Infant Care and Feeding Post Test

November 4, 2017 | Author: Fely Banaria Balgoa | Category: Infants, Preterm Birth, Breastfeeding, Medicine, Clinical Medicine
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To encourage the drainage of secretions from the lungs of normal NB, the best position should be: a. head turn to side b. slight trendelenberg c. sidelying An APGAR score of 5-10 indicates the ff, except: a. needs treatment b. best possible condition c. nothing to worry Which of the ff APGAR score reflex good oxygenation and ventilation which does not need vigorous resuscitation? a. 8-10 b. 0-3 c. 4-6 d. 5-7 The bone which is usually affected in caput succedaneum is: a. frontal b. parietal c. temporal d. occipital Which of the following causes sore nipples? a. wrong attachment of babies mouth c. long hour of BF b. exclusively breastfeeding d. irregular BF period The MW should refer the babies under which of the ff conditions? a. remains blue despite of resuscitation c. birth weight is less than 2,500g b. breathing is too fast d. all of these Infants who are BF received antibodies from their mothers thru the 1st few feeding, the type of immunity is called: a. active b. passive c. artificial passive d. artificial active Some NB experienced colic, in order to prevent this the MW shoul apply which of the ff intervention? a. give warm water c. rub the abdomen with baby oil b. let the baby lie in prone position d. burp the baby after each feeding Refers to the NB, genetically transmitted capacity for development: a. eugenics b. learning c. growth d. maturation The infant’s weight should be doubled in which of the ff months? a. 3 b. 6 c. 8 d.12 A 6 months old baby has a tempt of 37.8 OC. her mother ask the MW what kind of bath she can give her baby. The MW tell her to give: a. tub bath with tap water c. sponge bath with lukewarm water with alcohol b. sponge bath with ice water d. sponge bath with warm water Which is not true about anterior fontanel? a. diamond shape b. not palpable c. soft level of bone d. bulge when there is brain damage Bonding occurs when the : a. mother feed the baby thru bottle c. mother cuddles and looks at her baby b. mother cuddles her baby while sleeping d. mother sleep at separate room Under what condition does erythroblastosis fetalis occurs? a. both are positive c. mother is RH (+) and father is RH (+) b. both are negative d. mother is RH(-) and father is RH(+) The principle of premature care is: a. gentle and minimal handling c. prepare infant formula b. protect against infection d. maintain body temperature The priority in the immediate care of the NB is given to: a. cord b. airways c. skin d. temperature Failure to administer Vit K. most so often leads to: a. bleeding within 24hrs after delivery c. early blood clotting b. prolong prothrombin time d. anemia An injury at birth that does not need immediate referral is: a. cephalhematoma b. brain damage c. facial palsy d. hemorrhage The primary goal in resuscitation in NB is to: a. re-oxygenate the CNS c. establish spontaneous breathing b. improve heart rate d. initiate crying The 1st deciduous teeth usually appears between: a. 9-12 months b. 5-9 months c. 12-18 moths d. before 5 months The ff provides the infant with passive immunity: a. colostrums b. polio vaccine c. BCG d. measles vaccine If the cord stump is moist, the MW can do which of the ff to hasten drying of the stump: a. paint the stump with 40% alcohol c. paint the stump with betadine b. lace and aid over stump A reflex elicited by a loud sound: a. moro b. yawn c. grasp d. sucking A NB who has a unilateral cleft-lip most likely unable to: a. swallow b. suck c. breath d. salivate Umbilical cord is normally expected to fall off for how many days? a. 3 days b. 7 days c. 12 days d. 5 days Infants begin to have social smile at what age? a. 2 weeks b. 4 weeks c. 8 weeks d. 16 weeks Desquamation in neonate is considered normal if it is occur at what age? a. 1st week b. 2nd t0 4th week c. 3rd to 8th week d. 10 week An inexpensive and effective method of relieving itchiness in prickly heat among babies is by applying. a. baby oil b. corn starch c. alcohol d. cologne Main cause of death of premature infant is:

