ICT Policy of bangladesh

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The main vision of the ICT policy is to promote and the multipurpose use of ICT to ensure transparency and accountabilit...


1.1 ICT (Infor (Informatio mation n and and Commu Communicatio nications ns Techno echnology) logy) ICT ICT is an umbr umbrel ella la ter term that that incl includ udes es any any comm commun unic icat atio ion n devi device ce or application, encompassing: radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the vari arious ous ser service vices s and and appl appliicati cation ons s assoc ssociiated ated with ith the them, su suc ch as videoconferencing videoconferencing and distance learning.  The ICT sector of Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing sectors of its economy. ICT has been declared as the thrust sector by the Government.  comprehensive ICT !olicy has been formulated and a "ational ICT Task #orce, headed by the $onorable !rime %inister, has been formed. The Government organi&ation entrusted for the development and promotion of the ICT sector is the %inistry %inistry of 'cience 'cience and Informati Information on ( Communica Communication tion Technology echnology.. Bangla Banglades desh h Comput Computer er Counci Councill )BCC* )BCC*,, the ape+ ape+ body body for promo promotio tion n of all kinds of ICT activities in the country, works under the %inistry of 'cience and Information ( Communication Technology.

1.2 1. 2 IC ICT T Po Poli licy cy of Ba Bang ngla lade desh sh "ational ICT is headed by the $onorable !rime %inister. ICT has been given consid consider erabl able e impor importan tance ce from from the !rime !rime %inis %inister ters s -ce -ce in the last last few years. The %inistry of 'cience and Technology has been renamed as the %inistry of 'cience and ICT which has been entrusted the duty of working as the primary hub for ICT policy and implementation in the country. country. Broad reas of ICT !olicy:  ICT Infrastructure 

ICT Capacity Building

'upport to ICT Industry

pplications of ICTs ICTs for 'ocio/0conomic 'ocio/ 0conomic 1evelopment

2egulatory 2egulatory Issues

#inancing of ICT/2elated !ro3ects

2esearch 2esearch and 1evelopment in ICT

 The council of ministers endorsed the draft national information and communication technology )ICT* policy/4567, which clams 8The ICT policy will be less regulatory but more developmental and promotional9. The policy


will will be impl implem emen ente ted d in thr three phas phases es // sh shor ortt goal goals s are are e+pec +pecte ted d to be attained by 456, mid/term goals by 456; and long/term ones by 4546.

1.3 Ob Obe ect cti! i!es es of of ICT ICT  This !olicy !olicy aims at building an ICT/driven ICT/driven nation comprising of knowledge/ base based d soci societ ety y by the the year year 45 455 5.. In view view of this this,, a coun countr try y/wid /wide e ICT ICT/ infrastructure will be developed to ensure access to information by every citi&en to facilitate empowerment of people and enhance democratic values and norms for sustainable economic development by using the infrastructure for human resources resources development, governance, e/commerce, e/commerce, banking, public utility services and all sorts of on/line ICT/enabled services. The ob3ectives are:  –  –  –  –

 –  –

 –  –  –

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