Instructions for the B737NG Dispatch Sheet v4_9_7

May 12, 2018 | Author: Igor Fontes | Category: Microsoft Excel, Takeoff, Runway, Airport, Aircraft
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Instructions for the B737NG Dispatch Sheet v4_9_7...


Instructions for the B737NG Dispatch Sheet v4.9.7  The Boeing 737NG dispatch sheet sheet can be used for planning ights !ith !ith the 737 Ne"t Generation. It !as designed to be used !ith #$DG 737NG% but is to so&e e"tend also applicable !hen using the i'l( 737NG or the default 'S% 737)*++.  The dispatch sheet includes an airport and run!a( database as !ell as so&e so&e ,uite co&ple" calculation &odels that- based on user input- !ill calculate infor&ation about fuel consu&ption- !eights- and ti&e for a planned ight.  The sheet !ill also help calculating taeo/ taeo/ and landing perfor&ance. This !ill allo! allo! the user to obtain 0)speeds and possible engine de)rates for taeo/.  The dispatch sheet is an e"cel e"cel spreadsheet spreadsheet and needs no other soft!are soft!are than $S 1"cel 1"cel or an( other piece of soft!are that can handle $S e"cel 2++7 les. The t!o free!are oce pacs 5pen5ce and 6ibre 5ce have been tested !ith the spreadsheet- and sadl( the( cant handle the for&atting and the database tables nor the e&bedded &acros. 8lso $S 1"cel versions earlier than 2++7 have troubles. $acros  The sheet uses active &acros. &acros. So&e of the functions re,uire re,uire that 1"cel 1"cel is set up to allo! these &acros. B( default &acros are disabled- but can easil( be enabled lie this a: ;lic on the !indo!s !i ndo!s icon in the upper left in 1"cel. 8nd in the !indo! that opens select 1"cel settings C io: !hich it !as designed for. S&all adust&ents in design allo! for &ore e/ective deceleration and also allo! a bit steeper angle of attac on approach and a corresponding lo!er landing speed. 

 The Drag Bias is a value uni,ue to ever( aircraft. 8s aircraft age the( !ill be less e/ective thus using &ore fuel than !hen the( !ere ne!. The sheet is based on real life perfor&ing docu&entations but fuel consu&ption calculations are still corrected to e"perienced #$DG NG% fuel burn. If (ou for so&e reason al!a(s nd that the fuel calculations deviate fro& (our e"perienced consu&ption- this is !here (ou !ould adust the calculations. 8 value of ?++ is e,ual to &( average e"perienced consu&ption using the #$DG NG%. 8 value of ?+? si&pl( add one percent to the calculated air ti&e fuel usage. Ground fuel used for 8# and ta"i is not a/ected.  =ou can also dene the seating conguration of the aircraft. It is possible to select three di/erent seat classes = fro& there.
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