III. Police Patrol and Operation

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POLICE PATROL AND OPERATIONS 1. Majority of contracts between the public and police occurs between the citizen and; A. Patrolman B. Criminal investigation C. Traffic officer D. Police supervisor 2. Backbone Organization of a police department is generally its; A, Traffic Division B. Patrol Division C. Crime Investigation D. Operations Division 3. For maximum effectiveness, a member of the police force who is generalist or “all around man “should be assigned to: A. Patrol duty B. criminal investigation duty C. Community relations job D. Traffic enforcement duty 4. That unit in the police force best suited and is primarily responsible for taking direct action when crime is committed is: A. Patrol Division B. Investigation Division C. Criminalistic Division D. Inspection Division 5. Development of patrol personnel is normally done according to some measure of the need for police service. Of the following which one is the least valid factor than can be used as, or included in, a measure of perceived need. A. Number of complaints B. Number of arrests C. Number of crimes committed D. Peso value of property losses 6. The best reason why patrol service is being considered backbone of the police department is; A. Patrol force provides service to a greater number of people at any time. B. Patrol function is largely preventive in nature. C. Patrol function is very wide in scope D. Patrol is the only service that carries out the basic police jobs 7. That member of the law enforcement agency to be involved in practically every incident calling for police action A. Patrol Officer B. Traffic Officer C. Investigation Officer D. Police Officer 8. It designed to increase the rate of apprehension of persons engaged in selected types of crimes. A. High visibility Patrol B. Low visibility Patrol C. Directed deterrent patrol D. Split force patrol 9. It refers to a patrol activity wherein police personnel drives around a particular area or waits at the station for any call requiring police assistance. A. Patrol B. Reactive Patrol C. Proactive patrol D. Police patrol 10. It has been considered as the most effective and efficient means of in guarding in terms of increasing community support and cooperation? A. Foot patrol B. Automobile patrol C. Helicopter and fixed wing aircraft patrol D. Motorcycle patrol 11. It refers to a repeated circuit of in regarding, primarily to prevent the commission of crimes and maintain the peace and order situation in a particular area. A. Patrol B. Surveillance C. Investigation D. Apprehension 12. In areas wherein the terrain is said to be rough, what would be an appropriate means or type of patrol, which may be utilized? A. Bicycle patrol B. foot patrol C. Automobile patrol D. Horse patrol 13. Which type of patrol would enable enable the police officer to have the advantage of stealth and at the same time the element of surprise? A. Motorcycle B. Automobile patrol C. Bicycle patrol D. Foot patrol 14. It refers to the core mission of police patrol operations. A. Crime prevention B. law enforcement C. Order maintenance D. Criminal apprehension 15. Ideal manning level of the Philippine National Police in relation to the population is required to the National Capital Region? A. 1:1000 B. 1: 1500 C. 1: 500 D. 1:250 16. When patrol officers saturates a given area with additional units, walking beats to increase the aura of the police omnipresence, what particular patrol operational tactics do they employ? A. High visibility patrol B. Low visibility patrol C. Directed deterrent patrol D. Split patrol