a. immaturity b. infection c. birth injury 30. Lanugo is found in almost all parts of NB’s body. Your correct assessment of this condition is the baby is: a. premature b. postmature c. fullterm 31. When assessing a male NB the genetals are inspected to check if there is cryptorchidism which means that: a. testes are descended c. testes are within the scrotal sac b. testes have not descended into the aortal sac 32. The essential mineral needed by an infant in his diet to make his bones and teeth strong is: a. iron b. calcium c. fluoride d. magnesium 33. When the baby is crying vigorously and is pink all over, the APGAR score is: a. 10 b. 9 c. 8 d. 5 34. Infancy is a period characterized by: a. rapid growth and development c. period of developing autonomy b. period of developing initiative in the child d. developing trust 35. A practical guide that can be used when determining the amount of formula milk to be given per feeding is: a. age in months multiplied by 2 b. age in months divided by 2 c. age in months +2 36. The primary consideration to be followed when selecting a toy for an infant is: a. safety b. attractiveness c. beauty d. size 37. When you did the initial cord dressing, you observed a jelly – like substance in the umbilical cord, this is called: a. KY jelly b. petroleum jelly c. wharton’s jelly d. vernix caseosa 38. When doing the initial cord dressing, the MW inspected the cord for its blood vessels. You should expect to find that: a. there are 2 blood vessels, 1 artery and 1 vein b. there are 3 blood vessels, 2 arteries and 1 vein c. there are 3 blood vessels, only one of which is a vein 39. The stool of a breastfeed baby will appear to be: a. mushy and golden yellow c. well formed and light yellow b. well formed and watery yellow d. hard and dark yellow 40. Breastmilk contains more digestible proteins called: a. lactalbumin b. casein c. albumin 41. Crede’s prophylaxis is done in order to prevent: a. tetanus neonatorum b. sepsis neonatorum c. opthalmia neonatorum 42. The most highly developed of the special senses in a newborn at birth is: a. hearing b. smell c. touch d. sight 43. According to Erickson, the developmental task of infancy is: a. sense of trust b. sense of autonomy c. sense of identity 44. Which of the ff is physiologic condition in aneonate a. milia b. cephalhematoma c. syndactyl c. cleft palate 45. When putting a diaper to a baby girl, the thicker portion of the diaper must be placed at the: a. bottom part b. anterior part c. in any manner 46. Vit. K is given intramuscularly to the newborn at the: a. upper arm b. mid- thigh c. forearm 47. The correct dose of Vit. K to be given to a neonate is: a. 1 mg b. 1 ampule c. 1cc d. 0.5 cc 48. When doing an assessment of the size of baby’s head, you expect that it will equal that of the chest at about what age? a. 1 months b. 3 months c. . 5 months d. . 10 months 49. Six weeks after receiving the BCG, the baby had wound on the site of injection. What is your interpretation of the occurrence? a. it is a normal reaction c. the technique of injection was wrong b. the injection site was infected. 50. A practical way of reducing jaundice at home is by: a. exposure to floor light c. exposure to early morning sunlight b. exposure to ultra violet rays 51. When doing hair shampoo, the baby should be held using the technique called: a. football hold b. cradle hold c. shoulder hold 52. Which of the ff common methods used in identifying newborns in the DR is least risky for interchanging babies? a. wrist band b. footprints c. nametag d. fingerprints 53. The birth certificate of the baby should be properly accomplished because of the ff use of the BC, except: a. proof of citizenship b. proof of legitimacy c. proof of professional competence 54. Neonates are more prone to dehydration because their body weight has more water content which is approximately: a. 90% of body weight b. 70% of body weight c. 50% of body weight 55. The complete set of milk teeth will be composed of how many teeth? a. 20 b. 10 c. 15 d. 24 56. The infant motor abilities can be developed through: a. play b. stimulation c. both a & b 57. The most important factor in the APGAR scoring system: a. muscle tone b. heart rate c. respiration d. color 58. In Silverman scoring system for preterm newborn, a score of 10 denotes: a. normal ventilation b. good metabolism c. respiratory distress 59. A normal Filipino NB is expected to weigh a minimum of: a. 3.0 kg b. 2.5 kg c. 4.0 kg d. 5.0 kg 60. These are the characteristics of a neonate cardiac rate , except: a. regular b. rapid c. irregular d. may increase while crying

