Ice T BFF Marc Live Busted for Fraud

May 30, 2016 | Author: Jacky J. Jasper | Category: Types, Research
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Ice T BFF from Ice Loves Coco Series, Marc Live Busted for Fraud!...


400 W Peachtree St. NW suite 1113 Atlanta GA, 30308 Phone/fax: 404-961-5373 GME AGENCY 400W PEACHTREE ST.NW suite 1113 ATLANTA, GA 30308 Phone: 404 961- 5373 Fax: 404 961- 5373 ARTIST ENGAGEMENT CONTRACT AGREEMENT made this day June 9, 2008 Between Chris Brown referred to as “ARTIST” as represented by GME Entertainment INC. AND PAPS Production Inc. as represented by Emmanuel Ongkiko (Managing Director) referred to as “PURCHASER” It is mutually agreed between the parties as follows: The PURCHASER hereby engages the artist and the ARTIST hereby agrees to perform at the said engagement hereinafter provided, upon the terms and conditions herein set forth including those hereof entitled “Additional Terms and Conditions “Purchaser shall not promote, advertise, or sell another show for 120 days once this contract is executed. Purchaser agrees to not cross promote another event in the region until said CHRIS BROWN EVENT has played. 1. PLACE OF ENGAGEMENT COUNTRY: Indonesia CITY: Jakarta VENUE: JCC, Plenary Hall 2. ENGAGEMENT DATE(S): October 30, 2008 (Thursday) 3. FULL AGREED DEAL TO perform at an indoor concert for an (1hour and 30) min set with Live Track Musician. (All travel, Hotel, sound and rider requirements will be provided as terms of this agreement). 4. COMPENSATION DETAIL(S): $200,000.00 (Delivered cost) for one hour and thirty minutes (90 Minutes) live performance with dancers and back-up singers. Purchaser to conform to the Artist Technical Rider as per attached.

5. PAYMENT SCHEDULE(S): All payments shall be paid by Certified Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, Bank Drafts, Credit Cards, Pay Pal, and Cash as follows: a) 10% or $20,000.00 as deposit to lock-in the offer to be paid on June 16, 2008 (Monday). b) 40% or $80,000.00 representing full amount of 50% down payment on June 23, 2008 (Monday) upon contract signing. c) 50% or $100,000.00 representing full payment to be paid on October 1, 2008 (Wednesday)

FAILURE TO PAY IN FULL BY DUE DATES WILL RESULT IN THE CANCELLATION OF THIS AGREEMENT. PURCHASER shall first apply any and all receipts derived from the entertainment presentation to the payments required hereunder: All payments shall be made in full without any deductions whatsoever. Overages, if any, shall be paid to the Artist at settlement on evening of performance. THE FOLLOWING IS THE BANK WIRE INFORMATION FOR ALL WIRES TO GME ENTERTAINMENT INC. GME ENTERTAINMENT INC. BANK NAME: CHASE BANK BANK ADDRESS: 76 east 161st Bronx, New York 10451 ACCOUNT #:7824 02952 Routing#021 0000 21 Swift Code: CHASUS33 6. PURCHASER to supply ARTIST with the following equipment for the show: Professional sound, lights and all rider requirements. PURCHASER agrees to no advertising until deposit and fully signed contract and rider are received by GME ENTERTAINMENT INC. ARTIST shall not be bound by any terms or conditions contained herein, until such time as all rider requirements are met to the satisfaction of the ARTIST. This constitutes the sole, complete and binding agreement between the parties hereto. AGREED AND ACCEPTED



Purchaser EMMANUEL ONGKIKO Managing Director PAPS Production Inc.

O/B/O CHRIS BROWN Name: Marc Livingston Position: Co-President GME ENTERTAINMENT INC.


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