Instructions for Writing Dubai Municipality Exam

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Dubai Municipality Exam - Instructions, Procedures, Syllabus...



Pre-Requisites 1.

Degree of Civil engineering should be attested from UAE embassy in home country.


Come to Dubai on employment visa. Cannot apply with Visit Visa

Procedure 1.

Get the degree attested from ministry of foreign af fairs UAE.


Visit ministry of higher education dubai and get the equivalency letter for secondary and higher secondary certificates.


Visit your country's embassy in Dubai and get a genuineness certificate for your engineering degree.


Visit ministry of interior to get first entry letter (respective Emirates by which your visa is issued )


Visit ministry of higher education and submit all the certificates like equivalency, genuineness, attested degree, first entry etc. They will send equivalency letter for Bachelor degree on your address.


After getting degree equivalency letter, visit society of engineers office and apply for membership. Membership will be given after paper work that takes a week.


Visit the Municipality and apply for exam and they will give you a date for exam.


Attend the exam on given date. The tests could either be viva+written or only written. Original educational certificate and Passport to be shown at the time of interview.


Result will be shown online immediately after the interview.

10. Now you are a certified civil engineer in UAE, they will issue you a license which will be valid for two years and will be renewed in future. Online result should be kept for f uture reference. 11. Incase of failure, candidate can apply again with the same procedure.

Documents Required •

Valid Trade License copy

Engineer's Passport copy with visa page, attested Educational certificate and one photo. Certificate must be attested by UAE Embassy in home country and UAE Foreign Affairs in UAE.

No objection letter from the sponsor of the Engineer/Technical staff. If the applicant is under other sponsorship or if he/she is on Visit/Tourist visa, the applying company can attach a request letter.

UAE Engineers Association Membership copy or an undertaking letter stating that you will take the membership in UAE Engineers Association after passing the exam. This i s a personal letter and it can be printed in white paper.

Fees •

Municipality Test fees Dh410 for Electrical Fitting Contracting

Municipality Test fees Dh510 for Building Contracting

This amount can be paid online or pay at DM Cashier. Interview date and time will be shown online after payment.

Note: •

You must have at least 3 years of working experience for applying G+1

G+1 License can be upgraded to G+4 if the license is three y ears old and minimum 7 projects should be completed.

7 years UAE experienced 2 En gineers required to upgrade the License to G+12

Syllabus For G+1: Questions are generally asked regarding low-rise steel structures, both PEB Built-up and Hot-rolled. Theory about steel material, Yield strengths, grade of steel, grade of bolts, grade of bracing rods etc. For e.g, What's the yield strength of Grade 50 steel. Answer is, 50 Ksi or 345 Mpa. Preparation should be dome about material strengths, properties etc. Secondly, the examiner will draw a beam / frame with certain loading and ask to make SFD & BMD. Also, column to beam connection detail, beam to beam, moment and base plate connections etc. Design of bearing connection / shear connection could also be asked based on AISC ASD.


G+4:  Preparation













BS 8110-1997 based design of Strap beam footing, concrete beam, one way slab, hourdi slab, flat slab with punching shear calculation, ribbed slab, pile cap, footing with bi-axial bending / eccentric footing and combined footing. All theory related to column (slenderness, short column design, slender column design procedure only) should be studied. Also, calculation checks for sliding & overturning in retaining walls. Detailing of beam-column junction, raft foundation, pile-cap, footings, beam, staircase, lift pit in raft foundation etc. Also, general concrete related questions like grade of concrete, min. reinforcement, aggregate, W/C ratio, lap & anchorage lengths etc. All based on BS 8110-1997 (Chapter 3). Shear Force Diagram (SFD) and Bending Moment Diagram (BMD) will surely be asked for a beam and a frame. Finally, general understanding questions related to sizing of structures will be asked. For example, what will be the ideal slab type for a room 10m x 12m in size?

In rare cases, UBC 1997 (Seismic Chapter 16) based questions could also be asked, like definitions, structural systems, irregularities, etc. and ASCE 7-05 (Wind section) have been asked (as heard from other G+4 engineers).


Card of Engineer (Contractor / Consultant) Requirements 

Filling out the request of Card of Engineer.

Engineer's certificate attested by the UAE's foreign ministry.

Engineer's passport with a visa on the same company (original + copy).

License copy.

Valid membership in the Society of Engineers - Photo

Application Process 1.

Submission of the required documents


Payment of fees.


Test of engineer for consultancy firms


Attestation of the Card by the management.

Responsible Department Contractors & Consultants Classification Division- Sharjah Municipality Working Hours - 7:30am – 2:30 pm Contact Number - 065067346

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