61. The biggest part of the baby’s body at birth a. trunk b. body c. head d. extremities 62. The most common danger sign of newborn is : a. cyanosis b. excessive secretions c. irregular breathing c. pink color 63. Motor development in children normally proceeds in a cephalocaudal order, meaning it’s from: a. head to lower extremities b. proximal to distal c. gross to refined 64. Normally, an infant walks alone at this age: a. 8-10 months b. 11-12 months c. 13-14 months 65. Comparatively speaking, the toddler’s hand is: a. smaller than his chest b. bigger than his chest c. as big as his chest 66. Disease of the NB that can be acquired thru the placenta: a. sepsis neonatorun b. congenital syphilis c. gonorrheal conjunctivitis 67. An abnormal condition that usually accompanied by teething: a. gum irritability b. salivation c. diarrhea 68. The bluish discoloration of the palm and sole is called: a. cyanosis b. acrocyanosis c. Mongolian spot 69. When there is a jaundice of the sclera within 24 hrs after birth: a. it need referral b. needs close observation c. it is physiologic 70. To prevent vomiting in infants, prevent the most common cause which is: a. overfeeding b. underfeeding c. frequent burping 71. The ff conditions can be prevented by good skin care, except: a. milaria b. intertrigo c. milia 72. Insufficient milk supply in breastfeeding mothers are usually due to: a. anxiety and fatigue b. poor maternal nutrition c. both a & b 73. An infant whose mother has PROM shoul be observed closely for: a. asphyxia b. convulsion c. infection d. dehydration 74. Brest milk can provide the needed nutrients , vitamins and minerals of the baby at this stage: a. 12 mos. b. 10 mos. c. 8 mos. d. 8 mos. 75. Absence of Moro reflex is a sign that the baby is: a. dehydrated b. hungry c. sick d. abnormal 76. Flat, red localized areas of capillary dilatation of the eyelid, between eyebrows and on the nose is called: a. stork bites b. birth mark c. forceps mark d. strawberry marks 77. Birth weight of an infant is expected to increased double at the age of: a. 12 mos. b. 6 mos. c. 3 mos. d. 9 mos. 78. A term often used to described dizygotic twin is: a. fraternal twin b. conjoined twin c. identical twin d. true twin 79. All of the ff are components of APGAR score, except: a. BP b. muscle tone c. skin color d. heart rate 80. The anterior fontanel normally closes by the time the infant reaches the age of: a. 6 mos. b. 3 mos. c. 18 mos.12 mos. 81. A baby born with the head elongated and slightly swollen. This appearance of the baby’s head is considered as: a. caput succedaneum b. cephalhematoma c. brain damage 82. Which of the constituents of Breast milk is not also found in cow’s milk a. immune bodies b. proteins c. carbohydrates 83. The lowest weight of a NB considered as full term at birth is: a. 2,500gm b. 3,000 gm c. 3,500gm 84. Which of the ff milk teeth usually erupts first? a. lateral incisors b. molars c. central incisors 85. Which of the ff behaviors is acceptable for a neonate? a. sleeps more than he is awake c. cries when hungry and wet b. vomit out the milk frequently 86. Which of the ff is a congenital anomaly? a. polydactyl b. lanugo c. acrocyanosis 87. Jaundice is considered physiologic if it occurs on the: a. 1st- 3rd day b. 2nd-7th day c. 1st-7th day 88. Measles vaccine is given by what route? a. oral b. intramuscular c. subscutaneous 89. Which of the ff is expected to be done by a normal 7 mos. old infant? a. crawl b. sit alone c. stand alone 90. An infant usually expected to say” da-da” or “ma-ma” to refer to his parents at the age of: a. 5 months b. 10 months c. 6 months d.8 months 91. When taking the v/s of an infant, which of the ff is taken last? a. respiration b. cardiac rate c. temperature 92. The primary food of an 0-6 mos. old a. cereals b. soup c. noodles d. milk 93. The bilirubin of term babies peaks on the 3rd day of life in pre term it is on the: a. beyond 10 days b. 6th- 10th days c. 3rd-7th days d. 5th-7th days 94. The ff are considered micronutrient, except: a. iron b. iodine c. calcium d. vit A 95. The deformities structure of bones of the foot: a. athletes foot b. claw foot c. club foot d. big foot 96. At what age of the baby when measles immunization is given: a. 6 mos. b. 9 mos. c. school entrants d. anytime after delivery 97. When the mother wants to remove the infant from her nipple after breastfeeding, she should put a gentle pressure on the infant’s: a. chin b. cheeks c. jaw d. gums 98. The fist micronutrient the baby received in supplementary feeding is: a. iron b. vitamins c. minerals d. carbohydrates

99. As a baby born below the 10th percentile of the intrauterine growth chart and weighs less than 2,500gms is considered; a. premature b. LGA c. postmature d. SGA 100. How long 0r within what period does the body temperature of an infant stabilized? a. 48 hrs. b. 8 hrs. c. 24hrs. d. 12 hrs.

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