17. Community Oriented Policing System widely applied in Metro Manila aims to establish teamwork among the police and persons residing in the community, it is a concept which bent on accomplishing what particular goal? A. Prevention of criminal and Delinquent Behavior B. Repression of crimes C. Participative Law Enforcement D. All of the above 18. It is regarded at the most dominant method of conducting patrol. A. motorcycle patrol B. Automobile patrol C. Bicycle patrol D. foot patrol 19. What do we refer to in determining the crimes per 100,000 populations? A. Crime rate B. Crime statistics C. Peace and order situation D. all of the above 20. Maximum tolerable level, to indicate that the peace and order situation is still within the control or within the capability of police force to handle A. 30 index B. 35 index C. 40 index D. 45 index 21. It refers to a fixed point or location to which and officer is assigned for duty. A. Post B. Route C. Beat D. Line Beat 22. This type of patrol would afford police officers to cover vast area particularly inaccessible remote areas at the least possible time without the benefit of refueling of cases of long distance, which has to be traversed. A. Automobile Patrol B. Fixed Wing Aircraft Patrol C. Helicopter Patrol D. Foot Patrol 23. Pete is a thief who is eyeing at the cell phone of Mary, SPO2 Jean is standing a few meters from Mary. The thief ‘s desire is not diminished by the police presence but the _________for successful thief is: A. Ambition B. Intention C. Feeling D. Opportunity 24. Small alley’s can be best penetrated by the police through: A. Foot Patrol B. Motorcycle Patrol C. Helicopter Patrol D. Automobile Patrol 25. When the police officers are not bent on waiting for something to happen and respond but instead utilizes some other means to effect crime prevention , the focus is said to be a type of what kind of patrolling? A. Reactive Patrol B. Patrol C. Proactive patrol D. Police patrol 26. P/ Insp. Ponce is a chief of police of a certain municipality in Vigan, he wants his subordinates to be drawn closer to the people. He should adopt which of the following concepts? A. Oplan Sandugo B. Oplan pagbabago C. Oplan Bakal D. COPS on the Block 27. To drive defensively in patrol means: A. To always assume that the other drives will commit a mistake B. Stop. Look and listen C. Never drive fast D Drive slowly 28. This kind of call requires the use of flashing light and the siren and may violate traffic laws provided that extreme care is exercised. A. Routine Call B. Urgent Call C. Emergency Call D. All of the above 29. Walking closest to the building at night is the tactic in patrol which makes the policemen less visible during the night. Its purpose is: A. To surprise criminals in the act of committing a crime B. To have sufficient cover C. To attract less attention D. For safety of the police officer 30. Considered as a backbone of the police operations. A. Patrol B. Investigation C. Traffic management D. Crowd control 31. This is a patrol program designed to ensure law abiding citizens feeling of security but the reaction of a fear for would be violators. A. Low visibility patrol C. Police omnipresence B. High visibility patrol D. Single office patrol 32. Police visibility in strategic locations and crime prone areas projects________Which is an effective crime prevention strategy? A. Fear B. Discretion C. Omnipresence D. All of these 33. A beat refers to: A. Numbers of crime to be solve B. Geographical area to be patrolled C. Number of residence to be protected D. Geographical area to be patrolled 34. A crew complement of a mobile patrol division is organized into shifts for each turn of duty. A. One shift daily C. Daily 2 shift assignment

B. Daily 3 shift assignment D. Daily 4 shift assignment 35. A doctrine of law wherein an individual is said to maintain on his business or residence a situation, condition , instrumentality or machine that is dangerous to the youth due to their inability to recognize and appreciate peril. A. Hazards B. Attractive nuisance C. Uninhabited places D. Bars and night clubs 36. They refer to conditions which possess a high potential for criminal attack or cause any type of problem necessitating a demand for immediate police service. A. Hazards B. Attractive nuisance C. Uninhabited places D. Bars and night clubs 37. Any person, place, thing or condition which if allowed to exist may induce an accident or cause the commission of a crime. A. Hazards B. Attractive nuisance C. Uninhabited places D. Bars and night clubs 38. it involved from the New Cops on the Block and Community Oriented Policing System, wherein smaller police units are established and deployed below the police station level. A. Police Community Precinct B. House Visitation C.Team Policing D.Barangay Police 39. Usually performed by patrol units where a policeman routinely offer crime prevention tips and organize community crime groups. A. Police Community Precinct B. House Visitation C.Team Policing D.Barangay Police 40. A grass root approach undertaken to bring the people and the police closer together in a more cooperative condition. A. Police Community Precinct B. House Visitation C.Team Policing D.Barangay Police 41. Its distinct feature is establishing a neighborhood crime watch for the purpose of encouraging the people to report all suspicious conditions in their locality and the police to take greater responsibility and interest in preventing and repressing crimes. A. Police Community Precinct B. House Visitation C.Team Policing D. Barangay Police 42. Which among the following is necessary for team policing to be successful? A. Public cooperation B. Public trust C. Public support D. All of these 43. They refer to a factory which influences patrol force deployment and depends on how the public view the role of the police in the community. A. Type of crime and police problem experienced B. Financial material and human resources C. Zoning plan of the city D. Community expectations 44. A patrol objective wherein the police perform a variety of duties in which the possibility of legal sanction usually exists but not imposed. A. Crime prevention B. Law enforcement C. Order maintenance D. Criminal Apprehension 45. The primary problem when patrol officers utilize discretion. A. Bias implementation of the law B. Laws are not equally enforced C. It may be prone to abuse D. It becomes a tool for social control 46. In performing this police objective, the police play a vital role in influencing the quality of life in the community. A. Crime prevention B. Law enforcement C. Order maintenance D. Criminal apprehension 47. Although police discretion is utilized by all patrol officers, this would help limit police discretion. A. Community values B. Public attitude C. Rules and regulations D. Both A and B. 48. An area containing two or more beats. A. Line Beat B. Route C. District D. Sector 49. This patrol unit is particularly effective in hot pursuits. A. Automobile Patrol B. Helicopter patrol C. Foot Patrol D. Canine Units 50. Often used in lieu of a second officer in a motorized patrol unit. A. Robots B. Cameras C. Radio equipment D. Canine Units 51. The Primary purpose of police patrol is A. to reach the people for effective community relation B. in order for the beat patrolman to know the people in the community C. to eliminate opportunity for crime commission D. for the immediate arrest of criminal 52. Prevalence of crimes in particular is a manifest sign of A. no police in the area B. the police unit is not involved in patrol operation

