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August 16, 2017 | Author: Dharma Republic | Category: Fuel Cell, Energy Storage, Wind Power, Natural Gas, Renewable Energy
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HYDROGENICS (Use for Catalog) (2)...


Hydrogenics Selected References • Grid Balancing, Power to Gas (PtG) • Fueling Stations, Remote Communities • Fuel Cell Systems for Power & Stationary/Renewable


Hydrogenics Summary  Global provider of • On-site hydrogen water electrolysers (Belgium & HQ in Canada) • Fuel cells systems (HQ in Canada, Germany) • Energy Storage systems • H2 fueling stations

 Over 60 years experience  Own R&D and product development  Over 2,000 projects deployed in >100 countries  145 Patent & Applications  Listed on NASDAQ (HYGS) and TSX (HYG)


The Smart Energy Grid – Hydrogen to build bridges Energy System







Current Tool

Natural Gas








Dependency CO2 emissions

Dependency CO2 emissions


H2 Link Synergies


H2 range over batteries

H2 clean conversion



Hydrogen bridges the power, gas and transport sectors to unlock new options for energy storage Integrate Renewables

Store & Transport Energy

Shift Power Power Network

Gas Turbine H2 fueling



Fuel Cells HICE

NG CNG Fueling

Electrolyzer H2

Power Dispatchable Load

H2 NG H2

Methanation Process

Substitute NG




Natural Gas System


Hydrogenics’ Power-to-Gas & Grid Balancing Expertise


Ontario, Canada Ontario Grid Frequency Regulation OBJECTIVES • Investigate the reactivity of a HySTAT™ hydrogen generator. • Provide frequency regulation by responding to real-time frequency regulation signals from the IESO on a second-by-second basis using an electrolyzer. SOLUTION • HySTAT™ S4000 Indoor solution producing 100Nm³/h H2. • Perfect ability to capture the overload and cope with the volatility of frequency regulation signals. 6

Galicia, Spain Sotavento Grid Stabilisation OBJECTIVES • Research and technological demo centre aimed at improving the implementation of renewable energy systems. • Production of H2 from a wind farm featuring 24 wind turbines of 5 different technologies. • Use the H2 in an internal combustion engine to produce electricity. SOLUTION • HySTAT™ 60 Outdoor with all peripherals to produce 60Nm³/h H2. • H2 compression & storage system and one HICE.


Port Talbot, Wales Glamorgan Smart Grid project OBJECTIVES • Improve interaction between renewable electricity, electrolytic hydrogen production and fuel cells at Baglan Energy Park. • Use of 20 kW solar panels and a wind turbine to produce H2. SOLUTION • HySTAT™ 10/10 Indoor electrolyzer to produce 10Nm³/h H2. • Compression, storage and dispensing system. • HyPM™ 12 kW Fuel cell. • 2 HyPM™ 12 kW (Integrated in a shuttle bus and an electric delivery vehicle).


Meckl.-Vorpommern, Germany RH2 - WKA Grid Stabilisation OBJECTIVES • Produce electricity coming from a 140MW onshore wind farm (some turbines are rated at 7,5MW) using hydrogen as energy storage. Have CO2 savings of +/- 250.000 t/year. • Use the H2 in an internal combustion engine to produce electricity and retrieve the heat from the system for the building. In a further stage, use H2 for transport and demonstrate the PtG (Power to Gas) solution by injecting the produced H2 in the nearby pipeline. SOLUTION • 1MW HySTAT™ indoor solution with all peripherals to produce 210Nm³/h H2. • H2 compression and storage system (4’500Nm3 H2 at 310bar) with 90 + 150kW HICE. 9

HySTAT™-30 Electrolyzer

(2) HyPM™-R30 FC Racks Controller DC-DC’s Fuel Cells

6 x 10 kW = 60kW Cooling

Brisbane, Australia Sir Samuel Griffith Center OBJECTIVES • Off-grid and energy independent building, the first zero-emission building in Australia. • Solar cells installed on the roof and solar film on the windows. 85% of the generated solar power is used during the day and 15% is used to produce H2 , feeding a fuel cell to generate electricity in times when the sun is not out.

SOLUTION • HyPM™ 30 electrolyzer to produce 30Nm3/h of hydrogen. • Six 10KW HyPM™ fuel cells, fully integrated in two 30kW HyPM™ FC Racks. 10

Stuttgart, Germany Methanation process OBJECTIVES • Demonstrate the PtG (Power to Gas) solution using methane. • Produce H2 from the surplus of electricity and combine it with CO2 from a biogas plant to produce methane (4H2 + CO2  CH4 + H2O). SOLUTION • HySTAT™ 60 Outdoor with all peripherals to produce 60Nm³/h H2. • The electrolyzer combined with a methanation process produces bio-methane. • Bio-methane is injected in the gas grid, leading to a carbon neutral process. 11

