HURST NCLEX review facts

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HURST NCLEX review note cards. Important things to know...



H20 (three letters/three digits)

aldosterone, think

sodium and water, releases K Al likes to swim in saltwater

always limit protein with kidney clients except which

those with nephrotic syndrome

any fluid problem, daily do what

I&O and weights

arrythmias are not big deal unless what

they affect cardiac output

Call physician when

only if not a nursing intervention available

don't ever use what in a nursing diagnosis

a medical diagnosis

elevate _______ and dangle _______

elevate veins and dangle arteries. E goes with E and A goes with A

first sign of respiratory acidosis

hypoxia possibly

if problem in lungs

CO2 will be affected

if problem is in kidneys

HCO3 will be affected

if you have no baseline in question

assume normal limits

if you see "assessment" or think signs and symptoms "evaluation" in stem

less volume ____ pressure and more volume _____ pressure

less volume, less pressure more volume, more pressure

like illnesses can be put in

same room

Mg or calcium problem, think what first


NCLEX hospital . . .

is perfect and you only care for client on screen

Never pick an answer

Priority questions

Remember order of Maslow's

that isn't the least invasive that isn't client focused that doesn't allow client to speak or rushes their complaint off puts off work to someone else if you're down to 2, pick the killer answer has long-term consequences * don't delay care/treatment

which one is the Killer answer? *NOTE: Pain isn't a priority and expected problems related to conditions-like kidney stones positive for hematuria and 8/10 pain-not priority over other conditions

Biological and physiological needs, safety, belonging and love needs, esteem needs and then selfactualization needs like personal growth and fulfillment

remember what about traction

never release unless you have order from dr to do so

remember with SIADH

too many letters, too much water "Soggy Sid"

report what to next shift nurse

something "new" or "different" or "possible"

restless client think what first


what should you ALWAYS assume

the worst * you always have something to worry about

when triaging, emergent means: urgent means: non-urgent means

emergent is lift threatening urgent is stable on arrival but needing timely attention non-urgent is stable and not in immediate need of ER treatment

when you see fluid retention, think what first

heart problems

when you see polyuria, think what first

shock first

when you see words like always, never, total . . .

don't ever choose them! They're too limiting. Look for things like might or maybe or sometimes!

with pacemaker always worry when

rate is decreased

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