C. low visibility patrol D. not arriving on the scene on time 53. The term “critical time” means A. from call to arrival at scene B. from commission of crime, call to the police and arrival of the crime scene C. from overt act, to commission, to call and arrival of scene D. from arrival of scene up to conviction of accused. 54. The most important technique in community oriented policing A. police patrol as policemen know and meet people in the area B. police immersion as when policemen are merged with the people so that they would know one another C. police should act a politician by satisfying all what the people want D. Perform their duty well 55. One approach in crime control is crime prevention which can be done through A. investigation B. patrol C. traffic management D. Community relation 56. Another approach in crime control is crime prevention which can be done through A. apprehension of criminal B. investigation of crime C. punishment to be imposed on criminal D. all of them 57. Under ordinary conditions specially in urban areas, the patrol that has the most advantage is A. mobile patrol B. bicycle patrol C. foot patrol D. helicopter patrol 58. Which patrol is desirable in highly congested street like Divisoria Market? A. mobile B. foot C. motorcycle D. bicycle 59. In police-community relation strategy, why is it that mobile patrol is undesirable? A. policemen are hiding in a car while the people are walking in the street B. mobile car separates policeman from the community C. people could not see policeman specially when the car mirror is tainted D. all of the above 60. One of the obvious disadvantages of marked police patrol car is A. easy identification by offenders B. slow response C. expensive specially now that price of gasoline is high D. policemen become obese as they do not move or exercise 61. The primary concern of patrol in crime control is A. to eliminate opportunity to commit crime B. to befriend people specially to commit crime C. to remain physically fit and trim as walking is best exercise D. all of the above 62. The important factor in mobile patrol is A. new model car complete with equipment B. equipped with communication equipment C. it must be full of gasoline D. it must be manned with good-looking policeman 63. In paradise, the patrol most desirable is A. mobile B. motorcycle C. foot D. helicopter 64. In plaza rally, and similar occasions, the patrol desirable is A. foot B. helicopter C. carabao D. horse 65. The primary reason for the big share of police personnel for the patrol is A. crime prevention B. protection of life and property C. maintenance of peace and order D. all of the above 66. The feelings of would be criminals that policemen are everywhere is A. police presence B. psychology of omnipresence C. high visibility patrol D. abandonment of pests 67. The psychology of omnipresence is presence in A. low visibility of patrol B. presence of policemen C. high visibility patrol D. abandonment of pests 68. In foot patrol, the desirable communication equipment is A. telephone both public and private B. walkie-talkie C. megaphone D. all of the above 69. Crime solution efficiency of a particular police office based its performance from A. police patrol B. police follow-up C. police investigation D. police traffic management 70. Diminishing crime rate can be attributed to A. police patrol B. police traffic management C. police investigation D. all of them 71. In case of prevalence in dynamite fishing in the coastal area, the desired patrol should be A. foot patrol B. helicopter patrol C. watercraft patrol D. submarine patrol

