBook games and application for any dedicated brand instantly update score. Any sorts of live program broadcast in YouTube .


5.2.Findings of the Analysis  As Digital Marketing is new and the Bagher Bachcha Digital (BBD) is a new agency is brands are not understand it properly and showing the less interest.  Bangladesh is developing country and we not facilitated with the technology so here the problem comes in because Digital marketing is related with technology.  The Agency and also the Digital Marketing is in the developing stage so the people are getting what content should be here and how should it get connected with the brands.  Consumer engagement is the most important things but in terms of digital marketing consumer engagement is not just getting like on the post but also how they react on it.  As BBD is working out to popularize the Digital Marketing in the vein of the country but it will take time because of it strategy and the result would be shown in the long run.  In terms of FaceBook authority give us the opportunity it should grow more because within this shortest time and brand engage in Digital Marketing will not fulfill the requirements.

 BBD working for the brand to establish it as a most powerful brand of the country which initially can’t make sales or can’t work out as the sales benefits in this short period.  In the traditional marketing system people used to one way communication and also engagements is less. Because in traditional marketing people are only getting what the Brands are trying to say to the people but can’t give any feedback to the Brand. But now Digital marketing creating platforms which give the people two way communications for the Brands so the result is more engagement of the consumer towards the brand.


 Consumers are smart. They want to know about the brand before they choose it for them so they need information and Digital marketing give the information to the consumers.  Bagher Bachcah Digital (BBD) don’t ensure figure for like because they working for the organic like which increase the brand talk-ability and visibility not just fake like for small time being which down the impression of the brand.  Bangladesh is not ready for the viral on YouTube except the big brand.  Brands are not satisfied with the expenses that they spend fro promotion in digital marketing.  Establish Brands are feeling insecure to be in the digital marketing for the copyright issue.  Client’s brands especially local brands are focus on the sales more than Branding. And Digital Marketing agencies focus on the branding more than sales. So here is a clash between them .  In future we can get all types of data through digital marketing of a human for example from early Morning when he / she wake up to when he/she sleeping. And the data will be effective potential tools for marketing of any brands.  People of the country who live it the city and urban are more or less depending on the FaceBook and other social media which will working bless fully for digital marketing.


Chapter -6 Recommendation and Conclusion


Chapter 6 6. Conclusion and Recommendation As a new Digital Marketing Agency in the market BBD is growing. But to be establishing in the market it have to overcome its problem and spread the Digital Marketing everywhere. So here are some recommendations for Digital Marketing and also for Digital Marketing Agency to grow more in the future. 6.1.Recommendation Bagher Bachcha Digital has been passed only 8 month in Bangladeshi advertisement sector. They are doing well year by. As my observation, I have noticed some activities. I think if they add some activities and remove some activities, they will able to achieve something. 

BBD need to ensure better client service for the future so that they can gain more clients account. If they have more clients, they will have more opportunity to grow in the sector of advertisement and popularize the Digital Marketing in the market.

Digital Marketing can be introduced more efficiently to provide clients better and unique services, Ideas and contents. So that clients can satisfied to see their brand is become more popular.

The future markets leader are the present student so agency like Bagher Bachcha Digital and others should literate them about Digital Marketing by the seminar and workshop.

As the clients and agencies are getting problem for the absence of social media representative. So they take the necessary step to get at list one social media representative from the social media

To minimize the cost of digital marketing BBD should try to get the payment gateway and also Govt. should help about this.

BBD should understand the local market more and need get be more research oriented about brands.

They need to higher more efficient people and train them well about digital marketing to overcome the problems.

Need more Public Relation for the company and also for Digital marketing. 44

BBD should fixed the copyright sing for avoid the risk of duplication to feel the clients secure

To grow the interest of the clients for digital marketing BBD should make the shorter strategy and use it for the potential clients.


6.2.Conclusion The Simple interview of the clients and employee of BBD is not big enough to have the complete view of Digital Marketing’s and its agency’s problem and prospects. Also a similar study can be conducts in the future more extensively to know about the problem prospects of digital marketing and its agencies. In the Bangladesh most of the agencies are work with broadcast, print and electronic media. But it’s the high time for time for the agencies to work with digital marketing in full force. Now this a time for adopts the modernity. People in the country are using the social media specially the young generation and they are potential buyer for the brands. So in order to inform them about the products and services brands come into the digital marketing. Beside that there are many other factors which affect the perception analysis and decision making to the consumer to buy the products and service, presently these are control by the social media. It s works as word of mouth advertisement. And also have some negative aspects like rumor about the brands also created negative impact. So with the best service with the best products if the Brands are wanted to grab the market should be in the Digital Marketing.


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