Falkenhagen, Germany Greening of Gas OBJECTIVES • Demonstration of the process chain. • Optimize operational concept (fluctuating power from wind vs. changing gas feed). • Gain experience in technology and cost. • Feed H2 into the high-pressure transmission natural gas pipeline at 55bar (ONTRAS). SOLUTION • 6 x HySTAT™ 60 with all peripherals in 20Ft. housings to produce 360Nm³/h H2. • A 40 Ft container including 2 compressors to compress the hydrogen to 55barg. • Power: 2MW



Puglia, Italy INGRID (24Mio€ FCH JU project, 7 partners) OBJECTIVES • Allow increased penetration of highly fluctuating RE into the grid using electrolysis and supply-demand balancing. • Improvement of distribution operation through active/reactive power control for optimal voltage regulation and power quality. • Use H2 for transport, industry, grid balancing and injection into the gas network. SOLUTION • 1MW HySTAT™ electrolyzer in a 40Ft. Housing to produce 200Nm³/h H2. • 60kW Fuel Cell backup system. • 39 MWh, 1,000kg solid hydrogen storage system.


Mississauga, Canada Enbridge invests 5Mio. CAD in Hydrogenics OBJECTIVES Develop utility scale energy storage in North America to: • Bridge the electricity and natural gas networks. • Demonstrate Load- Following of Renewables. • Bring seasonal storage capabilities to electricity networks. • Set Gas Inter-Operability Standards and Metering.


Fuel Cells

Herten, Germany Herten Smart Grid System OBJECTIVES • Convert excess wind power (8600 kW turbine) into hydrogen to store surplus energy. • The hydrogen will be used to provide backup power or to refuel vehicles. SOLUTION • HyPM-R™, 50kW Fuel Cell System. • HySTAT™ 30 Indoor electrolyser with all peripherals to produce 30Nm³/h H2. • 50bar compressor and 500kg H2 storage. 15

Stack Module (220Nm3/h) Peripherals Control Panel

Power Racks

23 m

29 m

Multi megawatt electrolyser 1,300Nm3/h • 2,800kg/day • +/-7MW OBJECTIVES • Convert excess renewable into hydrogen to store surplus energy. • The hydrogen can be used for different application, like direct injection into the natural gas grid, vehicles refueling or for industrial applications.

SOLUTION • HySTAT™ 1300 Indoor electrolyser with all peripherals to produce 1300Nm³/h H2.

H2 Natural Gas Grid

Rich and Diverse Business Models • Only H2 can provide long term seasonal storage • Fast & dynamic response to load follow profile of RE • Marketing of “Green Gas” • Electricity transport whenever and wherever you want • Energy Arbitrage up to seasonal and “unconstrained”

• Power to Hydrogen Fuel – zero emission transport • Grid stabilization services

Multiple Revenue Streams Benefits of Distributed Power-to-Gas Solution Integrate Renewables

Energy Storage & Transport

Shift Power


• Use Waterfall graph • Ilustrative • Ontario economic development?


Supply Response

Fast Frequency Regulation

Sale of Hydrogen

Banked Energy

Pipeline and Storage

Deferred Transmission Capex

Carbon Credits¹

¹A 10MW Power-to-Gas plant running 2000 hours a year would reduce carbon emissions by 3225 tonnes CO2 equivalent by displacing natural gas

Total Value

Hydrogenics’ Remote Communities Expertise


Raglan, Quebec (Canada) Integrated wind-diesel-storage in operation at Arctic mine OBJECTIVES • Reduce Diesel Consumption by adding a wind turbine in Arctic conditions combined to energy storage technologies SOLUTION •Hydrogen Energy Storage composed of a HySTAT-60 (315kW) electrolyzer, 200 kW Fuel Cell, 300 kg of hydrogen storage, -50C design 20

Levenmouth, Scotland Levenmouth Community Energy Scotland OBJECTIVES • Hydrogen Production by wind and solar with energy storage and two 350 bar refueling stations. SOLUTION •3 electrolyzers (60 kW, 60 kW and 250 kW) as well as a 100 kW Fuel Cell 21

Leicestershire, UK West Beacon Farm, HARI: H2 & Renewables OBJECTIVES • Demonstrate and gain experience in the integration of H2 energy storage with renewables. • Develop software models for the design of future energy systems. • Production of hydrogen from surplus electricity from wind, PV and micro turbine. SOLUTION • HySTAT™ - 8/25 Indoor solution to produce 8Nm³/h H2 . • H2 high pressure energy storage system. • Fuel Cells to produce electricity when required.


Newfoundland, Canada Ramea Island: Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (NLH) OBJECTIVES • Solve the cost and storage issues associated with intermittent RE generation. • Investigate the potential to combine wind turbines and hydrogen generation as an alternative to diesel power currently installed. • Provide continuous high quality power. SOLUTION: • HySTAT™ -30 outdoor solution with peripherals to produce 30Nm³/h H2. • Hydrogen compression and storage system to provide 24/7 power from wind. • Hydrogen power provided by H2 ICE.


Patagonia, Argentina Hychico OBJECTIVES • Maximize wind utilization. • Produce H2 and O2 from wind to sell the O2 to an industrial gas company. • Mix the H2 with natural gas in a HICE to produce electricity going to the grid.