72. If a crime occurs in a community where mobile patrol is maintained by the police unit, a call will thus be made through an easily remembered telephone number. From the time of receipt by patrol to the scene referred to as A. effective time B. “proto” time C. response time D. mobile patrol 73. Police patrol today takes many forms although it remains as the so-called “backbone” of the police service in the community. One of the following cannot be considered patrol service A. routine patrol B. inspection patrol C. repressive patrol D. call for service patrol 74. A psychological impact on possible law violator upon the sight of policemen is A. fear of guilt B. psychological of omnipresence C. police phobia D. fear of being caught 75. The psychology of omnipresence means A. high visibility patrol B. area is infested with policemen C. low visibility D. police risk patrol 76. In crime suppression, the theory underlying is A. low visibility patrol B. zero visibility patrol C. high visibility patrol D. high risk patrol 77. Critical time in police scene A. quickness in arriving to the crime scene B. between the call to the police and the time of arrival at the scene C. situation where crime is on going and police are at risk D. emergency situation involving crime 78. Stopping a suspicious person on sidewalk and searching is A. checkpoint search B. personal check on the street C. stop and frisk D. situation search 79. The best patrol to be done in sector is A. foot B. mobile C. helicopter D. boat 80. The best patrol to be done in beat is A. mobile B. bicycle C. motorcycle D. foot 81. The triad of crime are the following A. desire, opportunity and convenience B. desire, planning and execution C. opportunity, convenience and desire D. desire, opportunity and capability 82. Bicycle patrol was first introduced in what place? A. Davao B. Cebu C. Manila D. Dumaguete 83. Mobile patrol was introduced in Manila in the year A. 1950 B. 1960 C. 1945 D. 1954 84. The presence of patrol policeman provides the feeling of security among law-abiding citizens, but to the would be violator A. feeling of anxiety B. feeling of fear C. feeling of worry D. feeling of happiness 85. In Britain, dog patrol is popular as it A. protects the handling officer from possible attack from criminals B. has the ability to sniff drugs and weapons in port of entry and check point C. causes fear to hoodlums and other criminals D. all of the above 86. Among policemen, it is existence of sense of common endeavor and responsibility within the group and it embodies devotion to group enterprise, cooperation among members in order to achieve accomplishment A. friendship B. esprit de corps C. cooperation D. all of them 87. What kind of patrol is effective in achieving public relations? A. mobile B. helicopter C. foot D. bicycle 88. In the distribution of field forces or assignment in the police unit, there are certain assignments mostly administrative and supervisory in nature which must be filled first regardless of the number of men in the field. This is referred to as A. sensitive spot B. important post like Chief of Police C. fixed post D. special post 89. Policeman in communicating must have thick ears, little mouth, whether he is foot patrolman or investigator. In essence, he must know how to listen A. attentively, skillfully and comprehensively B. briefly, intelligently and attentively C. comprehensively, understandably and skillfully D. intelligently, understandably and skillfully 90. When an officer on riot duty is affected by teargas used by other officers, he should do the following, except one A. Leave the gas area if possible B. refrains from rubbing the eyes C. close eyes immediately and open when he is sure safe D. face the wind

91. In firing at a fleeing felon, an offer must take the following considerations, except one. A. nature of offense committed B. safety of officer and bystander C. felon is very fast and hard to catch D. age of felon 92. Two officers can cover all exist from a normal residence by taking up positions at/or A. placing themselves on top of the building B. by using helicopter which could see all escape routes C. opposite corner of the building--- each two sides of building under observation D. closing all the doors and windows 93. Alert and intelligence officer improve their ability to describe fugitives by A. memorizing the face of people residing in his beat B. for publication for all to see C. by making all residents report to him everyday D. by practice like while on patrol they can be improved by working with another officer in prescribing pedestrians and merchants. 94. The purpose of daily bulletin giving brief chronological record of a whole day’s business in a police department is to A. to have ready reference with crimes on that particular day B. for publication for all to see C. as part of police records D. familiarize all officers with crime committed while they were off duty 95. The following are reasons why it is desirable to make arrests and serve summonses for violations of the traffic laws and regulations, except one A. traffic control is the top daytime problem of the police B. traffic law enforcement reduces accident C. stopping cars and questioning drivers oftenly yielded arrest for robbery and other crimes D. less risky to police officer 96. In attaining good and healthy community relation, what type of patrol is preferable A. mobile patrol B. foot patrol C. bicycle patrol D. canine patrol 97. It is one to which an officer is responding following receipt of good and sufficient information that a situation exist which requires police attention immediately for the protection of persons or property A. distress call B. police patrol C. emergency call D. SOS call 98. In crime reporting, what crime can a victim accurately and capably determine the time of occurrence? A. robbery B. Rape C. murder D. infanticide 99. What characteristic will probably show that the thief will return to the stolen car and not totally abandon it? A. car’s door is open B. key is left in the car C. motor is still running D. vehicle is park in a garage 100. The most effective method that can be employed by the police in breaking up unlawful assemblies is A. water canon B. speeding car C. gun D. tear gas

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