SOLUTION: • Two HySTAT™ 60 outdoor electrolyzers to produce 120Nm³/h H2 and 60Nm³/H O2. • One 1.4MW HICE for natural gas and hydrogen. 24

Bella Coola, BC, Canada BC Hydro, HARP: H2 assisted renewable power OBJECTIVES • Government funded project to understand the benefit of connecting H2 energy storage to hydro power projects in small communities. • Reduce diesel consumption by 200’000 L annually ( = 600 tons of GHG). SOLUTION • HySTAT™ 60 Outdoor solution to produce 60Nm³/h H2 from run-of-river hydro power. • H2 compression and storage system to store H2 and refill ICE engine cars. • Fuel cells system to produce electricity when required.


Minot, N. Dakota, USA Basin Electric Power Cooperative OBJECTIVES • DOE financed project. Hydrogen fueling for hydrogen powered vehicles using a 75MW wind farm. • Develop a better understanding of the feasibility of dynamically scheduling wind energy from existing wind-based generators to local hydrogen generation sites. SOLUTION • HySTAT™ 30 Indoor electrolyzer to produce 30Nm³/h H2. • Hydrogen compression, storage and dispensing system to fuel local H2-ICE vehicles.


Fuel Cells for Renewable and Grid-Independent Applications

Nuuk, Greenland Nukissiorfiit H2KT Project OBJECTIVES • Utilize excess electricity from a hydroelectric plant to produce H2. • Demonstration plant that will increase public awareness of H2 and fuel cells. • Use the heat produced by Electrolysis and the Fuel Cell system.

SOLUTION • Mobile system. 19.4 Nm3/hour electrolyzer and 185 Nm3 storage at 12 bar, enough for 12 hour electricity production. • Fuel cell power: 20 kW. • Compressor to fill up bottles to transport H2: 12 Nm3/h at 240 bar (up to 450 bar).


+ -

Water Tank

2 parallel Inverter mode DC AC Power Conditioning

Charge Controllers

HyLyser 4.2kW

Charge Controllers

DC Lead Acid Battery 4 x 750Ah 48V nominal

Inverter /charger mode

AC 2 parallel Inverter/charger mode DC AC


HyLYZER® 4.2 kW PEM Electrolyser

Main Load 1kW 24h/7d

DC Wind Generators, 3 x 1kWp

PV nominal 5kWp max 10kWp


Aux Loads

Diesel G (backup)

HyPM HD 4 4 kW Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Storage 20Nm3 Max Compressed and/or metal hydrides

Thessaloniky, Greece HYRES Project, Certh (Center for Research & Technology Hellas), division Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI)

OBJECTIVES • System modeling and simulation, connecting solar and wind energy to a H2 system. • System evaluation and optimization. SOLUTION • HyPM™ HD 4, 4 kW Fuel Cell. • HyLYZER™ 4.2 kW PEM electrolyzer, producing 1Nm3/h hydrogen. • 20 Nm3 storage.


HyPM HD 12 12 kW Fuel Cell

Cádiz, Adalusia, Spain HIDRÓLICA project OBJECTIVES • Connection of a H2 system to the Wind Park “El Gallego” in Tahivilla Municipality. • Test the storage of energy producing H2 and re-using the H2 in a fuel cell system to produce electricity. SOLUTION • HyPM™ HD 12, 12 kW Fuel Cell. • Electrolyzer. • H2 compressor and bottle storage. 30

Hydrogenics Scope Controller DC-DC’s

Local Inverters

Fuel Cells 1 x 10 kW


Hybrid energy storage

Nantes, France Abalone project OBJECTIVES • Positive energy building. • Be grid independent. SOLUTION • HyPM™ HD 10, 10 kW Fuel Cell.


The Hydrogen Mini-Grid System

Rotherham, Yorkshire, UK H2 Mini Grid System OBJECTIVES • Environmentally-Efficient Building at Forward’s Advanced Manufacturing Park. • Provide electricity to the building through a Fuel Cell system. • Refill fuel cell cars with green hydrogen. SOLUTION: • Three HyPM™ HD 10, 10 kW Fuel Cells. • Electrolyzer. • H2 compressor and bottle storage. • Car refueling station.


Hydrogenics Scope


HyLYZER® PEM Electrolyser

HyPM™ FC Rack

Fukuoka, Japan Kitakyushu Hydrogen Town Project OBJECTIVES • Develop a complete independent and green community system. • Use different electricity streams to produce H2 (PV, Wind, etc.). • Develop a Community Energy Management System using the H 2 to produce power and use the heat generated by the system. SOLUTION: • One HyPM™ HD 10, 10 kW Fuel Cell, integrated in a FC rack. • 2Nm3 HyLYZER™ PEM Electrolyzer. • H2 compressor and storage. • Car refueling station.


Hydrogenics Value Proposition


Hydrogenics’ team added value • Direct contact with the manufacturer • Project Manager for each project

• Dedicated R&D and Technology team • Safety and reliability is our main concern • 60 years of experience and professionalism • More than 360 units delivered since 2001 • ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS certified • Worldwide start-up and After-sales service • Recognized by major companies


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